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Is Narendra Modi's degree from Delhi university really forged ?

Most of the responses here are biased - with cherry-picked data that suits their narrative - laced with self-provided “judgment”. I would put down the facts.Edit - 30 April 2021 - Added more proofs at the end.The curious case of Delhi University DegreeArgument 1 - DegreeI would put two degrees from Delhi University, one is provided by Modi, find the differences between the two.Bachelor of Arts degree awarded in 1973 to Devendra Kumar s/o Prem Chand made available in the public domain.(Source - ‘I too have printed marksheet from DU like PM Modi’)This one is provided by Modi (obviously a photocopy) - Source - Delhi University on PM Modi's degree: Have not ordered sealing of records | India News - Times of IndiaMy Observation - I did not find any discrepancies in the two degrees, which would raise suspicion except for someone who can still claim - it is not original, but a Photocopy). I don’t see any differences in the font or handwriting issues.Argument 2 - Computer was not there in the 1970s (perhaps bought by Rajiv Gandhi)People have gone on record - making fun that there were no computers in 1978 in India - which is quite absurd.Here is a computer-printed mark sheet of CBSE in the year 1976.(Source - Were computers available in India in 1976? YES. (Clarifying people’s comments re: computerised Delhi university marks sheets))(Source - Were computers available in India in 1976? YES. (Clarifying people’s comments re: computerised Delhi university marks sheets))Ok, this is still CBSE, why would Delhi University not have any computers?Argument 3 - Mark SheetsAnyway, I would again produce - two mark sheets - both from Delhi University - and yes the “marks” are handwritten. Compare the two and find the differences.Here is the mark sheet provided by a person who passed out in 1972 - with the same correspondence course as the one claimed by Modi.Note thecomputer printed marks - it was there even in 1972 !!!the font “University of Delhi” hasn't changed.1972 mark sheet for similar correspondence course provided by Deewan Chand in Indian Express article. (Source - ‘I too have printed marksheet from DU like PM Modi’)Here is the mark sheet provided by Modi -(Source - PM Narendra Modi had failed in BA Part 2; cleared his supplementary exam!)When we compare the two mark sheets, the only discrepancy I find is the lack of stamp on Modi’s mark sheet.Now to see if it was a norm, we look at the mark sheet - the one provided by Ashutosh of AAP for Modi.Another mark sheet in the public domain - printed in 1999, does not carry the stamp. Incidentally - this is from a consumer forum complaint - where there is a spelling mistake - the person has been spelled “Monika”, instead of “Monica”(Source - Delhi University — spelling error in my name in my marksheet and degree)Argument 4 - Different Roll NumbersI seriously wonder whether people questioning this has ever given any exams !!Again from mark sheet available in the public domain - for the same person “Monica Gulati” - the mark sheets from BA having different roll numbers.(Source - Delhi University — spelling error in my name in my marksheet and degree)My observation on Delhi University Degree -I don’t think it is fake, and I don’t see any sense in any of the arguments provided by people. What is your observation - provide in the “Comments” :) One of the comments suggested that they were printed using “electronic typewriters”. It could be. But nevertheless - comparing between 1972 mark sheet of Deewan Chand, and 1976 mark sheet of Modi - shows no difference. Also Modi has gone on record in his interview with Rajeev Shukla way back in 2001, where he has mentioned his degrees (beware - people are sharing truncated videos). So his statement on education is consistent from 2001, tillin 2016 when the allegations were first levelled.Argument 5 - The curious case of Gujarat University DegreeThere exists a paper called - “Samagra Rajyashahstra” in Gujarat. “Samagra” can be translated to “Entire”. Following is a book from the Amazon India storeGujarat University has also published the mark sheet of Modi. Note the usage of the word “Entire” for even a subject like “English”.(source - 6 - Computers was not thereOne of the most peddled misinformation was there was no computer during the 1970s and, particularly in the year 1978 when the degree was printed.Computers were very much there. The Mark sheet of Deewan Chand printed in the year 1973 has already been provided along with the 1976 mark sheet from CBSE for Sabhlok along with references.AlsoDoE (Department of electronics) was established by the Government of India in 1970.The famous “National Informatics Centre” whose main purpose was to assist in e‐governance initiatives of the central and state governments was established by DoE in 1975.IIT Kanpur started an undergraduate program in Computer Science in 1978 under Rajaraman ( Source - University had introduced its course - Master in Computer Applications in the year 1982. (Source - Department of Computer Science)NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) was established in 1981 to provide education in the field of Information Technology (Source - NIIT - Wikipedia)The famous “TCS” - Tata Consultancy Services was started in the year 1968 as “Tata Computer Systems”. In 1975, TCS delivered an electronic depository and trading system called SECOM for the Swiss company SIS SegaInterSettle. It also developed System X for the Canadian Depository System and automated the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. (Source - 1976, TCS has exceeded $ 1 Million in export revenues, a significant amount in the 1970s. (Source - TCS 50: All About History and Evolution of the Company). This was done by people who were engineers and picked up computers, rather than “research fellows” in universities. All these software were written in India.Nandan Nilekani, was 23 years old, when he walked into the office at Patni Computer Systems in Pune, looking for a job - in 1978. (6 facts about Infosys you probably had no idea about - Behind the making of Infosys)In 1980, TCS established India's first dedicated software research and development center, the Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) in Pune.Infosys was established in 1981 by 7 engineers in Pune, Maharashtra. (Source - Infosys > Company History > Computers - Software > Company History of Infosys - BSE: 500209, NSE: INFY)Indian Railways introduced the first Online Passenger Reservation system in 1985. Such a system cannot be launched overnight.1984 was observed as an “anti-computerization” year by Bank employees led by “Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh”, who were opposed to the computerization of banks. (Source - Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Kerala). By the 1980s, computers were all set to invade lots of Government services - and there was a strong fightback by trade unions - terming it as labor displacing attempt. 1984 opposition could not have happened overnight if computers were still not popular and would become famous only after the 1990s.The first time Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) was used in India in 1982, for a by-election to the Indian Parliament in North Paravur, Kerala. Supreme Court struck down the election result of the constituency. Subsequently, amendments were made, and by 2003, all-state by-elections and elections were held using EVMs (Source - would be funny and absurd to assume that the first primary course in India on Computers was introduced when Computers were not even popular!! Why would students learn them - when after passing out there would hardly be any job available. There are claims that they are “potential research fellows” - a fallacious argument - as to why a “research fellow” has to take a 2/3 year course in computer field alone?Computers were already in use in the 1970s in India, and to provide a trained workforce, the course was introduced in 1978 for the undergraduates. The first batch of IIT Kanpur had 40 students taking up the course.Here is the screenshot from the “Department of Computer Science at the University of Delhi”, where they provide information - that they started the course in 1982. Of course there would be Computer Labs.Responses to some comments -Comment - The font used in the 1973 certificate to print the degree name is Copperplate Gothic whereas in the 1978 certificate it’s Times New Roman.Ans - The logo, Delhi University text, and other parts of the template are always consistent. Hasn’t change over the years. Ample evidence in the public domain suggests that fonts are different across years.(Source - Master of Arts, Delhi University -Degree Certificate )Comment 2 - The font used to print the first red “1973” in the former certificate is Courier font, whereas the first “1978” is a different font in the latter.Ans- Apart from the Certificate shown above, another certificate where the “red font” for the year is different.(source - Delhi University Degree Certificate (Page 1) )Comment 3 - Additionally, the English date printed at the bottom of the seal. the 1973 certificate has it in one straight line and the same font across, whereas the 1978 certificate has two different fonts.Ans - The sample is shown in Comment 2 has a date, not in a “straight line”. Another sample where date is not in a straight line is below.(Source - Delhi University — correction of misspelled name in degree certificate )Comment 4 - Roll numbers pattern.Ans - There are so many certificates available as proof with sources here, as well as certificates available in the public domain - there are no specific patterns. For example, the sample in Ans to Comment 1 has a roll number “9721″ for the year “1991″Well, I think I have published sufficient sources and screenshots to let the people decide. I have yet to see a degree having “Entire Political Science” from Gujarat University from the 1970s, for comparison and confirmation. Till then I cannot conclusively say that the Gujarat University is a fake or a real one.There would always be a question of the spelling was Mody, the birthdate was not right, etc. The present generation might not understand the challenges of the generation - when even having a landline in rural areas was a challenge. Like in the consumer complaint how a name Monika has spelled Monica in her final mark sheet as well as the certificate. The discrepancy in the Birth date and spelling of the names are common.

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No.I spent the last week earning at one job Manpower sent me to in a one week contract. I got there on time. Followed all rules and instructions. I put bottles in boxes as my main job (“packing”).Other tasks involved keeping area clean and reporting any issues. Sometimes bottles started spilling on the floor or caps were not put on or labels were crooked. Details matter while you are at work, no matter what type of job you are given. When there was no work for me, I found work, mostly cleaning floors, putting labels on boxes as previously instructed or picking up garbage that I found.I reported my wages online. I expect to pick up a check on Friday at Manpower. I feel confident if asked to work at this company that I will do so if no other work is assigned to me. As I am job seeking, I will ask for any opportunities more suited for my skills and that I am eligible for job training benefits as I completed DWD requirements on Monday.If you have marketable skills and prove that you are a good worker then there is no reason not to get employment within a week or two. If you choose to go another route, like start a business, there are places to go for that.Wisconsin One Stop Business PortalPlease let me direct you to resources that I have available to me about one way to make money.Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Internet HomeJob Center of WisconsinLack skills? Find out about training programs.Training ProgramsThese links are location specific. Adjust for your location and see what comes up.The best job notification service I have used is ZipRecruiter. Sign up for ZipRecruiter, a master of online job sites. Enter your resume and skills. Select the job you are looking for.Resume SamplesYes, you need to get this right, plus include a cover letter. Making Money Is HardMaking money is hard no matter what direction you go. Each method requires skills. Yes, there are financial trading methods that look easy, but it requires money management and MATH skills. There are 24/7 money making systems, but they require setup, constant management and investment in advertising.Stand out with something that you can do, like create videos, write good ad copies, have a brand name, build a list of trusted followers and deliver what you promise.

What are biggest deaths of companies in history?

Theranos!While it may not be the biggest deaths in the history, it’s the biggest ever in the present decade.It is an American company based in Palo Alto, CA. Founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes when she was just 19 after dropping out from Stanford University, with plans of revolutionizing the diagnostic test market. The company made headlines because of its fingerstick and small sample volume blood test technology. By 2014, the company had raised around $400 million in funding and valuated at $9 billion. The success of the company raised hopes of many biotech enthusiasts back then. And, Elizabeth Holmes topped the Forbes list of America’s richest self-made woman, with a net worth of $4.5 billion.So, what happened after that?Series of events during downfall:It was all started in 2015, when it hit with allegations that its tests are inaccurate. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspection reports from 2014 and 2015 stated that its containers for blood collection were "not validated under actual or simulated use conditions" and "were not reviewed and not approved by designated individual(s) prior to issuance". After the inspection, Theranos announced that it would voluntarily suspend its tests apart from the FDA-approved herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) test.Company records reviewed during the inspection showed that its California lab ran about 890,000 tests a year. The inspection found that Edison machines in the lab often failed to meet the company’s own accuracy requirements. In other words, Theranos may have put as many as 890,000 lives per year in jeopardy with its fake technology.The Arizona Department of Health Services reported issues with the company's Scottsdale lab meeting regulations in October 2015.In January 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sent a letter to Theranos based on an inspection of its Newark, California lab in the fall of 2015, reporting that the facility did not "comply with certificate requirements and performance standards" and caused an "immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety" due to a test to determine the correct dose of the blood-thinning drug warfarin.In March 2016, CMS regulators announced plans to enact sanctions that included suspending Holmes and Balwani from owning or operating a lab for two years and that they would revoke the lab's license.Walgreens and Capital BlueCross announced a suspension of Theranos blood tests from the Newark lab.In May 2016, Theranos announced that it had voided two years of results from its Edison device.The company announced that about 1 percent of test results had been voided or corrected from its proprietary machines in June 2016.Present situation:Now, Therano’s shares are not traded in stock market. In June 2016, Forbes magazine consulted VCs, analysts and industry experts and came to a conclusion that the realistic valuation for Theranos would be $800 million. Since Theranos' VC investors own preferred shares, they would get paid back before Holmes. This would imply Holmes' shares are virtually worthless. At such a low valuation, Holmes’ stake is essentially worth nothing.On January 6, 2017, Theranos announced that it had laid off 41% of its workforce, or approximately 155 people. This is following prior events in October of 2016 where the company fired 340 people following the closure of its Wellness Centers. The company also faced lawsuits from several different entities including Walgreens and the Arizona Attorney General.In January 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported Theranos is closing down the last remaining blood-testing facility after the lab reportedly failed a second major U.S. regulatory inspection.References:Theranos - WikipediaFrom $4.5 Billion To Nothing: Forbes Revises Estimated Net Worth Of Theranos Founder Elizabeth HolmesThe Rise and Fall of TheranosElizabeth Holmes Admits Theranos' "Technology" Is A Fraud: Restates, Voids Years Of Test ResultsThank you.

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