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PDF Editor FAQ

Can someone provide a step-by-step guide to kick off an email marketing campaign?

The goal of the email marketing is to help your customer take a decision, mostly the decision that you want them to take. At every interaction, you want your audience to be more familiar, more comfortable and more closer to your goal.So, what is it that you want your audience to do?What is your goal?A step-by-step guide to kick-off your first email marketing campaign.0. Goal SettingBrands use email marketing to achieve various goals, like:• Brand building• Generating sale• Educating people• Increasing loyalty• Bringing traffic to website• Get event attendeesEmail campaign example, a series of emails are sent to a user to make a sale or attain any desire objective.In 15 steps I have expaliened how to kick-off an email marketing campaign:1. Creating and sending emails• Designing Mailers, hire a designer to design an email template, make sure your emails are responsive to mobile device.• Email server to send emails, you can either create an in-house mailing system or you can just hire a third party provider to do it on your behalf. If you are doing it in-house it would require a good amount of programming knowledge and data-base skills.•EMP services: Send, create and track emails. EMPs use their servers to send your emails on your behalf and save you from a lot of hassle, and the plus point is your customer will not be able to differentiate, and they give better results too2. Taking permission from your usersGo through the can-spam act of the country you are marketing in.Follow the guidelines and best practices.In case you do not have a list and wish to reach out to a friend’s list, it is suggested you ask your friend to send that email on your behalf, and ask the users to optin for your list. If you are using or buying a list then be careful about the SPAM law.3. Creating a subscriber listIn order to get subscribers the first thing you need is a signup form.Put this sign up form on your website, social media, email signature, and wherever you feel people will engage with it.4. Lead magnet“In order to get permission, you make a promise. You say, ‘I will do x, y and z, I hope you will give me permission by listening.’ And then, this is the hard part, that’s all you do.” — Seth GodinLead magnet is something that attracts users to fill the form, to subscribe to give lead. You may wanna collect some basic information, usually small and less complex form work better, in order to get them fill the form you need to produce some value for them.It is advisable to collect some basic info like their email id, mobile no, address, preferences, etc. This may vary based on your service or product type.An example: They will get informative newsletter, a discount, a free webinar.5. Designing EmailChoose an email template based on the type of email that you are sending. marketing emails do not fall in one category, like business emails.It is a good idea to keep a theme for each category of email that you send, you categorize this on the basis of following category:Transactional emailsPromotional emailsNewsletter/ News/ InfoEvents/Webinar/SeminarProduct info/Product DemoAny other that suits the needPromotional emailIt is good to cover some info about the product, info that attracts the audience to click through your call to action button to take the desired action.Promotion emails should always have a clear cut call to action.Image source: shopify dot comA theme that has date, when and where the event happened, relevant picturesBranding consistency, following a template allows your communication cut thorugh the clutter and make a place in users mind.Include brand elements like logo, product logo, brand colors, tag linesIt is always good idea to have consistency in emails, so that people are able to identify your communication by its look, feel, tone, and color.For example your newsletter should appear in synch (not a like) with your promotional or event mailers.6. Creating an HTML email or a layoutMany providers offer ready to use email templates, however, you can get a designer to create an html from scratch.<Images of various designs>You can do a lot of creative testing with your content, I am listing down some experiments right away:You can design only text html email.Text email with call to action buttonImage-sliced-html emailEmail mixed with text and email, following 80% text and 20 % ImageGif emailsCreating EMail Content that work7. Creating effective call to actionsAdd action words, like:Avail this offer before 31 Dec (2 left!)Check out this 3min video about email marketingRead this 20 page book e-bookYou can add multiple call to actions, mostly 2-3 <image>8. Create value through your emailsYou can create content through in house content writer or hire a freelancer or a companyDon’t just send promotional emails, create a value through your emailsSend blogs, webinar, events info, industry updates, product updateIf you are trying to sell something don’t just focus on selling, focus on, helping your audience to take a decision, help them with product features, testimonials, what are benefits of usage9. List SegmentationIn order to send relevant content to everyone you must divide your list based on user taste and preference.For example an undergraduate might not be interested in this article, but might be interested in career advice, however a graduate who is looking to make career in marketing will certainly be more than happy to receive this.Segment your audience as per what they might be interested in.10. Email ElementsFrom line, it tells a user to that they know you or at least you are someone who they want to know.Example: Anna from ABC CompanyABC CompanyHR at ABC CompanySubject lineKeep your subject line relevantKeep the length limited to maximum subject line limitAction words work betterSomething that provokes curiosity works betterBut avoid disappointing people with misleading subject linesMail bodyWrite a simple, clear, preferably concise mail body, in order to generate curiosity and get the user to click on your call to action button.SignatureUtilize it effectively by telling people who you are, and adding your social links.11. Email Content OptimizationOptimize your email for mobile device, lots and lots of people read your emails on mobile and tablets these days, you need to ensure your content is mobile responsive.You can create a different content for mobile, a shorter one, no one likes to read too long mobile email, don’t frustrate your audience.Include a mobile call to action.12. How to increase email responseBounce data: clean your list regularlyTake regular interest surveysHard bounce, check with the user through alternate way and ask for new email addressIf you see regular soft bounce send email at a later date and time.How to avoid junk or spam filtersDo not use content that look spammy, like, too many colors, all caps subject line, too much use of discount word etc. Test and identify what is leading you to spam folder.13. Email AnalyticsNow this is the real game, chasing the number, designing and writing email is not the end of the email marketing, you need to continuously keep a track of what is working and what not.Sent, Delivered, Open rate, Not open, Click, Leads, Conversions, Analyze, test and improvise.Open rates: This measures how many people are willing or looking forward to read your emails. If there is a drop then you should check on your subject lines or quality of the content.Click rates: This measures how much curiosity is your content able to create, if this is low, work on your call to action.Unsubscribe rate: This measures, well, there can be something wrong, either you are not offering what you have committed or the user has moved from his objective of coming to you.Image source: sutwww.s3.amazonaws dot comEmail Marketing Funnel, if you are already into sales or marketing, you must have seen many such funnels, here is for email marketing.Image source: outboundengine dot com14. A/B TestingA/B testing is my personal favorite, you show your audience tow version f emails, subject or from line and you map the response, the one which gets better response is called the winner campaign, and you continue to use the winner campaign, tada!A/B testing is the best way to make most of your email readers.Where all you can use A/B testing?Subject linesFrom linesSignaturesCall to action buttonsImagesMail copyLinksVideosImage source : vwo dot com15. Email AutomationIf you have done everything mentioned above, it means you have graduated in email marketing, now you can work on automating ;your entire process if you have not done it already.Automating your email marketing means sending auto res-ponder emails. Auto res-ponders can be set to avoid manual processing and effective followups. You can set automation on various instances, like:Click on a linkAny event, like, birthday dayAction on websiteFilling formNot opening or opening of previous emailsExample of a fully automate email marketing plan for eCommerce:Image source: crazyeyemarketing dot comUntil now what I wrote was as a marketer, here is an advice as a customer:When you are emailing me you better be fun, you better not be selling me all the time, htmls gives me a professional look, however, a text email gives me a feel that I am interacting with humans, I prefer that.

What are the best WordPress plugins to grow your email list?

To grow your email list, you need Lead Generation plugins. These include effective features such as Opt-in forms, email subscription buttons, exit intent technology, etc. These plugins can really boost your email subscriptions.Have a look at these top Lead generation plugins.Thrive LeadsThrive Leads is a lead generation plugin that stands out. It is hugely popular, has advanced features and is a powerful solution for lead generation. You do not need any tech skills to get started with Thrive Leads. You get a wide variety of beautiful opt-in forms and visual editor makes customization a breeze. If you are serious about taking the lead generation for your website to the next level, then you will only benefit by checking out what Thrive Leads has to offer. There is an incredible “Best Solution” guarantee mentioned on their site which offers you “full refund+ Thrive Leads+ the cost of another plugin” if you prove to them that using Thrive Leads did not bring significantly better results than another plugin. What is it really offering? Let’s have a look.Features:Drag and Drop form builderAdvanced targeting that allows you to display opt-in form according to the content of the post, page, category, tags, custom post type, custom taxonomy, URL and you can exclude anything you wantPowerful A/B Testing feature to let you test the effectiveness of different form types, different triggers, different design and content, and entirely different offers.Extensive reporting tools with analysis of how each opt-in form is performing on each page and post, You can also choose a timeframe for your reportsSupports all different types of forms including Lightbox, Sticky Ribbon, In-line forms, 2-step opt-in, Slide-in, Opt-in widget, Screen Filler, Content Lock, Scroll Mat, Yes/No & multiple choice form.It allows segmented mailing list so that you can reach out to your audience with relevant messagesSmartLinks feature that distinguishes first-time visitors from your subscribers so that your subscribers have a distraction-free browsing experience on your siteMobile-responsive editing for creating forms that look perfect on all screen sizesDirect API integration with the most popular email services and autoresponders. Some of these are ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, AWeber, mailer lite, Mailpoet, Sendfgrid, Amazon Web Services etc.Exit Intent PopupsWhy Choose Thrive Leads?There is no stone left unturned when it comes to features. Thrive Lead offers powerful features that can be found in any competent lead generation plugin for WordPress. It is the pricing that can be a deciding factor for you. Thrive Leads has a different pricing model compared to other plugins. Instead of paying an annual fee, you pay for a one-time license. For a single website this costs $67, 5 licenses cost $97 and if you are running 15 websites then it will cost you $147. The pricing includes unlimited updates and 1 year of support. You can extend the support for another year by paying $40. Another option is to purchase the Thrive Membership plan that gives you access to all Thrive plugins and themes for $19/mo.2. OptinMonsterOptinMonster was launched in 2013. It is a powerful lead generation software from the makers of WPForms, MonsterInsights, WPBeginner, IsItWP, and SeedProd. Although it started as a WordPress plugin, it can now be used on any website as it is platform independent. More than 700k sites use OptinMonster. It offers a comprehensive set of tools. Some of its features like Exit Intent and OnSite Retargeting are actually registered trademarks of Retyp LLC, its parent company. OptinMoster has quickly gained popularity in recent years due to its ease of use and performance.Features:Drag and Drop BuilderYou can design your forms from scratch without the need for codingMore than 26 animation and sound effects to add to the formIncludes a wide variety of campaign types that include Lightbox, Fullscreen Welcome Mat, Slide-in scroll box, Floating bar, countdown timer, Sidebar form, inline form, Content Locker, Coupon Wheel optins, etc.Exit Intent Technology to grab the attention of abandoning visitorsTriggers that get activated based on the scroll, time or period of inactivity2-step optin form that can get triggered by any link or imageAdvanced targeting based on referrer, device, page viewed, visitor interaction, geolocation, etc.You can show special offers and promotions to your returning visitorsReal-time behavior automation that adapts to visitor’s current behavior on your siteA/B testing to test the effectiveness of different campaigns based on different audience segment, location, etc.Smart Success feature allows you to make new offers to your subscribersConversion Analytics to help you analyze clicks, views and overall conversion rate for each of your campaignsWhy Choose OptinMonster?OptinMonster is among the top lead generation plugins out there in the market. It does come with features that have become a standard norm in the industry and they keep on updating their software with new features. Yet, this might not be pocket-friendly to you if weigh down the options based on pricing vis-a-vis features offered. It comes with a 4-tier pricing plan. You get limited features in each plan and certain features can only be unlocked if you upgrade to a higher plan. When billed annually, the plans cost as follows: $9/mo for Basic, $19/mo for Plus, $29/mo for Pro and $49/mo for Growth. Again these are not unlimited licenses. They are limited by the number of pageviews and sites that you have. You should consider these constraints before making a purchase.3. SumoSumo is a WordPress plugin and lead generation software that helps you to grow your email list, increase conversions and generate more sells from your website. It is a conversion rate optimization software that works on the freemium model. A basic version is available for free as a plugin in WordPress and you can upgrade to Pro to gain access to advanced features. The free version is actually good if you are just getting started with your blog or website. It will not only save you money but also give you an idea about how lead generation actually works. Let’s have a look at the features offered in free as well as paid version.Features in Free version:Email opt-in formsFully Customizable designAdds social media share buttons on your websiteAutomated email drips along with welcome emailSeamless integration with WooCommerceReduce cart abandonmentFree customer supportGDPR compliantInstant integration with email marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Mailer lite etc.Has Sumo Branding10,000 emails per monthSumo-driven revenue up to $500Analytics for the past 7 daysFeatures in Pro Version:Advanced Visitor Targeting based on URLs, device type, geolocation, post etc.A/B TestsNo Sumo BrandingUnlimited emails per monthEcommerce design templatesAdvanced Analytics to track the performance of your pages and forms for any date range1-on-1 onboardingSupports different types of Listbuilder popups such as embedded popups, smart popups, Click Trigger popups, CTA popups, Scroll Box, Smart Bar, and Cart CasinoIt has variations of Welcome Mat like Embedded Welcome Mat, Parallax Welcome Mat, and Welcome Mat with a video backgroundWhy Choose Sumo?First of all, it has a free version which you might want to try first. Sumo offers a set of tools that can compete with any other plugin in the market. It is continuously updated and the free version has more than 1 lakh active installations on WordPress. It may not have aggressive marketing campaigns like its competitors but that doesn’t mean it lacks in features. However, if you look at the pricing plan, you will see that for 3 sites it costs $468 per annum. They don’t have a staged pricing plan that corresponds to different user needs. This rigidity in pricing may not suit everyone.4. LeadpagesLeadpages is one of the leading software for building landing pages. How is that relevant here? Because the primary purpose of Leadpages is to help you build pages that induce visitors to take a specific action e.g. subscribing to your email list, webinar or purchase a product. Sounds good? Leadpages takes lead generation a notch higher. It is different than other plugins on this list in many ways. First, it lets you host your pages on Leadpages domain secured with SSL encryption. Second, it has built-in Facebook and Instagram ad-builder. Let’s have a look at its features.Features:Drag and Drop interface to easily create your forms without codingUnlimited leads, traffic, and landing pagesUnlimited Pop-ups (they call it “LeadBoxes), alert bars triggered on any pageExit intent and timed display triggers200+ mobile responsive templatesBuilt-in PaymentsIntegrated Facebook Ad Builder with audience targetingA/B TestingExtensive integrations with popular marketing tools like Zapier, Facebook Ads, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Chat.io becomes LiveChat, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Drupal, GetResponse, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hubspot, MailChimp, WordPress among othersHuman-friendly Analytics with simplified data charts for the performance of each campaign and popup over timeCustom and Hidden form fieldsSupport for HTML EditingLead notifications delivered straight to your inboxGDPR compliantWhy Choose Leadpages?Leadpages adds to the common lead generation process as it integrates landing pages as well. You get all standard features of a lead generation tool. Hosting your pages with a subdomain and facebook ad management are the additional features that stand out. You can choose a pricing plan as per your requirement as features differ in each plan. With annual payment, the Standard plan costs $25/mo, the Pro plan $48/mo and the Advanced plan at $199/mo. It can be an effective strategy to try out their 14 days full featured trial before deciding to invest.5. OneSignalAn opt-in form is just one way to increase user engagement. Push notification is another way that is very effective to drive traffic. Push notifications allow you to interact with your visitors even when they are not browsing your site. This brings even more benefit for mobile users as they can get push notifications without even opening their browser. OneSignal is a popular push notification plugin for WordPress. It allows you to send targeted push notifications to your visitors to increase user engagement. It has more than 100,000 active installations on WordPress.Features:Easy to set upYou can set targeted push notifications to your usersVisitors can opt-in to receive push notifications from youYou can send unlimited mobile push notificationsIt supports both HTTP and HTTPS sites on the desktop and Android versions of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari on Mac OS X.You can set automatic notifications to your visitorsPush notifications can be scheduledYou can target users based on language, number of visits to your site etc. You can also set up custom attributes to target particular usersYou can customize the opt-in notificationReal-time Analytics allows you to view the delivery of your push notifications in real timeA/B Testing to try out different push notificationsNotifications can be scheduled at the same time of day on which your visitor last visited your website or based on user’s timezoneThe Pro version allows you to send 15 million messages per minuteGDPR compliantWhy Choose OneSignal?OneSignal delivers push notifications very effectively and speedily. It automates the task and gives you powerful functionality in the form of customization, A/B testing, segmentation, and scheduling. The most important thing is that you can use this powerful tool for free. Their free version is robust and can be more than sufficient to meet your needs. You can send unlimited push notifications to 30k subscribers. All essential features are included in the free WordPress plugin. If you want dedicated support and you are having an enterprise that needs to send millions of messages per day then you can opt for the Pro version. It will only cost you $99/mo.6. Icegram PluginsIcegram offers a set of WordPress plugins that help you grow your email subscribers, increase conversions, and improve user engagement. These tools are available as free WordPress plugins. These include:Email Subscribers & NewslettersEmail Subscribers – Group SelectorRainmaker FormIcegramLet’s have a look at three important functionalities offered by these plugins:Email Subscription:Adds a subscription box to your website to let you collect customer emailsEmails can be scheduled (Cron job)Offers double opt-in and single opt-inYou can send email notifications, welcome email, track email status, and automatically add unsubscribe link to your emailsCreate and send newsletters with HTML editorYou can allow users to opt-in for a particular group right from your email subscription box2. Rainmaker (Collecting leads)3 ready-made form designs for list building. These include Classic, Iconic and Material form designsYou can choose form fields, design and form actionNo coding is required. The form can be embedded anywhere using a shortcodeAutomatically saves all form submissions to the WordPress databaseEasy MailChimp integration3. IcegramIt helps you build your email list, offer discounts, take feedback, promote blog posts and social media pages, run contest, welcome and engage visitors to reduce bounce rate12 types of powerful call to action forms including popups, floating action bars, Toast notifications, Messenger, Overlays, Inlines, Tabs, Sidebars, Interstitials, Ribbons, Stickies, and BadgesExit intentA/B testingAdvanced targeting based on Time, Location, Visitor and BehaviorDetail reports and AnalyticsWhy Choose Icegram Plugins?Icegram plugins are popular and offer core functionality for free. Their email subscription plugin is active on more than 100,000 WordPress installations. You can use these plugins for free without any time limit. There is no restriction on the number of visitors, campaigns and subscribers. Plus, there is no branding. If you need more functionality than what is offered in the free plugins, then you can explore their premium offerings. The Pro plan of Icegram will cost you $97/year and the Max plan is priced at $147/year.7. Popup DominationPopups are hard-to-miss, less intrusive and cool ways to get your leads. That is if your popups are actually beautiful, less intrusive and cool. Sadly, that isn’t the case with most of the popups that are displayed on the majority of websites nowadays. You will often encounter ugly, obtrusive and irritating popups that will hamper your browsing experience. This mostly happens on your mobile devices where you need to struggle hard to find that “Close” button to shut off the popup and get back to the content. Popup domination claims to have solved this problem.Features:Sharp, clear and responsive popups that don’t hamper user experience on mobile devicesMultiple Email and redirect themesCountdown popupsExit intent PopupsPopup triggers based on time, page views, page scroll, etc.A/B TestingAnalytics to gauge popup performanceCustomizable designs with custom HTML/CSS/JSTargeting based on Geolocation, Pages, referrals, devices etc.Integrates with Bigcommerce, Blogger, Drupal, Magento, Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, Aweber, iContact, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mailer Lite, GetResponse among othersWhy Choose Popup Domination?Popup domination offers you an extensive library of beautiful form themes so that you can get going with customizing your popups without needing to code anything. Though they don’t have a free plan, you can get a 14-day free trial to try out their features. You also get 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase.They have three plans: Starter, Standard, and Plus. Interestingly they don’t charge you for features. Each plan has the same features that include unlimited domains, unlimited popups, and live chat support. The plans only differ in the number of popup views. The Starter plan costs 54/year for 10,000 popup views. The Standard plan allows 30,000 popup views at $114/year. The plus plan costs $174/year for 100,000 views. It’s an interesting pricing plan that you may find affordable.8. MailOptinWhen it comes to lead generation, MailOptin offers a slightly different package compared to other players in the field. It offers Automated newsletters and email automation on top of lead generation features that are common in most other plugins. All this is packaged as one product. The pricing model is also different and you might find quite affordable if it meets your needs. It is a conversion optimization plugin that can add significant value to your lead generation efforts. Let’s have a look at what’s under the hood.Features:Intuitive form builder integrated with the WordPress CustomizerFeatures standard popups including Lightbox, Notification bar, Slide-in, Sidebar/ Widget, Before/After post, Embedded/inline etc.A/B TestingAdvanced Analytics with Google Analytics integrationExit intentStores key form data such as form submissions, lead referrer, time of conversion and the place on site where the conversion took placeMore than 30 CSS animation effectsAdvanced triggering based on the scroll, click, time, pageview, referral, device etc.AdBlock detection to identify visitors that are using browser ad-blockers while browsing your site so that you can offer them different content or offersIntegration with MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailer lite, MailPoet among othersAutomated, segmented and event-triggered emailsScheduled NewslettersWhy Choose MailOptin?While MailOptin offers many advanced features like those found in leading lead generation plugins on this list, it is the pricing that steals the show. The pricing is based on the number of sites on which you can use your plugin. If you just need this for your single website and you only need lead generation features, then Standard plan is best for you. It will cost you $69 per year.For 3 sites, the Pro plan costs $169 per year. The Agency plan for unlimited sites is priced at $269 per year. See the pricing advantage? Of course, you should try what they are offering before you buy. For that, you can test the Lite version which is available in the WordPress repository with limited features. You can also test all the features in the hosted demo they provide.9. BloomThe makers of the Divi Builder and Monarch (two of the most popular plugins in the WordPress community) have scored one more feather in their hat with Bloom, the email opt-in and lead generation plugin that has quickly gained popularity. They not only provide you standard lead generation features but also visually pleasing form templates to let you create beautiful opt-in forms. The forms are responsive and look great on screens with the highest resolutions. Let’s see some of its most promising features.Features:6 Different types of opt-in forms that include opt-in popup, Fly-ins, Inline, Below content forms, Widget area forms, Unlock content forms10 different popup animations to choose from6 Automated popup triggers based on time delay, end of content, Scroll, Commenting, Purchase, and inactivity16 email marketing integrations that include Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft, iContact, mailpoet, sendinblue, Salesforce among others115 pre-made templates that are fully customizableExtensive customization settings that let you choose form orientation, image orientation, borders, and unlimited color options.A/B TestingActionable insights about the performance of your forms with AnalyticsDedicated Bloom dashboard that lets you manage your data from your WordPress Admin areaWhy Choose Bloom?There is no doubt that Bloom is an outstanding lead generation plugin. But what’s even more incredible is the price at which you get it or rather everything that’s included in its price. What’s included with Bloom? You get all themes created by Elegant Themes (87 so far, this includes Divi in case you are wondering). Plus, you get Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin, the Divi Builder in addition to Bloom plugin. All this is packaged into one offering.You can get it all for yearly access that is priced at $89 per year. SoundsIncredible? There’s more. You can buy the Lifetime license at $259 one time payment. You will get access to all the existing as well as new themes and plugins. Both plans come with theme updates, Premium support, and unlimited website usage. This can be an outstanding money-saver for you if you just calculate how much these things cost you with other players in the market. It’s definitely worth checking out.10. Elementor Popup BuilderElementor is a famous drag and drop page builder for WordPress that is available for free. And when you choose to upgrade to Elementor Pro, the Popup builder comes bundled with it. The Elementor Popup Builder inherits the ease of use and stunning visuals from Elementor, the plugin that boasts of active installs that outnumber 2 million. The Popup builder brings the same power to popups. With more than 100 stylish popup templates, advanced form types, triggers, and customizations, it is nowhere less than its competitors. Plus, it has got an attractive pricing plan. More about that later, let’s first have a peek at its features.Features:All kinds of popups including Fly-in, Full Screen, Hello Bar, Bottom Bar, Classic, Slide-in, Welcome Mat, Login forms, Promotion, and sale banners etc.Content lock and announcement featureRelated WooCommerce Products popupsExit intent popupsUnlimited pageviews, unlimited popups and unlimited interactions included with Elementor ProMore than 100 Elementor widgets to help you create the perfect formStyle controls with flexible responsive layoutChoose to show a popup on the entire website, Posts (can be sorted by categories, tags, authors etc.), search pages, Archives, WooCommerce pages etc. You can include or exclude specific pagesAdvanced triggering can be set up as per page load, click, scroll, exit intent, inactivity etc.Advanced rules to trigger popups e.g. triggered based on device, referral etc.Integration with MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Zapier, GetResponse, Mailer lite, MailPoet among othersWhy Choose Elementor Popup Builder?Like Bloom, Elementor Popup Builder comes as a part of the package that includes Theme Builder and WooCommerce Builder in addition to Popup Builder. There are three plans – Personal, Business, and Unlimited. All three have the same features. The only difference is the number of sites you can use the plugin for.Each plan includes 50+ Pro widgets, 300+ Pro templates, support and updates for one year. The Personal plan costs $49 per year for a single site. The Business plan allows you to use the plugin for 3 sites at the price of $99 per year. If you have more than 3 websites then you can benefit from the Unlimited plan that you can use for unlimited sites at just $199 per year. You definitely get bang for the buck with this plugin.These are just a few plugins. There are many more in the market. Lead generation plugins are very effective at growing the number of email subscribers.Source: 25 Best 2019 Lead Generation WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid)

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