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What are some stories and reasons why you, or people you know, had trouble voting because of the ID requirements?

Thank you for asking. I have a few examples. Let me start with my son who needed to get a copy of his birth certificate when he was going to get his permit and Driver's License for the first time at 15/16 years old. He was born in Kansas City, MO, due to my health insurance at the time. He only remembered getting healthcare at the University of Kansas City Medical Center in Kansas City, KS, so he quite reasonably thought that he was born in Kansas when we began the process of getting his birth certificate. We were living in a completely different state by this time. My health insurance at the same job had changed providers accepted when he was a baby. To get a birth certificate, you have to know what state you were born in AND what county. In some states you need to know your parent's birthplace to get a copy of YOUR birth certificate.To complicate matters, my son's initial birth certificate was submitted with the wrong last name. The hospital put my professional last name on his birth certificate initially, although they were instructed to put my son's father's last name on the birth certificate. I got that corrected within a couple months after he was born, but it was still a problem when we were attempting to get a copy. They also wanted to know what county we lived in at the time of his birth and what county the hospital he was born in was in. He obviously did not know and I had to figure it out. It was expensive and time consuming. What if I would have been dead?Why did I not have his birth certificate in the first place? Due to the usury interest rate on student loans, I could not afford to purchase a house and we moved a lot when my son was small. One of those moving times, I went to the hospital for an outpatient minor surgical biopsy that should have had me home in time for dinner. Instead, I ended up in a coma for a couple weeks and my family, friends, and coworkers packed up my house, as I was due to move at the end of the month. They put my stuff in storage, not knowing what was going to happen. I very much appreciated the gesture, and I never thought about his birth certificate again until he needed it to drive. Maybe his birth certificate was thrown out, maybe I will discover it in an old box or file when I'm 85 or 90 and have time to look. Contrary to what some have asserted, all a child needs to enroll in public school are their vaccination records, not a birth certificate — at least at that time. Once enrolled, when you change schools, all you need is prior school records — which I assume include vaccination records — which actually are easy to get.When my son was in college and he got a notice saying his Driver's license was up for renewal, we both thought it would be a good idea for him to get a “Real ID,” ($50) so that he would be ready for domestic flights. He brought his birth certificate, Social Security card, checkbook, 3 credit cards, and his utility bill — ALL in his name. First, the DMV person said the documents had to be in paper form (what business is it of the government what is in his bank account or on his credit card statement?) He is paperless, of course, so we went to the print shop to make paper copies. When we returned, the clerk said because his utility bill had his university address on it and it did not match the address on the other documents, no “Real ID” for him. He got a regular Driver's license and we both said “F*ck this. Get a passport.” — for $145 and/or a passport and passport ID card for $210.Some states (e.g., Kentucky) are changing to ONLY offering “Real ID.” This Real ID law was passed in 2005, and had so much pushback from businesses whose employees did not have the required documents that the deadline has been pushed back again and again and again. Now, SIXTEEN YEARS later, the FINAL deadline is October 1, 2021 — and you have to apply by June 15, 2021 to be ready Oct 1, 2021. Get a passport. Much easier, though more expensive. Kentucky residents are going to need Real ID Driver's license, too, as a DL is required to drive. Real ID is one of the most ill-considered, ill-advised, nonsensical laws ever passed. Not everybody in a household has their name on a utility bill or other requirements that are sort of ridiculous (e.g., you can use a car title, but ONLY if issued in the last 12 months.)Case Two is my friend who was literally born in a barn in TX without a birth certificate. When he registered to vote, he brought his school records, Social Security card, bank account info, pay stubs from work where he had been working 25 years, hospital records as he has a prosthetic leg from a childhood accident, and two friends who had known him at least three years to swear an affidavit under penalty of perjury that he was who he said he was. Thus, he was registered to vote. He still could not get a Driver's license, because no birth certificate — no Driver's license. He has hired an attorney to help him get his Driver's license, but he would not be able to vote under Republican Photo ID voter suppression laws.Case Three is my elderly neighbor who had a Driver's license for years when she was working 50+ years, but has not driven for years due to her age. Until about three years ago, she did not need a DL for anything. Then three years ago, an absurd failed “war on drugs" law was passed that required a Photo ID for one of her medications. I use my ID to pick up her prescription, but she would NOT be able to vote under Republican Photo ID voter suppression laws. MANY elderly voters will be disenfranchised if these voter suppression laws are allowed to stand.A 2016 Brennan Center for Justice — NY School of Law study found that 25% of Black Americans DO NOT have a government issued Photo ID, and only 8% of Whites. A nonpartisan study by Project Vote in 2015 found that overall the percent of citizens of voting age population without a Driver's License or passport was 12% including a breakdown of 8% White and 27% Black.If you look within specific groups of those without a passport or DL you find 20% of White Americans between the ages of 17 and 20 and 36% of Black Americans between 17 and 20 do not have a DL or passport. For Black Americans earning less than $25,000 per year, 39% do not have a DL or passport. Before 2006, NO state required a Photo ID to vote. Nobody has been able to articulate just how Photo ID reduces non-existent voter fraud. That is because Photo ID does NOT decrease voter fraud, which is so rare, it is virtually nonexistent.The ONLY purpose of restrictive Photo ID laws is to disenfranchise voters unlikely to vote Republican. Republicans have come right out and said “We don't want every citizen voting" and “College students shouldn't be voting" and “If we let all citizens vote, Republicans won't win elections.” Well, Republicans, why don't you come up with some policies people want to vote for?Perhaps the worst thing about these Republican voter suppression laws being introduced with wild abandon is that nearly all of them would be ILLEGAL if the Republican SCOTUS had not gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in Shelby in 2013. All of these voter suppression laws are based on Trump's Big Lie of [nonexistent] voter fraud. Laws based on lies.Republican voter suppression laws target Black Americans, urban Americans, young Americans, poor Americans, disabled Americans, and elderly Americans. Unsurprisingly, many of these people are unlikely to vote Republican. Stop the Republican voter suppression laws. All citizens have a RIGHT to VOTE.

Are electric cars the answer to global warming?

No. EVs are about emotion and feeling good, not science as they will make no difference to the climate as auto pollution surely does not make the weather warmer. Like volcanos and wildfires the aerosols from burning gas or oil have only a cooling effect on the climate. The science is solid that carbon dioxide is the very air you exhale and is invisible and not pollution. It is the most wonderful chemistry in all the world making plants and forest grow and greening of the deserts. We need more not less.WRITTEN BY CRAIG RUCKER ONMAR 4, 2021. POSTED IN LATEST NEWSElectric Vehicle Subsidies And Other Green FantasiesElectric vehicles (EVs) are the future.Everyone will want one because they’re emission-free, ecologically responsible, and more affordable every year.That’s why GM, Volvo, and other manufacturers will soon be making only EVs.Or so we’re told.Some people have high disposable incomes and do most of their driving locally. For them buying an EV may be a viable choice.Why do the rest of us need mandates and subsidies to “persuade” us to buy EVs, instead of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles? Who’s actually getting the subsidies – and who’s paying for them? What other costs and unintended consequences are hidden from view?President Biden wants to require all new light/medium-duty vehicles sold by 2035 (or sooner) be EVs. Vice President Harris wants only ZEVs (zero-emission vehicles) on America’s roads by 2045.Various states have already passed or are considering similar laws. Some would ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030.A 2021 Tesla Model S Long-Range can go 412 miles on a multi-hour charge; its MSRP is $80,000. A Model 3 costs around $42,000; the Model Y all-wheel-drive $58,000.Similar sticker-shock prices apply to other EV makes and models, putting them out of reach for most families. “Long-range” models achieve that status by loading them down with expensive, heavy batteries and long charging times. Most electric vehicle ranges are far shorter.To soften the blows to budgets and liberties, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants to spend $454 billion to build 500,000 new EV charging stations, replace U.S. government vehicles with EVs, and finance “cash for clunkers” rebates to help at least some families navigate this transportation transformation.Politicians are being pressured to retain the $7,500 per car federal tax credit (and hefty state tax rebates) now scheduled to lapse once a manufacturer’s cumulative vehicle sales since 2009 reach 200,000.EV drivers also want other incentives perpetuated: free charging stations, access to HOV lanes for plug-ins with only the driver, and not having to pay gasoline taxes that finance the construction, maintenance, and repair of highways they drive on.Not surprisingly, a 2015 study found the richest 20 percent of Americans received 90 percent of these generous EV subsidies. Lobbyists are clearly more valuable than engineers for EV manufacturers and drivers.Under this Robin Hood-in-reverse system, the subsidies are financed by taxpayers and generations of their descendants – including millions of working-class and minority families, most of which will never be able to afford an EV.Any cash-for-clunkers program will exacerbate the problem. By enabling sufficiently wealthy families to trade fossil-fueled cars for EVs, it will result in millions of perfectly drivable cars and trucks that would have ended up in used car lots being crushed and melted instead.The average cost of previously-owned ICE vehicles will increase by thousands of dollars, pricing even them out of reach for millions of lower-income families, which will be forced to buy pieces of junk or ride buses and subways jammed with people they hope won’t be carrying next-generation COVID.The United States will begin to look like Cuba, which still boasts legions of classic 1960s and ’70s cars that are lovingly cared for and kept on the road with engines, brakes, and other parts scavenged from wrecks and even Soviet cars. But once the states and feds ban gasoline sales, even that will end.Perhaps even more ironic and perverse, the “zero-emissions vehicle” moniker refers only to emissions in the USA – and only if the electricity required to charge and operate ZEVs comes from non-fossil-fuel power plants.Texans now know how well wind turbines and solar panels work when “runaway global warming” turns to record cold and snow.With many politicians and environmentalists equally repulsed by nuclear and hydroelectric power, having any electricity source could soon become a recurrent challenge.Zero-emission fantasies also ignore the essential role of fossil fuels in manufacturing ZEVs.From mining and processing the myriad metals and minerals for battery modules, wiring, drive trains and bodies, to actually making the components and finished vehicles, every step requires oil, natural gas, or coal.Not in California or America perhaps, but elsewhere on Planet Earth, most often with Chinese companies in leading roles.From commonplace iron, copper, aluminum, and petroleum-based plastics – to exotics like lithium, cobalt, and multiple rare earth elements – these materials are dug up and turned into “virtuous” EVs, wind turbines, and solar panels with little or no attention to child labor, fair wages, workplace safety, air, and water pollution, toxic and radioactive wastes, endangered species or mined land reclamation.How long can we let our environment, working conditions, prosperity, and efficient travel needs take a back seat to EV mythology?Read more at CFACT

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