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Should the Missouri Attorney General prosecute the clients of the "PlateMan" who illegally sold them Illinois plates so they could avoid annual required vehicle inspection and personal property tax for vehicle registration?

Should AG prosecute vehicle owners who illegally obtained their registration and license plate?Yes !SOURCE: KMOV-TVHarmon, the former Illinois DMV employee was given 33 years for selling to willing buyers compared to 10 years for a Pennsylvania man[1][1][1][1] . Thirty-three years and $119,000 restitution[2][2][2][2] is a harsh punishment for a crime that netted him at most $300,000 from 380 fraudlent vehicle registration between January 2015 and December 2016.. . . he charged Missouri residents $350 to $700 to fraudulently help them dodge Missouri taxes and pay less in fees to Illinois by artificially lowering the value of their vehicles, prosecutors said.[3][3][3][3]The buyers should also be punished to send the message that crossing state lines equals fraud against the United States with stiffer federal penalties. Harmon was convicted of “conspiracy to defraud the United States, mail fraud and interstate transportation of securities.”[4][4][4][4]As a lifelong Missourian until recently, no one likes the hood to trunk alternate year safety inspection[5][5][5][5] and vehicle personal property tax[6][6][6][6] . Missouri PPT is 2-3% (depending on the county) of 1/3 the assessed value[7][7][7][7] . As the car ages, PPT decreases; however, an aging car may cost more to pass? The latter is about safety; the former makes up for having one of the lowest gasoline tax[8][8][8][8] .Both Missouri's largest metro areas (St. Louis and Kansas City) border more lenient states regarding inspection and no (Illinois) or lower (Kansas) personal property tax[9][9][9][9][10][10][10][10] [11][11][11][11] .Footnotes[1] Man pleads guilty to running license plate fraud ring[1] Man pleads guilty to running license plate fraud ring[1] Man pleads guilty to running license plate fraud ring[1] Man pleads guilty to running license plate fraud ring[2] 'Plateman' man sentenced for a vehicle registration fraud scheme[2] 'Plateman' man sentenced for a vehicle registration fraud scheme[2] 'Plateman' man sentenced for a vehicle registration fraud scheme[2] 'Plateman' man sentenced for a vehicle registration fraud scheme[3] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[3] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[3] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[3] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[4] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[4] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[4] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[4] Illinois' 'Plate Man' gets 33 months for motor vehicle registration fraud[5] Motor Vehicle - Additional Help Resource[5] Motor Vehicle - Additional Help Resource[5] Motor Vehicle - Additional Help Resource[5] Motor Vehicle - Additional Help Resource[6] Personal Property Tax - Definition, Examples, Processes[6] Personal Property Tax - Definition, Examples, Processes[6] Personal Property Tax - Definition, Examples, Processes[6] Personal Property Tax - Definition, Examples, Processes[7] https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.stlregionalchamber.com/docs/regional-chamber/economic-development/taxes/st-louis-msa---taxes---sales-property-and-personal-property.pdf%3Fsfvrsn%3D4&ved=2ahUKEwiN6sKMpb7eAhVCZKwKHQfLBucQFjABegQIZhAF&usg=AOvVaw0jSvIrncQGCDWuv0z3A3fZ[7] https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.stlregionalchamber.com/docs/regional-chamber/economic-development/taxes/st-louis-msa---taxes---sales-property-and-personal-property.pdf%3Fsfvrsn%3D4&ved=2ahUKEwiN6sKMpb7eAhVCZKwKHQfLBucQFjABegQIZhAF&usg=AOvVaw0jSvIrncQGCDWuv0z3A3fZ[7] https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.stlregionalchamber.com/docs/regional-chamber/economic-development/taxes/st-louis-msa---taxes---sales-property-and-personal-property.pdf%3Fsfvrsn%3D4&ved=2ahUKEwiN6sKMpb7eAhVCZKwKHQfLBucQFjABegQIZhAF&usg=AOvVaw0jSvIrncQGCDWuv0z3A3fZ[7] https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.stlregionalchamber.com/docs/regional-chamber/economic-development/taxes/st-louis-msa---taxes---sales-property-and-personal-property.pdf%3Fsfvrsn%3D4&ved=2ahUKEwiN6sKMpb7eAhVCZKwKHQfLBucQFjABegQIZhAF&usg=AOvVaw0jSvIrncQGCDWuv0z3A3fZ[8] Gas Tax Rates, July 2018 | State Gas Tax Rankings | Tax Foundation[8] Gas Tax Rates, July 2018 | State Gas Tax Rankings | Tax Foundation[8] Gas Tax Rates, July 2018 | State Gas Tax Rankings | Tax Foundation[8] Gas Tax Rates, July 2018 | State Gas Tax Rankings | Tax Foundation[9] The States With the Lowest Car Tax -- The Motley Fool[9] The States With the Lowest Car Tax -- The Motley Fool[9] The States With the Lowest Car Tax -- The Motley Fool[9] The States With the Lowest Car Tax -- The Motley Fool[10] How to Calculate Property Taxes on a Vehicle | Sapling.com[10] How to Calculate Property Taxes on a Vehicle | Sapling.com[10] How to Calculate Property Taxes on a Vehicle | Sapling.com[10] How to Calculate Property Taxes on a Vehicle | Sapling.com[11] https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/PPVG.pdf[11] https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/PPVG.pdf[11] https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/PPVG.pdf[11] https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/PPVG.pdf

Have conservative Republicans bankrupted Kansas?

At this time at least, states of the union are not allowed to go bankrupt. Most if not all cannot engage in deficit spending either, but, and it’s a big one, they can and do engage in controversial accounting practices that tie their hands in future years.Technically, Kansas is a bankrupt, because it owes more money than the liquidation value of its property. But there are 40 states with the same status. (Kansas) It does not mean that the state is insolvent, because not all of that debt is due today.Additionally, its poor finances have caused drops in its credit rating. I believe it is now at AA-.The reported figures are worse since 2014, because states now report about a third of their pension debt on its balance sheet.Since 2015 the state budget has been in the red and the Governor and Legislature have resorted to draining reserves and cutting money from schools, roads, and medicaid in order to avoid insolvency. The primary cause of the shortfall is the tax cuts instituted by the Brownback administration starting around 2012. State revenue dropped 30%. Despite promises that economic growth would result, Kansas has been in a continuing decline.Governor Brownback and other conservatives who support him are “true believers” in supply-side economics. It seems no amount of evidence that supply-side theory is flawed will bring them around.Earlier this year Kansas courts held that the draining of funds from education was contrary to the Kansas Constitution and ordered the state to either act to restore some of the funding or else close the schools. (n.b., most courts hold that they cannot themselves order disbursement of funds or collection of an assessment, their only power is to compel officials to perform ministerial duty and forbid the abuses of discretion).The Governor was forced to restore funding. Rather than accept responsibility for the situation, he rails against the courts.He also consented to increase sales taxes to the highest level of all the states rather than increase income taxes. Notably, sales taxes affect all persons based on their consumption of taxed goods and services. However, Kansas is experiencing deflation and sales tax revenues dropped below predictions. Also, people in its largest metropolitan areas can easily purchase many high-ticket items in neighboring Missouri.Brownback has tired of defending himself and has therefor at least twice silenced quarterly economic reports. Fortunately, more moderate Republicans and Democrats have picked up seats in the Legislature.Currently the budget shortfall has ballooned to $340,000,000. Revenues are not meeting predictions, again. This may or may not prompt across-the-board cuts.So, Kansas is not quite at the Puerto Rico stage and if wiser heads repeal the tax cuts, it will recover in time. But people in Kansas can expect bad roads, backlogged courts, and soviet-level services for a time.But bankruptcy? No.

If the US were a high school, what would the attitude of each state be?

This answer is far too long. I completely understand if you just skim it. I just found the exercise much too fun to edit down to one sentence per state.Alabama-One of the founding members of the “dixies” a clique in the school who is proud of things they did years ago that they should not be proud of. Competes with Mississippi, their brother from another mother trying to not be the worst student in the school. They are satisfied with being second worst, though.Alaska-Is bussed to school from a crazy cold place very far away. His family is 10 guys and his mom. Spends more time with the kids from Canada High than his own school. He’s a huge kid but don’t tell Texas.Arizona-He grew up in a very disciplinarian household. He does things in extremes and really hates the neighbors just south of him for always going though his yard. Used to be buddies with New Mexico but now thinks they are sell-outs.Arkansas-A fringe member of the “dixies” but her parents never got the liquor store business down as well as Tennessee and Kentucky’s parents. Their store sells swill. Also, her family has a lot of feuds.California-The California twins aren’t identical. The boy makes straight A’s in science and math and hangs out with Oregon and Washington. He has a superiority complex thinking he’s much better than his sister who doesn’t care about school beyond drama and cheerleading. She much more obsessed about how hot everyone thinks she is. And she is hot if you are into spray on tans and cosmetic surgery. She is vapid but most of the other students follow her lead.Colorado-He is always trying to walk the line between extremes. He spends a little time with the California twins and Arizona and New Mexico but tries to eliminate what he sees as their faults. He hopes one day people will use him as an example of how to do things the right way.Connecticut-The wealthy relative of New York. They have the same super rich grandfather. When New York is ashamed of his more backwards immediate family he usually goes over to Connecticut’s house and pretends he lives there. Things are very quiet and boring at the Connecticut household, so New York doesn’t stay for long.Delaware-He lives on the water next to Maryland’s house. His family actually built their house in Maryland’s back yard, taking almost all the shoreline views. But they claim they are in the right because they signed their property assessment paperwork before any family in town. Other than that, he isn’t much different than Maryland.Florida-A deeply troubled kid. He’s almost bipolar. One minute he’s donating to the homeless and the next minute he’s yelling at them to get a job. Half of his family went to Cuba High School and the other half are related to Alabama’s family. He’s kind of an honorary member of the “dixies” but doesn’t act like them enough for them to include him unless they want to go over to his house to play in the awesome pool and slides he has in his backyard.Georgia-He thinks he’s the founding member and leader of the “dixies” but Alabama and Virginia beg to differ. Many people in his extended family have done great things in the past that don’t make the “dixies” happy. One thing is for sure, the peach tree in his yard makes fruit so amazing all the kids in the school beg him to bring them some when they come into season.Hawaii-Hawaii is a foreign exchange student and is very different from the other students. She is extremely free-thinking and generous and proud of her culture. She comes from gorgeous place and most of the students beg her to let them travel back with her on winter break. Other than the California twins, most of them can’t afford it, though.Idaho-He loves potatoes but hates it when people use that fact to stereotype him. He is really into the outdoors. He spends a lot of time with Wyoming, Montana and Colorado going hiking and camping. He doesn’t trust authority and rumor has it that he and Montana are building a bomb shelter/survivalist bunker together.Illinois-A nice kid with a nice family… except for his notorious godfather who was seriously connected to organized crime 50 years ago. It casts a shadow over the family despite being only one member of his large family. He loves sports and if any of his favorite teams win anything he goes absolutely bonkers about it. He is a proud member of the “midwesties” and likes to best them at grilling sausages and brats.Indiana-Another member of the “midwesties”. He loves racing and playing basketball. He got a basketball scholarship but probably won’t make it to the pros. His family is wholesome if a little righteous. They go to church every Sunday and he is pious to the other “midwesties” about their attendance.Iowa-Yet another “midwestie”. Iowa’s family owns a lot of farmland but the only thing that they can grow on it is corn. Because of this they try to make everything they can out of corn so people will buy some from them. I think Nebraska has bought into it but not most of the other kids. She is running for Student Council President against New Hampshire.Kansas-Another proud “midwestie” member, Her family also has a farm, but they only grow wheat. Kansas is always trying to tell Nebraska and anyone else who will listen how much better wheat is than corn. Don’t mention gluten to her if you don’t want to get on her bad side. Oklahoma has told her so many horror stories about the time his house was hit by a tornado that she’s convinced one is going to get her and her little dog too.Kentucky-A fringe member of the “dixies” along with Tennessee. Their families have competing liquor stores and are always trying to one-up the other. He cuts class sometimes to go to the track with Maryland. He can’t compete with Tennessee’s family BBQ but thinks his acumen at the track more than makes up for it. Their yard is covered with blue grass which they claim their horse likes to eat more than green grass.Louisiana-Her parents came from France and Spain (maybe via some caribbean island come to think of it). Some kids at school have a hard time understanding her accent. She is a total foodie and a party girl. She gets too drunk drinking and too fat eating and doesn’t care. She is the happiest person at the school and lives for the moment. She happily hangs with the “dixies” but she doesn’t care nearly as much about it as they do. She’s got way too many other fun things to look forward to.Maine-Maine is quiet and shy. She is a member of the “chowds” and is tight with New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Some kids have gone to her house and rave about how amazing their well water is and delicious their seafood pots are. But her house is really out of the way so most of the kids talk about going there but never actually do. She lives in a lighthouse on the rocky shore and the winter storms can be brutal on her house, but she wouldn’t have it any other way even if it scares off many of her prospective friends.Maryland-The “dixies” tried to get Maryland to join, but she declined since they were so mean to her good friend Pennsylvania. When the Principal needed a new place to build his house, Maryland’s family suggested they and her neighbor Virginia sell him the land between their properties to build on. Virginia’s family refused. Because of this the Principal secretly treats Maryland better than Virginia. Maryland likes going to the horse track with Kentucky or even having a crab boil with anyone who will join her. Delaware always comes over for those.Massachusetts-The self-appointed leader of the “chowds”, Massachusetts likes to play the underdog. Especially when New York is trying to show him up. Unfortunately, whenever Massachusetts comes out on top, he is so insufferable that most people regret ever feeling sorry for him. He acts like he hates the California Twins even though he has much more in common with them than he would like to admit.Michigan-His father is a proud and poverty stricken unemployed former auto worker whose family has a troubled history of drug abuse. Yet his mother came from a nice wholesome family with a rustic lake house. He knows both worlds. The “midwesties” think he’s like them, but he often spends more time with the kids from Canada high school which is surprisingly close to his house. Like Illinois he really loves his sports teams and the partying can get dangerous and destructive when one of them wins anything.Minnesota-Fringe “midwesties”. The identical twin Minnesota boys also spend a lot of time with the kids from Canada High. They like lake fishing and anything involving snow or ice. They enjoy their grilling outing with Illinois and Wisconsin.Mississippi-”dixie” die-hard and Alabama “friendly rival”, Mississippi is also happy with being at the bottom of the class, as long as they finish above Alabama. They are inseparable, but Mississippi is jealous that Alabama is captain of the football team. There is almost nothing more important to them than football.Missouri-Fringe “dixie” member Missouri likes to be friends with some of the “dixies” and some kids who hate them. Playing it both ways can make him come across as a tad hypocritical. He just likes so many things that he doesn’t want to be tied to one group. He likes BBQ and stock car racing like the Carolinas, but also spends time with Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. He has more neighbors than almost anyone at the school. He is one of Arkansas’ few friends and even drinks their nasty moonshine.Montana-Idaho without the potato fetish. He drives his car faster than anyone at the school and has never gotten a speeding ticket. He is a huge gun collector and aficionado.Nebraska-Proud “midwestie”, Nebraska hangs out with Kansas and Iowa and serves as the rope in their corn vs wheat tug-of-war. Unlike Kansas and Iowa Nebraska is on the football team, but probably won’t do much beyond college unlike some of the other kids (Alabama, Texas and Florida).Nevada-Nevada might have a distant relative in common with Illinois but he doesn’t like to talk about it. When North Carolina sneaks cigarettes into school or Tennessee/Kentucky sneak liquor into school, Nevada buys them out. Unlike Louisiana, he doesn’t party in a happy way.. more of a degenerate way. He gets drunk and gambles all night. Sometimes winning big but often losing bigger. This is what sets him apart from his neighbors, Arizona and Utah. Utah always shakes her head in disapproval when Nevada drives by her house. She thinks if he gave up his vices he could be saved. Nevada has a huge crush on the California girl and secretly wants her to move in with him after high school.New Hampshire-Really tight with fellow “chowd” Vermont… Maybe not as into maple syrup but huge into student’s freedoms. He’d rather die than have it impeded in any way. Is super serious about beating Iowa for Student Council President.New Jersey-Lower middle class relatives of New York. New York never lets New Jersey forget that and it makes him incredibly motivated to measure up. Runs a card game in a back room of his house but nothing big-time like Nevada gets involved with. New Jersey’s father is fat and overbearing and his family lets out an audible sigh of relief whenever he leaves the house.New Mexico-Back in kindergarten, New Mexico and Arizona were like peas in a pod. Now they are like oil and water. New Mexico isn’t big on living by the rules with lots of discipline. She just likes being a kind of trendy hipster and sees things more liberally. She’s more likely to hang out with Colorado these days.New York-He’s the B.M.O.C. and his grandfather is the richest man in town with the biggest skyrise mansion. The rest of his family are actually fairly normal middle class people that live in beautiful countryside. But because of his grandfather, New York is the most self-centered kid at school. He thinks he’s the center of the universe and discredits anyone who doesn’t buy in. Like Nevada, he has the hots for the California girl and wishes he could buy a house next door to hers with an even more awesome pool. New York does have tons of charisma, and knows others will always follow him wherever he goes. Massachusetts has issues with him but the rivalry is one-sided. New York has bigger fish to fry. New York loves teasing New Jersey for trying to be “New York lite”. If something small happened to New York that would be nothing if it happened to almost anyone else, everything at USA High would screech to a halt.North Carolina-Like his close relative, fellow “dixie” and neighbor South Carolina. North Carolina has die hard passions. Chain smoking and chewing tobacco, having vinegar-soaked pork family BBQs and stock car racing. One thing he obsesses over that South Carolina doesn’t is basketball. He got a basketball scholarship like Indiana, but will probably do better as a pro. If he doesn’t, he wants to race cars, but not the kind Indiana likes to race. He’s stock car all the way.North Dakota-North and South Dakota are like identical twins with different mothers. They wanted to join the “midwesties” but they aren’t popular because they live in the middle of nowhere. Also they spend so much time with the kids at Canada High that even Minnesota can’t tell if they are really students at USA High.Ohio-Ohio is the most popular kid in the “midwesties” and is incredibly dynamic. He is very hard to peg as any one thing. Sometimes he’s really chummy with Kentucky and sometimes he’s really chummy with Indiana. Sometimes he’s chummy with Michigan. He’s probably closest with Pennsylvania. Those two have a real rivalry going on. Ohio has a scholarship to play football and he will probably dominate in college just as much as Alabama and Texas. He knows the game so well it’s like he invented it, but his style is all wrong for the pros and he will probably be the biggest bust ever at that level. Ohio always seems to know which way the wind is blowing. People follow his lead. Both New Hampshire and Iowa want him to run their campaign for Student Council President.Oklahoma-Poor Oklahoma. So many disasters. His first house wrecked by a dust storm. His second house wrecked by a tornado. His third house wrecked by an earthquake. The insurance agent told his dad that fracking caused that earthquake but his dad didn’t believe him because he works for the fracking company. He told the agent to go the hell. Oklahoma isn’t a popular kid. Texas avoids him as does Kansas. Even Arkansas doesn’t want to be seen with him. It’s a shame because the truth is he’s OK.Oregon-Hangs out mostly with fellow hippie Washington and the California boy playing hacky sack. He wears tie-dye shirts, sandals and smokes plenty of weed at 4:20 every afternoon behind the school gym. He’s overly idealistic according to most of the “midwesties” and “dixies”, but the scary thing is many of the crazy things he warns the other students about are actually true. It’s just nobody can take someone seriously who looks so unkempt and reeks of the hippie lettuce.Pennsylvania-She has so many friends. And so many frenemies. She’s often seen with Ohio, Maryland and even New York on the weekends. Whoever doesn’t get Ohio to run their Student Council campaign will probably have Pennsylvania run it. She has her finger on the pulse of things at the school. She can be a little two-faced about things, sometimes. Some kids say they overheard her dropping slurs like a “dixie” at a bake sale to help underprivileged minorities in the area. Nobody knows which is the real her in light of these incidents.Rhode island-Almost invisible member of the “chowds”. Lives in Massachusetts’ shadow so much it’s hard to know she even exists.South Carolina-See: North Carolina. Ditto minus the basketball.South Dakota-See: North Dakota. The only big difference is the big rock they have sticking out of their front yard that her family carved some faces on. They also don’t spend quite as much time with the Canada High kids, but their refusal to join the “midwesties” without North Dakota being allowed in killed their chances to be accepted.Tennessee-If you read about Kentucky you know the story here. He doesn’t have blue grass but the mountains behind his yard are pretty smokey. Replace that basketball fanaticism with one of football and you’ve got the picture. Missouri, South Carolina and even Texas talks big about their family BBQs during the summer, but most kids that have been over to Tennessee’s house swear theirs is the best hands down. Those kids say they wish the Tennessee clan would change their family liquor store into BBQ joint with a bar.Texas-Texas thinks he’s the biggest dude at the school. When someone tells him they think Alaska is bigger, Texas gets red in the face and punches them on the shoulder. Texas has a big body and a big personality. Some don’t care for that oversized personality (like the California twins and New York). Texas thinks he has a better way to do anything, whether it’s BBQ, sports, music or even computers. Some kids agree and some don’t. Those who agree spend a lot of time with him. He’s not the leader of the “dixies” but in his own mind he is.Utah-Super pious neighbor of Nevada. Possibly the only kid who spends more time at church than Indiana. Her church is way different than everyone else’s at the school and she does get teased for it. She thinks she’s going to a better heaven than them. She sings in the church choir and claims she’s on a mission from God. She doesn’t go camping with Montana and Idaho but always joins them when they go skiing.Vermont-Besties with New Hampshire without all that politics stuff. She’d rather make homemade maple syrup and watch the leaves change than bother with that messy racket. She’s technically one of the “chowds” but she doesn’t have strong opinions about it either way. Like Utah, she’d rather go skiing.Virginia-He’s a weird kid. He claims he’s not a student at the school but rather a “common-self” participant. He feels he would be the best leader of the “dixies” which strains his relationship with his next door neighbor Maryland. He’s very proud and nobody is talking him down from that perch. He has much more in common with the Carolinas than the other “dixie” members.Washington-Best buds with hacky-sack partner Oregon. He’s not as much into cannabis as Oregon but really loves hanging out with the California boy and seeing if his tricked out laptop PC can best the benchmarks of California’s brand new Macbook Pro. He’s got a serious coffee habit and it makes him come off a little like a tweaker sometimes. Some kids say his breath always smells like salmon.West Virginia-Even though his family is related to Virginia’s family, they are much, much poorer and Virginia usually denies any common ancestory. Virginia usually makes fun of West Virginia, saying things like “I’m further west than you” or “At least my dad doesn’t work in a coal mine”. West Virginia is torn between wanting to be considered superior to Virginia while at the same time wanting to buddy up with the “dixies”, who don’t see West Virginia as “dixies material”.Wisconsin-”midwestie” icon and beer buddy Wisconsin is always involved in horseplay with Illinois and the Minnesota twins. They more than hold their own at their epic grilling parties, but they get relentlessly teased about putting cheese on EVERYTHING.Wyoming-Most of the kids don’t even know Wyoming goes to the school. He supposedly likes to go camping with Montana and Idaho but he’s practically invisible at school.

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