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PDF Editor FAQ

How many questions were there directly from NCERT Biology in NEET 2020?

When people used to ask me whether they should follow Trueman's or other such books apart from NCERT, I always used to suggest that these books(Trueman's etc.) should be completely avoided and only NCERT and summary from mtG NCERT at your fingertips should be done thoroughly so far as Biology is concerned. The questions in NEET 2020 biology section clearly attested the importance of the above advice.I want to answer this question in detail. For this, I would be referring to the NEET 2020 Paper code “E1” “KANHA”.The page numbers which I would be mentioning in this answer would be of the following books:For class 11 questions- NCERT Biology Class 11 September 2019 Reprint editionFor class 12 questions- NCERT Biology Class 12 January 2018 Reprint editionNote- The page numbers could be different in different editions. The format I would be using will be like this- “QNo.)page no. or chapter no./class 11 or 12 book.”So let's start:Q1-Q21:Q1) 226–228/12, Q2) 243/11, Q3) 66/11, Q4)ch.8/12, Q5) 64/12, Q6)77/12, Q7)Not exactly given in NCERT but is NCERT based Ch.6/12, Q8)90–91/12, Q9)Ch.4/11, Q10)147/12, Q11)148/11, Q12)Not exactly given but is NCERT based conceptual ques., Q13)202/11, Q14)163/11, Q15)294/11, Q16)129/11, Q17)134/11, Q18)198/12, Q19)274/11, Q20)73/11, Q21)196/12Q22-Q37:Q22)195–198/12, Q23)184/12, Q24)270–271/11, Q25)114/11, Q26)55/11, Q27)Ch.12/12, Q28)198/11, Q29)96/11, Q30)Ch.9;158/11, Q31)51–52/12, Q32)259/12, Q33)114/12, Q34)261/12, Q35)211/12, Q36)93/11, Q37)56/11Q38-Q55:Q38)127/12, Q39)129/12, Q40)186/11, Q41)234/12, Q42)220/11, Q43)208/12, Q44)132/12, Q45)152/12, Q46)168/12, Q47)259/11, Q48)183/12, Q49)338/11, Q50)33/11, Q51)63/12, Q52)168/11, Q54)51/12, Q55)Ch.12;212/12Q56-Q74:Q56)283/12, Q58)73/11, Q59)262/11, Q60)Not directly from NCERT but very easy NCERT based, Q61)70/12, Q62)325–326/11, Q63)29/12, Q64)249/11, Q65)Out of NCERT, Q66)252/11, Q67)109–110/12, Q68)337/11, Q69)243/12, Q70)53/12, Q71)36/11, Q72)164/11, Q73)131/12, Q74)99/12Q75-Q90:Q75)286/11, Q76)279–280/11, Q77)124/12, Q78)199/12, Q79)144/11, Q80)334–336/11, Q81)337/11, Q82)148/11, Q83)83/12, Q84)311/11, Q85)232/11, Q86)168/11, Q87)51/11, Q88)25/12, Q89) Not from NCERT but easy, Q90)282–286/12 Not directly but NCERT based.So friends, as you can see, 84 questions were directly from NCERT word to word. Out of the 6 remaining questions, 4 were NCERT based easy questions and the remaining 2 were purely outside NCERT out of which again one was easy.As you saw, this time, questions worth 350 marks were either directly or indirectly from NCERT only. So, for all the NEET 2021 aspirants, I would like to repeat that please focus more on NCERT in biology instead of following bulky books or going in-depth in the coaching modules. Just do NCERT properly, read the summary from NCERT at your fingertips, solve as many previous year questions as you can, just read some important topics from modules and save your time for physics and chemistry preparation.Thanks for reading.Atul Kumar Vaibhav

What is the strangest way you repurposed a piece of technology?

I am not sure this qualifies - but I once took a free piano (cracked harp - so not working anymore) I found on Craigslist, and turned it into … a pianoAn electric piano, that isOf course, that wasn’t exactly a plug and play event - here are some of the pictures that show what was involved:Me, in the process of dismantling. That grin you see is the grin of ignorance - not knowing what lies ahead. In case you were wondering …I used a (New) Alesis Q88. This was kind of the “does it fit?” test. Initially I was going to try to just fit the piano around the keyboard, but that turned out to not work, so down the rabbithole we went …Above the keyboard has been disassembled, and the controls cut out of the plastic of the keyboard. I think I voided the warranty of this new keyboard at this point (or maybe a little while ago)Piecing it all togetherThis is what it looked like closed - just your regular bar piano. But when opened …It allowed to use any piano sound from the garage app on the ipad. There were speakers built in inside the piano for the sound.

My Ainol Q88 Android tablet was stuck at the boot screen. How do I fix it?

Try booting to safe mode (power +vol down, release power as soon as it switches on but hold the vol key) if it won't boot in safe mode then your gonna have to flash your firmware from recovery

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SAM/ JULZ WAS WONDERFUL! SUCH A GREAT SUPPORT! After spending hours trying to fix the problem earlier and having no luck with the calling from billing dept. One agent hung up on me! He came to the rescue, worked to TEACH ME how to walk through the issue and solve the problem. I am so grateful! I will always ask for him in the future! perfect 10 for his effort and going out of his way to help really solve the issue and teach me how to handle it in the future!

Justin Miller