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PDF Editor FAQ

Who owns the mineral rights to your land?

Mineral rights are owned by the owner of the land. The owner of the land (property) is recorded at the county recording office in the form of a deed.The owner of the land can sell the mineral rights and retain ownership of the land, but hire an attorney to do it right.The owner of the land can sell the land and retain ownership of the mineral rights but hire an attorney to do it right.My siblings and I sold the farm land we had inherited from our parents in North Dakota, in the heart of the Bakken Oil Fields. A man who had rented the land for years was able to buy the land and we were happy to sell it. We kept the mineral rights and we each receive income from the oil and gas producer companies who extract that from the land.The companies who have contracts with us for extracting the oil and gas can and do sell their rights in our contract to other producers unilaterally without our right to object or approve.But the terms of the agreement can not be unilaterally changed. The producer takes all the risk and covers all the costs for extraction and keeps about half of the gross sales. Because of the number of siblings involved we each get exactly 1/16th of the gross sales.We pay income taxes on that but in North Dakota that is a very small hit. The new owner of the land pays the real estate property tax, there is no tax on the minerals as long as you leave them in the ground.

When do you need a real estate lawyer and attorney?

A house is likely one of the greatest monetary buys you will make, and you might be overpowered by all the individuals associated with the cycle: real estate specialists, contract merchants, appraisers, auditors, and that's just the beginning. Recruiting a real estate lawyer (otherwise called a property legal advisor or realtor lawyer) may seem like simply one more added cost, yet it could save you hundreds or even a great many dollars over the long haul by forestalling issues before they emerge.Numerous states require a real estate lawyer to be available at shutting. In different states having a lawyer is discretionary. Understanding what a real estate lawyer does is the initial step to guaranteeing that you and your family are in the best situation to settle on a choice prior to purchasing or selling a home.for best legal support- does a Real Estate Lawyer help Buyers?A real estate legal counselor can help the exchange go easily and alleviate hazards. They can exhort the forthcoming property holder's quest for the best property, manage handles, compose and survey buy arrangements, arrange and execute an agreement of offer, obtain a home loan, and go to the end of the home loan where the deed is moved, to give some examples.While most essential exchanges in many states don't need a real estate lawyer, there are as yet numerous circumstances wherein a lawyer isn't just useful yet vital. When purchasing another home, you'll need to recruit a lawyer if:You're from awayThe property has actual harmsThere is an illicit dwelling on the property, for example, an in-law unitThe land is possessed by the bankThe region is dependent upon antagonistic climate (floods, cyclones, tropical storms, and so on)You need to expel occupantsYou need to retreat from an agreementHow does a Real Estate Lawyer Help Sellers?As a merchant, you'll need to employ a lawyer if:You're selling a place where there is a perished relativeThe property has underlying issuesYou have a past filled with property liens (because of obligation)You're arranging a separation and need to part the resourcesYou are amidst a short deal or abandonmentIt's particularly imperative to talk with a real estate lawyer on the off chance that anything in the house or agreement appears to be dodgy, to evade further issues down the line.Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer at Closing?Regardless of whether you need a legal advisor at shutting relies upon your area. The states that require a real estate lawyer to be included incorporate Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. This rundown is liable to change as states oftentimes pass new enactment, so make a point to check your neighborhood laws.Each state concludes how to deal with home closings. Georgia, Massachusetts, and South Carolina, for instance, necessitate that a lawyer is genuinely present for every real estate exchange. A few states, for example, North Carolina and Alabama, limit the measure of force a non-lawyer can have in closings, including drafting authoritative reports and offering certain legitimate guidance. These laws can frequently be obscure and hard to comprehend without the translation of a lawyer.

How should history be taught differently in American schools?

Yes to change, but not so much in regards to philosophy, but rather structurally. We currently use history to teach patriotic myths in elementary grades, and then defer to state legislatures insisting the local state history be included in the required curriculum.It’s a a bad way to approach the subject, as state territories and the events that occurred within the confines of a given state vary enormously in importance. I’m fortunate in teaching NM’s history, as there is much of national and international importance that can be tied to our state, but God help the students of states like North Dakota or Nebraska: why on earth should we teach the minor matters of their history to high school students?I think an emphasis on what students need to know about our present world and how it was formed, plus a broader array of topics would be more helpful.For example today the Chinese century of humiliation during the 1800s through Mao’s victory in 1949 would be of far greater use in understanding why modern Chinese are so insistent on maintaining control of their industries and defending their territorial limits in places like the South Pacific. Kids today need to understand how China’s recent past informs its present attitudes because China is far more important to America today than it was three decades ago when I was in school.Some events, like the Manhattan Project (covered in NM history!) will always be important. Others will wax and wane as current events unfold.I’ve often used the Bible and Quran as historical literature for students striving to get into the minds of early Hebrews Christians or Muslims while teaching abroad or at private schools where I had greater control of the syllabus.I don’t teach these works as scripture, although I acknowledge that is the principal purpose of such texts, but rather use it to explore how herders and farmers naturally come into conflicts (Cain and Abel), how the rights of women were advanced (but then halted) in early Islam (the guarantee of inheritance in Al-Baqarah, the Quran’s second and most lengthy surah or chapter), or how Paul changed Christianity from an obscure Jewish cult to an ever expanding faith by the simple act of forgoing mandatory circumcision.For early Hebrew society it is intriguing to note four of the ten commandments deal with social relationships, not spiritual prohibitions or requirements, compared to the Five Pillars of Islam, where fully 80% of the concern is religious, with only Zakat focused on social needs.We need to update our history courses to reflect the needs of today’s students: understanding Islam is of far greater importance to kids today than it was prior to 9/11 and the subsequent wars. We’ve got soldiers serving overseas who were not even born when the twin towers collapsed. They need to understand how the world’s billion and a half Muslims think: it could save their lives or help them accomplish their mission more effectively.We need an increased focus on globalism and international trade, because we’re linked far more extensively than we were thirty years ago. As our nation and its commitments grow we should look back at not just Rome, but how and why the British Empire crumbled.The other refrain I often use is that the students are free to no love history, but they need to be able to critically and effectively read documents, like phone contracts, tax legislation, deeds, loans, etc. and they can learn these skills studying historical documents as practice.Thinking and analysis will always be in demand but the parameters of a given subject can fluctuate to be more effective for each generation.

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I would give 0 stars if possible. To begin, their software was honestly very good and I could not believe how great it was, BUT IT IS NOT RELIABLE!!! After literally over a day's worth of hard work, I mean I literally was working non-stop from morning to night, plus hours the night before, most of the project was just erased. After doing everything I could, I was able to save only a very small portion of my hard work. I even called tech support, WHICH WAS WORSE THAN NO HELP!!! First of all, they constantly try to get you to make purchases rather than actually helping. Second of all, there's only one person that works in that department and he BARELY EVEN SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! So while I'm trying to recover my project, the guy is taking forever to get my email for some reason. After giving him my email which took about 10-20 minutes (no exaggeration), he has no clue how to help me and just suggests that I purchase more of their products and software. After telling him to cut the crap and help fix my problem, he again says he doesn't know. I ask to speak to someone else, but apparently nobody else works there. According to him, he's the only employee because when I asked to speak to his supervisor, he says he has no for real?! Then who, the heck hired this guy?? Now third but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, just to top off the first two, and keep in mind I wasn't going to leave a review despite the fact that my proudest work had been erased by this crappy editing software until I just found out today that the call with help support was INTERNATIONAL!!! That's right. Apparently they're based in China but don't tell you that because they don't care about their customers. So now I have to pay for the call which was one of the worst conversations/experiences I have ever had in my entire life. Honestly, I have never had any hatred for anyone, and this is coming from a person who was bullied on from a young age, but the amount of anger I hold in my heart for this ignorant, inconsiderate, unreliable, piece of crap company is unbelievable. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS OR CALL HELP/TECH SUPPORT!!! I AM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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