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What are the best geotechnical instrumentation companies in the world?

Top 3 Geotechnical Instrumentation Companies in the World 2019Credits: Leeds EngineeringThis article focusses on the best Geotechnical Instrumentation Companies in the World on the basis of customer reviews.Top 3 Geotechnical Instrumentation Companies covered in this article are:1.) Encardio-Rite2.) Geokon3.) Geosense1.) Encardio-RiteAbout:Encardio-Rite was established in the year 1966 and today, it is one of the pre-eminent geotechnical companies providing its elite geotechnical survey, monitoring, and instrumentation services globally.Encardio has the most innovative range of civil engineering and geotechnical monitoring instruments.Besides this, the geotechnical solutions provided by Encardio-Rite have always been on a par with the best in the World.They are the Geotechnical Instrumentation Company that possesses a strong design and manufacturing team with past experience and proven expertise of over 52 years.Encardio holds extensive and fundamental knowledge of sensors, data logging geotechnical systems, telemetry and web data monitoring systems, allows us to provide the finest sensors and after-sales services.Encardio-Rite closely works with structural engineers, architects, developers, and contractors to mitigate risks and uncertainties pre and post-construction.Encardio is a geotechnical specialist providing enduring geotechnical solutions with their comprehensive knowledge and expertise in soil and rock behaviour, groundwater level management, and earth science.Their scope of work includes Geotechnical Monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring, Geotechnical Solutions, Geotechnical Supplies, and Geotechnical Survey to improve the infrastructure, environment and the communities.Management:Amod Gujral, Chairman — Managing DirectorAmod Gujral laid the foundation of Encardio-rite in 1966. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur with an Engineering degree, he attained two post-graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Instrumentation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.Through his vision and guidance, the group has evolved as a global leader in safety monitoring.Encardio-rite is now an established brand for its specialized services with high end products and unique online solutions.The group now has its influence over 55 countries worldwide and is globally present in 8 countries supported by over 450 trained, qualified and experienced professionals.Amod Gujral won the prestigious IMM Award for Marketing Man of the year from the President of India in 1977. He has contributed to the field by writing several technical articles for different forums and journals. An avid traveller, he has traveled to over 55 countries, some more than once.A major player in the field, Amod has been invited to numerous international conferences for sharing his technical knowledge and expertise.Amod Gujral has always been the guiding light and driving force behind the Group, mentoring the team to provide excellent services while adapting to the challenging technological advancements. His philosophy has made the company what it is today.Amit Gujral, Executive DirectorAmit Gujral has over 30 years of experience in the financial and operational management of geotechnical instrumentation.In January 2008, he helped set up Encardio-rite Geosystems L.L.C. in the UAE. Under his guidance as the Managing Director of ERGS L.L.C, the Geotechnical Instrumentation & Services Company grows every year attaining several different projects.Amit Gujral has widely travelled to more than 40 countries around the world and has attended over 20 international conferences and workshops in the field of tunnelling, hydroelectric projects, metros, landslide monitoring and deep foundations.Arushi Bhalla, President — International BusinessArushi oversees the international business for the company. With supplies to over 50 countries worldwide and offices in 8 countries, the company has a formidable reputation in the world.Armed with a BBA degree she went on to pursue her further studies in International Marketing at the London School of Economics.She joined the Encardio-rite group in 2008. Prior to joining Encardio-rite she founded Livvel Products Pvt. Ltd. Arushi Bhalla has attended many international conferences in the field of tunnelling, hydroelectric projects, metros, landslide monitoring and deep foundations and shared the companies experience by presenting various papers.She also oversees the international offices. . She has been involved in many domestic and overseas projects like — the Doha Metro, Dubai Metro, Expo Link 2020, Deep Tunnel Sewer project, IDRIS, Sheikh Zayed tunnel. Today as President, she is raising the bar in all aspects for the company.Certifications:Encardio-rite has a continuous development policy for all its product ranges taking into consideration both in-house research and customer feedback.The company further commits to providing products/services, which comply in all respects with the necessary requirements. Thus, intending to deliver services in a consistent manner to conform to the recognized minimum corporate governance and client specific contractual standards.Not limited to, this includes compliance with current health, safety, and environmental requirements relevant to Indian standards and statutory regulations.Encardio-rite is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company that has a policy to supply high performance, well-designed, safe and reliable products at competitive prices and consistent quality to customers.Services:The Encardio-rite group with their partner Moniterra offers comprehensive geotechnical monitoring and geodetic survey services that can be summarized as mentioned below:Geotechnical MonitoringTo ensure zero risk during the construction process, the company offers a comprehensive range of sensors with an advanced database management setup.The monitoring system manually and automatically facilitates monitoring of sub-surface and surface parameters like stress, strain, load, piezometric pressure, water level, lateral deformation, joint meter, settlement, convergence, tilt etc. The monitored data is constantly shared with the contractor and consultants.The data is provided online or through evaluation reports. This expedites work in the safe zones and helps take corrective actions where there is a possibility of risks.Structural — Asset MonitoringTo ensure safety of existing buildings and infrastructures, structural health monitoring includes sensors, automatic surveying, laser scanning etc.The company aims to assist and keep owners/designers/contractors/architects informed about the continued performance of structures under gradual or sudden changes to their state.The Encardio-rite group has great expertise in this field, and has executed a number of projects in Gulf countries and in other countries across the world.TBM/Tunnel MonitoringTunnel excavation has an inevitable association with ground loss, and high-pressure conditions that, in turn, result in associated ground movement.Therefore, it is empirical to closely monitor the tunnel boring machine (TBM) parameters during the tunneling process, especially in urban areas.With a specially designed advanced software, essential parameters from the TBM can be integrated with the geotechnical monitoring, survey and geophysical data to provide essential correlations.Geodetic SurveyGeodetic monitoring doesn’t cost as much and hence is commonly preferred over other methods in all projects. The company provides manual and automatic monitoring solutions.If used judiciously with geotechnical instrumentation, geodetic monitoring provides co-related data, which is extensively used in civil construction and structural monitoring.Laser ScanningIt is a method to automatically monitor and collect the data in real time with 3D surface coordinates of an object in a normal grid.Laser scanning is a rapid and reliable surveying method as it collects the data in a static, stop and go or kinematic mode.From the point where a cloud is produced, the exported section profiles can be used to monitor deformations or displacements.Although these are mainly used in tunnels, they can also be used in structures, landslides and rock-fall areas.Deformation MonitoringIt is a systematic measurement and monitoring of changes in the shape or dimensions of any structure.The monitoring procedure includes applied topography and geo-mechanics and is directly related to civil engineering, mechanical engineering and rock mechanics. It is useful in application areas like dams, roads, tunnels, bridges and overpasses, multi-storey and historical buildings, foundations, mining — exploitation, landslides and sloping and in earthquake prone regions.Topographic and Aerial Mapping using UAVs (Drones)UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are the latest trend in geodesy’s technology for aerial mapping.Unmanned and remotely piloted aircrafts that follow a pre-programmed path for takeoff, flight and landing are equipped with HD/IR/thermal cameras that compute aerial images and videos over a defined area at a specified height.The mesh modeling of 3D point cloud using UAV mapping produces precise data points to compare sequel monitoring flights.This is a much faster, most accurate and low cost way to monitor the progress of any large scale project, where frequent geospatial and/or imaging information is required to monitor earthmoving or merely the progress of a running project.Railway MonitoringReliable and efficient transport infrastructure needs comprehensive asset management, reliable quality control in the construction process and knowledge of the condition and requirements of the rail network.To-the-millimeter accuracy is vital during track installation.The company’s mission is to offer reliable surveying technologies with a guarantee of precision during the construction process.With experience since 2007 in the field, these goals are achieved by giving fast and accurate surveying services. This leads to timely delivery, high quality and cost-effective results.Website: www.encardio.comContact: GeokonAbout:GEOKON is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA and operates on a worldwide basis through a network of agencies. The company was founded in 1979 and currently has over 100 employees. Over the years, GEOKON has emerged as The World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™ due to our quality, responsive customer service and industry-leading designs.Their broad range of geotechnical instrumentation is manufactured at their factory in the USA, by a staff of trained, qualified and experienced machinists and assemblers.In particular, GEOKON, through innovation and experience, has developed a line of vibrating wire sensors unsurpassed anywhere in the world.These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the growing worldwide acceptance of vibrating wire as the most suitable technology for geotechnical applications.Applications:Applications Instruments manufactured by GEOKON are used primarily for monitoring the safety and stability of civil and mining structures such as earth dams, concrete dams, tunnels, mine openings, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, subway systems, underground powerhouses, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, slurry wall excavations, braced excavations, tiebacks, nuclear waste repositories, ground water remediation schemes and the like.GEOKON manufactures a complete line of geotechnical instruments including extensometers, piezometers, strain gages, crackmeters, jointmeters, load cells, settlement sensors, pressure cells, inclinometers and dataloggers and many other custom items made to order.Certifications:GEOKON’s policy is to provide its customers with the highest quality products and services, that meet applicable requirements and to make continual improvements in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to support our objectives and growth of the organization.As a result, GEOKON has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 registration from both ANSI•ANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain.Website: www.geokon.comContact: GeosenseAbout:Geosense started as a trading division of Marton Geotechnical Services Ltd, which was established in 1988 providing geotechnical monitoring products for environmental, geotechnical, rail and civil engineering applications.With an annual turnover in excess of £13 million, such has been the success of the Geosense brand that it is now an independent Limited company.Geosense have the dynamic attitude of a young organisation, as well as the tradition and experience of a long established company.They take a consultative sales approach, treating their clients’ projects as if they were their own.Their engineers, specialists in geotechnical monitoring, utilise their experience in the lifetime function and performance of the monitoring systems they supply to help you make the right decisions.Certifications:With a comprehensive in-house design and manufacturing capability Geosense can provide products not only to tight deadlines but also to suit custom engineered solutions for specific project requirements.Geosense specialises in the manufacture of vibrating wire, MEMS and fibre optic sensors, which are used to produce a wide range of instruments. In addition we manufacture automated data acquisition systems to complement our sensors and a range of inherently safe pneumatic pumps for use in the environmental sector.The company’s purpose-built 1100m2 premises houses a range of specialist process equipment for machining, heat treatment, welding, swaging, load and pressure testing, PCB manufacture and electrical and mechanical assembly.All components are manufactured using CAD-CAM and CNC techniques and together with rigorous inspection under our ISO 9001 quality management system this ensures products are of the highest quality.Website: this helps!

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