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PDF Editor FAQ

What do I need to do to transfer from a community college to Carnegie Mellon?

You should finish two years at the CC. In February of your second year, you should apply to CMU as well as to the top Public college in your state and a few others.Each college will have a List of items that are required for a transfer application.NOTE: the elite private universities have very Few slots open for transfer students since so few of their undergraduates leave before graduation. Thus the admission rate is very low (less than 5%).You are much better off checking now with the top Public university in your state and see what they require for you to almost automatically become a junior after two years at the CC.All the best

Regarding Title III, what does the escrow company do, and how much should it cost?

What Does an Escrow Company Do?Title III requires that equity crowdfunding portals use a qualified third party ("escrow agent") to (1) hold investors’ money until a deal closes, or (2) return the money to investors if the deal is not fully funded. Funding portals are prohibited from handling funds or securities.Escrow agents may be any of the following three types:Banks,Credit unions, or,Qualified registered broker-dealers**Broker-dealers must be members of FINRA and carry customer or broker or dealer accounts and hold the funds or securities for such person.Maintenance and transmission of investor funds.Under applicable crowdfunding rules, escrow agents are required to "promptly deposit" the investor's funds in a separate bank account and either (i) hold the funds as trustee, or (ii) require the bank to hold the funds in escrow until the appropriate event or contingency has occurred. See Rule 15c2-4(b)(1). When the appropriate event or contingency has occurred, the escrow agent must "promptly transmit or return" to the person(s) entitled to such funds. See Rule 303(e)(1) [link inactive].How Much Should It Cost?It will vary depending on the platform. But here is a sample of published escrow fees:1. FundAmerica:Open Escrow: $225 (setup), $25/mo. bank account feeTransaction Fee: $10 per transaction <= $500, $35 > $5002. CrowdPay (Goldstar Bank):Open Escrow – $500. Accounts will terminate after 6 months.Escrow Renewal – $250Production API Keys – $1,500 (one-time fee)Issuer Background Check – $30 per business principalInvestor AML/CIP (Anti-Money Laundering) – $2 per investorEscrow Cancellation - Funds Returned to Investors - No additional fee.One-Time Disbursement of Funds to Issuer –Up to $1MM: 25 basis points (.25%) (less $500 Escrow Account Creation)$1MM - $5MM: 20 basis points (.20%) with a $2.5K minimum fee.> $5MM: 15 basis points (.15%) with a $10K minimum fee.Milestone-based Disbursement of Funds to Issuer - 30 basis points (.30%) per distribution with a minimum distribution fee.IRA Fees to Investors – $65 (flat) Annual Maintenance Fee + $25 One-Time Establishment Fee.Note: GoldStar IRAs set up through portals that utilize our APIs are NOT subject to the $25 One-Time Establishment Fee.Investor Funds Collection - No fee Via ACH; $25 Via Wire Transfer; $5 Via CheckInvestor Funds Withdrawal Request - No fee Via ACH; $25 Via Wire Transfer; $5 Via Check(Not Asked) Items that Escrow Requires from Crowdfunding Portal:Proof of Portal RegistrationPortal AgreementIRA Agreement (if applicable)(Not Asked) Items that Escrow Requires From Crowdfunding Issuer:Bad Actor Check (from Portal)Escrow ApplicationRequired Information For Escrow SetupEscrow Agreement and Joint Instructions (signed by Issuer and Portal)Resolution of Borrowing Authority (if debt/lending)Certificate of Incorporation (or similar)PPM/Offering Memorandum (or similar)IRA Agreement (if applicable)For a list of all escrow agents filed for Title III, click here:SEC Full Text Search

What factors go into college transfer admissions?

Your first five questions relate to admission requirements. There are six consistent admission items reported by schools that can provide a guide for you.1. High School Transcript2. College Transcript3. Essay or Personal Statement4. Interview5. Standardized Test Scores6. Statement of Good Standing from institution transferring from.Build yourself a spreadsheet with these factors on the left side and colleges across the top.You can look at school's websites but frankly I would call, develop a relationship with an admissions staff person, be organized, and as the the questions below building out your spreadsheet.Call each school and ask them their requirements for the admission items listed above.For example two schools on your list, Northwestern University requires as mandatory 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Vanderbilt University requires as mandatory 2, 3, and 6. Based upon individual situations additional information may be requested.Here are some additional questions to either ask or find the answers so you can develop a strategy that suits your strengths and goals.How many transfer applicants, how many admitted, and how many enrolled. What does the admissions stats below suggest to you?2014-2015 data for Northwestern University; 1,533, 87, 55, and for Vanderbilt University; 1,309, 409, 207 enrolled.Must a transfer applicant have a minimum number of credits completed or else must apply as an entering freshman (you don’t mention your completed hours).What is the minimum required grade point average for transfer applicants?What are the maximum number of credits or courses that can be transferred from a four-year institution?Do you have a reported open admission policy? If yes, does it apply to transfer students (if yes ask where you can find it if you don’t have it).What are these dates if applicable; application priority, closing notification, candidate reply dates for transfer students. Are transfer applications reviewed on a “rolling admission basis? Please note you probably can find this information on the school’s website, check there first.This may not apply to you but What is the minimum number of credits that transfers must complete to earn a bachelor’s degree?Are the any other application requirements specific to transfer applicants that I need to know about?Your question number five includes references to non-academic admission factors and how they might apply. Your essay or personal statement can provide you an opportunity to enhance your chances for admission and also highlight a non-academic issue such as volunteer effort, extracurricular activity, etc. If an interview is required this would be another opportunity.I agree with Phillip that you need demonstrate how you can contribute to the student community from a uniqueness (“distinguish yourself”) standpoint. Brainstorm your possible personal attributes of leadership, ability/talent, desire, influence, and curiosity either looking back at previous experiences and/or looking toward your future goals – How/Why does the school you are transferring to “fit” your plan of action. What will you contribute to the student/school community?I hope this provides some assistance to you.

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