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Google Workplace is a powerful platform that has connected officials of a single workplace in a unique manner. While allowing users to share file across the platform, they are interconnected in covering all major tasks that can be carried out within a physical workplace.

follow the steps to eidt Field Interview Card on G Suite

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PDF Editor FAQ

What's the most petty thing you've ever done as a police officer?

To stop a loud beer party that we had received several complaints about and I could hear a block before I got there.I told the homeowner that I was writing him a noise ordinance citation. I ALWAYS inflated what the fine was. It was about $50 first offense.I multiplied that by a factor of 10. So I write a field interview card with his information, but he thinks it is the citation. I told him that, if I had no other complaints about the party before I got off-duty, I’d tear the ticket up.Telling someone 30 years ago that they were going to get a $500 ticket (when that was real money) for having a loud party, got their attention very quickly.They partied on, but they were quiet about it.

If you're called in for questioning for a crime and refuse to give a DNA sample/fingerprint, is it legal for the investigators to take DNA from something like saliva off of a water cup or your fingerprint from off of a surface like in TV?

It can be. You drink from a cup and discard it or leave it behind, it is considered abandoned and the officers do not need a warrant to collect it nor test it for DNA.We had one officer who knew that a person was a suspect in a crime. He watched him until he had reasonable suspicion to stop him. Since he was a known carrier of weapons, under Terry v. Ohio, he did a pat search on him. He placed him in the classic wall search position and had him put his hands on the door windows of his patrol car.After completing the patdown, (he wasn’t armed) he completed a field interview card.After the guy walked off, he then dusted his windows for prints and lifted the perfect ten fingers and palm prints the suspect left behind.These were matched to the latent prints discovered at the crime scene and the suspect ultimately arrested.For some reason, even though he had an arrest record, we did not have a copy of his prints nor did Sacramento nor the FBI.BTW, he kept his windows clean on his patrol car for just this purpose.

Are the police allowed to take pictures of me on their phones? When I said I didn't have my ID he noted down my address, phone number and etc before taking a picture of me on his Note 3. Could I have refused to give my info and my picture?

What he did is called a "field interview" (FI), and most patrol cops are expected to do at least one each day. It's perfectly lawful, and provides great useful intelligence. I'd estimate 99%+ of field interviews amount to nothing, but they also identify prowlers, burglars, rapists, and others who victimize neighborhoods. It's also a great tool for learning who is common to an area and who is not.As for the photo, if you're in a public place, anyone can record who is there and what is happening. His smartphone photo just added a dimension to the FI card.

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The ability to specify field types (email, name, signature, initials, et cetera) is really helpful. Templates are great for being able to set up a base document that allows you to skip a lot of duplicate work. I really like the ability to specify a PIN for each user so you know only they can open the file.

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