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follow the steps to eidt Basketball Playbook Template on G Suite

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PDF Editor FAQ

Which is more strategically complex, soccer or American football?

I kind of laughed a bit, but, the most advanced sports on the planet: are baseball and football. Football, (American football) is the most strategic sport, since every play is planned over and over again — based on philosophies, players’ profiles, basic alignments, backfield sets, numbering systems and opponents’ weaknesses. Football is probably more spectacular than baseball, as it’s more about science, than culture.The sport is so complex it’s hard to vulgarize it in a few lines — basically: coaches design plays and teach the players how to execute them. That’s what training camp is for, that’s what teams prepare all off-season for. The best teams have about a 1,000 plays in their offensive playbook alone and more than 4,000 variations…just for passing plays. The worst teams have the smaller playbooks. During games, coaches call either a passing play or a run play from their headset to communicate with the assistants in the booth who will go through their computer and surf in 4 seconds hundreds of plays, and finally transmit one to the play-caller. Let’s say we’re in a no-huddle mode with 2:15 left in the game, which of course the team practiced during the week, so they want to go fast, expeditious high-tempo here — play-caller is supervising from the sideline, he’ll simply signal a “play” with a sign, and the quarterback will choose the play out of the repertory he has on his QB card-index on his wrist. For example, a quick slant, the sign is smoking a cigarette. If the play-caller just wants to signal the formation, let’s say Zebra, it’s both arms across the chest. The Zebra formation is 1 running back, 1 tight-end, 3 wide receivers.This is what a template chart looks like for real.Pretty impressive. Now on that template chart: you have action passes, movement passes, screens, nickel passes, short yardage plays, goal line plays, red zone plays, 1st down plays, 3rd down plays, 4th down plays, razzle-dazzle plays etc etcCoaches, determine the outcome of games. So it’s not like in rugby where you have a bunch of idiots sitting in the bleachers next to fans drinking coffee watching the game doing nothing, or in soccer (or english football), the manager is just standing (both managers are actually on the same side which makes no sense), shouting at his players who can’t hear him. You win games with coaching. The secret of the NFL, lies in how coaching staffs crack the codes of game-tape. The NFL, is built in a way now where teams are managed like TNCs, scouting and spying each other: on what they do best, what they don’t do best. We call that, watching film. This is, the most coach-driven sport in the world.My team A is going up against your team B. I want to know how many times you blitz on 3rd and 1. So I’m sending my NFL scouting staff to go research on that. But I just don’t want to know how many times you blitz on 3rd and 1… I want it to be a precise detailed narrow segmented report of when and where during the game, you blitz on 3rd and 1. That means in the 1st quarter, but also the 2nd quarter, the 3rd quarter and the the 4th quarter. That includes as well, how many times you blitz from your own 20 yard line as well as on opponent’s 20 yard lines. Plus (it’s long I know), against what different formations? The shotgun formation, the single back formation, the heavy I formation, if there’s any motion included etc etc Last but not least, it doesn’t even tackle the types of blitzes yet, you throw at opponents and against what offensive formations.And when you watch film, that’s what you watch, you watch everything: from the officials, to the opponent, to your own players. Watching film is the difference between why teams win, why teams lose, why some players succeed why some don’t. It’s a poker game, it’s a chess-game, you’re looking for a tell, and you regroup all that data you collated in what is called: the gameplan. The gameplan, is partly featured on the template chart I posted which play-callers are holding — but it’s all the information you booked about your opponent along with your 15 whatever other coaches, and that’s how you’re going to supervise the practices on game week and draw your strategies. And every one of these position coaches is going to study an opponent’s opposing position coach and study his field — special teams versus special teams, offensive line versus defensive line, wide receivers vs cornerbacks etc etc Some teams feature 17 coaches, some over 23, it all depends, because that’s another complicated aspect about the NFL: the coaching staff is not included in the payroll, the salaries come out directly from the pocket of the owners. That’s also why so many owners let their coaches go. So going back to the strategy concept: let’s say Head-Coach A notices that Head-Coach B’s defense likes to blitz 71% of the time on 3rd and 1 against Posse personnels (same as Zebra, 1 running back, 1 TE, 3 wide receivers), therefore Head-Coach A will make sure he runs play-action on every 3rd and 1 with six-man protection to exploit the voided areas. Understand?So you see, in the end, in football: there’s no freelancing. Everything is designed and purposely meant to be in control the whole time during the game and precisely prevent your team from freelancing. The exact opposite of soccer. Or even basketball. Hockey is different because the speed of the game being so fast. That's why scouting, which has been existing in the NFL for 60–70 years now, matters so much.And to think this sport generated its origins from an old greek game, amazing isn’t it?

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