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Though most people are in the habit of signing paper documents with a pen, electronic signatures are becoming more usual, follow these steps to finish your document signing for free!

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PDF Editor FAQ

If a police officer tries pulling you over on a dark secluded road late at night, and you aren't aware of any law violations you committed, how can you know it is an actual police officer and not some creep with police lights on their car?

There was a true story, of a guy who impersonated police officers and raped and murdered women and dumped their bodies beside the road. He was caught. I think it was in Washington State.Another true story, in California of a CHP CA Highway Patrol officer who stopped women, raped and dumped their bodies beside the freeway. He was caught. His story was run again lately in the San Diego Tribune, like in June or July 2018 edition. The young lady this CA CHP murdered was Cara Knott a beautiful San Diego State University student. She was only 20 years old. He strangled her to death. He had scratch marks on his face, where she resisted. The CHP Cop who murdered her was CHP Officer Craig Peyer. He’s the guy below.So, The law in CA was changed to allow you or anyone to drive a reasonable distance to a lighted area with people such as a gas station before you pull over.REGION: DA to oppose parole for CHP officer convicted of Cara Knott murder30 years ago, a jury convicted a CHP officer for an on-duty murder. The case still resonatesMurder of Cara Knott - Wikipediaif you like this answer, please give me an upvote below. Thanks!

If you only need to drive an extra 500 feet to give a cop a safer spot to pull you over (such as a shoulder), would you do it?

Back in about 1990 (the last time I got a speeding ticket) I was cruising along I-10 eastbound one Sunday night between Blythe and Needles, Ca. in my Freightliner pulling my reefer trailer, minding my own business and not paying much attention, which was why I was speeding in the first place, and the big red eye of the CHP came in behind me. I backed off the throttle, turned on my right turn signal and drove probably a half mile until I found a nice wide gravel turnout, pulled into it and stopped. After the young CHP officer asked for my license, medical card, registration and log book, he asked, “Why did you drive so far before you pulled over?” I said, “I wanted to find a nice wide place so you would be safe and not be standing on the shoulder of a freeway.” He looked at my log book, which was a little behind, and asked me to ‘straighten that up’ as he walked back to his Mustang to check me out. Long story shorter, he handed his ticket book up to me to sign and before I did, I noted that he wrote me for 62 in a 55 when he had previously said I was going 68. I signed, took my copy and as I handed his ticket book back, I said, “I appreciate you cutting me some slack.” He said, ‘Well, you have yourself to thank for that. your attitude can influence mine…”

I was ticketed today for throwing a banana peel out of my car window. I was always under the impression that biodegradable material is not littering. Can I win if I take this to court?

Personal experience, I assisted my teenage daughter with a CA citation for “hocking a lugee” from her car window while she had a cold, went to court, guilty/fined, the only object that can leave a moving vehicle…chicken feathers…as per the Judge/CHP.CA VC 23111. No person in any vehicle and no pedestrian shall throw or discharge from or upon any road or highway or adjoining area, public or private, any lighted or nonlighted cigarette, cigar, match, or any flaming or glowing substance. This section shall be known as the Paul Buzzo Act.

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