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PDF Editor FAQ

What is the hard part in the process of doing a patient referral for primary care physicians?

Thanks for A2A. I'm only responding because it seems like the question has been posed to A LOT of people. Most of the people asked are not Primary Care doctors and, not surprisingly, they struggled to come up with an answer. I know they struggled because I AM a Primary Care doctor and I too struggled. I don't really get your question - it assumes that there is a hard part to the referral process? Is there something going on behind this question that may shed some light onto what you're really asking?As the question stands, my answer is ... there is nothing hard about doing referrals. I'll run you through the process ...A patient makes an appointment to see me. This is not hard for me because the receptionist answers the phone and clicks their name into an appointment spot. I do have to double click on their name to open their file on my computer but I have come to accept that this hardship is part of the job. Also, I used to work in a computer-related job, so I've learned the whole single-click versus double-click thing a long time ago. These days I single or double click automatically - if you were the patient, and asked me which one I did, I probably wouldn't have any recollection to be able to tell you. Trust me when I say I'm pretty efficient at opening the patient's medical record on my computer.The patient turns up at the time of their appointment. Again, this doesn't involve any effort for me - I'm not involved in their transportation from home to my office. That said, their arrival often triggers some frustration because they are interupting my coffee drinking and newspaper reading.I make the patient wait in the waiting room for a while while I read the paper and drink my coffee. Running late makes me seem busier and more important.After I have finished the day's Fred Bassett comic I allow the patient into the consultation room. But I pretend to be hurried and stressed so they know how important I am.They tell me about a problem that I have no idea about - something like ... "Doctor, please help!! I have pain in my chest that feels like the heart attack I had last year and I think I'm about to die".I ponder for a moment and think "This sounds like a job for a Cardiologist"!!I click on the 'Letters' section in their computer medical record.I choose the 'New Referral' template.The computer automatically loads my letterhead, complete with my Skull and Crossbones logo, and the patient's details, past medical history, medications, allergies and social history into the template.I'm then asked to choose the specialist to whom I wish to refer. This may sound difficult but, don't worry, all the Specialists get sorted into various categories that makes searching through them pretty easy. For example, for the grey and sweating patient in front of me I'd click on the Cardiologist menu and select someone who is nearby and has provided my patients with a good service in the past. When I click on the Specialist it automatically loads their name, as well as their address and telephone number, into the letter.I type in a little story about the reason for the referral. Something like, "Dear Dr Heart, Many thanks for your review and advice regarding diagnosis and management for Mr X who is a 50 year-old, overweight, pack-per-day smoker who has come to see me with central chest pain, left arm tingling, sweating, nausea and shortness of breath. His history includes hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and a heart attack last year. I suspect his complaints may originate from his heart but would appreciate your review and recommendation for investigations and management". I know this seems like a lot of typing but I type very quickly. I actually touch type - except that I don't use my pinky fingers. I tried to teach myself proper touch typing, when I used to work with computers, but trying to get the little fingers involved slowed me down too much so I gave up and settled on just using 4 fingers. I'm pretty fast - but, admittedly, probably not as fast as people who type with all their fingers. Anyway ... typing the story out really isn't too difficult.I then click on 'Print'. A pop-up box appears asking me if I want to save the letter. I choose 'Yes' (this just requires a single click - not a double click) and save it as "Dr Heart - Cardiology Referral".I then wait for the letter to print. This is sometimes the hardest part of the whole process ... but only because our printer is on a network so for the letter to get from my computer to the printer sitting right beside it, the data has to travel to the server and back. I think it travels along some cords in the wall. I'm not sure, but I can't see where the wires go ... I just assume they're hidden in the wall. I admit it could be wireless but I suspect not because my phone's Wifi doesn't pick up any wireless networks. I'm pretty confident the wires are hidden in the wall. Anyway, if there's any problem with the wires or network the letter sometimes doesn't make it back to the printer. This eventuation is what doctors mean when they refer to a "medical emergency".The final, and HARDEST PART of the whole referral process, is that I then need to fold the letter so that it fits correctly into an envelope so that the Specialists name, address and phone number shows through the envelope window. It did take me quite a while to master it, but. I'm proud to say that I've pretty much nailed it now. Sometimes it will be a little off but if you bang the envelope a little it will manipulate the details back into view.I then give the envelope to the patient, suggest they call the specialist's rooms for an appointment and take the referral letter with them when they go.I then say goodbye and return to my coffee and paper. Usually, I read The Phantom comic next.I know there's 16 steps involved in the process - so it may seem like there'd be some tricks in there - but I hope I've demonstrated that it's really not difficult at all. Certainly far less work than writing reports to the Coroner ... and I have to write those ALL the time!?!

Are there any benefits of writing a complete book by hand?

Yes, innumerable profits to handwriting as much of your work as possible.Firstly, you become a writer. You become someone who sits down, carves time out of their existence, with pen and paper and begins weaving a magical world of banality or fantastical ideas or an outlining of your learned thoughts to pass on.I hand write all of my work—-books—fiction and non-fiction, about 80% of the time. The form I experiment most and simply type creative things are in blogs. Blogs are my free form/thought typing exercise. I wanted to strengthen my ability to simply write extemporaneously from thought to typing so I chose blogging, essays, articles. I’ve done about 4500+ over the years and they are about an average of 1000–2500 words a piece, on 4–5 different online platforms. You’re right now reading my play, my writing gym workout is this sentence.But when I write….?Whoooo, baby, I get certain kinds of pens, I’m partial to 8 x 11 or even sometimes when I’m really going to screw around, 8 x 14 legal pads..And I write.I write in cursive—-I didn’t know it was a “thing” until I got compliments on the subway as I sat writing But sometimes I sail, like a speedy yacht through reams and reams and reams of paper. I will tell you that I have a storage room, and entire half of it lined top to bottom—-9 boxes high by 10 deep of books and manuscripts and pads, pads, pads and notebooks.You know what I do during Back to School sales? I sneak in all parental and adult-like and I go to where they’re say are on sale for 4 for $1. I choose maybe 25 Black covers, 25 red, 10 purple, 10 orange, 10 blue, 20 green=100 notebooks in total—-and I take a full box, a full case, up to the cashier with a pack of pens. Grinning.Ok, ok, ok, I’m letting you in on the pleasure of shooting up the heroin, the purchase. Let’s backtrack.In my first university, undergraduate sojourn, I’d already written several screenplays, directed 1 of them to a film; written a dozen 300 page manuscripts and written about 1000 comic book scripts/short stories. Then I got to college.There, I was working for and being mentored by the greats: Raymond Federman and Carlene Hitcher Polite and other, so I was like I have to change the overall process of what I do. I could dance but I needed new “music”. In Federman's class we read Raymond Carver (one of my top three favorites with Morrison and Sophocles) and I loved the brevity of his work. I wanted brevity with intensity and power in my work.I felt like a nuclear explosion, a blast of sun light worked talent—-could I hone that to a laser?So I looked at my hand dandy pads—-then I was new into my addiction, a child with his first tools of ARt addiction—-about 75% of my work had been handwritten into notebooks but a 70+ page notebook promised I could ramble on.What if I took a pad?OK, got the pad.What if a pad were 50 pages…?OK.What if I structured/timed myself that I had to write a complete story (we had to turn in short stories as assignments throughout the semester so I was on the hook for at least 6–10 short stories every 6 months)——OK, 10 pages?Let’s try 10 pages.10 pages—-pen to paper—a title—-and then just start writing and not stop writing until I was on the 10th page.I wrote about 50+ short stories this way in a year or so, eventually expanding and contracting the parameters to say 20 pages handwritten, then 50 pages handwritten then 100 pages handwritten. They were good, I passed classes, got raves, published them in magazines, chapbooks, etc..Then Federman told me to compile my best presented short stories, to forward them on to the late great Ronald Sukenick,a colleague, a professor in Boulder, Colorado, where I was to go eventually, writer and publisher extraordinaire, to be published as a book. Then Sukenick said: “20+ of these are great, we’d love to publish them, send them out to magazines but this long novella? It’s really a novel. Develop it.”I’d written the novella, The World Today (it would become Hush) in high school—-75 pages handwritten. 125 pages cleaned up and typed. Next iteration 300 pages. Carrying around a notebook—-purple, 150 pages—-handwriting then infused to the manuscript—-400+ pages. Then back and forth with an editor. More handwriting infusions—-another 50 pages then more typed in as I took up the Federman challenge to experiment with how it looked on the book page….Hush, published last year. 600+ pages. 80% of it handwritten, the pad pages three hole punched in binders and then notebooks—-all in one of those banker boxes—-each book should just be one banker box but some of them end up being two or three—-one of the handwriting and research, another for iterations of editing—-I do 12 Drafts of all of my novels—-and I print out each draft and go at it with pens and sticky notes and vicious colored pens, another box or two—-I have several typed, binded manuscripts of Hush and then distilled to book form Proof copies—-Cover A, Cover B, Cover C——all the covers being different but also the content being different, being edited, being changed—-thousands, upon thousands of notes in the marginalia.Marginalia!I have sometimes written whole new scenes, paragraphs, conversations, changes into the marginalia that goes on for pages and pages alongside the typed Draft. I do 12 Drafts of every manuscript, which I outline/answer below because it’s the overall construct but not direct to the above question of handwriting.I have personal mandates when ripping through my own work to slow down, to write clearly and concisely—-so that I can both read and understand this deep thought I had in the middle of the beach or lunch or on an airplane, two months ago.Kyle Phoenix's answer to How many drafts did you write of your first book?Writing By Hand and SexWriting by hand is the seduction, not just basic fucking.Typing is direct fucking. In out, left right, symbolism, boom boom done. Click click pound pound.Pen to paper?Well, first you have to decide what kind of pen is right for your fingers—-(Carlene Hatcher Polite, showed me proudly her finger nub, from decades of writing by hand first—-I’m starting to develop one, when I noticed it, I cried at the simpatico with a mentor)—— and at the same time you’re going to need several of them so you want them to be sturdy, not too costly but you have to decide how the ink will look (and eventually fade or smudge) on the page.You have to think about what pen suits you.Like your favorite meal, activity—-dancing, good clothing.Have you ever been seduced?Not someone wanted to simply physically, lustfully fuck you or you fuck them, but have someone get dressed to please your eye? Compliment you on how you looked? Take you somewhere special that delighted you? Been surrounded by staff/waiters/attendants that your seducer had designed or even paid to cater to you both?And you knew the person across the table from you was going to royally turn you out like a brown paper bag?But they were taking their time?Have you ever had someone take their time to relax you, move you and your body and your mind, to an agreed upon destination?The sensuality of the paper, the pen, the time, the comfort and position of your body as you write down your own or a character’s intimate thoughts. I have often looked up on train, missed a stop or two, because I had entered flow so deeply, had become enraptured so deeply that my moving body, the moving conveyance I was on, the reality of thousands of people around me, the sounds, the music in my ear, had all melted away and all that was primary were these characters telling me what happened, what they said, what they felt.I have cried at tables, in public; on the subway, caught myself exposed and psychically naked in front of hundreds of unsuspecting people as some event they would never know of, unfolded in my lap.And in my lap? I have been titillated and surprised and turned on and startled by the nuance, the remembrances of times and things past, the suggestions, the novelty of passion and carnality and eroticism that has spurted from my pen tip, in my lap, onto the 8x11 lined canvas. I have shifted my weight, crossed my legs, licked my lips, smiled too hard at the caliber, content and daring of my own imagination.White pad? Yellow pad? Choices, choices. Look at those thick blue lines! The sure red line of the marginalia! I never write on the back page of pad paper but I do of notebook pages. Then that means a notebook has to be sturdier.Do you have any idea besides Mead and low end knock offs, how many kinds and qualities of notebooks there are out there?I have 25+ handwritten journals—-200–500 pages a piece in a chest across from the banker boxes to prove the variety, the choices—-like choosing lingerie or better yet a fine suit—-for a man—-have you ever been fitted at a good haberdashery where part of what you’re paying for is the fact that this little old man who is pretzeling himself down your back, between your legs, measuring you, imagining your body, has done this for countless men for decades? The expertise? The skill? The keen eye to knowing your body and its’ parameters better than you know it yourself, to fit you in the finest silks and wools, to cast a spectacular presentation?Have you ever been someone’s walking Art?“GIVE ME FREE!!!!!!”Then the freedom of the pen to paper. I can write anywhere, no electricity, no table top, nothing needed but two tools and my lap or the top of my book bag.I started a learning institute in the hinterlands of Brooklyn (I will point out as an observational aside that street lamps are fewer and farther between so the streets/avenues are dimmer—-I thought I was going night blind!) but as I have for well over a decade now, I lived in Manhattan. Which meant I had to take the 1 train to transfer to the 2 or 3. To get the school building open and all the adults assembled, the classes were 6pm to 930pm, several evenings a week, as my teaching in Manhattan/Columbia allowed. The trip was a good 1 hour in total each way.I would get on the train early, uptown Manhattan, prior to rush hour so I had a nice two seater and write my way out to Brooklyn on a pad, on my lap. (Which is how I’ve gotten so many compliments from lookey loos over me about my cursive handwriting.)A whole hour to write!!! Coming and going! Two hours to write! Two whole hours—-sometimes three times a week in just that form/time for about a year or so. Imagine!What Is The Substantive Difference, Having Handwritten And Typed, In The Work Itself?Imagine suggesting to Picasso—-”Yo, Pablo, you could get a lot more done, a lot more art created if you just used a digital camera. Here. Click. Snap. Yeah, that’s kind of a portrait. Cubist? Blue period? Well, you could put a blue screen over the lens….”It boggles the mind to consider such, no?I read blogs/posts questions and answers about writing and you know what I never hear—-The ART of writing. The sublime, classical music, Prince funk rendition, horizon broadening ART of writing.I read lots of mechanical questions: ”If the Girl Who Saw The Murder is on a train and she is an avid Harry Potter fan but has been bitten by a vampire, how do I write her transsexual friend convincingly?”I never hear the ART.Here’s what I mean—-I hand wrote Stay With Me, 100 pages then typed it up to 125 pages then put it in a box, shelved, because I didn’t have the story of it entirely. Some spirits won’t, can’t, don’t speak to you until you’ve evolved, until YOUR ears are bigger. Okay, so 2016/2017 I’m arranging and muddling through the boxes, organizing and publishing other stuff and I’m like I want to write a novel that incorporates multiple sexualities—-that’s really the big inspiration.Hmm, what about that Stay piece? Cause you know I named it after one of my favorite songs by Bette Midler from The Rose—the ballad Stay With Me—-so I’m always listening to the song, since I was in my teens, and started the piece. But now I’ve lived and loved and fornicated and sauntered and seduced and been seduced and betrayed and lied and been cheated on and stolen and laughed—-I’ve got some new bullets in my six shooters to take shots at this piece now——so I estimate how long I might need for this—-from my original 10 pages on a pad—-so I have a good eye for how many typed pages pad/notebook pages can become. I like free form-ness of pads—-10, no 12 pads—-600 handwritten pages.“Your marble block delivery is here, Mr. Michelangelo.”12 pads, I had a jump off point with these typed pages so I scan and have students type it into a Word file. (I type about 40–65 words a minute; I have paid typists—-two kindly old women in midtown to type up my work when I don’t feel like it; I have alternatively assigned students who need reasons to justify work study and get computer experience typing duties—-but that has only happened about 20% of the time).I know at least 3 of the characters in the love triangle, man, man, woman. I know I want to span some time at least 10+ years from when this boondoggle starts in college but at the same time I know there are at least two, if not three, strong back stories in their respective upbringings that get them to such a messy triangle.I assign 1 50 page pad to each character.(I generally don’t carry all 12 pads with me—-I have now graduated to wandering office supply stores for folders—-plastic, with clasps and ties. There was an office closeout where I got like 50 of these plastic folders—-holds about a dozen pads PLUS 6x9 or 8x11 proof/book copies neatly inside of a banker’s box! Ecstasy. Don’t judge!)But the folders allow me to neatly carry and expand as I complete more and more. And the versatility of pads to characters and then to scenes and then to future points allows me to jump around and as I think up something for a decade later—-yeah, that’s pad #9. Children? Pad #6. Conflicts and clashing? Pad #2.Sometimes the pads don’t have numerical numbers just names, time frames, sometimes types of scenes.Pad # 5 is just sex—-gay, straight, bi, omni, SGL, pan, trans—-sex. 50 pages of delightful, delicious, erotic smut.Now I’m considering how this finishes or closes, who lives, who dies, why, what is the result of actions and consequences. I might write something definitive—-I know how such and such dies in Pad # 11.To alleviate the burden of so much work, I start typing this into a Word file, lay out in a book form and now I have TWO meta-designs occurring, three technically:PadsWord documentMental designThen I add a forth, later, Index cards of scenes but that’s generally after I have filled all 12 pads. I then tab all of the pads by character, scene, chapter with post it notes and then that’s how I can index them to Index cards.The index card system, above for Stay With Me, came about in the complexity presented by The World Today-Hush being in both handwritten form, outlines, timelines, multiple short stories being incorporated and then bringing that to a unified whole. I generally give a short scene outline to the Index card—-Eissa and Kirk argue abut money—-and then tape it to a page (so that it can be rearranged later) and then over-design the binder to the manuscript itself. The index card system acts as an organizer and template to allow rearranging so that I can have 100 index cards of scenes, 100 hundred typed scenes and one hundred written scenes and all three are malleable and accountable to a unified fourth Final Draft (maybe Final # 4 or 5—-this Final Draft is to the story itself, not the book itself as a lay out construct)The benefit of having handwritten instead of typed it (though in later iterations—-Draft #4 on) I have Word file versions—-1,2,3 1a, 1 in 6x9, 2 in 8x11—-in the handwritten form I have an origin marker for how and what—-in the idea form—-something got to be the way it is.Kyle Phoenix's answer to Does the process of publishing your own book generally get easier as you do it more and more times?I would also say that I know and therefore express the characters better because we’ve spent more intimate time together, more personal time together. I have been able to consider them much deeper, watch them more closely, truly feel them because they are a physical thing—-not simply bleeps and flashes and bobs and clicks and then printed out. They have transcended the stark printed page, stark as the tax returns and budgets and lists and curriculum that I print out—-they are something else.They are a missive.I do something else that I didn’t know was a forgotten element of Art. I send people handwritten cards—-holidays, birthdays, special occasions, with gifts, for no reason at all.I go to stationery stores and I choose good card stock Thank You note cards to send, with thick envelopes. I send people letters, pages and pages—-because I take time—-I take the only resource I have to do something physical, psyche to construct, and send it out. In a broader, bigger way, that’s what my writing is.People are often startled to receive such from me. (I send up to 100+ XMas cards with hand written notes and a candy cane to friends, family, business contacts) because an elegant Art is not practiced for the expediency of typing, the electronic.Cash Money …for the HandwrittenLastly, Carlene Hatcher Polite (above), a mentor, a tenured professor I TAed for, talked to me about the work, the Art and eventually the Legacy of Art, of one’s writing.Universities and institutes pay for your banker’s boxes.If you look critically and objectively at all the questions about writing, form, process, commitment—-what everyone is trying to do is get an insight to a writer’s mind, to the artist’s mind.When you hand write—-people can see into your mind, as you reveal, your process, your thoughts, and then to the final form, how and why you changed something. People can actively see what an editor does. Typed page to the next version to the typed page, you can of course see changes but can you see meaning, the elements of the person, the artist and their idiosyncratic thoughts and delights and frustrations? In a saved document version? Look up at those pages and Proofs with notes in the marginalia—-you know exactly how that scene got to be the way it is in the final sale copy.I would offer so many online questions are from the lack of being able to explore the substance, the physical stuff, the smell and feel of the paper of people's work.Yes, my dear, it is WORK. Art is WORK. There is no shortcuts to it. But if you practice it, develop systems, get it nice and polished—-your end product is superior to just the “made” product of efficiency/expediency.12 Drafts—-12 separate, advanced, elevating drafts, several handwritten, dissected, analyzed, carried, lived with, loved, of your/my work—-it is noticeably, marketability, artistically better.In America, we have a paper, preserved, guarded, entombed copy of The Constitution, right? I mean we could have typed it up at least a couple of hundred years ago and just tacked it onto government walls. But to have the handwritten document shows the time and effort (and cursive!) and artistic work.Maybe, maybe, maybe, the handwritten is the difference between Art and Product?I, of course, having published hundreds of things know the necessity and space of turning one’s Art into a salable form, Product, but look over there—-on the subway, or in that university cafeteria in the corner or at that handsome fellow on the park bench who stared at you a moment then went back to scrubbing in his lap. That was me. I captured the way you walk, the tint to your hair, the outfit you’re wearing, the color that you chose to wear and the way you laughed with a friend.I, spontaneously, captured a bit, a fleck of you, I immortalized you in a text you may never read. Did you see me do that? I took you from reality, absorbed you into my mind and transmitted you through a delicious pen and cursive drew on a page in symbols something beautiful or shocking or laughable or sensual about you.You.Little ol’ you.lol#KylePhoenix#TheKylePhoenixShow

How can I use Django to create my portfolio? I'm a noob. What should I focus on?

Okay, let’s do it, right now and right here. Let’s create a basic Portfolio website using Django.What we will use:Django version 3.1Mdbootstrap 5Vscode (on Windows)Note: This tutorial will be super short, just to give you how everything is working. If you need more, visit my website or my channel, I already created a tutorial about building a Photographer portfolio with Django.I’ll assume you already have Python and Visual Studio installed on your windows machine, which means I’ll skip this step.Open your project folder on vscode. In my case it’s portfolio.And we need to install some extensions on vscode which we need in our project.Search for the Django extension, provided by Darthenay, this extension provides a collection of snippets for Django templates.Also, we need an HTML snippet, it will save us a lot of time, this extension from Abusaid is amazing, it has about 4 mil downloads.And the most important one is the Python extension from Microsoft, as you see here, it has over 24 mil downloads. We need to install this extension because it allows us to get all the python features from Linting to debugging.Now, we will install the python virtualenv using pip:> pip install virtualenv Virtualenv is a tool that allows us to manage python packages separately, it's where you can work with combinations of packages without affecting your main installation.So, let's create a new virtualenv, we will name it env:> virtualenv env Let's activate our virtualenv, in windows we do it using this command:> env\Scripts\activate But if you're using Linux or Mac, just type:> source env/bin/activate. Now, we can see env inside parentheses, we know that our env is activated, so we can install Django using> pip install django We have Django installed, let's create a new project, we will name it project, and add the dot to the end to create the project folder and the manage.py file in the same directory.> django-admin startproject project . Next, we will create an app we will name it “pages”, it will hold all the pages like the home page, the contact page, and so on.> python manage.py startapp pages okay, let's move to the settings.py file in the project folder, we need to add some configurations for our project.First thing, we will tell Django about our new app, so we will add it to the installed apps list.# Application definition INSTALLED_APPS = [  'django.contrib.admin',  'django.contrib.auth',  'django.contrib.contenttypes',  'django.contrib.sessions',  'django.contrib.messages',  'django.contrib.staticfiles',  'pages', #new ] Then, add a template folder that will contain all the HTML files. Tha base_dir here will tell Django to look for all the folders that named templates.TEMPLATES = [  {  'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates',  'DIRS': [BASE_DIR / "templates"], #new  'APP_DIRS': True,  'OPTIONS': {  'context_processors': [  'django.template.context_processors.debug',  'django.template.context_processors.request',  'django.contrib.auth.context_processors.auth',  'django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages',  ],  },  }, ] so, let's create a new folder, name it templates> mkdir templates As we did with templates, we will tell Django where to find the static files. Files including CSS, js, fonts, and images.# Static files (CSS, JavaScript, Images) # https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.1/howto/static-files/ STATIC_URL = '/static/' STATICFILES_DIRS = [BASE_DIR / "static"] Again, let's create a static folder in our project.> mkdir static Django has its way for URL mapping and it's done by editing this file, and here we will include the URLs file of the pages app.#project/urls.py from django.contrib import admin from django.urls import path, include #new urlpatterns = [  path('admin/', admin.site.urls),  path("", include("pages.urls")), #new ] let's create the URLs file in our app, import the path from Django.urls then add a pattern to point to our home page, the home view here we didn't create yet.#pages/urls.py from pages.views import home from django.urls import path urlpatterns = [  path('', home, name="home"), ] let's do it now, here in the views file, we create a simple function view to render to our home pages.from django.shortcuts import render def home(request):  return render(request, "pages/home.html", {}) we need to create the home template in a separate folder, to keep everything organized.> mkdir templates/pages > touch templates/pages/home.html Design Our PortfolioAnd we will use Mdbootstrap for that.<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en">  <head>  <meta charset="utf-8">  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">  <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=edge">  <title>Portfolio</title>  <!-- Font Awesome --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.8.2/css/all.css"> <!-- Google Fonts --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:300,400,500,700&display=swap"> <!-- Bootstrap core CSS --> <link href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/twitter-bootstrap/4.5.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!-- Material Design Bootstrap --> <link href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mdbootstrap/4.19.1/css/mdb.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> </head>  <body>   <!-- Start your project here-->  <div style="height: 100vh">  <div class="flex-center flex-column">  <h1 class="animated fadeIn mb-2">Material Design for Bootstrap</h1>   <h5 class="animated fadeIn mb-1">Thank you for using our product. We're glad you're with us.</h5>   <p class="animated fadeIn text-muted">MDB Team</p>  </div>  </div>  <!-- /Start your project here-->   <!-- SCRIPTS -->  <!-- JQuery -->  <!-- JQuery --> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- Bootstrap tooltips --> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/popper.js/1.14.4/umd/popper.min.js"></script> <!-- Bootstrap core JavaScript --> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/twitter-bootstrap/4.5.0/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> <!-- MDB core JavaScript --> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mdbootstrap/4.19.1/js/mdb.min.js"></script> </body>  </html> Let's copy this in our template.Save it.Migrate the app.> python manage.py migrate Then run the server using:> python manage.py runserver Let's try to login to this url:, we will design our website using Mdbootstrap.We will just copy and paste blocks of code, we won’t explain the HTML and CSS stuff.For the navbar: <!-- Start your project here-->  <!-- Navigation -->  <header>  <style>  .navbar .navbar-brand img {  height: 20px;  }  .navbar .navbar-brand {  padding-top: 0;  }  .navbar .nav-link {  color: #444343!important;  }  .navbar .button-collapse {  padding-top: 1px;  }  .card-intro .card-body {  padding-top: 1.5rem;  padding-bottom: 1.5rem;  border-radius: 0 !important;  }  .card-intro .card-body h1 {  margin-bottom: 0;  }  .card-intro {  margin-top: 64px;  }  @media (max-width: 450px) {  .card-intro {  margin-top: 56px;  }  }  @media (min-width: 1441px) {  .card-intro {  padding-left: 0 !important;  }  }  </style>  <!-- Navbar -->  <nav class="navbar fixed-top navbar-expand-lg navbar-light white scrolling-navbar">  <div class="container">  <!-- Collapse -->  <button class="navbar-toggler" type="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#navbarSupportedContent"  aria-controls="navbarSupportedContent" aria-expanded="false" aria-label="Toggle navigation">  <span class="navbar-toggler-icon"></span>  </button>  <!-- Links -->  <div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="navbarSupportedContent">  <!-- Right -->  <ul class="navbar-nav nav-flex-icons">  <li class="nav-item">  <a href="https://www.facebook.com/mdbootstrap" class="nav-link waves-effect" target="_blank">  <i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i>  </a>  </li>   <li class="nav-item">  <a href="https://twitter.com/MDBootstrap" class="nav-link waves-effect" target="_blank">  <i class="fab fa-twitter"></i>  </a>  </li>  <li class="nav-item">  <a href="https://github.com/mdbootstrap/bootstrap-material-design" class="nav-link waves-effect"  target="_blank">  <i class="fab fa-github"></i>  </a>  </li>  <li class="nav-item">  <a href="https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/jquery/newsletter/"  class="nav-link border border-light rounded waves-effect mr-2" target="_blank">  <i class="fas fa-envelope mr-1"></i>Contact  </a>  </li>  </ul>  </div>  </div>  </nav>  <!-- Navbar -->  <!-- Intro -->  <div class="card card-intro blue-gradient">  <div class="card-body white-text rgba-black-light text-center">  <!--Grid row-->  <div class="row d-flex justify-content-center">  <!--Grid column-->  <div class="col-md-6">  <p class="h5 mb-2">  Our Portfolio  </p>  <p class="mb-0">random title here..</p>  </div>  <!--Grid column-->  </div>  <!--Grid row-->  </div>  </div>  <!-- Intro -->  </header>  <!-- Navigation --> And this is how it looks like:For the testimonal:<div class="container mt-5">    <!--Section: Content-->  <section class="text-center dark-grey-text">   <!-- Section heading -->  <h3 class="font-weight-bold mb-4 pb-2">Testimonials</h3>   <div class="wrapper-carousel-fix">  <!-- Carousel Wrapper -->  <div id="carousel-example-1" class="carousel no-flex testimonial-carousel slide carousel-fade" data-ride="carousel"  data-interval="false">  <!--Slides-->  <div class="carousel-inner" role="listbox">  <!--First slide-->  <div class="carousel-item active">  <div class="testimonial">  <!--Avatar-->  <div class="avatar mx-auto mb-4">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Avatars/img%20(30).jpg" class="rounded-circle img-fluid"  alt="First sample avatar image">  </div>  <!--Content-->  <p>  <i class="fas fa-quote-left"></i> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quod  eos  id officiis hic tenetur quae quaerat ad velit ab. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur  adipisicing elit. Dolore cum accusamus eveniet molestias voluptatum inventore laboriosam labore  sit, aspernatur praesentium iste impedit quidem dolor veniam.  </p>  <h4 class="font-weight-bold">Anna Deynah</h4>  <h6 class="font-weight-bold my-3">Founder at ET Company</h6>  <!--Review-->  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star-half-alt blue-text"> </i>  </div>  </div>  <!--First slide-->  <!--Second slide-->  <div class="carousel-item">  <div class="testimonial">  <!--Avatar-->  <div class="avatar mx-auto mb-4">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Avatars/img%20(31).jpg" class="rounded-circle img-fluid"  alt="Second sample avatar image">  </div>  <!--Content-->  <p>  <i class="fas fa-quote-left"></i> Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut  odit  aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque  porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia  non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore. </p>  <h4 class="font-weight-bold">Maria Kate</h4>  <h6 class="font-weight-bold my-3">Photographer at Studio LA</h6>  <!--Review-->  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  </div>  </div>  <!--Second slide-->  <!--Third slide-->  <div class="carousel-item">  <div class="testimonial">  <!--Avatar-->  <div class="avatar mx-auto mb-4">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Avatars/img%20(3).jpg" class="rounded-circle img-fluid"  alt="Third sample avatar image">  </div>  <!--Content-->  <p>  <i class="fas fa-quote-left"></i> Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse  cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in  culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus  error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium.</p>  <h4 class="font-weight-bold">John Doe</h4>  <h6 class="font-weight-bold my-3">Front-end Developer in NY</h6>  <!--Review-->  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="fas fa-star blue-text"> </i>  <i class="far fa-star blue-text"> </i>  </div>  </div>  <!--Third slide-->  </div>  <!--Slides-->  <!--Controls-->  <a class="carousel-control-prev left carousel-control" href="#carousel-example-1" role="button"  data-slide="prev">  <span class="icon-prev" aria-hidden="true"></span>  <span class="sr-only">Previous</span>  </a>  <a class="carousel-control-next right carousel-control" href="#carousel-example-1" role="button"  data-slide="next">  <span class="icon-next" aria-hidden="true"></span>  <span class="sr-only">Next</span>  </a>  <!--Controls-->  </div>  <!-- Carousel Wrapper -->  </div>   </section>  <!--Section: Content-->   </div> For the projects:<div class="container mt-5">    <!--Section: Content-->  <section class="dark-grey-text text-center">   <style>  .md-pills .nav-link.active {  background-color: #3f51b5;  }  </style>    <!-- Section heading -->  <h3 class="font-weight-bold mb-4 pb-2">Our best projects</h3>  <!-- Section description -->  <p class="text-muted w-responsive mx-auto mb-5">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Laborum quas, eos officia maiores ipsam ipsum dolores reiciendis ad voluptas, animi obcaecati adipisci sapiente mollitia. </p>    <!--First row-->  <div class="row">    <!--First column-->  <div class="col-12">    <!-- Nav tabs -->  <ul class="nav md-pills flex-center flex-wrap mx-0" role="tablist">  <li class="nav-item">  <a class="nav-link active font-weight-bold" data-toggle="tab" href="#panel31" role="tab">ALL</a>  </li>  <li class="nav-item">  <a class="nav-link font-weight-bold" data-toggle="tab" href="#panel32" role="tab">BRANDING</a>  </li>  <li class="nav-item">  <a class="nav-link font-weight-bold" data-toggle="tab" href="#panel33" role="tab">PACKAGING</a>  </li>  <li class="nav-item">  <a class="nav-link font-weight-bold" data-toggle="tab" href="#panel34" role="tab">PRINT DESIGN</a>  </li>  </ul>    </div>  <!--First column-->   </div>  <!--First row-->    <!--Tab panels-->  <div class="tab-content">   <!--Panel 1-->  <div class="tab-pane fade show in active" id="panel31" role="tabpanel">   <!--First row-->  <div class="row">    <!--First column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-12 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project1.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--First column-->    <!--Second column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project8.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Second column-->    <!--Third column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project4.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Third column-->    </div>  <!--First row-->   </div>  <!--Panel 1-->   <!--Panel 2-->  <div class="tab-pane fade" id="panel32" role="tabpanel">   <!--First row-->  <div class="row">    <!--First column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-12 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project4.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--First column-->    <!--Second column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project5.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Second column-->    <!--Third column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project1.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Third column-->    </div>  <!--First row-->   </div>  <!--Panel 2-->   <!--Panel 3-->  <div class="tab-pane fade" id="panel33" role="tabpanel">   <!--First row-->  <div class="row">    <!--First column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-12 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project3.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--First column-->    <!--Second column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project6.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Second column-->    <!--Third column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project8.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Third column-->   </div>  <!--First row-->   </div>  <!--Panel 3-->   <!--Panel 4-->  <div class="tab-pane fade" id="panel34" role="tabpanel">   <!--First row-->  <div class="row">    <!--First column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-12 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project1.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--First column-->    <!--Second column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project7.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Second column-->    <!--Third column-->  <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-4">  <!--Featured image-->  <div class="view overlay zoom z-depth-2">  <img src="https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/project8.jpg" class="img-fluid">  </div>  <p class="text-uppercase text-center font-weight-bold text-muted my-4">Lorem ipsum dolor sit  amet</p>  </div>  <!--Third column-->    </div>  <!--First row-->   </div>  <!--Panel 4-->   </div>  <!--Tab panels-->   </section>     </div> For the contact section:<div class="container z-depth-1 my-5 px-0">   <!--Section: Content-->  <section class="p-5 my-md-5 text-center"   style="background-image: url(https://mdbootstrap.com/img/Photos/Others/background2.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: center center;">   <!-- Section heading -->  <h3 class="text-center font-weight-bold text-white mt-5 mb-3">Contact Us</h3>  <!-- Section description -->  <h4 class="text-center font-weight-normal text-white mx-auto mb-4 pb-2">We love to hear from you!</h4>   <form class="mb-5 mx-md-5" action="">   <div class="row">  <div class="col-md-4 mb-4">   <!-- Name -->  <input type="text" id="name" class="form-control" placeholder="Name">   </div>  <div class="col-md-4 mb-4">   <!-- Email -->  <input type="email" id="email" class="form-control" placeholder="Email">   </div>  <div class="col-md-4 mb-4">   <!-- Phone -->  <input type="number" id="phone" class="form-control" placeholder="Phone (optional)">   </div>  </div>   <div class="row">  <div class="col-md-12 mb-4">   <!-- Subject -->  <input type="text" id="subject" class="form-control" placeholder="Subject">   </div>  </div>   <div class="row">  <div class="col-md-12">   <div class="form-group mb-4">  <textarea class="form-control rounded" id="message" rows="3" placeholder="How can we help?"></textarea>  </div>   <div class="text-center">  <button type="submit" class="btn btn-elegant">Submit</button>  </div>   </div>  </div>   </form>   </section>  <!--Section: Content-->   </div> That’s it, just edit your home page, add more block of codes and you’ll get an amazing portfolio.I hope that was enough to explain to you how to create a simple Portfolio using Django.If you need more, visit my website (justpython dot io) or visit my channel, I already have an advanced tutorial about creating a responsive portfolio website with Django, I covered the deployment part too.

Feedbacks from Our Clients

I have used several of CocoDocs video editing, and dvd making programs, all of which have been easy to learn, use and have come out with beautiful results. After trying out several types of software, unable to get the results I was looking for, I finally discovered CocoDoc and now I can edit my videos, as well a make the dvds in an efficient, and timely manner, while still producing the results I desire!

Justin Miller