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What are some interesting behind-the-scenes stories about Mood Indigo?

This question in itself is quite vast in scope given the range of topics and scenarios that can be covered and that too over almost 40 years. I am assuming that the person asking the question is looking for interesting and humorous anecdotes. I have dug out some old anecdotes from the campus newsletter archives ( since I am sure there will be plenty of people capable of highlighting some of the recent ones. I shall also include some other interesting trivia which doesn't necessarily qualify as a behind-the scenes event. Some parts are quoted directly from the newsletter InsIghT.MI Folklore1. For sheer drama, nothing comes close to MI 92. In the words of Anand Sivakumaran, the GS Cult in 1992, “It was supposed to happen in December, but Ayodhya happened - so we postponed it to January. Then the Bombay riots happened - even more people wanted to cancel it - so we postponed it to March. Finally we had it in March, believe it or not, one week after the Bombay bomb blasts. The Deputy Director Dr. Kudchadker was a backbone of strength. He arranged for extra security. Never once did he ask us to shut the fest down. LiveWire went on till 5 am. I shall never forget those 5 days - there were ego problems and fights before MI. But those 5 days we just worked and worked. 30 people did the work of 300.”2. MI has seen many future stars of the Indian entertainment industry in their formative years. Vidya Balan at MI 2010 declared having come here for dramatics events and as one thing led to another she ended up enjoying her first kiss during those 4 days. Apart from her, in MI’s formative years, Amjad Khan took part and won many competitions here. In 1975, a friend of the then GS cult was the assistant director of a play that won the dram competition. He is now one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry - Mani Ratnam. Parikrama (arguably India’s best rock band) won LiveWire more than a decade back and their careers took off from there. Hrishitaa Bhatt won the fashion competition (Vogue) in MI 98.Moreover, MI has also seen contributions from other kinds of celebrities over the years from the organizing side as well. Nandan Nilekani, was famously a part of the Mood indigo organizing team in the late 70's.3. MI 2005 or 2006 saw Vogue the Fashion Show being taken to new heights with girls from St. Xavier's setting the stage on fire with their daring costumes and aggressive rampwalking much to the eye-popping joy of the organizers. However, in an unfortunate turn of events the Dean walked into the fashion show and was shocked and shaken to see the skin fest going on in his campus right under his nose. The result was a quick shut down and ban on the event for future years. The resourceful organizers however have since then rebranded it as the 'cultural show' and restarted the event with traditional wear oriented themes initially. The same was the fate of 'Rain Dance' at Mood Indigo one year when the dean had to suffer the visual horror of young boys and girls dancing in a wet frenzy at the poolside. The same has never been revived since then.4. In Mood Indigo 2009, a lot of hype was created around the first ever concert by Porcupine Tree in India. This greatly pissed Vishal & Shekhar who were also supposed to perform on the Bollywood Night as they felt they were not being given enough media coverage and publicity by Mood Indigo. As a result, they cancelled their performance a day before the event. Being a part of the core team, I could see the immense pressure on the Core Group Members in-charge of the event seeing their dream go down the drain. Under immense stress, they spent a sleepless night and finalized a concert by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy overnight who agreed to come in at such a short notice as they had an excellent experience performing at MI 2007. The next day saw the overall coordinator of the festival haggling with the manager of Vishal & Shekhar for the return of the advance fee paid to the artists. The manager was reluctant to return the money blaming Mood Indigo for the cancellation of the event. At this juncture, the Dean steps in and with a little strong-arming and probable trouble of legal action the manager agreed to return the advance. The Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy concert went like a dream.Apart from these well known or publicized anecdotes there are many fun / humorous / memorable experiences the organizing team ends up having which make for good stories. Here are a few of those -1. A Small Affair?The biggest charm of Mood Indigo on campus is the sheer jump in sex ratio of the campus that is experienced during the four days. Being totally deprived of female company, the guys of the campus enroll as volunteers in large numbers. Indeed, they are brainwashed extensively by the event managers and lured in to lots of labour and hard work in exchange for a promise of female company for those four days. In reality, few of the individuals have any real success in terms of a brief/long affair but those who do wax eloquent to the rest of the campus about it.What this results in is that a large number of volunteers enroll for the hospitality department in order to be able to interact with entire contingents of female colleges. What they seldom realize is that the managers themselves are on the lookout for such opportunities and snatch the most lucrative contingents for themselves leaving the naive first year volunteers with other contingents. In fact, in our year one of the managers was so very determined to boost the sex ratio like never before that he made extra efforts to provide special arrangements for female contingents and spent hours chatting up their representatives. Of course, all these chats were preceded by a facebook profile check of the female representative and the time and quality of hospitality services offered to the contingent was directly proportional to the attractiveness of the female in question.In one related incident from the early 2000s, while doing publicity in a girls’ college in Pune, 2 hospitality coordinators were told that the principal hadn't allowed the girls to take part in MI. Our ‘knights in shining armour’ were asked to help them convince her to allow them to go. The principal saw the list of competitions and the various artists performing at MI and was so impressed that she sent a huge contingent!2. Butchers StrikeLiveWire 2001: Elims taking much longer than expected. Many bands were being especially uncooperative and weren't playing at their allotted time slots. So out of the blue, a coordinator announced that if “Butchers Strike” (a fictitious band!) from Madras didn't show up in 5 mints, they would be disqualified. He then promptly made a scene, pretending to disqualify them. Following this, bands rushed up on stage the very moment their names were called out!3. No Judging PleasePicture this – you have a western music event happening in 15 mins and your judge hasn't turned up. What do you do? Simple, all Competitions CG KN did in MI 01 was that he drove down to SAC, found a band that was lazing around and asked them to judge. Not only did they gladly agree to, but they also jammed in front of a hysterical crowd in LT after the event!In MI 2009, we were having a 'Baraat dancing' event as an impromptu dance competition. However, due to mismanagement the registrations of the event did not happen in the scheduled time slot and spot. The band was ready and the judges had arrived. In fact, the one of the judges was pissed as he had been told that he was the judge of an 'informal bollywood dance competition' and now he found himself facing a bunch of hooligans pretending to dance and this he considered an insult to his caliber (rightly so, but there wasn't any choice - you don't get an eminent judge for the event by telling him that its a baraat dance competition). Well, the judge asked to leave immediately and the coordinator perplexed by the situation, told the judge that his taxi was going to arrive in half an hour. He hoped that once the competition starts the judge will be forced to stay. However, since no registrations had happened no participants had arrived although the band was ready. So the coordinator got 4 of his friends and asked the band to start playing while he and his friends started dancing in a mad frenzy. Soon, a crowd had gathered at the curious sight and the coordinator calmly took the mic, announced the beginning of the competition and declared it as an on the spot event where people just have to walk in and start dancing.Soon there was a big crowd dancing and the judge seemed to be bemused by the curious nature of the event. He would point out good and enthusiastic dancers from the crowd and the coordinator would go in the middle dancing to the tune and declare the winner by placing a garland around his neck. The event was a huge success and saw a participation of over 150 finally. Moreover, the judge went back happy and overjoyed at the unusual concept.All this and much more, Mood Indigo memories are full of such incidents and memorable anecdotes for all of us and this does not even cover the tip of the iceberg. I have just tried to recall some of the most memorable anecdotes I can remember and mixed them with MI folklore published in InsIghT. I will add more stuff later, if I can think of some more.Please feel free to demand for specific kind of anecdotes and stories that you may want to hear. I shall try and think up of some related incidents.

How do you make a notice to be put on the school notice board about an inter-school dance competition to be held at school?

We are happy to announce an Inter-School Dance Competition will be held on date - Xxxxxx.Time - xxxxx/am or pmVenue - zzz auditorium , address of the place,XxxxxxTheme/Genre: hip-hop etcRegistration: fees per person / group danceLast date of registration/form submission..XxxxxxParticipants should reach venue 30 mts prior to the given time with their CD/pendrive/ props and accessories.Identity cards compulsory but should not be worn. A number banner will be provided to the Lead /Head .Time allotted : 5 minutesParticipants who do not reach on venue during the allotted time will be disqualified.So put on your dancing shoes and burn the floor.

What are some funny stories you have about your name being mispronounced or misspelled?

Till today I have rarely found people who get my spelling right in one go!At a registration desk for a dance competitionMe: Hi, can you please register my name for the event. My name is Dhivviaa.The student at the desk starts writing D-I-V...Me: No no.. The spelling is a bit different.Student: Oh! Ok.. What is it?Me: D-H-I-VStudent: Ok got it!And writes DHIVYAMe: Hey no! It's double 'V' and.....Student: Oh ok ok!She then writes DHIVVYAMe: Girl! Let me finish! It's D-H-I- double V-I-and-double AStudent: Aah! Sorry!! Come again!!Me: phew!!On first day of 8th grade,Teacher: How do you pronounce this name 'D-H-I-V-V-I-A-A'?Me: Ma'am please pronounce it as 'Divya'Teacher: My God! It's just short of double D and double H :-DOne day at college:Prof (during a roll call): Who is this 'Daivaiyya' in class.Me: Sir it's 'Divya' but spelt as 'D-H-I-V-V-I-A-A'.Prof: Are you sure? Or is it Dhiviviviyaa?Me: *Grr* I'm sure Sir..

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