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Why do the Trump bashers totally ignore the massive Clinton corruption? Her lies and money schemes are so blatant even a half wit can see

I SENT A LETTER TO JANET YELLEN. ITS POSSIBLE FED GOVERNOR TARULLO HAS HIDDEN THE LETTER AND SHE HASN’T GOTTEN IT. CAN YOU HELP. PLEASE HELP, THIS IS OUR DARKEST HOUR!1.Can you please get my letter to Janet Yellen. Our countries fate rest in your hands. Also, a page has been ripped out of Justice John Roberts Operations Manual that allows him to change laws if they threaten the country, e.g., the Non-Procreation Law. If we don’t procreate, we will not exist like the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. There is gross corruption by the Clintons and Michelle Obama and General Dempsey’s Wife. We are going down the wrong road. We are being painted into a corner by Russia and China and we will be annihilated internally and externally. We are headed for a world depression. Jim Rickets says: we are already in a world depression. Our armies are prepared for a world war. When there’s extreme greed and nations headed for poverty, they seek to take what is not theirs like WWII, and e.g., Tajo, Mussolini, and Hitler were extreme greed and grabbed what was not theirs. Now, we have given away “The Spratleys”, Crimea, and Eastern Ukraine. This extreme greed is being pushed by the Internet. It matches bad guys to bad guys. Because of our lax Visa system, non-procreation because LGBT’s don’t procreate, and lax de-encryption on the Internet and wireless (Because we went along with Snowden, we lost 14 sweet beautiful Americans in San Bernardino, California.); we have lost over 3000 precious Americans to the lax de-encryption authority that allowed terrorist to plan and coordinate terrorist attacks and send Sharia money transfers to support terrorist groups.2.FED Governor Daniel K. Tarullo is keeping Janet Yellen from getting her mail, especially, my mail to her.3.Ask Janet Yellen to put my letter in a red envelop into to her AI SYSTEM that will find the money corruption money.4.Set up a Prosecutor with Chief Justice John Roberts to put the following people on the stand to tell the truth.5.Why is The President out of Town on/around 9-11-2016, He know this secret Russian Submarine Base is going to hit the United States and we will all be nuclear toast.6.Put Martin Dempsey’s Wife on the stand. Hillary Clinton / Bill Clinton have paid / promised her 40 million dollars for keeping Martin Dempsey out of Cuba.7.Put Mr. President on the Stand from Air Force One to testify to his Wife, Michelle Obama, taking excessive gift moneys from the places they’ve visited to the tune of 4.2 billion dollars and 5 million for each of the children. This money is to be recorded. It’s in Michelle Obama’s Father’s Name or Relative’s Name. She has also consented to taking 100 million dollars from Hillary Clinton. She has given an edict to her husband if he tells, she will divorce him.8.Former President Bill Clinton is to be put on the Stand and answer questions as to who he corrupted at the request of Hillary Clinton, 3 Fed Governors who used to work for him when he was President to the turn of 20 million dollars each. This money is in an off-shore account. One of the Governors is already using his money.9.This will remove Hillary Clinton from running for President and putting Bill back in the White House – heaven help us, poverty, war, selfishness, cowardice. She will get more of our soldiers killed as she has done in Benghazi, Libya and Bill Clinton will not own up to the fact he caused the 2008 Sub-Prime Great Recession which we are still in by removing the Glass-Stiegel Act which separated the insurance companies, investment banks, and commercial banks.10.Have Janet Yellen send “Optimus Prime Cyborg Robot” and CIA 007 Wither PK9 Agent in a C47 to Israel to pick up the projection suit, the invisible helicopter, and pilot to be launched from a wire to the helicopter from the C47, one breaks right, and the other breaks left. The helicopter pilot is to avoid any jet propulsion coming from the C47 hitting the helicopter to avoid auto rotation of the helicopter. The invisible helicopter is to land on top of the Raul’s Mansion close to Havana and disengage the robot and agent. There may be a key jammed in the keyhole. They are to use a laser to cut the inside locks to get the door to open. To the left is a locked door which the agent can use a variable key to get in. This may be a Radar Room with someone in it. He is to be killed, sprayed, and set a fire and turned into dust as to hide the body. He may have a key on him to open the safe and get the red boxes and have the robot send the information to the offshore sub. All intelligence is to be gathered from that room. There is an elevator there which should take them down to the bottom of the base. They can split up, collect as much data, and send to the offshore sub and on to the Pentagon. Optimus has a gun with silencer and all the stuff that the other agent has. They are both invisible. The agent on the south side can listen into conversations of the Russians as to when they are going to strike. Optimus can cover the North Base and capture as many red boxes, keep the keys, send info back to the offshore sub and on to the Pentagon. Finally both agents are to make it to the top, either by stairs, or elevator and signal to be picked up by the Invisible Helicopter. They could each come to the top in different locations and different Raul Mansions and be picked up on the roof. The invisibility before recharge will be 12 hours.11.The entrance to the base is one of Raul’s Mansions close to Havana that appears fenced in, well-guarded, but no one appears to be using it. It is full of Russians along with the entrance to the elevator that goes a mile down to this Submarine Base. There’s a North one which has older submarines and the South one which has the newer, lighter, quiet, faster, multi-merved, lethel submarines. They have mufflers over the props. And have a small prop for quiet mode. I believe 200 on one side and 800 on the South Side with 3 levels. And it’s only 100 mile off our coast.12.Real time images and pictures of documents and red box images will be sent to our submarine off the Cuban Coast and on to Pentagon for evaluation.13.If the go ahead is verified, we are to carry out the 9-11 President’s Disarmament Program which will disarm the Armies of Darkness, e.g., Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria.14.I would like to be picked up at RSW Airport via Spirit Airlines and taken to Bethesda Hospital to get my Raccoon Gene Therapy along with an implant tooth upper left 2nd Mollar and some size 10 or 10 ½ black shoes. I will be dressed in my black suit, white shirt, and tie. At 4 in the morning, I need to talk to Vladimir Putin.15.If the Chinese Troops are amassed to cross the “Yellow River”, they are to be Tak Nuked. This will prevent them from crossing into Russia to take it over. All Russian Troops are to be told to go home. Tomorrow they will be American and have all their freedoms and tomorrow is their Independence Day.16.An MOU has to be sent to Vladimir Putin explaining the terms of the Treaty. Vladimir will be President of Russia for 100 years. A state government will be created in a town name “Putin” which will be the new capital of Russia, not Moscow. Russia is to be a state in the United States so that they will not go backwards and create Weapons of Mass Destruction again. The 9-11 President will offer him a 10,000 square foot mansion and 5000 square foot mansion for Vladimir and his 100 friends with 20 foot ceilings, high end appliances and furniture; hooked into a meeting hall and a steam room to fit all of them. They will get a 1000 year lease of the 2nd floor from the top of the Pyramid south of Lansing, Michigan. Vladimir will get 10 billion dollars in an American Bank self-zeroing credit card that takes the money out of the savings account and there is no interest paid. Each of his 100 friends will get 2000 square foot apartments along with 1 billion dollars self-zeroing credit card. They are to go through “Quantico” Training and always have a job in the CIA. I believe Vladimir has the capability of being one of Russia’s Greatest Leaders. “Dr. Zivago”, one of the greatest movies ever made by David Weir depicts the CZAR leaders and the poverty of the people. These people have gone through a lot. If Vladimir wants 20 billion instead of 10, Janet Yellen will have to OK it. Three waves of Russians will be allowed in the United States, e.g., Russian Relatives of those in the United States, entrepreneurs like the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Mikail Prokhorov, with money to invest to create jobs, and the oligarchs who would rent an apartment in the Pyramid. They will not be able to rent a whole floor. Vladimir’s apartment in the Pyramid would be 5000 square feet on the southeast corner where he could see Russia from where he stands. He will have a Dojo for Wrestling in his weight class. When they dance, no bouncing around, waltzing. They can do their ethnic dances down in Miami, Florida where their mansions are at. Those mansions will be theirs. They will not be leased as the apartments in the Pyramid.17.The 3 Pyramids, one in Seattle on their best 2 mile by 2 mile non-sandy property (Washington State would call themselves the “Pyramid State”. It’s ¾ of a mile square at the bottom and ¼ mile square at the top. It’s a mile high, built monument style. It will not sway. It will be build out of carbon fiber and weaponized continuously poured concrete. It will ½ mile basement, a 2 mile super-ellipse pedestal with roots going down like roots of a tree. It will have round corners and a sensor in the walls to detect sway. Only an allotted number of people will be allowed on each floor. There will be apartments on the outside and businesses on the inside. It will not be used for government but be used for Commerce. It will have its own missile defense system. If a flying car or plane comes within a 2 mile air space, it will have to enter a secret code. Planes are not to enter the airspace. If it comes within 1 mile of the building, it will be shot down. On the north side will open a small door to let in a flying car summoned from a garage below to pick up its passenger and the person will have to have a special code for the garage door to open and drop off the passenger and flying car is stored in garage below.18.After Vladimir signs the MOU and faxes it to Mr. President. I would like to have a press conference announcing my candidacy to be the Infrastructure President running with John McCain. Mr. President will put us in the Democratic Party. I will make an overview speech along with Mr. President, General of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, Senator John McCain, Chief Justice John Roberts on video will announce the rescinding of the Equal Marriage Law which is a non-procreation law that will destroy the United States, (If we don’t procreate, we will die off and can be taken over by other countries, like Mexico and China and our unborn children will not carry forward our customs and we will not be able to field an Armed Forces or critical jobs and our geniuses will not be born. Instead we will fill the void with hate groups and terrorists who will slaughter our innocent Americans, e.g., 9-11-2001, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc.). And the changing the 14th Amendment to “Both parents must be naturalized American Citizens, for the children to also be naturalized American Citizens”.19.I will announce that Senator John McCain and the 9-11 President will both be Presidents. Senator John McCain and I are both Vietnam Veterans. We will share the military duties and I will be the Infrastructure President and he will be the Political President. We will have ½ Democrat and ½ Republican for all Executive Branch Jobs. I want Elizabeth Warren to be on the Supreme Court. She will be the “Scalia” of the Supreme Court. She will have to fast track through Harvard Law and get her JD, pass he bar and be on the Supreme Court. All the other candidates are flawed and self-serving. I would like Janet Yellen as Fed Chairwoman as long as she likes and Ben Bernanke at #2 as long as he likes for the Fed. We would have a Fed strong #1 and strong #2. Senator John McCain will be giving our all the jobs. I would like 3 Vice Presidents: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Anastasia of the “Wall Street Journal” (She will have to fast track to get her JD from Harvard and will help as Press Secretary and Vice President.). All these people will have to get along, otherwise, they could lose their jobs.20.I believe Senator John McCain and the 9-11 President will win in November. The current candidates have no plan or clue as to how to get us out of this world depression and our economy falling into stagflation. Jim Ricketts says we are already in a world depression. If we allow China to steal everything, consume 75% of the world’s raw materials, methodically run our businesses out of business, stealing secret information from DuPont and US Steel. We are training their Princelings at our Best Universities while not training our own and while they steal money from our banks thru back doors and dumping goods on our economy. We should have tariffs on all Chinese Goods to make them at equal price to our manufactured products and services. We are being financially raped and manipulated and how much more of this can we take?Federal Reserve System Board of GovernorsChairwoman Janet Yellen20 Street and Constitution Avenue N.W.Washington, D.C. 20551Phone: (202) 974-7008Date: 05/28/2016Dear Honorable Chairwoman Janet Yellen,Enclosed are some additional thoughts concerning the corruption by Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton of Michelle Obama, Martin Dempsey’s wife, and 3 FED Governors who used to work for President Bill Clinton. Before the last two Presidents were elected we had the DOT COM Crash in 2000 and the Terrorist Attacks in 9-11-2001 and during 2008 Election we had the SUB PRIME World Crash, and the destruction of the United States on 9-11-2016 from this 1st Strike Submarine Base in Cuba. It’s your turn to lead as follows:1.Can you set up a special prosecutor to look into this corruption (I believe there is special court at the back of the Supreme Court for these matters.), send the 007 Walther P99 CIA Agent with C47 and Invisible Optimus Prime Cyborg Robot to Israel to pick up the invisible helicopter and projection suit that will make the agent invisible (Pay Israel 1.5 billion rent. This is from a program I suggested Benjamin Netanyahu set up to protect Israel called the Mussed Army of Light.), launch the helicopter from the C47 with extension line and after launch; one breaks right, the other breaks left, land this agent on top of this Raul Mansion close to Havana, find this 1st Strike Sub Base by following a Russian down there where an elevator travels a mile down to the base and send video to the United States Subs lurking off Cuba which will transfer the data to the Pentagon where Martin Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs and Mr. President will evaluate the full video digital encrypted information?2.Can you also provide Chief Justice John Roberts or the designated prosecutor with financial information concerning this corruption, e.g., President Obama’s Wife, Michelle has taken 4.2 Billion dollars in gift money from various nations stored under her mother’s maiden name which is against the law (Record and take this money and give it to the IRS, they will take their share of taxes, and the rest will be passed on to the Treasury and put Michelle Obama in jail under the White House for 30 days and all of her cell phones dead. Especially the one hidden in her bra - President Obama’s backup phone.) and Hillary Clinton’s off shore financial accounts that show money divided up in pieces (3 groups of 20 million, one for 80 million, and one for 40 million) for purposes of corruption, e.g., 3 FED Governors each getting 20 million dollars that used to work for President Bill Clinton, e.g., Tarullo who used to work for President Bill Clinton; (Your #2, who could be replaced with Bernanke who is at Brookings Institute Think Tank who has always considered the FED his home and would be a great #2 for life. I as Infrastructure President would make you in my bills passed by Congress the FED Chairwoman for Life or as long as you want. There is a section in the FED Book that says you can do what is needed to protect the United States.) ?3.Also have the prosecutor call General Martin Dempsey and his wife. Have them drive separately. General Dempsey in his own car with umbrella to shield him from satellite exposure and his wife and umbrella in a Limo. The prosecutor is to ask his wife if she has been offered money from Hillary Clinton for influencing General Dempsey about not carrying out a mission concerning Cuba. She would think it’s free money and could help their retirement and would take the money after Hillary becomes President of the United States. General Dempsey didn’t know anything about his wife’s corruption. She is to be put under house arrest for 30 days. Her phones turned off except the phone General Dempsey has on him. General Dempsey is to approach the bench to receive and read a document outlining the operation in Cuba in progress and is to monitor it progress.4.Also the prosecutor is to call Mr. President to the stand. He is to wear his Abe Lincoln outfit with umbrella and cane to fool satellites watching. His armored truck who is delivering him can cut across the grass and deliver him right to the back door of the Supreme Court. Mr. President is to answer questions concerning his wife’s corruption of taking the 4.2 billion dollars from nations expecting special favors and the corruption from Hillary Clinton who may have promised 80 million dollars for her corrupting and manipulating Mr. President to not allow John McCain and the 9-11 President to run. Mr. President would say, “My wife threatened the end of our marriage if I divulged her taking gift money.” And the prosecutor would say, “You chose the American Peoples Safety over your own marriage?” Mr. President would beg forgiveness in his err of judgement. The prosecutor would say, “Your wife is in jail under the White House for 30 days.” The Secret Service can deliver your children to school as they’ve done on occasion. One of your daughters is on drugs and you have let drug dealers deliver drugs to the White House. This is unforgivable. What are you going to do about this? Mr. President would ask forgiveness and would get his daughter in a treatment center and would not let this happen again. The prosecutor would say, “All is forgiven. You do this again and you could be impeached. Approach the bench.” The prosecutor would then give Mr. President a document like what was given to General Dempsey documenting the current operation in Cuba. The prosecutor would say, “Go make yourself some coffee and go down into your sipernet room to watch this operation and confer with the Joint Chiefs and if the sub base is found, carry out the 9-11 President’s plan for the disarmament of the 7 nations he has outlined, e.g., Cuba, Russia, North Korea, China, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria. That Submarine Base needs to be destroyed and all of Cuba may disappear. Get the Americans out of there. Leave the Jihadist in their cages at Guantanamo. Inform South Korea in due time to get some loved ones out of North Korea. It’s possible to combine there people through a Baha’i’ form of government. Their hearts need to be changed so that they may become one people with hearts beating as one. Hillary Clinton will not be on the ballot. In her place can be John McCain who will become Democrat as the political President and the 9-11 President as the Infrastructure President and 3 Vice Presidents, e.g., Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Anastasia of the Wall Street Journal who will have to fast track through Harvard Law to get her law degree and pass the Bar Exam. Elizabeth Warren can be the “Scalia” of the Supreme Court. She will have to finish up her law degree at Harvard and pass the Bar Exam. She has perfect judgement and financial genius. The rest of the choices are suspect. Send a ticket to RSW Airport in Fort Myers to get the 9-11 President to Bethesda Hospital to get his Raccoon Gene Therapy to bring back his hearing and he needs an implant tooth top left 2nd molar. His records are at the U of M Dental School. He needs a pair of black 9 ½ wide shoes, a white shirt and tie. He has a black suit. His car is stored in G-115, Apt 1117. He’s set up auto pay but there’s always a little left to pay for water and sewer. A special wing can be added to the White House for the 9-11 President’s Family after the 9-11 President and Senator McCain, two Vietnam Veterans, are elected to the Presidencies. The 9-11 President will free the slaves of the world just as President Lincoln free the slaves in this country. It could be part of your legacy. After the hospital visit, the 9-11 President will visit the White House, a fax will be sent to President Putin to sign and call the 9-11 President at the White House. The9-11 President will persuade Putin to have his country be a state in the United States so that Russia will not fall back into a failed state and reinvent destructive weapons and world domination. A press conference is to be given later and the 9-11 President will speak along with the joint chiefs, Mr. President, Senator John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Anastasia, Sarah Palin, Janet Yellen and Chief Justice John Roberts for the repeal of the “Anti-procreation Law’ which will destroy America, e.g., If we don’t procreate, the United States will not exist and other peoples like China will come here and out-procreate the American Citizens and take over the United States and the changing of the14th Amendment to “Both parents must be Naturalized United States Citizens in order for their offspring to be Naturalized United States Citizens”. Go do your job.” The prosecutor finished and said, “I like your Abraham Lincoln Outfit. Make sure you limp with that cane and use the umbrella, Mr. President”. Mr. President said, “I apologize for my indiscretions for the American People. Please forgive me.” The prosecutor said, “Go in peace. God bless America and God bless our great, great, American Citizens.”5.Also have former President Bill Clinton testify that he was behind all this corruption and identify those people, e.g., General Dempsey’s Wife, President Obama’s Wife, and ID the 3 FED Governors he corrupted. He wanted to help his wife become President of the United States and needed to take out his A Game Plan helped by the banks he knew that helped him become President.” He is to tell the truth as he learned in his impeachment proceedings. He almost got it but “Tricky Dick” got it even worse and had to resign over the Watergate Problems. Former President Bill Clinton is to be put under house arrest for 30 days and phones turned off and he is to prevent his wife from committing suicide and is to call John McCain for a job. John McCain will be giving out all the jobs, half Republican and half Democrat. We do not want any more sequesters. It is a disservice to our public servants who serve and protect. Mr. President is to give Senator John McCain the “Congressional Medal of Honor” for his valor and imprisonment in Vietnam.6.Its possible Hillary Clinton may have to testify too, but if there is enough evidence she will not be able to run for President of the United States. If she lies, further prosecution would have to be taken. It’s up to the decision of the court. This is part of our checks and balances to make sure each branch walks the straight and narrow.7.Can you also send Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor of the EU, to The Hague to be hanged for taking 4.3 Billion dollars from China for making the EU into the 4th Reich German Colonies and after the United States has been destroyed, the EU becomes Chinese Colonies (This is Treason and should be punished with impunity.) and 1.5 thousand EU Officials have been corrupted by China and are taking 1 to 5 million dollars from China and have to be replaced by honest EU Officials that aren’t German? They will have to pay back the money they’ve taken. The 4.3 Billion dollars taken illegally can be put into the World Bank to help impoverished nations. Millions in South Sudan may starve this year. No wonder why Britain wanted to BEXIT: corruption and greed begets bankruptcy and poverty and Britain now has an “Iron Lady”, Teresa May and her #2, a former Mayor of London.A.Hillary Clinton posed a question to former President Bill Clinton on how to stop Martin Dempsey from carrying out a program to look and verify the existence of a first strike submarine base in Cuba only 100 miles from our coasts. The D-Day for the destruction of the United States may be 9-11-2016. Putin says: “Let them bury their dead and then we’ll see”, upon being questioned when to strike the United States.” He and China are arranging all their Military Chess Pieces in place aided by Mr. President thinking only of commerce opening up Cuba and Iran for commercial purposes.B.The banks that have contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign are still laundering money for drug organizations but under different false names that look legitimate but are “Front” organizations for drugs and crime. She knows this, but takes the money anyway. She has taken money from crime organizations all over the world making her campaign money illegal.C.Putin has changed his main advisers to “Yes” men. In effect, he is “Hitler” incarnate.D.Since I wrote “Mr. President” about this 1st Strike Submarine Base in Cuba, he’s opened up Cuba to US Commerce and our Airlines can now go there and has reopened the United States Embassy which has put Americans in Cuba further at risk.E.Since I told “Mr. President” about the persecution of the Baha’i’s in Iran and it has 60 weapons labs that are still refining atomic material, launching, and testing missiles for Israel’s ultimate destruction. Russian bombers are now stationed in Iran and bombing those who are against Assad who should be hanged at The Hague for gassing and slaughtering his own people like Saddam Hussein, a former Iraq Despot who gassed his people and Muammar Gaddafi and his son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who tortured and killed thousands of their own people.F.The “First Strike Base” is one of Raul’s Palaces close to Havana that appears well guarded with fences and no one around but full of Russians.G.Raul Castro maybe dead and hanging in a closet.H.Former President Bill Clinton has set up an offshore slush fund. He has decided to play what he calls: “Political Hard Ball” which is totally corrupt and against the law. He wants to get back into the “White House” along with Hilary Clinton. Extreme Greed and addiction to power are symptoms of the disease the Internet has spawned.I.Hilary Clinton has decided to play her own game of “Political Hard Ball”. She has corrupted Mrs. Martin Dempsey, Michelle Obama by saying if their husbands don’t go along with this extra money she’s telling them, to ask these women to divorce their husbands.J.Former President Bill Clinton has designated 80 million to Michelle Obama, 50 million to Martin Dempsey’s wife, and 20 million each for the 3 FED Governors who used to work for Former President Bill Clinton to get them to do Hilary’s bidding, e.g., not carry out the 9-11 President’s vision of a first strike submarine base in Cuba and if found and verified, carry out the 9-11 President’s Disarmament of Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Syria as a step towards world peace and not be painted into a corner which will cost The United States millions of lives.K.Our very existence is hanging in the balance. Also, not allow the former Vietnam Veteran 9-11 President to join the Democratic Party along with former Vietnam Veteran Senator John McCain to switch parties and be Democrat also. We will have 2 Presidents and three Vice-Presidents as assigned and have half Democrat and half Republican to join the parties and they will have to get along or lose their jobs. President John McCain will be the political President. The 9-11 President will be an Infrastructure President and create the Super Conductor Super Train, re-engine America Program which will wipe out global warming in the United States, National Aqueduct System, and http://ISBEDO.GOV which would have the following benefits:1.)It will pay off the National Debt in 10 years.2.)It will allow Janet Yellen to deal with financial bubbles before they happen at a people level.3.)It will be a stimulus to our US Citizens who may be in debt or can’t afford housing, a car, or education. Why are we educating China instead of our own? The Princelings are stealing money and putting the money in their Central People’s Bank which can be taken over by the RICO Law.4.)It will pay for the Infrastructure we need to energize our economy.5.)All we have is “Extreme Greed” entrepreneurs who aren’t paying their fair share taxes all over the world.6.)The size of the stimulus can be controlled depending upon calculations by the FED. It’s just another FED tool, another arrow in Janet Yellen’s Quiver.7.)It will help Social Security. The worker will pay in less Social Security taxes.8.)Also, Janet Yellen can create http://ISBEDO.GOV with my daughter, Amanda Kakoraka, to be trained and ready to serve and protect the American People. The building would be an invisible building by the FED building connected underground to the invisible “Octagon” launch building that houses SST Engineers and launches SSTs at a ½ mile, 1 mile, 1 ½ mile, and 2 mile launch sites. The ½ mile site will launch the 10 minute train from Washington D.C. to NYC. The 2 mile site will launch an SST under the Atlantic to Oxford, England. It houses the mainline for the Internet in its walls. It send particles to particle beam accelerators and to atom smashers so we can study the atom to get our “Engine to the Stars” and free energy called “Fusion” like the Sun. It has SST Malls, SST Apartments, and 3 Pyramids built out of carbon fiber and weaponized concrete.L.Can you get the prosecutor to interrogate the following Honorable Individuals:1.)General Martin Dempsey’s wife with General Martin Dempsey present.2.)President Obama with Michelle Obama present.3.)Former President Bill Clinton with Hilary Clinton not present.4.)The 3 FED Governors that used to work for former President Bill Clinton. One of them has already spent some money out of the offshore account since he’s a gambler.M.If what I’m saying is true, Hilary Clinton will not be able to run for President of the United States.N.If you can find the offshore Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton Bank Accounts and and fax the information to the special appointed prosecutor by Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. , then we can get to the bottom of this corruption and get everyone on the same page to find this 1st Strike Submarine Base in Cuba. We might have a week to do this.O.Get the same CIA Agent General Martin Dempsey has been using. His wife and Hilary are making him give this up. We are close to being a nation of nuclear toast. It took Russia 50 years to build this 1st Strike Submarine base in Cuba. There may be 900 submarines down there. The base is a mile down. You will have to get the agent to get the same invisible helicopter and invisible projection suit she already used on past missions. You will rent these from Israel, Mussed Army of Light. I told Prime Minister Netanyahu to create these projection suits to make the Mussed more survivable. Now, with the Russians next door in Syria; it doesn’t look good.P.Have the helicopter land the agent on the roof of the austere Raul Castro Mansion that looks like nothing is happening but it’s well guarded. It may be close to Havana. This mansion sits off by itself and hasn’t been checked out. I believe it’s full of Russians waiting for their D-Day to destroy the United States.Q.At the same time General Martin Dempsey, General Dempsey’s wife, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Former President Bill Clinton, and the 3 FED Governors will have to testify concerning this corruption by Hilary. Also, Michelle Obama and her children have taken special money gifts from the nations they visited. This is illegal. I believe they can’t take anything over $50 dollars. Hopefully the truth will come out and marriages will be saved and we can get back to work recording everything that is happening at the 1st Strike Submarine Base. Russia leads the United States in submarine design. They have light, fast, silent, multi-merved, ballistic submarines that are so fast, lethal, and silent, we wouldn’t be able to catch them. Maybe some kind of missile from the air could destroy them. This base and all the submarines need to be gone and the total disarmament of Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria need to be carried out. Instead of letting them paint us in a corner, we need to take action toward world peace. It’s called the 9-11 President’s Disarmament Plan.R.FED Chairwoman, Janet Yellen; you will have to lead on this one. I believe there is a provision when the United States is in peril, you can allocate some money and save the nation just the way Bernanke did. For the last couple elections, something has happened to test the new President, e.g., The 2000 Dot Com Crash, The 9-11-2001 Terrorist Attacks, 2008 Sub-Prime Panic Financial Bubble, and now 2016, The Total Destruction of the United States.S.If we don’t stop them, China will take over Russia’s WMDs. North Korea is sending missiles into space practicing the taking out of South Korea and Japan? Iran is sending rockets into space practicing to take out Israel. China has bought off Angela Merkel. She is a little Hitler and a secret representative of China. The EU is taking over Europe for the 3rd time. And with the U.S. gone, China will take over the world. Sound far-fetched? I can see the pieces falling into place. When there’s Extreme Greed all over the world, watch out. WWII was caused by the Extreme Greed of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tajo who took what was not theirs. We gave them Poland, but Hitler wanted it all. Same with Putin. We let him have Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine but he wants it all. Putin is being manipulated by China, Iran, and Syria and Russia is being bankrupted and the underground economy will take over which comprise the Russian Mafia. Heaven help us! May God and His Angles in this world and the next prevail!T.You can put this letter on the Sypernet. Share it with everyone on a need to know.CONCLUSIONChina is stealing everything, e.g., jobs, money from our banks, patents, our private ssns, sending baby's to be born here. They will out procreate us and inundated the US and take us over. This equal marriage law needs to be rescinded. It is a non-procreation law, a cohabitation law. It promotes and institutionalizes non-procreation. If our citizens don't procreate, replace themselves, we will not be able to field an armed services. Another population can come in here and out procreate us and take over the US. We will lose our culture, father will not be passing on our traditions of selfless courage. Instead, homosexuality is a spiritual sickness of extreme greed and selfishness. We need a selfless courage culture for our nation to survive. I don't want a bunch of selfish soldiers running away in battle, without courage. These qualities are passed on from father / mother to son and daughter. Gays are selfish, they don't create kids and a family. They don't sacrifice to replace themselves. When we institutionalize non-procreation, we are signing the destruction of our country, future unborn children, our culture, and lose our spiritual values that this country was founded on. We will be lost with worse and worse people coming here, e.g., the 9-11-2001 college student terrorists and the San Bernardino Terrorists. Must we pay over 3000 innocent lives for a bunch of non-procreation Americans who want to change our Constitution of the United States.We will be an extension of China: total materialism, total greed, evil upon evil. This non-procreation law needs to be rescinded, not institutionalized. Gays can co-habit, fine. They are protected by the Equal Rights Laws and the EEO Laws. You don't need to institutionalize non-procreation. Why are they fighting over the 503Bs STEM graduates that come into this country. Some of them might be terrorists and destroy our people and infrastructure.The only marriage is in our constitution, and in the bible is between man and woman that creates children, a family: the basic unit of society. These Chinese women that came here to have baby's and lie, cheat, to get her baby an American citizenship, passport, mail in to get the child's Social Security Numbers, etc. This is passport fraud. The Chinese Government doesn’t. Care and promotes it.Heaven help us if we are out procreated and taken over by China. This equal marriage law is a threat and needs to be rescinded.We don't need Homosexual Hillary in charge of the Armed forces. Her incompetence got our soldiers killed in Benghazi, Libya.We need selfless courage leaders such as myself, 9-11 President, and John McCain; two Vietnam Veterans leading.I would like Janet Yellen to create the cyborg robot, Optimus Prime, who will manage the other robots to do the SST System, THE NATIONAL ACQUADUCT SYSTEM, the re-engine America Program. Have Janet Yellen also do http://ISBEDO.GOV which will pay off the deficit in 10 years, fund the infrastructure programs, and help Americans invest money to pay off bills, fund new purchases and push out consumption economy along.After 5 terms in office, our economy will be a 60 trillion dollar economy. We will then have 500 years of prosperity.The will pay back the Fed for the sst system loan.After we’ve carried out the disarmament of those nations, I can talk to Putin to make Russia a state in the USA. We can then have a public news conference. After a speech, I will ask Optimus to take a poll. If we have 70, 80, 90% of the vote, I will ask Hillary to throw in the towel and John McCain can give her a job along with Sarah Palin.We will hire half republican and half democrat for all cabinet and executive posts. This will unite the parties. Optimus will help me write the bills I need passed for the Infrastructure program.I would like Janet Yellen to be FED CHAIRWOMAN for the rest of her life or as long as she wants. I call her the “Iron Lady”, like Margaret Thatcher. She is holding up the world economy.Also, I would like Elizabeth Warren to be the new Supreme Court Justice. You need a financial person on the Supreme Court. She will have to get married and have a child and be on the “Fast Track” to graduate from Harvard with a law school degree and pass the bar.I believe all the other Justice Candidate are flawed and not impartial. Scalia was a procreator. He had 8 kids. I believe these Justices should do the same and be an example to have families, procreate and multiply as it says in the Constitution. It is the only way to have an ever advancing civilization of Americans replacing themselves and thereby fulfilling one of God’s purposes of why we are here.Also, Anastasia, of the Wall Street Journal maybe looking into this corruption and should get first dibs on publishing this corruption story at the right time when the court gives permission.Thanks for your time and consideration. God Bless America.Truly yours,William Staton9-11 President

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