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Can I know more about red velvet?

Sure buddy! Here are the 111 facts about Red Velvet:Red Velvet's debuted on August 1st, 2014, with their title track called “Happiness” with four members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. The fifth member Yeri, was later added on March 11th, 2015. “Ice Cream Cake" that released at March 15th, 2015 was considered as their debut song with five members, but Yeri first appearance was actually in “Automatic” music video, a day before Ice Cream Cake was released.None of Red Velvet’s members were casted by the agency. All of them were joined SM Entertainment through various open auditions. Red Velvet's Seulgi was the first member to join SM Entertainment in 2007 after passed the Saturday Open Audition, which is one of the hardest auditions in SM, viewed and auditioned by Lee Soo Man (SM's founder) himself. Until now, only 8 idols that can pass this audition: Super Junior's Heechul, SNSD's Yoona, Shinee's Taemin, NCT’s Haechan, NCT’s Jungwoo, Aespa's Giselle, Red Velvet's Seulgi, and Red Velvet's Yeri. This made Seulgi as the Red Velvet's member with the longest period of training (7 years).Irene joined SM on 2009, and Yeri on 2011. Irene as the oldest member born on 1991 and the youngest member Yeri who born on 1999 have eight years differences between them. This made Red Velvet as the only group with the biggest age gap in the third generation.Joy and Wendy joined SM later on 2012. Joy passed SM’s Seoul Global Audition, while Wendy passed the SM's Global Audition in Canada, after been rejected by both CUBE Entertainment and YG Entertainment. On 2018, Yang Hyun-suk (YG's founder) was the one who revealed that Wendy was been rejected by YG Entertainment before, and he own up regretted that decision now. Wendy was unintended to join SM at first, she just accompanied her friend but then just ended up auditioned too. She later passed the test, but her friend that she accompanied to was failed. Joy and Wendy was trained for less than 2 years, making them both as Red Velvet's member with the shortest training period.Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri were included as parts of SM Entertainment pre-debut team called SM ROOKIES prior to their debut, while Joy is the only one who wasn't. That's why Joy was considered as one of SM's secret trainee.While they were still in SM ROOKIES, Irene and Seulgi released a dance cover of S.E.S.’s Be Natural, and the other member Wendy was released a title OST for the MNET Mimi drama titled “Because I Love You” on March 2014. This song was available in Spotify and Apple Music with a quite high digital points, before then removed for no reason.Even Yeri wasn't debut at the same time with the other members, but her face can be seen already in the “Happiness” music video. This provide a theory among the fans that Red Velvet’s debuted in a rush to cover some of SM’s scandal at that time, and that Red Velvet were supposed to debut with countless of new added members every year, just like the female version of NCT's now. But because the huge amount of hate and backlash that Yeri gets after her addition, SM then cancelled this concept for Red Velvet.Irene (March 29th, 1991) was in charge as the group's leader, the main rapper, lead dancer, and the visual of the group. Seulgi (February 10th, 1994) was the main dancer and lead vocalist of the group. Wendy (February 21st, 1994) was in charge for the main vocalist of the group. Joy (September 3rd, 1996) was the sub-vocalist and lead rapper, while Yeri (March 5th, 1999) was the sub-rapper, sub-vocalist, and maknae of the group.Red Velvet are the only group with the shortest average of heights among the third generation. Wendy is the shortest member in the group with 155cm (±5ft) and Joy is the tallest one with 168cm (±5.5ft).Irene's representative color is pink/red, with watermelon and bunny as her representative summer fruit and animal in the group, also an axe as her representative weapon. Seulgi's representatives are yellow/tangerine, pineapple, bear, and knife. Wendy's representative color is blue, with a puppy/squirrel as her representative animal, the (blue) orange as her fruit, and a scissor as her weapon. Joy's representatives are green, kiwi, chick, and submachine gun. While Yeri representatives are purple, red grape, unicorn/turtle, and beast.Red Velvet's are known as the Summer Queen of K-Pop's third generation.EXO's “Ko Ko Bop” and NCT Dream's “Chewing Gum” were supposed to be Red Velvet's songs, while Red Velvet's greatest hit “Red Flavour” was supposed to be Little Mix's song, and the “Russian Roulette” was supposed to be EXO's.Red Velvet was officially debuted in Japan in the 4th of July 2018 with their first Japanese release, #CookieJar.Red Velvet's fans are mostly consists of female (75–80%).Up to now, Red Velvet currently ranks at nine for K-Pop Idol Group with the most trophy of all time, with 139 trophies so far.Red Velvet is currently number 1 with the highest amount of monthly listeners on the Spotify among all of SM Entertainment groups.Red Velvet is currently placed No. 1 as the most followed girl group on Melon platform.On November 2019, Billboard crowned Red Velvet as the Best Idol Group Alive, alongside with "Red Flavor" as the second-best K-pop song of the 2010s.Red Velvet's official light stick is named by fans as Kim Man Bong, which is an abbreviation for Kimchi Mandu Bong (light stick that looks like a Korean dish called Kimchi Mandu/Kimchi Dumpling).“Psycho” is the fastest MV of Red Velvet to reach 200M views in less than a year after released (329 days, 17 hours, 27 minutes) to replaced “Bad Boy” (431 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes). It is also the second fastest in entire SM Entertainment after EXO's Love Shot (309 days), and the fastest one for SM's girl groups.“Bad Boy” is Red Velvet's first MV to ever reached 200M and 300M in views.Red Velvet's debut song “Happiness” is the first debut song to surpass 100M in views from all of SM Entertainment's group.Red Velvet's Hollywood first movie was the Trolls World Tour where they dubbed the K-Pop Gang Trolls; Irene as Pink Trolls named Baby Bun, Seulgi as Yellow Trolls named Gomdori, Wendy as Blue Trolls named Wani, Joy as Green Trolls named Ari, and Yeri as Purple Trolls named Kim-Petit. In this movie, Red Velvet showcase one of their hit song “Russian Roulette”. The Korean version of this movie were marked Wendy's debut as a voice actress by dubbing for the main character Queen Poppy, alongside with SF9's Rowoon as Branch. Prior to this, Red Velvet have involved in SM Entertainment's documentary film called ‘The Stage' where they were being themselves and talk about their own experience in the industry. Red Velvet also appeared in a well-known drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ as a cameo.Irene biased is called as Baetokkis, while Seulgi is Seulmates, Wendy is Wendyluvs and Wendy Nation, Joy is Joyfuls, and Yeri is YR Reveluvs. However, it is okay to have a bias, but if you don't support all of them five and bash the other members, then you aren't a real ReVeluvs so get your ass outta here. Red Velvet are five, there's no Red Velvet without Irene, there's no Red Velvet without Seulgi, there's no Red Velvet without Wendy, there's no Red Velvet without Joy, and there's no Red Velvet without Yeri.None of Red Velvet's members have the B and AB blood type. Irene, Seulgi, and Joy were A types, while Wendy and Yeri were O.None of Red Velvet's members have the same surname. Irene was born as Bae Jooh-yun, Seulgi as Kang Seul-gi, Wendy as Son Seung-wan, Joy as Park Soo-young, and Yeri as Kim Ye-rim.None of Red Velvet's members can actually swim, not even Joy whom her real name is Soo-young which means swimming in Korean.Seulgi and Wendy used to be roommate, so do the same with Joy and Yeri, and Irene used to had a room of her own. On 2018, they already moving in to a bigger dorm where now they have their own room.Irene was originally came from Daegu. Her thickness of Daegu accent (satoori) made her a quiet person when she was still a trainee, but many people mistaken it for her cold figure.Irene is afraid of animal. Yeri used to be the same, but not now anymore. Recently, she pet a maltese puppy named Totori (Ddolddolie) that means ‘smart’ in Korea. Joy is also pet a maltese dog called Haetnim first before, while Seulgi's now has two cats named Lala and Lulu. Wendy has none yet.Irene's D7 scream in “RBB” song is currently the highest note ever recorded in K-Pop industry.Irene loves purple, but actually hates her own purple hair in the “Russian Roulette” era.Born in Daegu, Bae Joohyun a.k.a. Irene is loves to cook seaweed soup for the members birthday. She can eats everything except chicken, and she also dislike coffee. Her favorite food is Tteobokki and her favorite drink is Hot Chocolate. She barely use perfume but she loves the smell of detergent and softener. Her favorite softener brand is Downy Lavender. She loves doing the laundry and ironing clothes, including Yeri's uniform when she was still attending school. She said that she was practically raised her.Irene loves skinship a lot, mainly holding hands and linking arms with her members and the closest one. She also loves to petting bandmate Wendy's butt, which she admit as her favorite butt.Irene is the most flexible member in Red Velvet, in opposite with Seulgi. Wendy has caught her sleeping with her legs fully split and her upper-body laid against the floor while covering herself with a blanket and another time in the same position but with her legs squished under her, making it look like her legs disappeared. Though it scared Wendy on both occasions, Irene says she's the most comfortable sleeping on that way.Pre-debut Irene was a member of online forum cafe, where a bunch of people who wants to be idols were gathers there. She was famous for her beauty that even led her to be chosen as one of the cafe's official administrator.Irene's favorite movie is “The Notebook”, and her favorite actress is Rachel McAdams. Irene loves reading books and collecting diaries. She loves literature and very strict in grammar thing. She even once got backlashed with her Korean male fans for read a feminist book (which is nonsense at all).Irene is considered the luckiest member of the group, while Wendy is the opposite. Both Irene and Wendy are having some trauma with water, but while Wendy's always trying to level up and faces her trauma with water in any possible occasions (Level Up Project series), Irene is still have a fear with it.Irene has acrophobia. Both Irene and Joy are also easily to gets startled, but Joy is the one who's terrified of that due to her trauma of fireworks.Irene only has one sibling. Her younger sister is at the same age with Joy, while both of her parents are born on 1967.Irene is the first member of Red Velvet who expanded her solo career into acting. Her acting debut was in a short web drama titled “Game Development Girls” on 2016. This year of 2021, Irene's movie debut called “Double Patty” will be released on February 17th, where she roled the main character named Lee Hyun-ji, a partime worker who wants to be an announcer, just like Irene's childhood dream herself.Though Irene and Yeri are quite far in age gap, Irene tends to be very playful when she is around by Yeri.Irene was titled as the best woman in this generation by Wendy because her overflowed love towards her members.Irene chose tidy Wendy as the member whom she loved to share a room with.Irene when she talks 🔉 Irene when she laughs 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊On July 2020, SM Entertainment released the first sub-unit of Red Velvet, called as the Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi with their title song “Monster”.Seulgi was the first Red Velvet's member to be revealed. She almost debut with the name of 'Rowoon’ as her stage name. She used to be Super Junior's Kyuhyun ideal type, and he mentioned this on a show where Seulgi hasn't even debut yet at that time.Seulgi is fluent in Japanese. She also superb at drawing and well known as one of an idol with great sense of art. Because of her interest with drawing, she also loves collecting pens and things related to arts.One of Seulgi's nickname is 'Gomdori', which means Bear in English. The one who gave her this nickname was f(x)'s Amber.Seulgi was the first female brand ambassador for Converse Korea.Seulgi is the only member of Red Velvet without the double eyelids.Seulgi has one older brother.Seulgi hates vegetable the most.Seulgi's favorite color is yellow/tangerine, just like her representative color in the group.Red Velvet's senior, BoA, named Seulgi as the top three excellent dancers of SM Entertainment, along with TVXQ's Yunho and Shinee's Taemin.Seulgi's habit is cracking her bones, especially the knuckles. If her Mom and Irene saw her doing that, they will try to stop her immediately.To relieve her stress, she often go to the karaoke alone. Sometimes, she also going there with her very bestfriend’s Wendy, but they always have a separate room.Seulgi is now the first and only member of Red Velvet whom been moving out from their dorm and starts to live alone in her own apartment.Seulgi's favorite movie is “Before Sunrise”. Wendy and her were even visited the shooting places of the film together in Austria and they both also re-acted some of the famous scenes in there. Her room's wall is full of movies poster, including “Before Sunrise” and the famous lesbian movie from France, “Blue is the Warmest Color”.Seulgi, Wendy, and Irene are most likely always ranks high on the lists of Korean's lesbians and bisexuals favorite idols. Their pairing line, Seulrene and Wenrene, are one of the famous pairing among them.Seulgi's guitar named as Scone, while Wendy's one is called Seung-cheol.Wendy's favorite doll is Manen, named after the amount of money she spent to get the squirrel-stuffed doll from the clamp machine when she was in Japan. Manen means 10.000 in Japanese, ¥10.000 = ±100 USD.The member who Irene is oftenly worried about the most since trainee period was Wendy, since she is really kind and always prioritize other people first after her.All of the members chose Wendy as the most beautiful one with bareface.Wendy's favorite color is Blue, just like her designated color in the group.The first Red Velvet's member who got a driving license is actually Wendy, not Seulgi. Wendy used to drove her own car by herself when she was still in her highschool in Canada, but she lost her license after she moved back along to Korea to pursue her dream. Now she never take any kind of test to get her a Korean driving license. Clumsy Seulgi used to studying hard to pass the driving license's tests, but after she get her license, she lost that afterwards and now nowhere to be found. The only member who has driving license on the group is now Joy, but none of them have their own car yet.Wendy is 100% Korean. She was born from a rich family (chaebol) in a place named Seongbuk-dong in Seoul, which is very well known as the Beverly Hills of Korea. She then moved to Canada with her sister when she was on the fifth grade. She spent her middle school in the Shattuck-St. Mary School, Minnesota, U.S., and then moved back to Canada to spent her high school in Richmond Hill High School.Wendy started to use ‘Wendy Shon' as her name since she moved in to Canada. The name ‘Wendy’ was given by her Dad, that means 'a friend who willing to help'.Wendy's family were officially moved in to Canada around 2010-2011. A year after her parents following her to Canada, she then moved back to Korea to start her training period.Spent a lot of her young life in Canada and North America, Wendy is considered the best at withstand with the cold among the members, which is the opposite of Irene.Joy, Yeri, and Wendy are known to be brainy at school, but Wendy’s achievements were just awesome. Wendy (Shon Seung-wan) was earned an award from former President Obama for her outstanding academic excellence, sports activity, and leadership within the community before. She won the fifth place at the Minnesota Junior High School Mathematics League as well. Also, she received honors and high honors for every term through her 7th to 9th grade. Her name was written up on the Jenkins Head Student in 2009, as well as her sister’s Shon Seung-hee. Both of her and her sister were accepted in the Cornell University, one of New York's state Ivy League College. Her sister is now a Pharmacist, and she also had a chance to be a Dentist before, but she gave up the opportunity and chose to pursue her singing career which makes her parents totally opposed her decision at that time, but now they supports her wholefully.Wendy only has one sibling. Her older sister is at the same age with Irene.Wendy is a polyglot (speaks Korean, English, France, and Spanish). She also used to be a great golfer in school that she was belong in the 2009 Shattuck's Varsity Golf Team, alongside with her former team member, Alyssa Gagliardi, who's now known as a professional hockey player for the team Boston Pride, and Amanda Kessel, now playing with the Metropolitan Riveters, where both of them are represent the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL).Wendy (4 octaves and 1 note) is currently the one of the only three vocalist with 4 octaves range in K-Pop's industry, alongside with Apink's Eunji (4 octaves and 1 note) an Super Junior's Kyuhyun (4 octaves), making them as the widest range vocalists in K-Pop. Not only proficient in singing, Wendy also capable to play several instruments, such as piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. She was in the Richmond Hill's vocal group called 'Vocal Fusion' before and charged as the main soprano.Wendy is the group’s chef, caretaker, and insect rapeller. She is well known for her baking skill and her very kind heart that people often called her as Wenresa (Wendy + Mother Theresa). The member also chooses her as the healthiest member among them, due to her love for munching fruits.Wendy is consistent and never absence releases OST in every year. Never not once, even before her debut. She had a YouTube channel before where she used to covered a lot of songs, but she then deleted that after being a trainee, maybe because of the company regulation.Wendy's OST for Touch Your Heart drama called “What If Love” was crowned as ‘Top 10 Asia-Pacific Gold Song of the Year' by Annual Fresh Asia Music Awards on 2019.Wendy is currently the first and only girl groups member to have the highest listeners on Spotify without solo debut, with over 1.250.000 monthly listeners at its peak. She is also now the first and only girl groups member whom can surpass over 300K followers in Spotify without any solo debut.Wendy was once mentioned by Super Junior's Shindong as his ideal type of wife in a radio interview.Wendy was the first member of Red Velvet to have International collaboration as individual without solo debut yet, just two years after her debut to be featured in the English version of Vente Pa’ Ca with Ricky Martin on 2016.Wendy's song “Written In The Stars” whom she featured with John Legend was named as the Most Loved K-Pop's Idol Collaboration with American Artists on September 2020 by K-Pop Map, with 56.9% votes of public.Wendy and Yeri were co-wrote the lyrics for the Korean remix version of Ellie Golding and Diplo's “Close to Me”. Wendy is also mostly wrote her narration texts in some of Red Velvet's songs by her own.Before debut, Joy was always feel uncomfortable the most with Wendy because of Wendy's sense of caring that makes her feel like Wendy is already crossed the line and ruined her privacy. Joy then later talked to Wendy about this even she was afraid if it will gets Wendy to be offended and mad. Surprisingly, Wendy's reaction was so kind and she even apologized for it. Wendy's unpredictable reaction turned out can comforts Joy. They later both became so close to each other until now. In every occasion, Wendy always stated that she is Joy's number-one fan.Two days after Red Velvet's latest hit “Psycho" came out, on December 25th of 2019, Wendy was fell off ±8ft from SBS Annual Gayo Daejun stage when she was rehearsing for her solo performance, which cause her to fractured her pelvis, broke her wrist, and injured her face. Her face injuries were severe, she cracked her cheekbones and dislocated her jaw, which caused her mouth wired shut for weeks, unable to chews food, made her should enjoy her favorite Bubble Tea without having the precious tapioca pearls. On her way to the hospital, she still held her mic tight, badly wanted to keep singing. Due to her injury, she was hospitalized for ±2–3 months, then received her outpatient therapy later after that. She was on hiatus for over a year, until she returned back to stage to perform their second performances of “Psycho” together on 2021 SMTOWN Concert. Her official public return was to be the main host of JTBC's newest show called “Mysterious Record Shop” that first aired in January 22nd, 2021.Joy was in charge of cutesy in the group, until the Peek-A-Boo's era ruined her cutesy image into the sexy dynamite.Joy acting career started on 2017, when she was casted to play the main role in the Liar and His Lover drama.Joy was the first and the only one of Red Velvet's member who involved in the reality show “We Got Married” along with BTOB's Sungjae.Joy loves to eat meats so much. If she can only eat one specific food for the rest of her life, it'll be meat.Joy is an animal lover. She regularly volunteers herself in the shelter for abandoned dogs in Seoul.Joy's favorite number is 31, because her favorite ice cream is Baskin Robbins, and they have 31 various kind of flavours.Outside Red Velvet, Joy is close with GFriend's Yerin and Apink's Hayoung, since they were classmates in high school (Seoul’s School of Performing Arts). When they went to karaoke together, they will exchange sings in each other group's songs. Sometimes, this buddies also oftenly goes to the dog shelter together for voluntary works.Playing with her maltese dog named Haetnim can helps her releases stress.Joy representative color is Green, but her actual favorite color is Red.Joy is a very thoughtful and sensitive person.Joy has two younger sister. She is the proudest when she can finally helps her parents to take care of her siblings financially.Joy is currently Red Velvet's member with the most solo awards winning with 4 wins in total.Joy's OST for Hospital Playlist drama called “Introduce Me a Good Person”, has surpassed 460 Million Digital Index Points on Gaon.If Irene is mostly wins in every games of cleverness, Joy is mostly wins in every games that required strengths. Both of Irene and Joy are the most competitive in Red Velvet.Irene loves to talk about Yeri like a mother to her daughter, oftenly saying that she was practically raised Yeri. But to Joy, Irene won't admits Joy as her daughter, even when Joy often jokingly called her as ‘Eomma’ (Mom).The maknae line, Joy and Yeri, are loves to take selfies. Joy are very well known in Instagram with over of 10 million followers, currently ranked as the highest among Red Velvet and the 5th one among girl groups member.Yeri was debuted at the age of 16.The youngest member Yeri is often called as the lovely maknae/hoobae of SM Family because she is so close and loved by many of her sunbaes in the company. However, Yeri chose Wendy as the most famous one in Red Velvet's among their senior during their trainee period, because Wendy's very well known kindness and baking skills.Yeri is known as one of the K-Pop's Social Butterfly, which means she has a lot of friends from outside the group and the industry. Some of Yeri's close friends are Twice's Nayeon, actress Han Chae-young, SNSD's Taeyeon, Wonder Girls' Yoobin, and AKMU's Suhyun.Yeri often scold Wendy to stop to give in for people and that it is okay to be selfish and fight for herself sometimes.Yeri has three younger sisters, made her as the oldest daughter in the family.One of the vocalist from vocal duo Vibe's, Ryu Jae Hyun, is Yeri's cousin from her mother line.Yeri loves desserts and sweet food so much. If she can only choose one specific food to eat for the rest of her life, it'll be Avocado.Yeri always pours cereal first before the milk, because she loves her cereal to be soggy.Yeri's representative color is Purple, but her actual favorite color is Pink.Yeri started her own YouTube channel on 2020, called as Yerihan Bang or Yeri's Room.Yeri will be making her acting debut on 2021, in a stage Korean drama series Mint Condition.All of the informations here were taken and compiled from many sources that I didn't own. Some of the information provided here are also possibly to change in the future. I'll try my best to keep this information about Red Velvet to stays up to date. I'm pretty sure I still left many informations about them, so you're very welcome to complete all of those here. Also, if there'll be any changes and updates in this informations but I haven't knew it yet, feel free to drop the comments. I'll happily appreciates the given contributions. I'm trying my best! Thank you!💝💛💙💚💜

How would you du if you could make a K-pop girl group?

here i show you my girlgroup. all i write here is just a stories and not real. for the member’s face, i combine a picture of two kpop idols.Group: FAIRYTALESDebut: Inkigayo, 07 July 2019Agency: BLB EntertainmentMembers: 5Concept: girl crush, brightHYEMIName: Jeong Hye MiBirth Place: BusanBirth: 29 January 1999Nationality: KoreanParents: Korean, KoreanHeight: 165cmWeight: 50kgPosition: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Sub Vocal, LeaderTrainee: 5 years2. MILAName: Park Soo BinStage Name: Camila/MilaBirth Place: JejuBirth: 23 March 1999Nationality: KoreanParents: Korean, KoreanHeight: 168cmWeight: 53kgPosition: Main Vocal, VisualTrainee: 3 years 6 month3. LUCYName: Lucy KimBirth Place: SeoulBirth: 27 March 2000Nationality: KoreanParents: Korean, KoreanHeight: 167cmWeight: 45kgPosition: Main Dancer, Lead VocalTrainee: 4 years 10 month4. NIAName: Nania KranapipkornBirth Place: BangkokBirth: 23 November 2002Nationality: ThailandParents: Thailand, ThailandHeight: 165cmWeight: 50kgPosition: Lead Rapper, Lead DancerTrainee: 5 years 3 month5. NAEUNName: Joo Na EunChinese Name: Zhou NaienBirth Place: SeoulBirth: 21 December 2003Nationality: KoreanParents: Chinese-Korean, KoreanHeight: 163cmWeight: 45kgPosition: Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center, Maknae, Face of The GroupTrainee: 4 years 4 month▪︎VOCALMILA (9.8/10 = soft, girly, stable, could easily reach high note, good technique, but she has small range)NAEUN (9/10 = power, kinda deep, strong, she has the largest range, but she is not able to sings high note and lacks of technique)LUCY (7.5/10 = she's decent, has a pretty good breath controll, not particulary special, sometimes sounds flat)HYEMI (6.5/10 = she's average, cute but natural, lacks of range, unique vocal colour, sometimes strain)NIA (4/10 = not really good, unstable vocal, unnaturally voice, and small range, better in rapping)▪︎RAPHYEMI (9.6/10 = she has a good speed, flow, clarity, stable, and technique, she is a really really good main rapper)NIA (9/10 = she has a great tone and flow, but sometimes lacks of clarity)NAEUN (8.5/10 = she is a good sub rapper especially for her baddass tone, we need to hear naeun's raps more)LUCY (8/10 = lucy is not in rap line but in knowing brother, she raps a little bit and it was good)MILA (4/10 = she's not in the rap line)▪︎DANCELUCY (10/10, she is a really amazing dancing machine, she could easily memorize the choreo just by watch it once, experienced since she was 3, badass charisma, stage presence, natural dance passion, smooth and fluid moves, good at freestyle, great technique, balance at controlling her up and lower, creative, she's quite awesome)HYEMI (9.8/10, she's a really good dancer too, maybe lucy is above her just because hyemi needs to shine more, great at memorizing choreo, flow and versatile, good at technique, but lacks of stage presence because sometimes her expression looks flat)NIA (9/10, she is versatile, fluid and has a detail move, great rhythm, good controlling, but she's underdancing at some part and need to improve her facial expressions)NAEUN (8.8/10, she's an energetic dancer, stamina, sharp moves, powerful, good stage presence and facials, but lacks of technique and sometimes overdancing)MILA (4/10, mila has improve a lot since debut, she's an unskilled dancer, her move looks stiff and awkward, her facial expressions are quite average but it's ok since she's not in dance line)▪︎VISUALMILA (elegant, princess visual)NAEUN (cool, ice visual)LUCY (sharp, unique visual)HYEMI (unique, western visual)NIA (unique, charm visual)▪︎FINAL POSITIONVOCAL LINE = Mila (main vocal), Naeun (lead vocal), Lucy (lead vocal), Hyemi (sub vocal)RAP LINE = Hyemi (main rapper), Nia (lead rapper), Naeun (sub rapper)DANCE LINE = Lucy (main dancer), Hyemi (main dancer), Nia (lead dancer), Naeun (lead dancer)VISUAL LINE = Mila (official), Naeun (unofficial)UNNIE LINE = Hyemi, Mila, LucyMAKNAE LINE = Nia, Naeun▪︎POPULARITY IN SOUTH KOREANNAEUNMILALUCYHYEMINIA▪︎POPULARITY IN JAPANMILANAEUNHYEMILUCYNIA▪︎POPULARITY IN ASIAN (thai, rrc, taiwan, indonesian, indian, vietnam, etc)NAEUNLUCYMILAHYEMINIA▪︎ POPULARITY IN EUROPELUCYNAEUNHYEMIMILANIA▪︎TALENTED RANKING (by fans’s votes)NAEUNHYEMILUCYNIAMILAFairytales is a rookie queen, they could reach 1m after the debut mv called “Bunch Bunch” (girl crush concept) had uploaded. And they becomes popular till now• “BUNCH BUNCH” LINE DISTRIBUTION // CENTER DISTRIBUTION // SCREEN TIME DISTRIBUTIONNaeun: 47.3 // 36% // 44%Mila: 42.7 // 22% // 15%Lucy: 30.1 // 24% // 15%Hyemi: 22.5 // 10% // 13%Nia: 15.8 // 8% // 13%2. In October 2019, they all became a models and had photoshoots with cosmetics commercial3. In early 2020s, they had comeback with a school concept called “Im a Captain”, “Easy”, and “A Grades”• “IM A CAPTAIN” LINE DISTRIBUTION // CENTER DISTRIBUTION // SCREEN TIME DISTRIBUTIONNaeun: 42.8 // 31% // 35%Mila: 40.9 // 18% // 22%Lucy: 26.7 // 26% // 14%Hyemi: 23.9 // 11% // 15%Nia: 19.2 // 14% // 14%4. In March 2020, Naeun became a cameo in romance Kdrama “Sweet and Sour”, the main lead is Nam Yoon Su and Seol In Ah5. April 2020, they all became a brand ambassadors of a perfumes, had a commercial with 2 other brands6. In June 2020, Lucy had collaboration with Twice’s Momo, Itzy’s Yeji, Itzy’s Chaeryeong, and Gfriend’s Sinb of a “cover dance video” and it became viral7. July 2020, Naeun became a model of skincare product, Mila became a model of eyeshadow pallete, and Hyemi became a model of hair color product8. August 2020, Naeun became a cameo in Crime-Thriller Kdrama, the main lead is Ji Chang Wook and Kwon Nara9. Sept 2020, Nia, Lucy, and Hyemi became a model of jacket brand, Naeun had a photoshoot as a brand ambasdador, and Mila had recruted as a brand ambassador of eyeshadow pallete10. November 2020, Naeun has announced to appears in romance-comedy Kdrama “Laugh and Love” as a second lead with Cha Eun Woo and Hyeyoon. The drama would appears in KBS on March 2021. Hyemi had announced as a female MC of TV program with GOT 7’s Jinyoung

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