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PDF Editor FAQ

What is your most offensive unpopular K-pop opinion that you think will make most people angry or disagree?

Let’s get it~ ✨~~~~~~~~~~Firstly, a pouting Sungchan clickbait to spread the “Soft for Sungchan” agenda, and because homeboy fucked up my non-existent bias list (I hate him so much for this).Why he gotta be so cute? 🥺✋Also, y’all hoes better Join the not-so-existent “Soft for Sungchan” committee or else say goodbye to your toes. 😺🔪Now, where the heck was I?Oh yes.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 The “company won’t let them apologize” excuse IS valid. 🍁🌿Let’s be honest: Companies don’t care about International fans’ feelings or about CA.Also, remember that the idols are under a company and we don’t know what is behind the closed doors, so who knows they may want to apologize, but the company won’t let them.I also noticed a few signs that they may want to apologize but the companies won’t allow them. Like:-A Oh My Girl member liked a tweet which showed an email template to WM informing them about their CA scandals.-Shotaro and Yangyang were looking at their sides (The managers) when they were being “educated”. They also were listening very carefully to the fans.If that doesn’t show some signs that the idols may want to apologize, then I don’t know what is not a sign.Also, if you’ve been following SM groups for long, then you might have noticed that they only apologize when Korean fans are angry.Like, why would Chen apologize just for marrying someone? He didn’t kill anyone, right? Because Korean fans were angry. Or why would Jaehyun apologize for the Itaewon Scandal? Because again K-fans were angry.Also, remember Secret Number’s Denise? She once posted about BLM, only for Vine to shut down her Instagram and remove her selfies from the group’s official account.This shows that we don’t know what is behind the closed doors, so who knows they may want to apologize, but the company won’t let them.To put it in a nutshell: Companies don’t give a fuck about CA and also, unless you are a K-fan, I doubt companies would release a statement about topics like this, which I also doubt cause some Koreans are very ignorant about other cultures so they simply don’t care about CA.I once posted the same topic on INTR, but with further details, so here you go: ❄️ The “Company Won’t Let Them Apologize” Excuse— And Why It IS Valid. ❄️~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Woojail cultists can fucking choke on a Lego. 🍁🌿The way some of y’all idiots still hate on him is fucking disgusting. Don’t y’all know that he already was proven to be innocent?If y’all dumbasses refuse to see the truth, then let me enlighten your blind eyes, children~the thread is longer than 3 tweets, click on 3rd tweet to see the rest of the thread(Do the same thing for the other broken parts also)— a1b3c4s9_exposed (@a1b3c4s9Exposed) December 20, 2020The statement in which Woojin called these rumors “weird” and “promoted his solo” is also a mistranslation. Let me show you the correct translations. (Check the second tweet which has a video linked)#WOOJIN #woojinisinnocent w00jin wj w00"even if he's innocent, his apology was sh*tty" "he promoted his album/solo"I would suggest all those ppl to read this.. y'all should have done more research or ask any native korean instead of judging by some MISTRANSLATION— a1b3c4s9_exposed (@a1b3c4s9Exposed) January 20, 2021Also, when Felix and Lee Know were accused, weren’t y’all defending them and when it was Woojin, y’all immediately attacked WJ, made him look like a disgusting monster with a slimy figure.The double standards are insane.So yes, Woojin is innocent and I am a Woojin defender. Block me if you want to, cause I don’t care.I also wrote a similar answer, but with further details about the situation, so here you go: My answer to “What are some hard-to-swallow facts about K-Pop?”~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Being Pretty and/or Popular matters a LOT. 🍁🌿Let me include two examples in this: Irene and Woojin.Irene was in her attitude scandal where she yelled at a staff for around 20–30 minutes. She did apologize, but ReVeluvs were quick to defend her, make excuses, clear the searches and God-knows-what-else.Now, if instead of Irene, it was say, Yeri, then how would ReVeluvs react? I am mentioning Yeri because she’s always been the most hated member for being “useless”, as well as being “fat” and “ugly”. OT4 ReVeluvs still exist (like a certain someone *ahem*) and bash her. I am half-sure ReVeluvs would not defend Yeri as much as they defended Irene.Another scenario, when Felix and Lee Know were accused of SA, Stays were quick to defend them. But when it was Woojin, then where were these defenders? Woojin was dragged to hell, as well as being called “ugly” and compared to Sid The Science Kid. WJ also was the least popular member then and wasn’t liked for his looks.If WJ was somehow as “handsome” (according to Stays) or well-liked/popular as Lee Know or Felix, then how would Stays react? I bet they would had defended Woojin as they defended Lee Know and Felix.So, yes, pretty or popular privilege does exist.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 (International) Fans cry about “Indians being disrespected”, but when something which IS offensive happens, then where are these “woke” fans? Such fans truly are hypocrites. 🍁🌿(Disclaimer: I am a full Indian when I say this. I am an Indian both by ethnicity and Nationality.)International fans will whine about (G)I-DLE wearing Henna or NCT doing the Namaste sign (which is also used for praying or making a wish), when these two are *not* offensive.But when someone *ahem* Lee Hyori, disrespects a sacred prayer by dancing sensually to it, then where are these “woke” fans?I remember there was this idiot praising and defending Oh My Girl for covering the infamously offensive “Curry” song, I tried to explain how offensive the song was, but that fan called me “sensitive”, “crybaby” and blah blah and defended Oh My Girl for it.And guess what? That fan was a white fan. (They mentioned that they were white in a reply)Here are the screenshots, and no, I am not covering the name.What a fucking bastard. And, don’t blame me when such bastards piss me off. If I met that dude irl, I would had smashed a brick on their head and trust me, I am not too violent until such people piss me off.Saying that Indian fans are “sensitive” for finding the “Curry” song offensive is like saying that Black fans are sensitive for finding the N-word offensive.And the audacity of that person to call me “fragile” and “crybaby” for that when they are white. Bruh, not even NCTzens could reach that peak of clownery. 🙄🤡And such fans like the person in the screenshots are the same ones who will cry “CA” when Sunmi harmlessly dances to “Tunak Tunak”, like sis, she didn’t had to apologize for THAT.Such hypocrisy baffles me. These fans would claim about how “Indian fans are being disrespected”, but when something which *is* offensive happens, where are they now? Are they busy bashing Oh My Girl or Jennie for wearing bindi or mangtikka? Are they busy bashing NCT for doing the Namaste sign? Are they busy bashing (G)I-DLE for wearing henna?To put it harshly: International fans need to shut up about such matters.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Fans’ habit of jumping into conclusions when a scandal happens just puts a label on the idols’ back for the rest of their career. And this becomes much worse when the idol is proven to be innocent. *This is why fans’ need to stop jumping into conclusions* 🍁🌿Y’all know about Woojin, and how he was proven to be innocent. But, because of the way Stays and non-Stays handled the situation, Woojin will have the “bully” and “abuser” image for the rest of his career.The same can be said for Taeyong. He was in a bullying and scamming scandal, but when the rumors were proven to be false (apart from fat-shaming, but he apologized and made it up with the person), Taeyong still has the “bully” and “scammer” image. He still is the most hated member of NCT and is the first member to be dragged everytime a fanwar happens between NCTzens and another fandom.Not just Woojin and Taeyong, but also there are many idols who have to bear the same thing as the two.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Your faves could be a bully. Not every “friendly” interaction they show on camera is genuine. Your faves may hate each other, but don’t show it. 🍁🌿After the Jimin-Mina incident, one thing is for sure: Your faves most likely is a bully off-camera.Jimin, someone who was always loved for her rapping and cute, yet badass, charm, turned out to be a bully.Similarly, your faves could be a bully off-camera. Or, they may not be close to each other.You’ll never know that a member who has always been known to be a “vitamin” of the group or a sweet cinnamon roll could be a vicious bully, and the member who always showed a “cold, mean” aura could be a victim.After all, not everything on camera is true. You’ll never know which group is genuinely close and which group has a bully.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Visuals do matter. Infact, Korean Beauty Standards does.🍁🌿I once saw someone on Reddit saying that “Korean Beauty Standards don’t matter”, and how “Koreans don’t care about it”, which I have to disagree with. I also saw some saying that the “visuals doesn’t matter”, which I again disagree with.Let’s be honest, visuals matter a lot, sometimes even more than talents.I already mentioned how fans were quick to defend Felix and Lee Know for their scandals, but when it was Woojin, he was dragged to hell. And the reason? Visuals. Woojin always was disliked for his looks, and this just shows how visuals matter.If visuals did not matter then why wasn’t Woojin defended, like Felix and Lee Know? If Woojin was somehow as “handsome” as Felix and Lee Know, then do you think he would get this much hate? I doubt it.Infact, Korean Beauty Standards do matter. Some of y’all saying that “the KBS doesn’t matter” are wrong.If it didn’t, then why would netizens trend negative stuff about Shotaro because of his looks? Because he didn’t fit their Standards. If Shotaro fit them as much as Sungchan did (the latter fits them kind of perfectly), then do you think Taro would get this much hate for his looks? I doubt it.Not just Taro, but many idols, from Chaeryoung to Hyoyeon to RM, get hate for not fitting the Standards. While the ones I mentioned are handsome/beautiful, but according to the KBS, they aren’t and for this, they get hate.~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 International fans are as bad, or even worse, than K-fans. 🍁🌿Let’s be honest, both sides suck.I-fans are just as bad as K-fans. The way some I-fans describe K-fans just makes the former look calmer, when I-fans are bad as well.I don’t think I have to explain this. So well..~~~~~~~~~~🌿🍁 Having a Korean fanbase is much important than having an International fanbase. 🍁🌿K-fans are pretty much the source for everything, like digital sales, physical sales, music show wins, etc. Like, why would Dreamcatcher, a group with a strong International fanbase, not get a music show win yet or have not so strong digitals? Because their Korean fanbase is a little weaker compared to other GGs.Also, for music show wins, having strong digitals, physicals etc. is much important. And guess who has the power to provide strong digitals and physicals? K-fans. Through sites like Melon which is one of the sources to provide strong digitals.I-fans can help in YT views and Billboard, but having a Korean fanbase is much important. Like, there are groups who may have a weaker international fanbase, but the reason why they still do well is because they have a strong K-fanbase.~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~Okay, I am done. Feel free to agree/disagree~ Your one comment would encourage me to write more~ 🌸🎶A song to end this answer: “Light Bulb”— NCT U. (aka, an underrated bitch)🎶Okay, bye bye hoes~Your not-so-beloved Dodo,~Anna ❄️~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~

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