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PDF Editor FAQ

What is job analysis?

Job Analysis is the systematic process of studying and gathering detailed information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a particular job. It is the foundation to most HR practices.Detailed information regarding a job would entail collecting data points under the following broad headers:1. Job Description: Duties and responsibilities, Working conditions, machines and tools requirement, social/relationship factors, decision-making authority, etc.2. Job Specification: Qualifications, Experience, Certification and Licensure, Psychological characteristics, social characteristics, etc.To get these data points, a job analyst's toolkit comprises of observation, questionnaire and interviews. The data sources which come in handy for job analysis are the job incumbent, the supervisor/manager, former job holders, subject-Matter-Experts, industry Resources, professional organizations like SHRM, Mercer, Aon.It is hence understood that Job Analysis is the first step to most HR functions, like HR Planning, Staffing, Training, Performance Management, Health and Safety, Rewards and Recognition, Employee Engagement and Legal Compliance.The above should give you a fair understanding of the topic. Please feel free to connect in case of any questions. :)

What is the job analysis process and the steps involved in it?

The Job Analysis is a systematic process of gathering complete information about the job duties and responsibilities required to perform a specific job. The job analysis is concerned only with the job and not with the job holders, but however, the information about the job is gathered from the incumbents.process of job analysis:Identification of Job Analysis Purpose: Well any process is futile until its purpose is not identified and defined. Therefore, the first step in the process is to determine its need and desired output. Spending human efforts, energy as well as money is useless until HR managers don’t know why data is to be collected and what is to be done with it.Who Will Conduct Job Analysis: The second most important step in the process of job analysis is to decide who will conduct it. Some companies prefer getting it done by their own HR department while some hire job analysis consultants. Job analysis consultants may prove to be extremely helpful as they offer unbiased advice, guidelines and methods. They don’t have any personal likes and dislikes when it comes to analyze a job.How to Conduct the Process: Deciding the way in which job analysis process needs to be conducted is surely the next step. A planned approach about how to carry the whole process is required in order to investigate a specific job.Strategic Decision Making: Now is the time to make strategic decision. It’s about deciding the extent of employee involvement in the process, the level of details to be collected and recorded, sources from where data is to be collected, data collection methods, the processing of information and segregation of collected data.Training of Job Analyst: Next is to train the job analyst about how to conduct the process and use the selected methods for collection and recoding of job data.Preparation of Job Analysis Process:Communicating it within the organization is the next step. HR managers need to communicate the whole thing properly so that employees offer their full support to the job analyst. The stage also involves preparation of documents, questionnaires, interviews and feedback forms.Data Collection: Next is to collect job-related data including educational qualifications of employees, skills and abilities required to perform the job, working conditions, job activities, reporting hierarchy, required human traits, job activities, duties and responsibilities involved and employee behaviour.Documentation, Verification and Review:Proper documentation is done to verify the authenticity of collected data and then review it. This is the final information that is used to describe a specific job.Developing Job Description and Job Specification: Now is the time to segregate the collected data in to useful information. Job Description describes the roles, activities, duties and responsibilities of the job while job specification is a statement of educational qualification, experience, personal traits and skills required to perform the

What do you mean by job analysis in human resource management?

Job analysis in human resource management (HRM) refers to the process of identifying and determining the duties, responsibilities, and specifications of a given job. It encompasses the collection of data required to put together a job description that will attract the right person to fill in the role.Job Analysis in HRM helps establish the level of experience, qualifications, skills, and knowledge needed to perform a job successfully.Job Analysis Method: InterviewJob Analysis Method: QuestionnairesJob Analysis Method: Observation

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