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Why do we need to draw up a business plan about a bakery?

This eBook will come in handy for you business plan and why you will need it for your bakery.Tools and Tips on Starting a Business Online contains amazing content for entrepreneurs. If your ready to take action and really don't know where to start then this guide is the perfect fit for you. Benefits from reading this guide will increase your chances of your Online Business success. Includes a fill in the blank business plan. A complete easy to read guide with tips, tools, and advice for entrepreneurs.I hope this helps and wish you the best of LUCK! Anthony Cotton Jr

Can you share your TES 41 SSB experience at Bhopal?

I am a one time conference out (tes 40) and Bhopal was my 2nd attempt where I found success and got recommended !!Reporting : 9 Jan 2019It was a cold morning and to my surprise one shed was full of repeaters ( 150+ repeaters) had really tasty breakfast and we were given chest no. I was 225 and total reported were 323. OIR was simple with many dice questions and then the picture was hazy and very confusing. I made an okay'ish' story , narated with full confidence and only spoke once in the fish market that was GD xD.I was screened in with 27 others being given chest no. 26 , we filled piq and called it a day , I took a shower and slept well. Revised SD in morning for following psych testing.Psych was the main day ! I remembered my mistakes from last ssb in psych and maintained a positive frame of mind.I did all TAT's , some were good , some were average but all with positive ideasAttempted 55 words in WAT , which I practiced a lot before ssb cause my speed of writing was really slow.And attempted 40 srt's. Worte SDI didn't think of a blank story and made it on spot.Well when psych was over it was a huge relief. Now starts the fun part of ssb.Next was GTO day 1 , we all reported at the gates at mentioned 0630hrs , it was cold and dark we were taken to the ground and well then kept standing for 1.5hrs till the gto arrivedThere were 4 groups of 7 each and ours was an entire repeaters group . We started the GD everyone spoke well and I did not initiate however my points were crisp and to the point and an occasional dialogue xD , I felt really good about the 2 GD's as speaking was my strength.Next was the GPE where we all wrote down our plans and then the GD started , again I was giving good points and persuading people that we had bigger problems than saving the cow. We didn't quite make any plan but the group nominated me to give the plan , I gave the plan with full confidence but I knew the plan I presented wasn't the best . I felt bad and thought I could have done better , I left these thoughts there and focused on the next tasks.With the pgt , hgt I wasn't giving the best ideas but I was very active and lively during the tasks .We then had our snake race and individual obstacles , I attempted 9 leaving the balance beam. This was the end to a tiring dayIn GTO 2 we had our lecturette where I performed well but could be better. And then the famous command task , I was the last one to be called in , I was called by 4/6 people as subordinate and I was given a task of medium difficulty, I tried to negotiate the task in one way which was semi workable , the gto made me attempt the task from different directions which after some time of struggle was completed. Key is to stay calm. In fgt I was at the front and gave idea to complete the task within no time . This completed the gto seriesThat same afternoon I had my interview , it was taken by dy president ,In interview I entered the room , tried walking up to the officer to shake hands but he told me to sit down *facepalm* he started the interview in an agresive tone , touting me on my weight how I rate my performance till now .The interview was very extensive and I kept answering as truly as possible, I was good in current affairs but he kept giving me situations about friends and family. Towards the end of the interview the officer became very friendly and starting asking in hindi. Not that I befriended him but that he tried to see if I would speak out anything. My interview lasted for an hour.This concluded all tasks. We went to the cantonment bakery and also to the nearby go karting rink to enjoy later all candidates were sent to watch Uri in the open air theatre. Everyone returned with high Josh !In the conference I had to wait for a long time and I was only asked how much would I rate myself . I gave myself an 8 and then after lunch results were to be announcedThe psychologist came and started a lecture about ssb and psych and how ssb selects people . He held a file with him , he asked us about how many think they'll get recommended everyone raised their arm , he chuckled a bit and said CHEST No 26!! I stood up estatic and rushed to the stage , he kept on looking at the file for a while and shook his head and said that's it thank you gentlemen.He took me out and to the president where they congratulated me but my happiness was short lived when I was asked to fill a ton forms till evening.I informed my parents and and didn't have time to inform anyone else. While filling out forms the news spreads calls of congratulations kept coming. The experience at Bhopal was wonderful and the food and stay of the centre was excellent ( having stayed in Allahabad earlier xD)To everyone keep faith and be natural and lively through the entire processThanksI am chest no 26 , 3rd from left in top lineEDIT : AIR 4 in merit list joining OTA Gaya in July

What are some useful tips for students starting their first semester at Humboldt State?

Humboldt State University is one of the strongest Environmental science programs on the planet. Whether you are studying Art or Business make sure to check out the Botany and plant Science areas you can learn a lot just be peering into the big dome there. I do not think Arcata is a great place to grow up so I do not recommend people raising children there so do not get engaged or try to have a long term marriage there.. sadly its also not a place to start a business (other than pot farming) as you can easily see there are only 3 types of people there: Students and professors that work and live at H.S.U, retired old folks *a few are small business owners, and of course the nutzy but entertaining hipster / bums. My advice is keep your eyes set on the finish line and get out of there. Life in Humboldt is as good as your creativity as it is honestly so beautiful that it is difficult to stay on campus. If you are an Art major you will do well to stay on the paths even in Redwood park (small towns are so boring that people living in the thicket are more likely to approach and if you are in someone’s squatter area it can be danger), the only reason for Eureka is to go to the zoo once. You know its a bad city if all the buildings are still looking like 1982 and the tallest building is a prison that looks like its from 2030. My list for you for entertainment does not include illicit drugs, stick to local beer and wine you will be better off.. you will always be tempted to do drugs but resist and be the influence by offering the advice to use more expensive designer drugs like Modafinil (provagil) or you fill in the blank here some exotic hard to get Neutropic to make them actually think twice about approaching you again.. because you will want to see the best Humboldt has to offer and being high is not a way to do that. Find a drug free local and check out these corner stone locations: Patricks point, Wedding Rock in Trinidad, venture east to the Salmon farm in Blue Lake and up higher still to Willow creek take a rafting tour on a class 5 ‘hell hole’ jump (that will put the life into you), GO rock climbing at moonstone and find bakers beach hidden nudity waiting to startle you, get a photo Standing under the tallest trees in the world at tall trees grove (very very close), take the 20 minute hike up to Strawberry rock, (The view is so rewarding you will be going there again trust that), eat as often as you can afford at Abruzzi and Plaza Grill.. eat breakfast on Sunday at the Golden Harvest, Villiage Pantry, and Wildflower Cafe, Ride your bike at the Arcata Marsh often to stay energetic, Farmers Market, North Country Fair, Oyster Festival, and Kinetic Sculpture Race are the Arcata Plazas “must do list” annual events.. and certainly (I almost left out) Pastels on the Plaza (which was always so much fun that it will make your face hurt smiling). But above all focus as much free time as possible on the person you want to be AFTER Arcata. Never lose sight of who you want to be.. Remember you are the content of your conversation so speak about daily your desire and study more online than what HSU offers you. Your interactions and relationships are beneficial according to the monetary value of the words involved with those transactions. So determine the value of your choices and acquaintances by the value of those words involved with them (unless free then its priceless!) So if you were to be earning a living selling those words, and the cost per transaction is $20-$50, change the content of your focus to more expensive interactions which involve more expensive words. As a Golden rule, low cost words makes you a low cost person in the future. That is the sad part about your purchase of a low cost Liberal Arts Education.. you don’t realize the cheap deal you are getting until you wake up feeling you were not conservative enough with your time there. A human has 540,000 hrs awake in their entire life, so select your steps wisely.. Get in, get your degree, and get out. I was born and raised there, I graduated all the schools from Sunset to HSU even went for my AA at Redwood College just passed Humboldt hill, I know that the above list is the best Arcata has to offer! Don’s Donuts for fresh pizza and Donuts, Los Bagels for Salmon lox Larrapin Sauce, Co Op bakery has tasty Jalapeno Cheese rolls and a Pastry case filled with organic fruit bars is fantastic. Living permanently in Arcata you’re not going to get a job worth anything. Get a life elsewhere. Get in, get your degree, and get on with your Grad School elsewhere if you plan on getting your Master’s I recommend next to go to Walnut Creek or Hayward its closer to where the money is and a better place I went to UCSB also which if you can get into Santa Barbara at all is the better choice. Good luck and remember to be the influence do not let the overcast drag you down!

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