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How was your FMS interview? What were your previous grades including the CAT?

FMS INTERVIEWSlot: 11:30 AMMy Profile:GEF (Electrical Engg from BIT Sindri, Dhanbad)CAT SCORE: 99.82%ileX: CGPA 10XII: 94.83%BTECH: 9.25 CGPAWork Ex: 2.5 YearsDate: 18th April 2019Venue: FMS DELHI. (At the red building of my dreams. )I reached the campus at 9:00 AM as I was really excited for my last and most important Interview of the season.My reporting time was 10:00 AM. So, I waited in the waiting area for an hour. I was keenly observing the classroom and simultaneously visualising it as my future classroom.Document verification started at 10:00 AMPanel: 2 members. (Both females)P1: prof 1(age: 50-55 yrs)P2: prof 2(age: 35-40 yrs)GD Topic: Bigger states being divided into smaller one is politically correct or not?We were a group of 12 people out of which only 8 turned up. There was a semi circular arrangement of chairs. We were told to sit on our respective seat numbers in GD. I was sl no: 11. People from 1 to 8, excluding only one student were present. After that there was a gap of three chairs and then I was sitting on number 11. I was carrying a notepad and a pen with me. Though a rough sheet was already lying there on each chair but I made sure I follow the GD ethics properly.There were two panel members, both ladies. P1 gave us instructions. She told that the total time was 10 mins. She told one of us to pick up a chit containing topic from the bowl. Sl no: 1 picked the chit and read the topic aloud. P1 again read the topic aloud and started the timer. There was 1 min to think. After 1 min P1 told us to start.I was waiting for her to tell us to start. Without a sec of delay, I started the discussion. Gave the example of separation of Bihar and Jharkhand, political instability here since 2000, the positives of the separation for scheduled castes and tribes etc.I pitched in two more times for few seconds with one or two new points. But I made sure to give others chance to speak,not to interrupt in between, to listen to the other candidates properly and also to note down the points during the whole discussion.I was quite satisfied with my GD performance.Extempore/PI:Since I was last in my panel so waited for a long time before my turn arrived. Each Interview in my panel lasted for 10-15 mins. I was amazed to see that people there were quite friendly. They were instructing us for everything, (like you can have water and go to the washroom as we had some time before our interviews).A sir (let's call him S1) was distributing us food and soft drinks coupon too. I loved this hospitality.People were quite unsatisfied with their Interviews in my panel. I overheard them sharing their experiences, but I kept my calm. When my turn arrived, S1 told me to go inside the room. I went inside the room, greeted them. They asked me to sit, I thanked them and sat down.P1: (Going through my proforma in her hand) So you did your schooling from Bharech…..Me: Yes mam, Agrasen DAV public school, Bharech nagar.P1: Where is it?Me: In Ramgarh cantt, Jharkhand.P1: And you did your B.Tech from……(trying to pronounce the name)Me: Told.P1: Why did you leave TCS? It is a big brand.Me: Told my prepared answer.P1: Ok. So, now it's the time for your extempore.Me: (getting nervous about the topic)P1: Since your extra curricular seems impressive, so your topic is: My extra curricular activities. (Started the timer and I had to speak without a wait)Me: Told about my love for singing and cooking. The thing which inspires me to pursue them etc etc.P1: (Interrupted in between) Ok your time is up.Me: Ok ma'am.P1: As your percentile is 99.82 and you have good acads, so which IIMs did you convert?Me: IIM B ma'am but FMS is the red building of my dreams.P1: Does B consider work ex?Me: Yes ma'am.P1: Ok, It would have helped you there.P1: Give me 5 points why would you choose FMS over B?Me: Ma'am the moment I heard about FMS, I was determined to get admission here. I believe that Choice is a luxury, not everyone can afford it!Nobody is perfect, sometimes it might happen that the burden of loan obscure our choice of career. FMS will provide me freedom to choose the field in which my interest truly lies. It will help me to gain knowledge at my best and to take correct decisions for my future.P1: (Interrupted) Ok so one point is ROI, Second is freedom to choose career. NextMe: Experiential learning. Professors encourage students to come up with their own case studies taking excerpts from the local markets situated there. Creating our own case studies in practical life will be fun. I read this on quora ma'am and heard from some FMS alumni too. Besides studying standard cases, the faculties here encourage students to come out with our own cases. They have “kamla nagar market” and various other small markets very near to the campus. FMS is all about experiential learningP1: Okay that's 3rd point. NextMe: Huge alumni baseLocated inside one of the oldest universities of India. it has a huge alumni base all over the word. One of the oldest B school in india since 1954.P1: NextMe: Located in the Delhi NCR region………(was interrupted by P1)P1: Okay that's 5th. So, in which stream are you interested, like marketing, finance…..?Me: Management consulting as it will broaden my horizon……(interrupted)P1: Name top 5 consulting firms.Me: McKinsey, Bain and co, BCG, Delloite and…….(after a pause, as I couldn't recall the 5th one) KPMG (I was not sure about this one)P1: Okay. So what do you like to read apart from Quora and all?Me: I read moral based story books like Panchatantra.P1: Why Panchatantra? As it's a story book for kids,Me: Ma'am it has a mere story for 4 years old as well as hidden morale for 24 yrs old like me…..P1: (interrupted) Ok, So do you read is in proper book or online?Me: I watch videos based on those stories now a days. Initially I used to read them. I have them at my home. (My mentor told that people here appreciate honesty, so I was being completely honest with them)P1: Ok so don't you read newspaper?Me: Yes ma'am I do.P1: Which newspaper do you read?Me: Ma'am I mainly watch news on TV, sometimes read inshorts and hindi newspaper.P1: So,if you read hindi newspaper you must be fluent in hindi?Me: (skeptical if I did the right thing by telling them the truths) Yes, ma'amP1: Ok. (Then she handed over to P2)P2: What is solar alliance?Me: (with a smile) Pardon ma'am I have no idea.P2: You are an electrical engineer. You should have idea about it. Ok So, what is the target for the solar energy….?Me: (Thinking how to tackle this question)Ma'am BJP govt has announced in their manifesto that we have to achieve the target of 175 GW production of renewable energy by 2022.P2: Where are we now?Me: Sorry ma'am no idea.P2: Who is the union power minister of India?Me: Sorry ma'am can't recall. (facepalm. Quite nervous as rapid fire GK has started.)P2: Which is the highest mountain range of the world?Me: Mount Everest. (Which is the highest peak. Although I didn't know which was the highest mountain range.)P2 gave me a different look.P1: Ok Ruchika. All the best. We are done hereMe: Thank you ma'am.Duration: 15 minutes.Verdict: Straight CONVERT.GD score: 8/10Extempore score: 4/5PI Score: 14/15PS: I will be joining FMS because of the above mentioned reason as well as my personal reasons too.101 general seats, around 1010 people called for the interview. I never thought I could do it. But as my closest friend told me, You might not succeed if you try,but you will definitely not succeed if you don't even try.

Can I get into FMS if I have scored just 68% in 10th and 72% in 12th?

You’ll have to get above 99.95 in CAT. Then, a score of 13/15 in PI, 8/10 in GD, 4/5 in Extempore will be enough to convert the callEach mark in GD-PI Extempore, is equal to 5 marks in CAT. Thats the basi tradeoff. FMS makes its evaluation sheet public, you can see that for yourself. All the best!

What is your IIM or CAT story?

The journey for CAT 2018 started on May 22 2018. I enrolled with TIME, IMS and CL on that very day and set a target that I will convert IIM Calcutta or FMS Delhi in April 2019. The very next day I gave my first mock and scored 82 marks with 36 in VARC, 22 in LRDI and 24 in Quants. I spent the next whole week on noting down the subtopics of Quants and Lrdi, assessing my reading and comprehension and identifying various question types which feature in VARC. I knew my strength lies in Verbal Ability and had to make sure that I bell this section to clear the CAT. I worked on my reading speeding for the next one month by reading random articles from various websites so that I am used to reading 6 different passages and solve 24 RC questions. This enhanced my speed and comprehension ability which also boosted my problem-solving ability in LRDI. Simultaneously I also identified my strong and weak areas in Quantitative ability. By June 22 I had a set plan ready which I had to follow religiously till 25 November 2018 a.k.a D Day. We soon got to know that IIM Calcutta would be the host IIM and set the CAT, I made an assumption that Quantitative ability will be a really difficult section as IIM Calcutta is known for its rigorous mathematics-oriented curriculum and I started to work accordingly as QA was my weakest section of the three. After careful analysis my scores pushed into the 150-160 zone, after 2 consecutive mocks I was happy with the improvement but the streak continued for 6-7 mocks and I was unable to figure out that what is going wrong with my strategy that I am still in the 98-99.4 zone, was just not able to breach the barrier. Then i started to use PG to look for like minded people and get some tips from them as to how i can improve my scores. I came across posts of my peers on Pagalguy, who would have massive scores in simcats and aimcats, brief discussions on PagalGuy with these guys helped me gain some insight into improving LRDI and evetually my scores improved to the 180 zone. I had reached the month of october by now, D-Day was just 1.5 months away and i decided to up my game and improve my strategy and mock analysis. I came across @ronniem1996123, consistent mock topper and to be CAT 100 percentiler. We has grea discussion regarding mock strategy and specifically VARC. I decided to analyse each and every option of RC's to know as to why a particular answer was correct and why an answer was wrong. This approach helped me push VARC scores in the 75-80 range by november second week. Now i just needed to finalise my strategy and make minor changes to optimise time. With the help of the Mock paper given to us by IIM Calcutta i recognised the usefulness of question paper mode, it helps you read the RCs and question in one go, second thing was that i realised i am very fast with TITA based question in LRDI and slow with question which had CBD and none of these. I integrated this in my final strategy and implement them in Simcat 15 - OA 206 and Simcat 16 - OA 204. I gave my final mock on 18 november and after seeing the 204 i knew i was ready to take the CAT head on.D Day: I was in the afternoon slot and was completely relaxed on D day, we had to wait for one hour before the paper started, i adjusted my seat, keyboard screen distance and reading method i.e covering both sides of eyes and ears so that i can read with full concentration.VARC : This section had a small surprise as instead of 6 RC's we had 5 of them, they were lenghty and the questions felt a little on the higher side. VA section was equally difficult with extremely difficult Para jumbles and odd man out.I was able to attempt 32 questions and it shook my confidence a little as i had never attempted less than 34 questions in any mock.LRDI : As expected this section was diffcult, i spent 5 mins and went through each and every set, identified all the doable questions and started with set number 8 but i got stuck midway and had to redo the whole set. 31 minutes passed and i just had 4 attempts, this shook my confidence even more but suddenly a surge of positivity came in and i closed my eyes for a minute, with 28 minutes to go i picked the 2 choice of set and finished it in 5 mins, third set in 6 minutes and 4 set in 12 mins. Now i had 16 attempts in 55 minutes but i wasnt sure of them as i solved them in one go itself. i started to scan through my leftover doable questions and came across a very easy venn question which was solvable via options and i immediatedly marked it. I had 17 attempts in 59 minutes.QA : I was totally shaken by my performance in the previous sections and was thrown under the bus by IIM Calcutta with an extremely difficult Quants section. In 30 mins i manged 5 attempts and in the next 30 another 8 attempts.I was totally dejected by my performance and decided to relax for a week and prepare for XAT, but IIM C had a surprise waiting. They released our answer sheets along with answer keys. I saw that i had scored 170+, then i was just awaiting the final result by IIM Calcutta which came on 5 january 2019.CAT 18 : VARC – 87.62 | LRDI – 53.03 | QA – 34.57 | OA – 175.22CAT 18 : VARC – 99.95 | LRDI – 99.73 | QA – 93.74 | OA – 99.71.On that very day i got the much awaited shortlist from IIM Calcutta and eventually by SPJIMR, MDI, IIM Kozhikode and FMS Delhi.Next two months was spent reading newspapers, making HR answers, learning about the various colleges, developing opinions, understanding current affairs, work experience, undergraduation courses and GDs/PI's.I had a very smooth experience with SPJIMR and IIM Kozhikode.MDI and IIM Calcutta were 25 and 40 minute long stress interviews.On 12 April i received my rejection from IIM Calcutta and i was completely broken and was just sitting in my room when a voice inside me said red, i saw the poster of FMS on my wardrobe and thought that what am i doing, wasting time for something which is in the past while i have my FMS interview in 3 days. I shut myself from all social media and spent the next 3 days studying for 17 hours each. On 16 April i reached the Red Building of Dreams and i felt such a strong vibe for it that i knew i have to make it here at any cost. I perfomed at my optimal levels in the GD, Extempore and PI. On 24 April i got the admit from FMS Delhi and at last the Dream was fulfilled.FMS DELHI 2019–2021.

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