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PDF Editor FAQ

How can a failed entrepreneur survive with no friends, no investors, no job and no money?

Back at the end of 2010, I had my Lexus taken back and was being kicked out of my 2,600 square foot loft. I was spending all my money on Jameson and spending all my time watching movies off a projector on my wall. I reached a point where I had basically given up on life and was ready to go homeless. No more friends. No more business. No more investors. No more money. Free to live and roam free under a bridge for the rest of my life. Oh how joyous that day would have been. Yet it never came.I called my mom and told her I was going homeless. She called my grandma. My grandma forced me to live with her for like nine months or something until I was able to mentally live on my own again.You can always call family. They may put a roof over your head and feed you when you have nothing. That is what my grandma did.You can also go to the DPSS (Department of Social Services) and get food stamps and welfare checks.You can stay in bed and watch the world pass you by while you stay stuck and frozen in place. I did that before. It is not too bad, until the collectors start calling and taking your stuff.But would an entrepreneur really do that?Highly unlikely.Instead, they would probably do what Nick Malik said. They would:Get a job, save some money, make friends and look for opportunities to start over. This time, with the lessons learned to make you better.(Sorry for kind of stealing your answer Nick. I hope you do not mind. P.S Upvote his answer, not mine.)After I had freeloaded for about 9 months off grandma, in mid 2011, I took a small loan for a few hundred bucks from my friend, moved back to Los Angeles to live on a sofa, found a job and started over. After two or three months, I paid my friend back.After about six months of partying and experiencing a few tragedies, I started to put my life together. In 2012, I started living below my means and saving as much money as I could. Then in mid 2013, I took it upon myself to try out an opportunity to start over by writing online and created incoming opportunities and made genuine new friends.Actually, the opportunity of writing on Quora gave me so much momentum, I was able to take close to six months off in between March and August of this year to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I used that time to scour through my incoming opportunities, while I was battling the fear and worries of not achieving anything before the age of 30.Coincidentally, this lapse of time also gave me time to deal with my own lack of self confidence, which I have finally been able to truly overcome, with all the blessings that have come into my life. It also gave me the opportunity to meet face to face with my mentor earlier this year, whom later had invited me to do a podcast on his show.Now I have money saved, I have genuine friends across the globe, I am able to employ a 16 year old girl to work for me, I wrote a book, got featured in a few publications and have been receiving consulting, branding and content marketing gigs from other businesses. Oh, and my investment manager actually earned me a pretty decent return in the last few weeks.Not to mention, I now have thousands of inbox messages to filter through with opportunities ranging from piss poor to amazing and everything in between. Sure, there is a little hate and jealousy here and there, but the positivity of the messages I receive and the impact I have made on the lives of others (from what they tell me) is always a rewarding experience.Yay! I did it! I did something with my life before I was 30! All because I followed Nick Malik's simple, yet profound advice!Anyway, it is funny how such simple advice like that works, is it not?P.S. I'm probably going to release a few other books sometime this year or late next year, in regards to online harassment, branding yourself and how to not get promoted a corporate job. Maybe even a book on how to overcome impostor syndrome as well.

Have you ever cut a family member or close friend out of your life? What led to the estrangement? Did you leave room for reconciliation or was it permanent?

There have been many, and I've been foolish in the past, believing that my ex sister would change or even apologise for her behaviour towards me. She's 6 years older than me. She has repeatedly caused huge arguments because she can't get her own way, then when you walk off to cool off, she goes and lies about you to people. She has accused me of stealing money, having an affair with her friends husband, having an affair with her husband, child abuse…The accusation of the affair with her friends husband came about because I'd asked him (in front of his wife, my ex sister and her partner) to borrow a couple of CDs from him. The day after, he delivered them to my sister's house because he didn't know where I lived. My ex sister rang me up, accusing me of having an affair with him. I denied it because it was one of her lies. She returned the cds, but told the wife I was having an affair with her husband. I've never willingly spoken to them since. A few weeks later, I took my car to a garage, and the husband worked there, (I didn't know he was a mechanic so didn't think he'd work there and I'd been to that garage a few times). He saw me and apologised for the mix up with the CDs. His wife gave me filthy looks for 10 years if she saw me. All because my ex sister was lying. We stopped talking again. She lied about me to other parents at my son's school so no-one would talk to me there.When my ex sister married her boyfriend, she emigrated to another country 3 days later. He joined her after 9 months. In the 9 months he was here, we went out in a big group, including a guy I was seeing, 3 times. Anyway, they moved back to the UK and promptly split up. My ex sister accused me of having an affair with her husband, because we'd gone out together in that group of 20 people, even cited me in the divorce papers. When that was not accepted, she accused her ex husband of having an affair with his best mate. When that lie didn't work, she said that me, her ex husband, his best mate and his girlfriend we're sharing each other. She escalates a simple thing to mountainous proportions. We stopped talking again. She lived at my mum's for two years until she got kicked out and I hardly saw my parents during that time as I wasn't welcome there. She kicked off on my birthday and refused to let my mum babysit my son, so I had to cancel my night out with friends. I think it was after this that she accused me of child abuse, even ringing social services. My son was born with a congenital kidney disorder and she told social services that I was abusing my son and had caused this by not feeding him healthy meals & had hurt him. When I got the call from social services, I told them that it was my sister who had made the accusation and I'd sign whatever documents they wanted to look at mine and my son's medical records. The matter was dropped.Another time, we'd made up and I still didn't trust her. It had snowed here and the country was iced for over a week. It's the UK, this is unusual! She wanted me to go to hers, to play darts (a game I don't like), in her freezing cold garage for 3+ hours a day, “to improve my game”. I did, then went home and spent 3 hours defrosting my feet, crying in pain. I sent her a message, saying I wouldn't come round to play darts until the weather was warmer as it was just too painful to be so cold for me. She told me I was an ungrateful bitch (for freezing my feet off, I have Raynaud's disease in my feet) and it then descended into her calling me raft of horrible names. I threatened to report her to the police again. We stopped talking again.A few years later, I'd just come out of hospital. I'd popped to the shops and seen a 'friend'. She asked how I was and I told her what I'd done. We parted on good terms. I didn't see my ex sister. She lives a couple of miles away. My mum came over later and showed me a text my ex sister had sent her. It said that I'd been to the shop and bought a load of pills to try again and she was only sending this message because she ‘cares about me'. It was another lie, only this time I had proof. I showed my mum my bank statements and till receipts from the shop. I sent an email to my ex sister telling her to not listen to idle gossip, we're adults now, and to stop lying about me. Her response was to send an email full of abuse to me and I again had to threaten to report her to the police. I did do this time. I blocked her from emailing me, texting me, phoning me, on social media, again. Her response to getting the cold shoulder was to put on her Facebook, “I wish my sister would kill herself and do it properly this time and put a lot of people out of the misery for knowing me”. My friend screenshotted it and printed it. My mum saw it and was very upset. I was more hurt that she would say that and upset mum. I expected my ex sister to say something like that. My mum reported it to FB and it was deleted. My ex sister refused to talk to mum after that. That was in 2011. My ex sister lost a lot of friends because of that comment and I heard that she had debated with herself whether to post it, but was more concerned with how it would effect her. She didn't care that mum saw it and was upset. she didn't care that I'd heard about it. I'm stubborn so have refused to die to please her.Last year, in the January, we made contact again and met up for coffee. I took my son with me as a witness. A few weeks later, mum was in hospital an hour's drive away and I asked my sister for help to take mums partner to visit her. He's elderly and hadn't been driving for a couple of years. I couldn't go to visit mum as often as I wanted to as I was working full time and was in the middle of a fibro flare. My ex sister point blank refused to help or go see mum saying I was just using her for lifts and that if mum wanted to see her, she should have contacted her herself. Mum was too ill to text me and we used to talk or text daily. I visited mum as much as possible, going up straight after work and at weekends and on my days off. I took mums partner. My uncle visited too. At the start of may last year, mum took a turn for the worse. I stayed at the hospital all night on the Wednesday. I stayed at the cheap hotel across the road the night after. On the Friday, I was persuaded to go home and I left the hospital at midnight. The next day, it was obvious it was mums last day. The doctors spoke to us about it in a different room and I ran out to be with mum. I'll spare you the details as I can't describe them without crying. My uncle called my ex sister and told her and my nephew. My nephew brought her and my son to the hospital. I wasn't happy about my ex sister being there. I didn't feel that she had a right to be there, on this important day, seeing as she refused to talk to mum for 8 years+. My ex sister played on her phone, laughing and giggling watching videos, while our mother was dying. I begged the nurses to do something, to stop mum from dying. I hugged her. I moved her arm so she could hug her partner. She died at 5.30pm. My son ran out of the room crying and refused to talk for 3 days. it was 2 days after his birthday. He was very upset. My mum had looked after him a lot while I was working or going to college. when the nurses came into verify things, they deferred to me, mums partner and my uncle. They didn't even know who my ex sister was. My ex sister hated that they spoke to me instead of her. They helped me ring my brother in Canada. They told me what the next stages were. They gave me and my son hugs. The day after, we were all at mum's house and my ex sister was demanding that she do everything, claiming it was what mum would have wanted because she was the oldest. I asked her how the hell she would know that seeing as she had refused to talk to mum for years. It descended into a screaming match. I wanted an apology for it all, for the horrible comment about her wanting me to kill myself all those years ago. She refused, still stands by it. My ex sister has continued to cause problems but I've refused to have anything to with her again and I never will again. She's shown her true greedy colours. The day of mums death and the day after was the final straw.She has made false allegations against other people, her friends. She threatened one with a metal bar when she couldn't get her own way. She accused another female friend of having an affair with a mutual friends husband. She accused an ex boyfriend of abusing her daughter when he'd had enough of her dramas and dumped her. She put my niece through intimate exams, the guy was suspended from work while it was all proven false. She accused a friend of 32 years, of abusing her daughter. She told mutual friends that they couldn't be friends with her if they were my friend. Everyone believed her, until she did it to them.After all the arguments and time has passed, I've always been the one to apologise, to promise I won't do whatever again, while she refused to apologise for any of her behaviour. It hasn't made the truces easy as I just didn't trust her, with good reason. I've made up with her in the past for my mum's sake. It's only lasted 3 months tops before another silly argument descends into a false allegations against me. I won't be making up with her again. She's a misogynist. She hates women. We're all a threat to her. She's 48 and this pattern of behaviour has been going on for 30+ years. I won't do it again.

What does Boris Johnson's letter actually say?

TL;DRThis letter was pushed through the letterbox of my UK home yesterday and it would appear that practically every UK voter would probably get a copy of something like it as well. I was going to junk it but decided to spend a few seconds perusing it.What I found curious is that it was extraordinarily weak, so much so that I thought it is worth analysing why it was so badly written, especially from someone with a degree in Classics.It starts with a jarring statement:Well, that’s what all governments should aim for, along with bland stuff like “More Jobs”, “Better Environment”, “Fairer Wages”, etc. So the sentence is just a pointless ramble and nothing more than a gimmick, to put it bluntly.Then it goes on to:I get it too. The last 3 years have been frustrating because a certain Boris Johnson betrayed his own Prime Minister by voting down her Withdrawal Agreement twice, without once offering any concrete assistance to her and instead actively organised resistance to her deal. He finally voted for it only after she had decided to resign, even though Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement had no changes made.Next is:The problem is that we do not know “exactly” what Boris will do. In case you are uncertain of what I am referring to, the bill for the “new deal” is onEuropean Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (HC Bill 7)which also includes the following curious clause in the bill:My understanding of the above clause is that the implementation period (currently lasting only until Dec 2020) can only be extended if a Minister of the Crown (ie. the government) instigates the extension request. The House of Commons cannot compel the government to extend past 2020, and therefore a No Deal Brexit will occur if the EU and UK have not finalised a trade agreement by then. As the EU seldom concludes such negotiations within less than 3–5 years, it automatically means a certain No Deal by the end of next year. This important point about a impending No Deal, needless to say, has not been pointed out by Boris. So what exactly will he do? Watch Boris ducking this important question yet again:Boris Johnson refuses to rule out no-deal Brexit and abruptly ends press conferenceThe letter then continues with:Well, that is clearly a bunch of lies, especially about protecting “jobs and trade”. The government’s own Operation Yellowhammer report clearly confirms they are lies:Latest_Yellowhammer_Planning_assumptionsAs for the “country’s priorities”, how can anything be more important than mitigating the disastrous effects of Brexit? At least Boris did not promise to protect our medicines, because he definitely won’t be doing that.Anyway, Boris chirps on in his letter thus:He may well add some money into the NHS, but he forgets to say that much of this extra money will be going to US pharmaceutical companies, not our hospitals and local GPs. The 20,000 extra police officers merely takes us back to the point in time before the Con Party cut 20,000 police officers. More funding for every pupil is a glib statement because he hasn’t put down a figure for that. And for the “growing economy”, Boris needs to explain how the economy will grow when 100% of all credible analytical studies indicate that the UK economy has shrunk and will shrink even further because of Brexit. Pick any review of the UK economy now, even before Brexit. For example:UK economy shrinks for the first time since 2012Bank of England cuts growth forecasts on Boris Johnson's Brexit dealNow comes the point of the letter:Again, Boris is not being open. You see, his priorities are not the country’s priorities. If the country’s priorities are uppermost in his mind, he would have supported Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement. Instead, what he has done is edit Mrs May’s document to exclude any of the Tax Avoidance compliance clauses, all of which would have benefited ordinary UK citizens. To understand this, just do a quick comparison of Boris’ “new deal” with Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement and you will see that the following clauses in Annex 4 have been completely removed.Why? They weren’t contentious “backstop” issues or anything any ordinary UK citizen would want to be removed.The missing clauses refer specifically to the following tax avoidance obligations noted in the original WA:The UK and the EU commit themselves to implementing the principles of good governance in the area of taxation, including global standards on transparency and exchange of information, fair taxation and OECD standards against Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS).The UK will continue to apply its domestic law which transposes EU Directives on the exchange of information on taxation (Directive 2011/16), anti-tax avoidance rules (Directive 2016/1164), and country-by-country-reporting by credit institutions and investment firms (Directive 2013/36).The UK reaffirms its commitment to curb harmful tax measures as defined in the EU Code of Conduct for business taxation.The above have all been removed.For reference, Mrs May’s original WA is on:https://assets.publishing.servic...If you wish to compare it yourself, the NEW Withdrawal Agreement is onhttps://assets.publishing.servic...And of course, after saying he cannot possibly vote for Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement because it would create a split between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, we now find that Boris’ “new” Withdrawal Agreement explicitly requires a split between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. How is breaking up the UK considered to be “moving on as a country”?The letter ends with:I would also love to end the arguments, but why don’t Boris end the arguments himself by spelling out the benefits of Brexit? Oh, to be fair, he has now offered his idea of the benefits of Brexit, which are explored fully inConservative Party publishes the “evidence” that proves there are financial benefits of BrexitSummarised, the “benefits of Brexit” amounts to (1) telling people to “buy British” and (2) vague suggestions of unknown, un-costed support for “great British businesses” which “are struggling” very probably because of Brexit. No mention of non-so-great British businesses which are also struggling. Or what happens to the NHS, social services, food standards, people thrown out of work, etc. Also not a peep about the heavy irony that it is Brexit which is the root cause of the “struggling” and subsequent need for “support”.As for getting on with the country’s priorities, the basic requirement first would be some sort of plan about the “priorities” as perceived by the government. What exactly are these “priorities”? Are these “priorities” higher than desperately hiding the report on Russian involvement in the Brexit referendum? Or would the following be part of Boris’ “priorities”?Why do the conservative voters think it is better for the UK to be a junior partner to the US rather than a major player in the EU?As for that last meaningless sound bite, before we can “unleash Britain’s potential”, surely we first need a plan to address the major issues identified in the Operation Yellowhammer report. Otherwise, all that will happen is that he will unleash a disaster upon Britain.I am sorry Boris is complaining about being NINE seats short of a majority. If the country is sensible, and if we genuinely care for the NHS and the future of our children, we should all do our very utmost to ensure that number is increased after this election.That should be his minimum reward for writing such a blatantly deceitful letter to the people of our country.

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