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PDF Editor FAQ

Is it possible to have 2 different MOS' in the US military within a 4 year period?

Yes. There are a few ways. The first is if the military decides to reclassify everyone. For example, in the 80's, the Army changed all the 19E (M60 Crewman) to 19K (M1 Crewman).You could get injured to the point where your can no longer do your primary MOS, but not so bad that you need a release from service, in that case, you could be reclassified.You could be placed in a TO&E slot for over 90 days that is not your primary MOS to meet the needs of the Army, in that case, you can submit a DA-4187 and request a secondary MOS that is compatible with your TO&E slot.You can reenlist for a new MOS school after a 2- or 3-year enlistment.You can always submit a request for a school, though it is not likely to be approved unless it is for a critical shortage MOS. Sometimes the Army will put out calls and with commanders approval, you can change.Or the converse, if you are in an badly over strength MOS, sometimes the Army will decide to ship you off to MOS school for a badly under strength MOS.

How competitive is it to get to Drill Sgt School?

During my time (Late 80s early 90s) in the US Army, there was 2 ways to “get to” Drill Sergeant School:1. Was a Department of the Army selection, and this process from what I was told happened thusly, a list was compiled by MOS (military occupational specialities) of E-5s( Sergeants), E-6s (Staff Sergeants) and E-7s (Sergeants First Class), criteria being, SQT scores, (Skill Qualification test) PT test scores, (Physical Training) and EERs (Enlisted Evaluation Report) , if you had high scores in these three areas, your records (201 file) was pulled for a selection board, the Board consisted of E-8s (Master Sergeants, 1st Sergeants) and E-9s (Sergeants Majors) and at least one officer of Company grade or higher O-3 (Captain)(Not positive about the E-5s , those may have only been in DS School by volunteering, not sure the DOA actually selected E-5s)What I was told is that this board convened and the process took place every so often during the year, and it lasted from 2 to 4 days, 8–10 hour days , so what I imagined was a stack of records (201 files) being reviewed and passed along, one pile for Yes, and Another for No, if you got selected, and was in the Yes pile , your were further evaluated on the “When” in other words was the service member available for immediate assignment and school or would he/she go in a “Yes, but later pile”. For example the “Later” might be that Staff Sergeant Shiny Boots just got assigned to Germany for a 3 year tour, the Army was not going to return him/her to CONUS and school, However his records might be flagged for when his tour of duty ended in Europe, that might very well be his/her next assignment.2. Volunteer, Fill out a request for the duty, I believe it starts with a DA-4187 , there was forms that had to be completed , PT test . Physical exam, and a psychological test that had to be passed, then chain of command endorsements.Yes psychological tests,(if you got selected as mentioned above, no pyscho test) which I don't think was stringent enough, as someone that was selected (reluctantly) and did their time “On The Trail” my opinion is that it really is a special personality that truly wants to and desires to be a Drill Sergeant, don’t get me wrong I think its one of the most important duty assignments that exists, as a Drill Sergeant your the front line, your responsible for shaping what the Army is, to steal a line from the movie Fury, “best job I ever had”, was also the hardest , worst , best and most rewarding.I served with some real honest to goodness sociopaths, border line criminals, and sexual deviates, that shouldn’t have been left in charge of a rake, much less 42 new recruits, fortunately and I say this with pride, the Chain of Command and other sane Drill Sergeants kept those kind in check, that is if they managed to make it though 13 weeks of Drill Sergeant school, and usually those bad apples , did get eliminated in the school, the graduation percentage was about 55–60 % success when I went thru at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma , injuries, academic washouts , PT test washouts etc…Drill Sergeant duty would make or break an enlisted persons career , do well , don't get relieved of Drill duty , survive your time on the trail and your set all the way to E-9 , fuck up , get relieved (easy to do as a DS) , and you might as well ETS, because you likely will never see another promotion or decent school during your time, and believe me it was very, very easy to mess up, the average Drill Sergeant is probably 10–15 years older than the average recruit, time and miles do things to a body and mind, at about the 6 week mark, these little shits are starting to become soldiers, they can likely run faster and longer and they definitely recover a hell of a lot quicker than you, I have seen good Drill Sergeants self medicate with alcohol, and something as simple as sleeping in (passed out in the DS office) and allowing 42 recruits to miss training could easily be the start of getting relieved of duty. (We watched out for each other, but sometimes it happened)So your question , how competitive is it to “Get to” Drill Sergeant School, I don't think its all that competitive, Drill Sergeant Duty is 2 years , 3 if you extend (and that's takes a pass on a psychological test as well), The Army needs DS constantly, during my time we were always under staffed, I ran many cycles alone without another DS to help me. Your Day Starts at about 3: OH MY GOD Thirty , ends about 10 weeks later, clean, prep , for three days , start again, no personal time, no family time, I seen many a marriage fail because of this duty (mine survived, but barely)The Question I would ask, Why ? what is your motive ? why do you want to be a Drill Sergeant? does it look cool in the movies ? do you want to lord that perceived power over others (Because as a DS you do have power, and you can really do some bad damage, as well as do some real good)edit: BTW…I also never knew of any fellow NCOs that publicly advertised that they WANTED to become a Drill Sergeant, I knew several, myself included , that made it known , that Oh Shit I got selected for DS School!.2nd edit: I want to add that yes I served with a few “questionable” DS, overall, I was privileged to serve with some of the finest, most honorable, outstanding, dedicated and loyal individuals to ever walk the face of the earth, and yes I did serve with several Drill Sergeants that volunteered for the duty and one in particular was one of those individuals that I call a close friend, and I will say he often confided me and mirrored my sentiment, the Best and the Worse assignment ever!**edit—I have been informed that in today’s Army and the DOA personnel system, the physical selection board and the manual pulling of records and some of the actual selection process is somewhat automated, but from my current contacts in the Army, the process remains very much the same, just streamlined and much more efficient.

How do I write a request letter of training to an army general?

Why would you need to write a general a letter requesting training when the standard format for requesting some particular training is to submit a DA Form 4187 Personnel Action request through your chain of command; see the following example https://armypubs.army.mil/pub/eforms/DR_a/pdf/A4187.pdf

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