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Does Indonesia need feminism?

Disclaimer: Just for context, I’m man in mid 20s. Jakarta citizen. It just my 2 cent.First of all let’s agree on definition, by Merriam WebsterDefinition of feminism1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interestsSecond, the question should be, in what way Indonesia (still) needs feminism? Law? Policy? Cultural? or anything else?Law and PolicyThere are multiple law regarding women and family in general in Indonesia:Civil Code (KUHPer)Law no. 68/1958 about Ratification of Convention on the Political Right of WomenLaw no. 1/1974 about MarriageLaw no. 7/1984 about Ratification of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)Law no. 1/1991 about Compilation of Islamic Law (Regarding Marriage)Law no. 39/1999 about Human RightLaw no. 23/2002 about Children Protection (which revised in 2014 and recently in 2016)Law no. 23/2004 about Eradication of Violence in HouseholdLaw no. 12/20016 about CitizenshipLaw no. 13/2006 about Witness and Victim ProtectionLaw no. 21/2007 about Eradication of Human TraffickingLaw no. 44/2008 about PornographyLaw no. 40/2009 about YouthLaw no. 52/2009 about Population and Family DevelopmentIn policy, in 2000, President Abdurrahman Wahid issued President Instruction no. 9/2000 about Gender Mainstreaming in National Development, coincidentally, Minister of Women Empowerment that time is Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Minister of Social Affair right now.In follow up of that, If you paid attention to bureaucracy regulation, many Ministry had made many detailed regulation in each sector about Gender Mainstreaming, such as made official statistical data separated by gender (to help in policy making), creating requirement that bill draft (RUU) must gender responsive, gender mainstreaming in planning and budgeting, educate in how doing gender analysis, assisting and capacity building in each Ministry in National and Local Government, etc. You can look detailed regulation such as Ministry of Home Affair Decree 15/2008 about Guidance for Local Gov in Gender Mainstreaming, and Ministry of Finance Regulation about Gender Budget StatementSince 2003, House of Representative (DPR) approved Law about Election which created affirmative policy that 30% chair quota in parliament (national and local) must be represented by women, in 2008 its law improved by making it mandatory including to political party leadership, although the last one in 2014 election that policy is not fulfilled Kuota 30% Keterwakilan Perempuan di Parlemen Gagal TercapaiIn last 2009–2014 period, there are bill draft about Gender Justice & Equality (RUU Keadilan dan Kesetaraan Gender). It supposed to be detailed implementation of CEDAW and umbrella clause toward all other law. The bill has been rejected mostly from Islamic Organization, from Conservative leader, radical like HTI, even moderate one like Muhammadiyah. Ironically, some rejection come from Muslimah Organization. Ratusan Mahasiswa tolak RUU Kesetaraan GenderMost of the critics said that because specific article in bill (article 11 about marriage) that said women can free to choose who to married, can lead to family disintegration (such as disobedience to man, or women doesn’t want to married/have family), free sex, married to different religion, even more same sex marriage. Most critics also said that feminism concept come from west, “they want to make us secular” or some denial said that “women already equal” or generalization/feeling insulted/”geer” “Islam is the first religion to respect women, and they talk about women in arab jahiliyya time and not talked about actual fact right now” or debate about “kodrat” vs “gender” when they said equality is destroy the nature of women Beda Gender dengan Kodrat Apa Sih? / RUU Kesetaraan Gender Bertentangan dengan Syariat Islam / KKG: Dari Pembodohan Akademis menjadi Konstitutif or read their “academic” study hereThe bill was dropped and never heard againIn 2016, there are many cases about gang rape in many area in Indonesia. Most emotional one is Yuyun from Bengkulu. It leads to President issued Emergency Law (Perppu 1/2016) who revised Children Protection Law and added more punishment like chemistry castration, sexual offender registration, and public database. Although at that time there are already bill since 2015 about sexual violence (read the academic study -> RUU Penghapusan Kekerasan Seksual) which more broad (not just physical violence but also verbal and added many prevention clause etc) but it is abandoned.The latest, here is the official policy of Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children ProtectionCultural, Mindset and Public DiscourseNever heard of that bulls*** above?You have to admit, for policy making in Indonesia, Indonesia is one of progressive countries. We have ratified CEDAW (anti discrimination for women), CAT (anti-torture) and other Human Right instrument (covenant in Civil Political, and Convenant in Economic Social and Culture). We have Komnas HAM, KPAI and Komnas Perempuan. We have Ministry of Women Empowerment (since Orde Baru). After reformation, our bureaucracy, we make a big progress there. We have around 20% (still progress for 30%) women member in Parliament. Hell, we even had female President (although she is not popular not because she is female)But why still many problem like addressed by the other answer here in Quora?Because the issue is not sexy. It also because technocratic policy making doesn’t attract metropolitan citizen, or millennial group, netizen group, even more mainstream media, because it doesn’t impact directly to them in quick time or daily life. But it is important to women in other area in Indonesia who still faces problemYou have to admit, in Indonesia, issues like children and women violence and protection still dominated the news and public discourse (ex: TKW Woman migrant worker getting executed, Children rape, human trafficking -including online prostitution-, family violence, bullying, etc) and the silly one (pornography, censorship policy, polygamy, sex chat, or like this one Rencana Undang SNSD di Peringatan Kemerdekaan RI Tuai Protes). Why? Because those issues playing with people emotion rather than people’s objectivityThose issues more dominated than political equality for woman/woman right (Hak Perempuan Diakui sekaligus Diingkari), which is the center for feminism like the definition above. I know that violence against women is problem, but it is a consequences because our patriarchal culture and how to applied women rights, which lost it sound in public discourse. Don’t set your standard high like in the other country. “boro-boro” We don’t and won’t discuss heavy issues like gender pay gap, LGBT, genital mutilation, father maternity leave, marital rape, abortion right, etc. Most discussed (even though the news coverage is very thin) in Indonesia still limited like Children Marriage, Reproduction Health, and most recent, terms “Kekerasan Seksual” etc.That’s why in last year clause Chemistry Castrated punishment in Children Protection Law is faster approved by DPR than bill about Sexual Violence Eradication (RUU PKS). Because it happened after Yuyun gang rape cases. And Its a bad policy, because issues like violence and silly issue in public tend to create reactive and emotion (and politician seems to follows that) rather than calculated mature action by governmentIn Indonesia cases also, beside mostly about violence, stereotype, and subordinate, there are cases of women marginalization, which is unknown and unpopular than 3 type before because it mostly happened in rural area/not internet based city like us. Marginalization usually happened in economy and natural resources because lack of education and the culture itself (man prioritized to get education/work). In early 2017, If you paid attention to cases Gunung Kendeng, which PT Semen Indonesia want to build their Cement Factory in groundwater basin Watuputih, Rembang, Jawa Tengah. There are 9 farmers all of them women who started casting their foot in cement, in front of State Palace Jakarta, in form of protest of that policy, since 2006. They are indigenous people who defend their culture “Sedulur Sikep” Air Mata Petani Kendeng dan Prinsip "Sedulur Sikep" Menjaga Ibu Bumi that protect their environment espescially their water source from destruction. Most of the farmer is women, who makes that cases is woman right too Srikandi Kendeng dan Ketidakadilan Gender / Makna 21 April Bagi Kartini Kendeng Penolak Pabrik Semen / Sepuluh Relawan Perempuan Ikut Menyemen Kaki bersama Petani Kendeng their effort causes some of them passed away because of sick Meninggal, perempuan Kendeng pengunjuk rasa depan istana. The other cases when fisher women (15% fisherman and 90% who works in fish processing is woman) in DKI reclamation cases (which maybe some of you support it) / Akibat Reklamasi Teluk Jakarta, Nelayan dan Perempuan Nelayan Terkena Getahnya / Reklamasi Pantai Jakarta Akan Sengsarakan Perempuan - Kompas.com / Reklamasi Pantai dan Nasib Perempuan NelayanTo change the culture, we must start from leadership, and from grassroots. One problem in Indonesia is we don’t have politician like Justin Trudeau (Canada PM), Emmanuel Macron (France President), Hillary Clinton (US Presidential Candidate), Kirsten Gillibrand (US Senator from NY), Elizabeth Warren (US Senator from Massachusetts), Kamala Haris (US Senator from California) who speak up for feminism. Because in east culture like Indonesia, feminism still politically vulgar and strange for politician. Even in Indonesia, being called a “liberal” is treated like an insult and attack which every politician will avoid.I know there are some notable/vocal female politician in Indonesia like Venna Melinda (Demokrat, Education Committee), Okky Asokawati (PPP, Health Committee), Meutia Hafid (Golkar, Vice Chairman of Foreign Affair Committee), Nurul Arifin (Golkar, Setya Novanto speaker, Candidate for Bandung Mayor), although I’m not understate their work, but they are famous because their career before as public figure, Puan Maharani (PDI-P, more famous as Megawati Princess), Eva Sundari (PDI-P, Finance Committee, more famous as Ahok die-harder), Popong Otje (Golkar, you know her as Ceu’ Popong, quite a legend), Nurhayati Ali Assegaf (Demokrat, Head of Inter-Parliament Cooperation Body, quite vocal as Head of Fraction last period) even though they are women, they seems don’t fight about women right but more about their political party interest. It’s the same like the other country Why don’t feminists celebrate the successes of right-wing female politicians?Maybe some, like Rieke Diah Pitaloka (PDI-P, Labor Committee), maybe she is a former actress too, but she earns her position right now. She was known in activist world as defender of labor and worker. She defend JICT worker with Pelindo II Inquiry Committee as Chairman, She speak up about nurses position as only honorer civil servant who lack prosperity, She also one of politician who campaign with civil society to start discussing Sexual Violence Prevention bill (RUU PKS), or like Ledia Hanifa (PKS, Vice Chairman of Social Committee), she supposed to be replace Fahri Hamzah as DPR Leader but postponed because Fahri lawsuit, when her committee, Commission VIII (Social, Religion, Child Protection & Women Empowerment, Disaster Management) is the center of women right struggleSome young politician like Risa Mariska (PDI-P), Erma Suryani Ranik (Demokrat), even new politician with new party like Grace Natalie (Chairman of PSI), Tsamara Amany (PSI, famous recently in news, former notable Ahok supporter before) is quite promising in the futureIni 97 Perempuan Anggota DPR Periode 2014-2019 - Kompas.comYeah maybe there are some notable women right activist like Nursyahbani Katjasungkana, Tunggal Pawestri, Azriana (Komnas Perempuan), Hera Diana (Magdalene), or even controversial/extreme one like Prof Musdah Mulia (UIN, Megawati Institute, known for creating Counter Legal Draft for Compilation of Islamic Law), or organization like Komnas Perempuan, Jurnal Perempuan, Magdalene, LBH Asosiasi Perempuan Indonesia untuk Keadilan (LBH APIK), UI Support Group and Resource Center on Sexual Studies (SGRC UI) or interesting man group like this Laki-laki Baru. Their journey is not easy as it said. For example, Tunggal has spoken that she often being called “Gerwani” when she talk about 1965 Human Right Violation, being called “infidel” for couple times when she campaign for affirmative policy in 30% quota of parliament representative or when discussed Megawati as female President at that time. Nursyahbani has been called un-nationalistic and “kurang kerjaan” when She leads International People Tribunal for 1965 in Den Haag, 2015, Musdah Mulia has been called “Ratu Sepilis” “Penghalal Homesex” and being reported to police in Malaysia, etc (You should google her). SGRC UI received most insult and terror when LGBT issues arrises in early 2016 by being called “gay group”, even though they are only support group and study center SGRC UI: Kami Bukan Komunitas LGBT / WAWANCARA KHUSUS: Anggota SGRC UI ada yang diusir dari rumah / SGRC-UI dan Penghakiman Terhadap LGBTSome of his supporter will said, “Jokowi in this administration already do something” but seems to be symbolical rather than campaigning about the real issue, like add 8 women to Minister chair, create Selection Committee on KPK Commissioner filled by all women (Pansel KPK), the Perppu Kebiri, but not talk about substantive issue.Is it enough?Even more, although hypothetically in the future we have Government who pro-feminism, Law, police and apparatus who responsive to gender issues, as long as the culture is in status quo, we don’t have a chanceLook at this “millennial” ustadz celebrity who have many fans, including young womenor women intellectual who doubt herselfAs long as public figure don’t realize that gender issue is a problem, in patriarchal society like Indonesia when people only hear the other people in higher places (government, religious leader, intellectual etc) said like that, we still need feminism.and this lead us to question number 3, what type of feminism?The other answer said that Indonesia already has unique and differences in feminism. Most people talk feminism only about in politics and law, but rarely about in economic. Beside keep campaign against violence, stereotype, and subordinate toward woman, we have to doing empowerment in economic to solve marginalization problem. We have to balance freedom in politics and freedom in economics. We already have affirmative policy for women in politics but not in economics. In developed countries like US, Gender pay gap maybe become issues because their economic development is good but the mindset is not, but in developing countries like us, beside keep campaigning for women’s right, we have to empower women economically so they can get what they deserved.ConclusionI have to admit that in the past, I sometimes wonder if women is already equal or not. I always respect women because of my Mom. I never hit, molested, humiliate, insult by verbal or physical because what my Mom always taught me (and I have sister too). But sometimes, double standard happened (See in Quora too: What male/female double standard do you hate the most?). In my circle when I was in high school for example, women just ask about right and sometimes humiliate men (many cases study in organization and high school event), when I go to work and take a commuter line everyday, you know that sometimes “mother” and the other ‘young’ woman is really annoying. I have couple times argue with them especially about train seat and woman wagon, in many news is also happened.Guess that I’m not the only one who ask to myself, is this an issue? Maybe in my circle, women already got what most women don’t get. More educated, more wealth, more independent, etc, They earns it by herself, so why we still have to do affirmative policy?After learns all of the issue and policy more closely in the last 2 years. Maybe, my view is changed, more balanced and more moderate. I realize what happened to me personally maybe it just a small conflict or little differences between friend, and we can’t generalize some annoying woman in city to other women in village who often get marginalized for example. There are many area in Indonesia that still have many problems (Although in the city, many men still not respect women for who they are, I admit that).That’s our problem that we have to solve, and that’s our job who understand this to educate them and keep campaigning for what it’s right.

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