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PDF Editor FAQ

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Can you write something beautiful?

You know what I miss? Unconditional gratitude.Not even unconditional support, which, if you’re really lucky, you might get from your parents, one friend, or your partner. Just unconditional gratitude.A thank you that doesn’t say “I’ll soon be back for more,” but “I’m just happy you’re here.”This is that thank you from me.Thank you for being you. For all the mistakes you make and the flaws you find that you wanna change. For the times you’ll do and the times you cannot, for one day they will all add up.Thank you for showing up. To work. To sports. To parties, dates, and family events of all sorts. To your morning run, to your friend’s emergency, to anything fun, and to all kinds of catastrophes.Thank you for trying your best. I know it won’t always do, but it’s really nothing but a test. A test of courage, patience, grit, faith, perseverance, and humility. A test designed for all of us each day, including you and me.Thank you for keeping it together. At least most of the time. We all struggle in bad weather, we all want the sun to shine. Thank you for not losing hope when it’s gone, for hanging in there in the night, waiting for the dawn.Thank you for choosing yourself. For saying “me first” to save your sanity and health. Sometimes, it’s hard to listen to the voice inside, but when we look back it’s what fills us with pride. You at your best is what best serves us all, so there’s nothing to gain from your playing small.Thank you for supporting the groups you’re a part of. The groups you’re the heart of. Humanity is one big band but on few shoulders every day we stand. Thank you for gluing together those friends, for tough conversations, inside jokes, and helping hands.Thank you for shaping the future. For growing into it one day at a time. We need your contribution. We need yours as much as mine. It’s something we build as much as we find, to do either takes a present mind.Thank you for losing your shit. For flying off the handle when life needs a hit. It might not always spin the right direction, but when it stops spinning we drift into regression. Sometimes, to keep going you have to fall apart. Sometimes, it takes shattered pieces to reassemble a broken heart.Thank you for feeling with all you’ve got. For living your emotions and trusting your gut. For embracing sadness, happiness, frustration, and joy. For leaning in when you could lean away.Thank you for mourning what you’ve lost. Life has different prices, but we all pay a cost. A sacrifice, a bad encounter, a careless attempt or an honest mistake. Different reasons, different times, but someday we are all too late.Thank you for spreading your light. For celebrating, sending out sparks, and shining very bright. For motivating, for inspiring, for pushing others without tiring. Our energy is plus or minus, thanks for ditching bad and choosing kindness.Thank you for abandoning good in search of better. For breaking rules instead of following them to the letter. For leaping high outside the bowl, aspiring to some higher goal. You mightn’t score in the first round, but jumping helps catch the rebound.Thank you for being you. I don’t even know your name. But forever be you regardless. Because without you, the world would never quite be the same.Thank you for being you.

Has anyone ever given someone a job because they sent a thank you email after an interview?

Sure! Sending a thank you email to your prospective employer after you’ve completed the interview can be a great way to follow up with them and keep yourself “top of mind”.In the hiring that I’ve done, VERY FEW job candidates actually ever reach out after the interview to follow up. Basically, they come in at their scheduled time, do the interview, then disappear - waiting for you to follow up with them later.The problem is, as a hiring manager, after doing several interviews you’re left with a stack of resumes & notes, and limited time to try and remember everything based on the interviews you’ve done. It can be a rather impersonal process.So having a thank-you followup from a candidate is a great way to make that process a little more personal, and in my opinion it will tend to give their resume a bit more weight, because it puts them back in your radar.Additionally, a thank you letter demonstrates that the candidate actually is interested in the job. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge genuine enthusiasm for the position from the interview, because all the candidates to their best to demonstrate it. So the thank you letter is “above and beyond” demonstrating that the candidate truly is interested in the job.Finally, I’d say that a thank you letter helps to demonstrate that self-motivated “go-getter” attitude that you really want to look for in a candidate. It means that they’re not only interested, they’re motivated. That’s big.I’ve written many thank you letters myself, and typically I try to start the letter out with a sentence describing what went right in the interview (obviously don’t mention things that don’t go smoothly). Then, I try to touch on some of the key points discussed in the interview, and offer short reminders of why my skills are a good fit for those requirements. Then finish it up with a “looking forward to contributing to your team” line, and of course your contact info at the bottom. Voila!The “thank you” part is more important than the summary in my opinion - keep it short, don’t write a book. But it is nice to remind them of why you’re a great candidate.Hey - you’re not done yet! Set yourself a reminder to follow up with them in a week, 2 weeks, and then after that, if they still haven’t made a decision, space the followups out a little further apart so you don’t come across as desperate.Sometimes the employer will tell YOU how long the interview & hiring review process will take. If they say “we won’t be finished for 2 weeks”, then don’t follow up with them in a week and expect things to be finished. Although it may be worth following a little early if you’re super eager about the job - I’ve done this a few times in the past. Usually they don’t get upset, and it still demonstrates real interest.Job interview followup is all about balance: do enough so that they know you’re there and you’re ready & interested - don’t overdo things so that it drives them nuts. Demonstrate that you’re ready & eager, not that you’re stalking them.

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This software allows me to edit any PDF unlike Acrobat Reader. Has other useful functionalities such as sending PDF's to clients for e-signature, merging/extracting/compressing pages as well.

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