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PDF Editor FAQ

Why do HR asks for pay slip?

I can only answer this with in the business culture of the USA.1) You are not required to provide a payslip from a prior company to the HR people of the new company you are applying for. It is common for companies to request your prior salary information at each previous job. You are not required to prove it via a payslip (since any information you give must be truthful or you will have falsified your application for employment).2) If your prior salary does not include information regarding 401K, benefits, healthcare, etc., those are all things that you would ask about at the end of the interview. They'll let you know when you should expect to receive this kind of information (i.e. - if they have multiple interviews, then they won't provide this until they are ready to make an offer.3) Regarding your salary information being confidential, salary information is typically only confidential within the confines of the company. Most government salaries can be provided as well as private industry salaries. However, if you believe that your salary is truly confidential to anyone, then you would simply indicate that this information is confidential and you are not allowed to provide it without a release from your government employer (which you are not willing to apply for until you are leaving for employment elsewhere).

Can a person with a felony record become a legal secretary?

I don’t think any state has a mandated certification or license to be a legal secretary; as such, there would be no legal reason why a person with a felony record couldn’t be a legal secretary. In reality, a legal secretary is just a secretary that works in the legal environment. It would be up to the employer and the employer’s policies as to whether to hire someone with a felony record. As a practical matter, I think most legal employers would be hesitant to hire someone with a felony record. That would certainly be the case in most private practices as they are dealing with sensitive , private, and confidential information. In addition, there is usually no shortage of applicants. So, if I get 10 applications for 1 position, odds are the one with the felony record wouldn’t make the cut.I the short answer to your question is yes, a felon can be a legal secretary, but they will likely find it difficult to get a job as such.

Can your former employer tell a prospective employer about your health condition?

Can my former employer tell a prospective employer about my health condition?In the first place, the employer has no right to ask the medical information about the employee. Employees have right to keep their medical information and health condition private and confidential. If a pre-employment form asks for information about your health condition, you have no obligation to disclose it. You can write “not applicable” in the empty space and that should not impact on your work performance.But the employers also have the right to ask the employee’s health condition and medical information. But it must be out of reasonable reasons.(Source:,Pg 14/54)Based on the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) from government of Alberta, my former employer is allowed to release my personal health information to my prospective employer if they know. The thing is that my former employee is entitled only to the least information necessary for the purpose and as an employee, we are not required to disclose our medical files, or even diagnosis or treatment to the employers. Therefore, my former employer can only release very limited information to my prospect employer which may not hurt me even if my former employer knows.Please check the attached references for details.Hope it helps.Sources:Disclosing a disability - WorkplacePrivacy and Medical Information in the Workplace - LawNow Magazine

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