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Will chronic pain patients ever again have access to opioids for their pain or will they be made to suffer interminably to the level they are now due to the fake opioid crisis?

Yes eventually the opioid hysteria and moral panic fabricated to sell Suboxone , Narc an and fill empty rehab beds will end . It is already starting to be seen as the hysteria and fraud it is . The CDC has admitted to using fabricated data and statistics about opipidsThe CDC Quietly Admits It Screwed Up Counting Opioid PillsThey essentially counted any death were a opioid / opiate was found as opioid cursed death . By using the weasel word related often they could count a death twice . Once as a opioid “related “ death and also some other cause . They do not and cannot know if many opioid “ related “ deaths are suicides . Addicts generally know how to dose themselves . Though they have been using heroin and other drugs adulterated with fentanyl analogues from China where they have the ability to produce it and the chemists to alter it enough so it is not fentanyl .There is a lot of confusing pharmaceutical grade fentanyl for the analogues on the illegal markets. One is very safe when used correctly that includes fentanyl patches. Which are difficult to abuse . The addicts have to make a very concious choice to do so .The media is slowly being called on its complicity in fabricating the opioid hysteria . The route is typical of media reporting until very recently .They did not disclose the allegedly doctor created addicts its previous or ongoing drug abuse or addiction .What the media gets wrong about opioids“AFTER JILLIAN BAUER-REESE created an online collection of opioid recovery stories, she began to get calls for help from reporters. But she was dismayed by the narrowness of the requests, which sought only one type of interviewee.“They were looking for people who had started on a prescription from a doctor or a dentist,” says Bauer-Reese, an assistant professor of journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia. “They had essentially identified a story that they wanted to tell and were looking for a character who could tell that story.”Although this profile doesn’t fit most people who become addicted, it is typical in reporting on opioids. Often, stories focus exclusively on people whose use started with a prescription; take this, from CNN (“It all started with pain killers after a dentist appointment.”), and this, from New York’s NBC affiliate (“He started taking Oxycontin after a crash.”)Alternatively, reporters downplay their subjects’ earlier drug misuse to emphasize the role of the medical system, as seen in this piece from the Kansas City Star. The story, headlined“Prescription pills; addiction ‘hell,’” features a woman whose addiction supposedly started after surgery, but only later mentions that she’d previously used crystal meth for six months. In other words the media sought predicts who had a history of substance abuse and either downplayed or completely left out the fact the supposedly doctor created addict was in reality already abusing drugs .This deliberate act has been devastating to those who suffer any painful medical condition.Suicide is becoming a tragic choice for a growing number of intractable pain patients .Crackdowns on pain patients did not and will never work.As predicted more people died as attention is diverted from illegal fentanyl analogues from China being access to illegal heroin or pressed into pills and sold as all sorts of medications on the black market the Opioid hysteria and moral panic fabricated to push Suboxone a very expensive and deadly opioid that is extremely difficult to taper off and withdraw from . Addicts will get it for life as of now at taxpayers expense. Taxpayers are not responsible for addicts choosing to abuse drugs instead of learning to take responsibility and moderate their behavior .Most addicts mature out despite the myths promulgated by both 12step religion and The pro MAT aka pro push Buprenophine preferably Suboxone and not inexpensive and known to work methadone , as substitution therapy.Buprenophine , unlike any other opioid has a ceiling dose and is very potent it is a opioid but unlike others Unlike various combination hydrocodone or oxycodone , acetaminophen or Ibuprofen medications which the Obama administration ‘s DEA rescheduled to schedule 2 medications which makes them much more difficult to prescribe and you are not allowed refills you must get a new prescription which is inflating the number of schedule 2 opioid a prescribed .Often like myself I simply use a low dose of morphine, hydromorphone or methadone if the patient is allergic to morphine and both methadone or hydromorphone , and occasionally oxymorphone are very safe and tend to work well along with being inexpensive so the patient can self pay if insurance declines to pay .Interestingly Buprenophine is still a schedule 3 , while hydrocodone with acetaminophen or ibuprofen became schedule 2 drugs . While these combinations should not be used long term due to the addition of acetaminophen or ibuprofen , many patients who took them PRN were refused further prescriptions after the 2016 CDC so called guidlines.Combination analgesic medications containing acetaminophen or a NSIAD usually Ibuprofen damage the liver, GI tract , cause kidney dysfunction , inhibit coagulation of blood after surgery and injuries . They increase the time required for the body to heal when they inhibit prostaglandins , reduce inflammation, which is your body healing itself .By reducing a mild fever under 102 or so they Interfere with the healing process we have evolved .Other medication used in place of opioids a can be deadly . Lyrica and Nuerontin used to prevent seizures are very sedating and cause cause cognitive impairment. Confusion as in a person might not know why they are doing something .These drugs can cause deadly traffic accidents when a person forgets to stop at a red light or does it notice a potentially dangerous situation that a slowing down , changing lanes or stopping for example questions. I've seen patients on these drugs be so confused they did not know that where in a hospital . They could not tell me what day it was or what ity o town they are in .I am in very well known destination area /town for outdoor activities from world class skiing and snowboarding to hiking , photography ,fly fishing our beautiful alpine flowers in July and the golden aspens in the fall all attract tens of thousands . I have seen a person who had been using Lyrica as prescribed on a low dose unable to tell me they were in Aspen . Which is very obvious as soon as you arrive . 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The opioid hysteria was deliberately created to push Buprenophine which is a opioid and somehow managed to stay a schedule 3 drug while hydrocodone with acetaminophen or ibuprofen became a schedule two drug . Buprenophine which a PROP ‘s Andrew Kolodny's favorite opioid which he has been pushing for decades .Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side“ In the early days of Suboxone, with Reckitt Benckiser barely marketing its own drug, Dr. Kolodny, then a New York City health official, crisscrossed the city with colleagues to spread the word about the new medication, entice public hospitals to try it with $10,000 rewards and urge doctors to get certified. “I refuse to get certified . Eventually I would become a doctor who gets inundated with junkies looking to score Buprenophine for when their heroin supply is low or it is harder to get for any number of reasons .We do not need junkies hanging around a medical offices looking to score a RX and sell their as they call it bupe . 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Why?Are You More Likely to Be Killed by Opioids Than a Car Crash?The Doctor's Corner with Dr. Kline Show #40 - Dr. Josh Bloom Ph.D.By sharing theses and This which explains how Kolodny uses at best misleadingThe Opioid Epidemic in 6 Charts Designed To Deceive Youit more likely deliberately done to deceive and push Buprenophine I'm sure Kolodny and PROP would prefer it be forced Suboxone .These very well and passionately written and researched open letters should be read by everyone.An Open Letter To All Who Hold Public Office In America From Painful Disease Patientsdr andrew kolodny - The Rambling SoapboxPROP, Andrew Kolodny ,Jane Balentyne who has a financial stake in the opioipd hysteria litigation . Former Obama administration CDC director now sexual predator Tom Freiden all have these deaths in their hamd. In their fanaticism and greed they pushed a growing number of pain patients into suicide so a junkie can get taxpayers to fund their lifestyle and poor lifecycle along with free endless Narcan for their repeated overdoses, free taxpayer funded rehab instead of where they belong prison which seems to do a better job at keeping junkies from overdosing . Many get clean in prison as drugs while available are very expensive and not paying a prison gang results in a severe beating or brutal death . Something junkies fear . Interesting fear seems to motivate addicts more than any thing else ..As the opioid hysteria affects more people Try getting adequate pain control for a severe injury or post surgery . In some states its next to impossible .Kolodny was recently ranting how 6 percent of so called juveniles (the study includes ages up to 26_) got addicted after taking opioid after dental procedures . I was Banned from a debate when I pointed out that means 94 percent do not become addicts and 24 year old adults are not juveniles!The AMA belatedly came out against the CDC guidelines .RESOLUTION 235 – INAPPROPRIATE USE OF CDC GUIDELINES FOR PRESCRIBING OPIOIDS Starting on page 24 . . . is much more . The hysteria is beginning to become a Mcarthy like Witch hunt or or worse a attack on out constitutional rights and the freedoms it makes clear are rights inherent to all of us As humans in the US . The far left which started this hysteria has become a threat to our freedoms . They won't let us think for ourselves and make informed decisions for our selves They decided a government agency which has never treated a patient for a thing knows better than our doctors who see us on person what's best for us . Not that the right has helped any.They have been no better at protecting our rights and the doctor patient relationship which is critical to good health care doctors and patients must have trust and the relationship should never have a intrusive government dictating rules where it does not elaborate nd and is doing great harmAlso why are junkies more valuable and important than those who suffer intractable pain . We are vetrans, we worked dangerous jobs such as logging, commercial fishing, construction, we cleanup after storms . We provide search and rescue we make sure you are safe and comfortable. We are not addicts we do not choose to abuse illegal heroin laced with fentanyl analogues from China We take our medications responsibly we do not sell what allows us to live with less pain and have a semblance of a normal life we should never be forced to suffer due to add its refusing any personal responsibility for becoming a addict .Why are addicts so important . It would not have to do with pushing deadly and hard to cease using Buprenophine on the public as a panacea cure all! There is no such thing as magic silver bullet medication .Kolodny and PROP are lying and must be forced to disclose ties to Indivor, Reckitt Becnkiser , anti opioid billionaire Gary Mendel whose addict son overdosed . The Steve Rummler Foundation which also is funded by a billionaire family who can't admit their son was a junkie who abused drugs .Why should billionaires get to lash out and ruin lives as away of denying their children were addicts who used their wealth and power to get what ever drug they wanted then bought thier way out of the criminal justice system. Which would have incarcerated a person of less financial means and political power via donations and hiring legislators and career bureaucrats family's in exchange for favorable treatment when a family member has “ indiscretions “ which land the average person in prison ?

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