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If I have my car registered in New Hampshire but drive it in Texas, do I have to pay insurance?

Try this site where you can compare quotes:// I own a car and have someone else insure it?Ok I’m 19 and currently own my own car and the pink slip is under my name but I know if I get insurance right now it will be high so I was wondering if my dad can insure it while I drive it under my name. I live in California and my dad has State Farm. Thank you.If a 16 yr old totals her new kind of expensive car how much will insurance go up?what if the car was already paid off would that matterCar cheap on insurance?Hi im wanting to buy my first car in a couple of months so i would like to know of a car thats got a small engine 1l preferably and cheap on the insuramce,yet slightly large for personal use such as fishing :) and finally a hatchback”How much is comprehensive insurance for a Kawasaki ninja 250r?I’m 20, never had a crash nor any fines, am on my graded license (just off l’s) have done rider safety courses and have a 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250r and live in queensland (australia). i just want to get a general idea of the cost”Cheapest insurance company for new driver?I just got my license. Im 18. What might be the cheapest insurance company to go through? I dont make much money a month…Will My Insurance go up?The other driver reported the accident on his insurance company but we decided that we’ll settle the damages outside the insurance company to prevent my rates from going up. The other insurance company is contacting me now. Does it mean that my insurance company knows about the accident and will raise my insurance rates even if we dont settle this insurance to insurance?Car insurance…oh my god?hi, i just pass my driving test, my car (insurance group 7)….i search on for third party car insurance is 4000 one year..although i’m 30 years old. is this ture? …show more”How much is the insurance for a 2005 ford mustang?I am 16 and want a for mustang 2005. I have State Farm and I want to know the estimated insurance for it in Florida.What insurance companies allows under 25’s to drive any car on fully-comprehensive insurance?Hi there, I’m 18 and have insurance with Tesco young drivers however that does not cover me to drive every car as under 25’s aren’t covered. I need to drive my mums car soon and she is abroad on business for 6months so cannot add me on to her insurance either, which leaves me with a problem. I can’t find a company anywhere that allows under 25’s to drive any car on fully-comprehensive insurance so was wondering if anybody out there did? Thank you”Is this normal for auto insurance?I have got quote from almost all the comapnies, esurance, geico, state farm, farmers, allstate, and some more . All of them gave me quotes in the upper $2500 for full coverage. The only one were less was allstate $2100 and Geico for $1400 thats full coverage for 6 months. Do you guys usually pay this much. I’m 21 and this the first time I’m gettin insurance.”

Does health insurance keep people from retiring?

Try this site where you can compare quotes://INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO/index.html?src=compare//RELATEDWhat car insurance companies do you recommend?My vehicle was vandalized two weeks ago. I was not satisfied with the way my insurance company handled my case. I’m thinking about switching to another insurance company, any recomendations?”“My buddy is suing my insurance company, what could happen?”Ok, So a little over a month ago i was involved in a car accident with a friends car. It was and 1 hr and 30 min drive. My friend said he was tired and drunk, telling me to drive( I was sober) so i did. I did tell him I didn’t want to drive because his car was manual(which i can drive, but i’ve been driving auto for 4 years now. On the way home I fell asleep at the wheel and the car was totaled. None of us were injured, I was good he was good. We did the police report called our insurances. His paid him for his car. Two weeks later he’s calling me to come-over to talk. I get bombarded by his family for 2hours basically saying they need money for this and that. The claim was already settled but he insisted i called my insurance company and see if they can give them money because they used the money they got from there insurance to pay off the car(worth about 5 grand) I talked it over with mom because im under her insurance and she said its sounds shady. She calls the insurance company and said dont give him a dime. Insurance is to make you whole again not better then you were. I explained to him numerous times and a week later my mom calls me at work and says gieco called and my friend is suing them. she also said he has a lawyer. He’s suing for bodily injury! My told me not to stress it but it bothers me so much. He definitely doesn’t deserve anything and especially being in perfect healthy condition. In the accident if you wanna get technical i took all the hits. I know him, my insurance company doesnt. its not right for him to be compensated for some injury that doesn’t exist. Whats gonna happen? does he have a chance. the claim opened up is for $25,000 or more. this kid goes out clubbing and partying every weekend and this is how he lies? any input is appreciated. thanks again..”Home Insurance replacement cost?Anyone have any idea how insurance companies figure out what it would cost to rebuild an entire house if it burned down or blew away…I live on long island….I would assume it is the square footage multiplied by a cost per foot….any ideas what the actual cost per foot is today????Roughly how much will my car insurance be?I’m a female and 18 in July, my parents have bought me a 2010 Toyota Yaris for my birthday.. But I have to pay for the insurance (fair enough deal!) Roughly how much would it cost? Would it be much cheaper if I went under my parents insurance?”An affordable dentist in Houston?I need an appt. for an exam and maybe a couple of cavities that can be done before December. anyone know any affordable dentists that can do that in the month of November without insurance?How much money should I expect to pay for car insurance if I buy a 2013 Dodge Charger?How much money should I expect to pay for car insurance if I buy a 2013 Dodge Charger? I am 20 years old.“Motorcycle Insurance Rate New Driver 22 years old 1974 Honda CB360, How Much?”I’m buying a 1974 Honda CB360 Bobber motorcycle, I’m 22 years old..have had 1 ticket in October for running a blinking red light at night, 1 speeding ticket that got dismissed in court and 1 speeding ticket that stuck a 65 in a 55. I live in Michigan and this is my first ever motorcycle. How much am I looking to pay? and what is the best company to get insurance, online it says Geico wont insurance motorcycles in Michigan so cant use them. Full time college student if that matters any”I need cheap but good car insurance what do you recommend?I need cheap but good car insurance what do you recommend?How much does it cost on average for someone to own a car per month?I am talking about evrything gas, insurance, loans etc…”Maintaining car insurance for DMV (lawyers chime in)?I have a bit of a tricky situation that I can’t get a clear answer online. My question is I have misdemeanor on my driving record that is not yet 3 years old. I have moved out of the US for awhile but will be back and some point in the future. I have no use for my current car insurance and as I will be relying on public transportation for everything. For California DMV purposes, do I need to keep my insurance policy up or is it ok that I cancel my policy since I will be off US roads (all roads in general)? I have read a stipulation that requires 3 years uninterrupted SR-22 coverage or something of the like. I would like to get rid of this monthly charge that I’m getting nothing out of but my worry is that negatively impact my driving record at the DMV for not fulfilling insurance obligations. Thank you.”

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