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Would you consider Elon Musk to be our generation’s Howard Hughes? Why or why not?

TL;DR - Absolutely not.No contest. Not even a close race. He hasn’t even earned the right to be mentioned in the same sentence. (yet).This is a fantastic question.Not only for the following reasons…it needed to be asked a long time agoIt’s diametrically connected to much ‘fake lore’ about Elon Musk.Most of the Elon Musk fan-boy fanatics need an education on Howard Hughes and what a real “Industrial magnate” isAnd finally, it exposes a mountain of BS surrounding Mr. MuskBut, also becasue the story has many wonderful orthogonal dimensions to it.Last, but-not-least…because Howard Hughes is a true Legend. - “Heros get remembered, but Legends never die.”Howard Hughes…let us begin.Firstly, I am not from Mr. Hughes generation. Not by a long shot. I’m far too young, but I just happen to know a bit about his immense contribution to humanity, our global society, his herculean deeds & the resulting technologies that our world relies on that bear the touch of Mr Hughes…over the past 114 years.Yup, Howard Hughes was born 114 years ago (in 1905) and died 43 years ago, in 1976. - Wow, that’s long ago? - people still talk about him? - yes they do.As a reference point to frame the timeline…Theodore Roosevelt was the president of America when Howard Hughes was born. - 9 Presidents before J.F. K.The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman - 10 Prime Ministers before Winston Churchill.The population of America was a mere 75 Million, and the world population was only 1.7 Billion.Modern countries such as The Republic of China, India, Turkey, Nigeria, Israel, Iran, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia didn’t exist as we know them today. Central & Eastern Europe was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Southeast Europe + Western Asia + North Africa was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. China was sill being ruled under the ~300 year old Qing Dynasty.Knowing those dates & timelines…why would anyone even bring up Howard Hughes’ name in any context relative to Elon Musk?Let us start from today and work backwards…with this guy…Let us not forget the man inside the suit. This guy…Tony Stark. (not the “actor”, who is invisible to our discussion)and this great company that Tony Stark inherited from his dad ‘Howard Stark’ & is now CEO of…Which, according to Forbes 25 largest fictional companies list…has an estimated sales of US$20.3 billion, ranking it at number 16.(Stark Industries is also known as: known as Stark International, Stark Innovations, Stark Enterprises and Stark Resilient)There is considerable false, fake & miss-guided Elon Musk folklore surrounding Iron Man, Tony Stark & Stark Industries; regarding the inception, creation, design & definition of those Marvel Comic characters & identities. - It’s just crazy the degree of miss-information that Musk fan-boys have fabricated along this thread.The most sacrilegious of all is…that Marvel comics modeled Tony Stark on Elon Musk. - That’s so-far from the real truth, so backwards that its crazy, so illogical that its chronologically impossible. - except in the minds of Millennial's who believe that the universe started around 1980.The great Stan Lee (RIP) of Marvel Comics, created "Tony Stark” as follows…in 1963at the height of the Cold War& defined him as a free-market pro-democratic capitalist, anti-communist, mega-wealthy industrialist, business magnate with a dark secret that plagued and tormented him.he was also an ingenious scientist, inventor, an adventurer, a multi-billionaire, a glamorous ladies' man and a playboy.and finally a nutcase - yes Stan Lee framed him as a ‘true nutcase’.Now…as it turns out, the insane profile of Tony Stark was modeled precisely on a real life person (of that time period, 1963) who happened to match a bunch of those things reasonably well…yes…Mr. Howard Hughes.In 1963, when Iron Man & Tony Stark were unleashed on the real world, Mr Howard Hughes was 58 and very much in his prime. by the way…at that time, Elon Musk was -8 years young. - Not born for another 8 year to come.So, FIRST strike-out for Elon Musk.Mr. Musk is *NOT* the living hero that Tony Stark is based on. - That honor goes singularly to the legendary Howard Hughes.Crazy Billionaire…?If you think Elon Musk is crazy (especially on Twitter), let us compare his silly antics to the insanity of Howard Hughes, who was infamous for the following…He was an intense excessive germophobe; from a child. He sometimes spent time in a large rubber bubble to isolate himself from germs. He wrapped his shoes in Kleenex when he wore them, and isolated his personal food in a separate fridge from his wife(s).He exhibited intense and extreme OCD. Every day, he would watch the same movie on repeat. He refused to function unless he did so. He couldn’t eat any food unless it was organized precisely by size.He was an extreme daredevil with no regard for safety; especially in the fields of flying & fast cars. This resulted in him having 14 very serious head injuries that hospitalized him. Some from fiery plane crashes where he crawled out of the wreckage multiple times - 14 head injuries !He quit school after both his parents died, to become a movie director.He collected & stored his urine in jars. - along with other bodily fluids.He was absolutely obsessed with peas. He ate them with every meal and organized & sorted them precisely by size…before eating each meal.He was diagnosed as being both; bipolar and schizophrenicHe locked himself in Hollywood screening room for 4 months straight. Never coming out. (there was no bathroom). He ate Hershey chocolate bars & pecan nuts exclusively for the entire 4 months.He was obsessed with Baskin Robbins ‘Banana Nut ice cream’. After BR discontinued the flavor, BR continued to make it for him only. But he had buy each full 350 gal batch at a time from BR.For 20 years, he retained a close personal adviser, aide, political fixer, trusted spokesman & legal representative with power of attorney. He was a senior FBI agent & CIA investigator - Mr. Robert Maheu. In those 20 years, Mr. Maheu never met Mr. Hughes face-2-face ever & they only ever communicated via phone. - for 20 years!He dated the most famous movies stars of the time period. Name someone famous between 1925 - 1960, and he dated them. - e.g. Billie Dove, Faith Domergue, Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Olivia de Havilland, Katharine Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr, Ginger Rogers, Janet Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Mamie Van Doren, Joan Fontaine, Jean Peters and Gene Tierney.Was arrested & jailed for killing a pedestrian while driving his car at high-speed like a crazy madman (while drunk).He died on board his private airplane, while traveling from Acapulco, Mexico to Texas. He was so reclusive that the FBI had to prove the body was him via fingerprints.He died leaving *NO* willThis kind-of crazy makes Howard Hughes one of the craziest Billionaires ever to walk the modern earth. It makes Elon Musk look like a ‘pussy cat saint’. Next time Mr. Musk goes bonkers on twitter…think of this list.SECOND Strike-out for Elon Musk. He isn’t anywhere near as stark-raving-mad crazy-8-bonkers as Howard Hughes was.Does this guy look that crazy to you?Lets now look at some of the personal accomplishments of Howard Hughes.He held multiple world records, honors, trophies and awards.1933 straightaway world speed record of 212 miles per hour1935 world speed record 352.388 miles per hour - the run was supervised by Amelia EarhartTranscontinental US speed record #1Transcontinental US speed record #2Beats Charles Lindbergh world record flight across Atlantic by half.Circled the world in 3 days, 19 hours, cutting Wiley Post’s time in halfspectacularly landing to a crowd of 25,000 people. Received a New York City ticker tape parade (greater & more attended than Lindbergh's).In 1938/39 receives…The Harmon Trophy : Harmon Trophy - WikipediaIf you're an Aerospace pioneer, you want to win this trophy. It’s awarded to an aviator, aviatrix, or aeronaut who is recognized as accomplishing the world's most outstanding achievements in aeronautics.The Collier Trophy : Collier Trophy - WikipediaIf you’re an aerospace business entrepreneur pioneer, you want your company to win this trophy! It’s awarded for “the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America”.The Congressional Medal : Congressional Gold Medal - WikipediaThe well known American medal is awarded to individuals “who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture”.Designed & built the H-4 Hercules (“Spruce Goose”). The largest plane ever constructed, largest flying boat ever built & flown successfully & the largest wingspan of any aircraft ever flown (in human history) until April 13, 2019.In 1952, designs & builds gigantic helicopter called the “Flying Crane”.Was on the cover of TIME Magazine 5 times between 1948 and 1976.This guy was a true dare devil pioneering legend that achieved greatness…I call that STRIKE Three for Mr Musk.He doesn’t come close to this kind of historical infamy, having been achieved by rolling up his own shirt-sleeves and accomplishing things himself, by actually sitting your own arse in the hot-seat of the thing that you designed & built yourself.Finally, we get to the meat-in-the-sandwich - the Corporate business empire.You’re thinking, ha! We have you now!Elon Musk is going to blitz Howard Hughes. No-one is as smarter, more entrepreneurial, more of a risk taker, and more successful at risky business than Elon Musk. - Suck it Howard!No so fast.Howard Hughes personifies today’s modern definition of a Self-made ultra-successful hyper-wealthy Billionaire risk taker entrepreneur.He created an empire of company’s horizontally spanning multiple industries that have endured in some-form-or another after 6+ decades from being founded.Many of his companies operate today as subsidiaries (having been acquired) and are part of many Mega Global corporations like GE, Boeing, NewsCorp, 21st Century Fox, DirecTV, AT&T, Raytheon and GM.They make products and services that the Hughes companies pioneered, innovated & invented from nothing but “an idea on a napkin”. Billions of people, business and governments still use & rely-on Howard Hughes products every day…without even knowing it. - 50+ years later.Below is a quick look at some of the companies in the Howard Hughes business empire.#0 - The Hughes Medical Institute. - HHMI : Howard Hughes Medical Institute - WikipediaA medial research institute that also double-operated as a crafty non-profit ‘Parent umbrella holding company’ with ownership of many key Hughes companies & subsidiaries, so as to pass-down full Tax exempt status to all other Howard Hughes business below it. Very crafty! - (the American IRS challenged this craftiness and lost). - Did I mention that Mr. Hughes was a legend?HHMI today, has a US$22 Billion endowment2nd-wealthiest philanthropic organization in the United States2nd-best endowed medical research foundation in the worldIt was formed by Howard Hughes with the goal of “Understanding the genesis of life itself”.Hughes Aircraft companyGrew in 6 years from 4 employees to 80,000 employees & 3,300 Ph.D.s.that’s a startup with 2,000,000% growth rate. 250,000% growth in its 1st-year, doubling that rate every year for the next 5 years. - No Silicon Valley company has ever come close to that.Largest employer in Southern California, at one time.added 10,000 employees in its 1st year, doubling that every year.in 1953 had US$600,000,000 in government contracts. Which was so big that the US govt measured it as a % of American GDP.Hughes Aerospace Groupbuilt atmospheric entry probe carried by the Galileo spacecraft for the close-in study of the planet JupiterHughes Space and Communications Groupbuilt the world's 1st Geosynchronous satellite - SYNCOMbuilt the 1st Geosynchronous weather satellite - ATS-1Design & built Surveyor 1, which made the 1st soft landing on the MoonDesign & built Pioneer Venus, which performed the first extensive radar mapping of the planet Venusbuilt nearly 40% of all commercial satellites in service worldwide in 2000Hughes Communication GalaxyThe world's biggest supplier of commercial satellites)...now Boeing Satellite.Hughes Space Systems DivisionHughes Aircraft Ground Systems GroupInvented the Air Defense Systems including NORADprovided defense and air traffic control systems globallyemployed 15,000 people, generated revenues of +$1 billion per yearHughes Electronicseventually became PanAMSat,Hughes Tool Company (“ToolCo”) - awesome namePioneered dramatic innovative (previously unseen) improvements in Oil Rig rotary drilling.At age 19…Howard Hughes Jr. inherited a majority controlling share interest in ToolCo from the co-founder; his Dad (Howard Hughes Sr.) in 1924 . Howard Jr convinced his family/relatives to sell him their remaining shares as well, gaining full control over all shares.Howard Hughes Jr, used this successful company to fund his business expenses & many of his future enterprises.ToolCo became Baker Hughes, Inc in 1987 & IPO’d on the NYSE.Baker Hughes was acquired in June 2017 by GE for US$30 Billion & is now part of the global conglomerate, GE. It now trades as ‘Baker Hughes GE’. - 3rd largest Oil Field Services company in the world.2017 Revenues: US$22.8 Billion (Baker Hughes GE : BHGE (NYSE)Hughes Helicopter aircraft division.Acquired by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems, then Bell Helicopters and now also part of Boeing Vertical Lift.Pioneer of many successful helicopters. Especially that one from the TV show Magnum P.I. (the Hughes 500)Hughes Research LaboratoriesNow part of Raytheon.1st Laser was developed & produced thereRichard Feynman held a long series of standing weekly seminars there.Hughes Network SystemsNow a subsidiary of EchoStarPart of Hughes business empire empire eventually became the Delphi Automotive Systems...(now Aptiv PLC). One of the worlds largest auto parts company’s.Hughes Missile DivisionA military contractor that produced missiles for the US government such as the Tomahawk Cruise missle & the AIM-4 Missile (first operational guided air-to-air missile)Advanced Cruise Missile, Standard missile, Stinger missile, PhalanxTWA Airlines - (Transcontinental & Western Air)2nd unofficial carrier of USA, after PanAmAcquired by American Airlines10,000+ employeesRKO Pictures - (RKO Radio Pictures, Inc)One of the Big Five studios of the Hollywood Golden eraProduced 2 of the most famous films in motion picture history: King Kong and Citizen Kane.KLAS-TV StationOwner of the North Nevada Air terminalnow Las Vegas McCarran International AirportOwner of 6 Casinos in Las VegasOwner of 5 hotels in Las VegasDessert Inn, Sands Inn, Frontier, Castaways, Silver slipperOwner Nevada Mining company(Many of the companies referenced became massive and were broken-up & sold off. Some were even secretly bid-for in secret government contractor processes, not know to the public tax payers).I gave you just a small snapshot of the legendary empire that Howard Hughes created over his lifetime.The above list is by no means extensive or complete.Due the the long history that many of his highly successful pioneering business’ have endured and the complex details surrounding their multi-decade operations, ownership & legacy…some of details may be slightly inaccurate in a few places. - It would be difficult (nearly impossible) to document the full extent & entirety of his business empire.So that’s STRIKE four for Elon Musk.He’s an amazing modern entrepreneur, but his business accomplishments pale in comparison to Howard Hughes. - who was truly an entrepreneurial genius & a wildly successful business legend, who created more “Billion Dollar companies” than you can count. - 50+ years before Silicon Valley became popular.Circling back to the original question:“Would you consider Elon Musk to be our generation’s Howard Hughes? Why or why not?”Answer: No - Elon Musk is not even close.To be fair, we probably wont know the real answer for another 50 years. To give him a fair-fighting-chance. But…on an age-by-age accomplishment comparison…at age 47, Elon Musk is seriously running behind schedule and slipping behind Howard Hughes quickly. By-the-day. (not catching up).Today, he’s no modern-day Howard Hughes.Mr Musk may be a bit of a modern day hero…but Howard Hughes is a true died-in-the-wool entrepreneurial mega-legend.Heros get remembered, but Legends never die.”

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Supplies LtdAluminium Rainwater GoodsAluminium Roofline Products LtdAluminium Roofline SystemsAluminium Windows & Doors LtdAluminiumParkAluprof UKALUSID Sustainable SurfacesAlutecAlu-TimberAluzen LtdAluzion LtdAL-Vac UK LtdAlvin Industrial LtdAlwitra, Product of ICB (Waterproofing) LtdAM Fabrication (Northern) LtdAM System LtdAMAC Engineering LtdAmadeus Acoustic SolutionsAmari InteriorsAmarocAmazedAmazing Emporium International LtdAmazing GratesAmazing Stretch CeilingsAMB Sports LtdAMB UKAmbar Kelly LtdAmber & Pearl LtdAmber PrecastAmber UPVC WindowsAmberol LtdAmbiance BainAmbience Hardwood FlooringAmbient AirAmbient Concept LtdAmbiental Technical Solutions LtdAmbiente Underfloor HeatingAmbiflex LtdAmbiRad LtdAmbition BlindsAmbiusAmblaamBX UK LtdAMEC Capital Projects - Building ServicesAmerex Fire International LtdAmerican FlooringAmerican Hardwood Export Council (AHEC)American Institute of ArchitectsAmerican Pride Carpet CleaningAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers IncAmerson LtdAmertec Building Products LtdAmesbury Renewable Energy LtdAMF Services LtdAMH Group LtdAmicus Environmental LtdAmina Technologies LtdAmity Insulation ServicesAML Architectural ProductsAmmique LtdAmo Blinds & Fabrics LtdAMO Security ShuttersAmorim (UK) LtdAMP Air ConditioningAMP Fab LtdAMP Wire LtdAmpair Energy LtdAmpetronic LtdAmphibia UK LtdAmple Heat LimitedAmpteam LtdAMS Fabrications LtdAMS Group LtdAMT Heating LtdAMTECH Power Software LtdAmtico InternationalAmvic IrelandAMX UK LtdAMYTIS®Anaplast GreenockAnator SASAncestral Windows & Conservatories LimitedAnchor Fast Products LtdAnchor Systems (Europe) LtdAncient Mariner FurnitureAnconAncorite Surface Protection LtdAnd So To Bed International LtdAndel LtdAnders+Kern UK LtdAndersen/Black MillworkAnderson O'Day Fine ArtAnderson, GEC LtdAnderton Concrete LtdAndreu WorldAndrew Crace DesignsAndrew Engineering LtdAndrew Holt PhotographyAndrew James Interiors LTDAndrew Jaynes LtdAndrew Martin VisualisationAndrew Moor AssociatesAndrew Muirhead & Son LtdAndrew Webb MetalworkAndrews Air ConditioningAndrews Coatings LtdAndrews Fasteners LtdAndrews Office FurnitureAndrews Sykes Hire LtdAndrews Water HeatersAndy Thornton LtdAndy Whitelaw JoineryAnelay, William LtdAnfang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.Angel Interiors (UK) LtdAngle Ring Co LtdAnglepoise LtdAnglia Composites LtdAnglia Concrete LtdAnglia Factors (Ipswich) LimitedAnglia Fireplaces & Design LtdAnglia Handling Services LtdAnglia Land Surveys LtdAnglia Lead & Roofing LtdAnglia Lime CompanyAnglia OfficeAnglia TelecomsAnglian Architectural LtdAnglian Building ProductsAnglian Carpets LimitedAnglian Chemicals LtdAnglian Group plcAnglian Pumping ServicesAnglian WaterAnglian Windows LtdAnglian Windows Ltd (Technical Window Films)Anglo Building Products LtdAnglo European TradingAnglo Recycling Technology LtdAnglo Roofing LtdAnglo-European Stone LtdAnglo-Nordic Burner Products LtdAngus Fire, trading name of Kidde Products LtdAngus Firth DesignAngus Macrae Interiors LtdAngus-Air LtdAnhydritec LtdAnil Metal DesignAnixter Component SolutionsAnker Contract CarpetsAnki Chimney SystemsAnna Casa InteriorsAnna Morgan LondonAnne & Robert Swaffer LtdAnne Kyyro QuinnAnnicom LtdAnping County Ai Rui Metal Wire Mesh Co LtdAnping Fresh Expanded Metal FactoryAnping Glory Wire Mesh Products FactoryAnping HongSheng Steel Grating FactoryAnping Konhta Razor Wire FactoryAnping Lingus Steel Grating FactoryAnping Razor Mesh Fence FactoryAnping VicalAnping Wingle Filter Element FactoryAnroe Electrical LimitedANS Brass LtdANS Group GlobalAnsador LtdAnsell Jones LtdAnson Concise LtdAnthony de Grey Gardens, Trellises and Garden LightingAntiference LtdAntique Bathrooms of Ivybridge & MarlboroughAntique Baths of IvybridgeAntique Bronze LtdAntique Buildings LtdAntique Stone Co LtdAntocks Lairn LtdAntolini Luigi & C SpAAntonio Almerich SLAntron carpet fibreAntron Security LtdAnvil Foundations LtdAnvil Metalworks LtdAnyscale LtdAOP PRECAST CO.,LTDAoYong Glass Fibre Fabrics Co., LtdAP Gooch LtdAPA Systems LtdApavisa Porcelánico SLAPC Architectural Plaster CastingsAPCO UKApeer DoorsAperam Stainless Service & Solutions UK LtdApertureApex AluminiumApex Electrical (Leominster) LtdApex EngineersApex Lifts and Escalator Engineers LtdApex Shelter Systems LtdApex Steel Structures LtdAPi CommunicationsAPI STONE LTDAPL Aerial Platforms LtdA-Plus Windows & Doors LtdAPMG LtdApollo Fire Detectors LtdApollo Insulation LtdApollo Lighting LtdApollo Radiators LtdApollo Scaffold Services LtdApple SolutionsApple Sound LtdApple Tree FloorsApplelecapplicArt Specialists of Polished PlasterApplication Solutions LtdApplied Power Services (South Western) LtdApproved ShopfittingApreco LtdApropos Tectonic LtdApropos UKAPS Aegis LimitedAPS Security & FireAPT Bespoke JoineryAPT Controls LtdAPT Timber UKApton PartitioningAqata - Luxury Shower EnclosuresAQS Pools & SpasAqua Cooling Solutions LtdAqua Cure LtdAqua Cut UK LtdAqua Fortis Roofing SolutionsAqua Hygiene Products LtdAqua Jet Profiles LtdAquaBarrier Systems LtdAquabilityAquabocciaquabrand.com, trading name of Aquabrand Bathrooms LtdAquacair LtdAquaCare LtdAquacast Fabrications LtdAquaco Water Recycling LtdAquacut LtdAquadronAquaductAquafabAquaflex LtdAquaflow Regulators LtdAqua-GateAqualine WellnessAqualisa Products LtdAquality LeisureAquality Trading & Consulting LtdAqualuxAquaplus Solutions LtdAquaporin A/SAquarend LimitedAquarian Cladding Systems LtdAquarius Home ImprovementsAquaseal RubberAquastat LtdAquaTech LtdAquatekAquatherm Sales UK LtdAquatic BathroomsAquatrac (UK) LtdAquatreat Group LtdAquatrust Water & Ventilation LtdAquila DesignAquobexArab-British Chamber of CommerceArabesqueAram ContractsArboles UK LtdArbor Forest ProductsArboricultural AssociationArboritec ABArbtechARC Building Solutions LimitedArc Lighting LtdArc Linea Arredamenti SpAARC Roofing SuppliesARC Window FilmsArcelorMittalArcelorMittal Commercial Long UK LtdArcelorMittal SteelArch Technik LtdArch Wire Mesh Product FactoryArcher & Smith LtdArcher Stone RestorationArchimaArchimageArchitects Registration Board (ARB)Architectural & Metal Systems LtdArchitectural & Specialist Door Manufacturers AssociationArchitectural Association (AA)Architectural Bronze CasementsArchitectural Cladding Association (ACA)Architectural Components LtdArchitectural Contracts LtdArchitectural Doors and Windows LtdArchitectural FX LtdArchitectural Hardware Solution LLPArchitectural HeritageArchitectural Heritage FundArchitectural Heritage Society of ScotlandArchitectural Lead and Metalwork LtdArchitectural Lighting and Controls LtdArchitectural Lighting WorksArchitectural Lighting Works LtdArchitectural Metal Finishing Consultancy (AMFC)Architectural Metalwork Services LtdArchitectural Mouldings LtdArchitectural Paint Products LtdArchitectural Patterned Stainless LtdArchitectural Plastering LtdArchitectural Profiles LtdArchitectural SalvageArchitectural StoneArchitectural Street Furnishings part of WB White FoundryArchitectural Textiles LtdArchitectural Window FilmsArchitecture Sans Frontières-UK (ASF-UK)Architen Landrell Associates LtdArchitexturalARCO LtdArcolectric Switches plcArcon Engineering CoARCON SolarArcova (UK) LtdArctic Glass UK LtdArden Windows LtdArdenoak Fire LtdArdern Hodges LtdARDEX UK LtdArdosia SlateArea Rugs and Carpets LtdAreco LtdAreen Stonecraft LtdAremcoArena SeatingArena StructuresArena Sun Control Systems LtdAreva T & D UK LtdArge Starkholz SalzburgArgonaut Powder Coating LtdArgus FireAria Telecom LtdARI-Armaturen UK LtdAriel Plastics LtdAries Power Solutions LtdAriostea SpAAristech Surfaces LLCAriston Thermo UK LtdAriterm OyArizon structures LimitedArjo UK LtdArk Profiles LtdArk Shopfitters LtdArk Stained Glass & Leaded Lights Ltd.Arkas LtdArken Display LtdArkinstall LtdArlen Electrical LtdArlington Worksurfaces DirectArmac Manufacturing (Brassfounders) LtdArmacell UK LtdArmada Door HardwareArmadale Doors & LeadlightArmadale Doors & LeadlightsArmadale UK LtdArmafixArmashield LLPArmatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration LimitedArmco Barrier SuppliesArminoxArmitage ShanksArmorgard Security ProductsArmour Group plcArmour Home ElectronicsArmour Plastics LtdArmour RoofingArmourbrite, trading name of HPH LtdArmourcoat LtdArmoured CoatingsArmstead TradeArmstrong Ceilings LtdArmstrong Commercial Laundry SystemsArmstrong Holden Brooke PullenArmstrong PriestleyArnold LaverArnold Wiggins & Sons LtdArosa SignsArpa UK LtdArpa UK LtdArper SpAArridge Garage DoorsARRK Europe LtdArro-Cad LtdArromax Structures LtdArroSignsArrow Industrial Group LtdArrow Timber FramingArrow Valves LtdArrowhive Movable WallsArsanit UK LimitedArt Contact LtdArt Forma (Furniture) LtdArt Windows and Doors LtdArtcoustic LoudspeakersArtemide GB LtdArtemis Conservation LtdArtex LtdArtform Urban Furniture LimitedArthritis CareArthur Hough & Sons LtdArthur Sanderson & Sons LtdArtichokeArtichouse UK LtdArtificial Grass GBArtificial Grass LtdArtificial Grass OnlineArtificial Grass ProductsArtifort LtdArtillus - Ways2display LtdArtiqArtisans of DevizesArtistic Ironworkers Supplies LtdArtistic Licence Engineering LtdArtistry In IronArtolisArtorius FaberArtRatioArts Council EnglandArturoArtworks Solutions LtdArTzu GalleryArun Energy LtdArun EnvironmentalArundel Stone Sussex LtdArup AcousticsARW Transformers LtdAs Clean (UK) LtdASA Steel Structures LtdA-Safe (HQ) LtdAsarotaASBA Architects LtdAsbestos Consultants to the Environment LtdAsbestos Control & Abatement Division (ACAD)Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA)Asbestos RemovalistsAsbestos Removals AustraliaAscensionAsco Extinguishers Co LtdAsco LightsAscom Wireless SolutionsAscot Doors LtdAscot SkylightsASD ArchitecturalASD Lighting plcASD plcASD Westok LtdASG Stage Products LtdAsh & LacyAsh & Lacy Perforators LtdASH Door Furniture & Entrance Specialists LtdASHAPURA STEELAshbrook RoofingAshburn Carpets LtdAshdown Sales LtdAshfield StoneAshford AwningsAshford Carpet CleanersAshford Commercial LtdAshgrove Energy LtdAshley & Dumville Publishing LtdAshley Flooring LtdAshton Seals LtdAshwell Engineering Services LtdASI GroupASI Solutions plcASLIB, ASLIB provides training and development for busy information professionals in key aspects of information work.Asme Engineering LtdAsney Scagliola LtdAspect ExhibitionsAspect RoofingAspect Roofing ServicesAspect Windows (Western) LtdASPEN by Canal Engineering LimitedAspen Windows LtdAspex UK LimitedAsphaltic Co (Cornwall)Aspire Eco Energy LtdAspire Group 360 LtdASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems LtdASSA ABLOY Hospitality LtdASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & IrelandAssab Laboratory FurnitureAssegai Security LtdAssembly Solutions LtdAsset FinelineAsset International LtdAssist UKASSMANN Systems FurnitureAssociated Joinery Techniques LtdAssociated Laboratory Services (UK) LtdAssociated Lead MillsAssociated Metal (Stainless) LtdAssociated Perforators & Weavers LtdAssociated Plastic Components LtdAssociated Stairlifts Get Your FREE Guide To Buying Stair liftsAssociated Steel Window Services LtdAssociated Stone Group LtdAssociation for Consultancy and EngineeringAssociation for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)Association for Geographic Information (AGI)Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA)Association for Project Management (APM)Association for Project Safety (APS)Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management (ARTSM)Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (ASCHB)Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE)Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS)Association of Building Engineers (ABE)Association of Consultant Architects (ACA)Association of Cost Engineers (ACostE)Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA)Association of Fencing IndustriesAssociation of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS)Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers (ALEM)Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA)Association of Noise Consultants (ANC)Association of Play Industries, Div of Federation of Sports & Play AssociationAssociation of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC)Association of Tank and Cistern ManufacturersAssociation of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS)Association of Wholesale Electrical Bulk Buyers Ltd (AWEBB)Assurity ConsultingASTA BEAB Certification ServicesAstley SignsAston Matthews LtdAstor-Bannerman (Medical) LtdAstracast plcAstral (UK) LtdAstral Conservatory SystemsAstralux Blind SystemAstro Lighting LtdAstrofade LtdAstroflame Fireseals LtdAstrosport LtdAsturiana De Laminados, SAAstute LightingASUCplusAT ClimatisationATAG Heating UK LtdAtag UKATB Systems LtdATC Specialist Coatings LtdATC Traditional Timber Floors and Doors LtdAtcost WindowsAtdecATEC EnvironmentalATG Access Ltdatg UV TechnologyAthena TelecomAtherton & Partners LtdATK (UK) LtdAtkey and Company LtdAtkinson & KirbyAtlantic Air ConditioningAtlantic BoilersAtlantic CSP (Wells) LtdAtlantic Plastics LtdAtlantis AV Solutions LtdATLASAtlas ConcordeAtlas Contract FurnitureAtlas GroupAtlas Industries (Vietnam) LtdAtlas Planning Group LtdATLAS Sp. z o.o.Atlas Ward Structures LtdAtlasco Constructional Engineers LtdAtmos Heating Systems, Div of Skaino Atmos LtdAtmosphere Contracts and DesignAtomSvetAton UK LtdATP Instrumentation LtdAtral (UK) LtdAtrimAtrium LtdATS Interiors LtdAttenborough Doors LtdAttic 2 (Wales) LtdAttleys Roofing LtdAtworkAuburn HillAudicomPendax LtdAudience Systems LtdAudio Design Services LtdAudio InsightAudio Visual Machines LtdAudioworks (north west) LtdAuditoria Services LtdAufora LtdAugust BiocleanAugust Bioclean UK LtdAugustusdecoAuld Valves LtdAumüller UK LtdAura Corporation LtdAura Custom Solutions LtdAura GraphicsAura Long Life Lamps LtdAuraglowAURO UK - Natural Paint SupplierAurora LtdAurubisAurum Alloys Engg. LLPAustin Luce & Co LtdAustin Taylor Communications LtdAustin Trumanns Steel LtdAustralian BusinessAutex Acoustics LtdAutex Australia Pty LtdAuthentic Straw Bale Construction LtdAutodesk LtdAutogate SuppliesAutogate Systems LtdAutograph Sales LtdAutokitchenAutomate Turnstiles and BarriersAutomated Access SolutionsAutomated Control Services LtdAutomated Environmental SystemsAutomated Smart HomesAutomatic Access LtdAutomatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA)Automatic Doors Suppliers AssociationAutomatic Entrance Systems LtdAutomatic Retailing (Vending) LtdAutomatic Systems Equipment UK LtdAutomatic Systems UK & IrelandAutomatic Vending AssociationAUTOPA LimitedAutoquench LtdAutron Products LtdAutumn (UK) LtdAV Concepts LtdAV Plastics LtdAvantGarde DoorsAvanti SystemsAvatan Handling Equipment LtdAVC LtdAvdon Bristol LtdAVELAvena Carpets LtdAvenir Roofing LtdAvent Interiors LtdAvenue Coatings, Div of Avenue GroupAverly SAAvery Dennison Graphics DivisionAVEX Multiroom & Home Cinema Technology LtdAviation Environment Federation (AEF)AVK/SEG (UK) LtdAvko LtdAvoca FloorCareAvocet Engineering Services LimitedAvocet Hardware plcAvon BarrierAvon Cobblestone Co LtdAvoncraft Roofing ServicesAVS Fencing SuppliesAW Carpets LtdAWA Refiners LimitedAward Specialised Leadwork & PlumbingAWE (Anderson Water Equipment) LtdAWS Ocean Energy LtdAX DistributionAxair Fans UK LtdAxalightAxalta Powder Coating Systems UK LimitedAxess 2 LtdAxia Architectural LtdAxim Architectural HardwareAxiom Group LtdAxisAxis Automatic Entrance Systems LtdAxis Fire & Security Services LtdAxis GlassAxis HouseAxis Scotland LtdAxis StabilisationAxminster Carpets LtdAxtell Perry SymmAxter LtdAylesbury Damp CureAylesbury Local CleanersAypex RoofingAyres TarmacadamAyrshire Metals LtdAyton ProductsA-Z SecurityAzimex Fabrications LtdAzon UK LtdAzro LtdAztec PlantsAztec Umbrella Systems LtdAzur Solar (UK) LtdAzure Cleaners Trafford Ltd.

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