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PDF Editor FAQ

Are there any US medical insurance plans which send their customers to other countries for non-urgent medical procedures?

To more specifically answer your question:There are several insurance companies, including some specifically oriented toward “medical tourism,” that are exploring the growing feasibility of traveling outside the United States for medical treatment. They include Blue Cross Blue Shield’s independent subsidiary, Companion Global Healthcare, Inc., CIGNA Health Care, Aetna to a certain extent, and UnitedHealth International, the global arm of the UnitedHealth Group.The main draw of medical tourism for United States citizens is the significantly lower prices treatments in other countries tend to carry, especially for the vast number of people in the United States without health insurance. For example, a colonoscopy in the U.S. for someone without health insurance could cost up to $3,500. At Bumrungrad, a world-class hospital and healthcare facility in Bangkok, Thailand, a regular colonoscopy runs about $750.The American Medical Association recommends any medical tourism facility meet Joint Commission International (JCI) certification for treatment quality standards, which holds facilities to the same quality of treatment standards as in the United States and United Kingdom.Companion Global Healthcare, Inc. sends patients to countries outside the United States for dental and medical procedures, including Costa Rica and Turkey.Companion Global Healthcare offers two different insurance plans: BasicPlus Limited Benefit Health Insurance Plan for Individuals that has six differently priced plans the consumer can choose from to fit budgetary needs, and travel medical insurance through a private company, Global Protective Solutions. More information can be found on those here: here: began sending Hannaford supermarket chain’s employees overseas for hip and knee replacements due to the significant cost savings, and in 2007, the insurance company acquired Goodhealth Worldwide, an overseas private insurer.Here are some related articles and links on the “medical tourism” trend:AHIP article:|130|136|23417|23420Fast Company article: Travel Today, the official medical tourism newsletter: Medical and Health Tourism Association: that helps!

How safe is medical tourism for Nigerians?

The continuous increase of Nigerians seeking medical treatment abroad off course tells how safe medical tourism is. Medical tourism as it is bothers on so many other things like improved health care standard, technological advancement and better quality of services which mostly bothers around safety.In simple term, the safety of medical tourism would mostly be dependent on things like the preferred destination, the health care system in operation and the know-how of the experts.Other important things to consider include the agency that is behind the chosen destination, the hospitals they have partnership with whether they are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals or not. For example I know a Nigeria agency that has only partnered with internationally accredited hospitals with good pedigree. The agency also have partners hospitals in both Asian and top European countries. They were highly recommended and they exceeded my expectations. You can check out their website here: Medvisit Nigeria.

What are the best medical tourism destinations in Asia?

The methodology used to rank countries is the value for money factor followed by the quality of healthcare & number of JCI (Joint Commission International) Accredited Hospitals.Best Destinations in Asia for Medical Tourism in 2017:4. SingaporeSingapore is largely famous for complicated medical procedures such as heart surgeries. It draws medical tourists with its medical infrastructure that is among the best and English speaking medical professionals. The country has been positioning itself as a destination for modern medical technology with highly trained doctors. Singapore ranks sixth among 191 countries with advanced health systems in the world. Its medical tourism market is expected to grow at 8.3 per cent per annum to reach USD 1.71 billion in 2018.JCI Accredited Healthcare Facilities for Hospital Program = 10Cost comparison of Key Medical Procedures:Pros- Robust Medical Infrastructure- Good airport connectivity- Easy Visa Availability- Safest of all 5 countries stated hereCons- Average Savings only 30 to 45 per cent3. ThailandThailand is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. The country has been positioning itself as a destination for economical holidays and medical treatments for a variety of ailments. Low treatment cost, internationally accredited healthcare facilities and excellent hospitality services are the key differentiating factors for Thailand. Integration of tourism and medical treatment makes Thailand one of the advanced countries in the medical tourism industry.JCI Accredited Healthcare Facilities for Hospital Program = 42Cost comparison of Key Medical Procedures:Pros- Average Savings 50 to 75 per cent- Highest Internationally Accredited Healthcare Facilities- Excellent HospitalityCons- Highly relies on specialized medicine than general medicine. Only a disadvantage if patient’s underlying symptom is unknown.2. MalaysiaMalaysia has steadily worked on building a strong healthcare tourism sector, and the revenue from this sector has grown tenfold in the last ten years. The industry is strongly supported by the government through several promotional activities, attractive offers, and favorable guidelines. Competitive pricing, high quality care and attractive nature landscape are differentiating factors for Malaysia. The government is actively promoting Malaysia as a preferred destination for healthcare tourism.JCI Accredited Healthcare Facilities for Hospital Program = 11Cost comparison of Key Medical Procedures:Pros- Average Savings 65 to 80 per cent- Attractive Natural EnvironmentCons- High crime rate, especially tourists are targeted.1. IndiaIn ancient times, Indian medicine was considered to be the best medicine. Now again in this modern era, India has become the best destination for medical tourism for high-end surgeries at inexpensive costs. India is also well known for immediate treatment, highly trained doctors (some trained in U.S. & U.K.) and no language barrier for English speakers (translators also made available for non-English speakers).India offers a diverse basket of medical services and rejuvenation facilities to patients at reasonable prices. Medical tourists travel to India to make the most of India’s ancient tradition of Ayurveda and its low-cost medical tourism facilities. Some of the different forms of medical tourism offered in the country include yoga, meditation, ayurveda, allopathy, naturopathy, unani, etc. which have scientifically proven zero side effects.JCI Accredited Healthcare Facilities for Hospital Program = 28Cost comparison of Key Medical Procedures:Pros- Average Savings 65 to 90 per cent- Beyond allopathy treatments such as yoga, meditation, ayurveda, allopathy, naturopathy, unani, etc.- High number of JCI Accredited Hospitals- High quality of healthcare- Best Healthcare Infrastructure- Excellent HospitalityCons- Potential transportation issues due to heavy traffic in some cities. We recommend to choose your accommodation nearby the medical facility / hospital.Source - 5 Best Countries for Medical Tourism in 2017 | Frankit.inOriginal Answer: Which country is the most popular in medical tourism?

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