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PDF Editor FAQ

How many musicals can you name?

Jesus Christ SuperstarNatasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812WickedThe Phantom of the OperaLes MiserablesNotre Dame de ParisSweeney ToddChicagoOnce on this IslandSweet CharitySomething Rotten!Shrek the MusicalSound of MusicEvitaCats42nd StreetNext to NormalHairHamiltonIn the HeightsA Chorus LineBook of MormonGypsyYentlFiddler on the RoofDear Evan HansenAn American in ParisMy Fair LadyThe Addams FamilyIf/ThenChessGhost QuartetInto the WoodsBilly ElliotPirate QueenFalsettosSunset BoulevardSomething funny happened on the way to the Forum1776 the musicalMiss SaigonPippinCompanyJekyll and HydeLove Never DiesGreaseRentLegally BlondeWaitressKiss me KateMamma MiaAmelieAmerican PsychoA gentleman's guide to love and murderThe ProducersThe last 5 yearsRocky Horror Picture ShowKinky BootsAnnieBare: A pop OperaHeathersMean GirlsIllyriaPlay on!Anything GoesFunny GirlMoulen RougeAnastasiaThe Little MermaidBeauty and the beastZorbaThe King and ITitanic the musicalSpongeBob SquarePantsStarlight ExpressLittle Shop of HorrorsOliver!The colour purpleSinging in the rainThe light in the PiazzaFirebringerHarry Potter the MusicalDoctor ZhivagoDreamgirlsMatildaSchool of RockA Bronx TaleLion KingCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryCabaretCandideHairsprayWest Side StoryAlladinIt Shoula Been YouSunday in the Park with GeorgeGroundhog DayOnceCarouselBurlesqueNineI highlighted my favourite ones :)

Who is your favorite fictitious character and why?

I have a whole list:- Blade (Blade trilogy)- Ed (Ed, Edd N Eddy)- Abed Nadir (Community)- Tommy Dawkins (Big Wolf On Campus)- Hannibal Lecter (Silence Of The Lambs)- R.L Stine (Goosebumps)- Daryl Van Horne (Witches Of Eastwick)- The Monster (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)- J.P Valkanheiser (Nothing But Trouble)- Angela (Night Of The Demons)- Maestro (Michael Jackson's Ghosts)- Carrie White (Carrie)- Annie Wilkes (Misery)- Freddy Krueger (NOES franchise)- Tall Man (Phantasm)- Jareth (Labyrinth)- Kira (Dark Crystal)- Skeksis - in particular Skeksil (Dark Crystal).- Morticia (Addams Family/Addams Family Values)- The Mayor (Nightmare Before Christmas)- Zuni doll (Trilogy Of Terror)- Barbara and Adam Maitland (Beetlejuice)- Flabber (Beetleborgs)- Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)- Xena (Xenaverse)- Autolycus (Xenaverse)- Mileena (Mortal Kombat)- Anna Valerious (Van Helsing)- Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Batman Returns)- Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)- Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)- John J.Rambo (Rambo series)- John Spartan (Demolition Man)- Felicia (Darkstalkers)- Irena (Cat People 1982)- All of the Disney Princesses.- Princess Fiona (Shrek series).- Sherman Klump (Nutty Professor 1996)- Maximillian (Vampire In Brooklyn)- Marsha Quist (The Howling)- Eva Ernst (The Witches)- Prince Vlad/Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula)- Seth Brundle/Brundlefly (The Fly 1986). I feel so bad for him.- Audrey II (Little Shop Of Horrors). If there was a real toy of this character, i'd totally buy one.- The Hessian Horseman (Sleepy Hollow). No other version of the Headless Horseman can top Tim Burton's version - sure the tv show tried but that died as soon as they gave him a backstory, for there is no horseman that compares to the ever infamous Hessian Horseman from Burton's version (although i'm pretty sure I saw some of his relatives in one episode of the TV show though, I think they're the witch type characters with the sharp teeth) simply because this version of the Horseman is so terrifying, yet badass and alluring at the same time. Oh...and when he's got his head on...he's Christopher Walken. And you KNOW when Walken is on screen, he has your undivided attention. It doesn't matter what the movie is about, you could put Walken in it and it would instantly become a LOT cooler. This is the only Walken character who doesn't talk, in fact he just growls and roars but he's still badass though. I have numerous pictures I did on Imvu and Heromachine of heroines and actresses becoming turned into female versions of him and being hypnotized, have done an entire RP storyline about my character being cursed to become him, have that storyline get made into a set of stories, done several Hessian Horseman tf stories including ones of my character becoming him, have had dreams of becoming this character (as well as various other Walken characters and Walken himself), have an undead character who is basically a vampiric version of Christopher Walken as a combination of The Hessian and Gabriel with Max Zorin thrown in. Let's just say this guy is the first Walken character to put me under their spell, although the first one to successfully entrance me and make me their thrall was Gabriel..especially after seeing that shot of his eyes in the church scene...let's just say I had dreams of becoming Walken ever since I saw that scene. There's even a caption on a blu-ray review website that says 'Stare for more than a minute and you turn into Walken at 55:07' (if anyone has that movie on DVD or Blu-ray, I double dare them to do that, oh and if it works - they'll have to reply to me as Walken). The Hessian has particularly hypnotic eyes as well which make him not only eerie but alluring as well. Raaawr! *snarls ferociously*- Archangel Gabriel (Prophecy trilogy). The first Christopher Walken character to successfully hypnotize me and put me under their spell, it started with the church scene and Gabriel talking to Thomas, and the eyes...those eyes. Did I mention how alluring and hypnotic Walken's eyes are? They truly are. There's even a caption on a blu-ray review website that says 'Stare for more than a minute and you turn into Walken at 55:07' (if anyone has that movie on DVD or Blu-ray, I double dare them to do that, oh and if it works - they'll have to reply to me as Walken). I have had dreams of becoming Walken or one of his characters to this very day ever since I first saw that movie, of course I always wake up disappointed to find I am not Walken. My dreamsona can best be described as a Walken but he's a Walken in human form who can shapeshift at will but uses his human form as a disguise of sorts, from what I understand he's apparently some sort of 'Were-Walken' so to speak - or at least that's what they call him. In these dreams he's basically the thrall of the Walken who turned him, who is in fact Walken himself. It's just that well...the transformations always tend to be near the end and that makes me sad, because they are the coolest part next to the hypnosis scenes. I remember the one scene where a full blood moon comes out and we see my character's hand slowly shifting as the skintone on it becomes pale and his hand becomes vampiric and Walken-like with very pronounced knuckles and very long claw-like fingernails, oh and the numerous scenes of my character sporting hypnotic blue eyes and sharp, pointed Hessian-like teeth. Sometimes the change starts with the voice becoming like Walken's voice as well, sometimes even hissing or roaring/snarling in a Hessian-like manner. But I do wish he wouldn't be so resistant to the Walken's influence though, but luckily that resistance of his easily fades once the Walken works his powers on him. So yes, Gabriel definitely increased the power Walken has over me.- Machete Cortez (Machete/Machete Kills). It's not surprisingly my character in my dreams has a second story-arc in which he becomes Danny Trejo or one of his characters because well...who wouldn't want that? Machete here is a badass and also one of the most awesome action heroes ever. True, some may find the fact that nothing can destroy him a bit over-the-top, but keep in mind that it's implied he is vengeance itself. And no he's not a Gary Stu, he's also technically not undead either.- Katrina (Vamp). Like the Hessian, Katrina does not speak. She hisses seductively, snarls and laughs evilly but she doesn't speak, she lets her seductive dance moves speak for her, played by the one and only Grace Jones...she's one vampiress who you wouldn't want to mess with.- Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn)- Peina (The Addiction).'s Walken.- Akasha (Queen Of The Damned)- Megamind (Megamind)- Akivasha (Kull The Conqueror)- Thulsa Doom (Conan The Barbarian)- Zecora (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)- Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend)- Lady Amalthea (Last Unicorn)- Lee (Critters 2) - oh and Ug too.- Carrigan Crittenden (Casper)- Captain Gantu (Lilo and Stitch)- Chairman Drek (Ratchet and Clank)- Joe (Help, I'm A Fish)- Bruce Wayne/Batman (DC) - but in particular the animated series version, Old Bruce from Batman Beyond and of course Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton Batman movies.- The Joker. Particularly Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill's versions. But Kevin Michael Richardson was good too.- Seth Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn). Oddly enough i've dreamed about my character turning into him twice, not as much as I have with my character turning into Tom Savini's character though but still.- James Bond. In particular Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as well as Timothy Dalton.- Mr Bean (Mr Bean)- Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder)- Cat (Red Dwarf)- Puss In Boots (Shrek series/Puss In Boots)- Puss In Boots (Canon version). Because Christopher Walken.- Dexter Morgan (Dexter)- All of the Muppet characters.- Nos-4-A2 (Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command)- Tigra (Marvel)- Mystique (X-Men)- King Sombra (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)- Queen Chrysalis (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)- Tirek (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)- Discord (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)-Angel/Angelus (Buffyverse)- Buffy Summers (Buffyverse)- Shaun (Shaun Of The Dead) - oh and Ed too.- Julie Walker (Return Of The Living Dead III)- Trash (Return Of The Living Dead)- Sil (Species franchise)- Otho Fenlock (Beetlejuice)- Iron Jay (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)- Mr Brain (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)- Beyondo (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)- Soo (Sooty and Company). I have done a lot of anthro pictures of her just like with Nutsy from Blinky Bill.- Evil Jay (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)- Crimson Chin (Fairly Oddparents)- Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story trilogy and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)- Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)- Shrek (Shrek series)- Lord Farquaad (Shrek)- Tulio and Miguel (The Road To El Dorado)- Rasputin (Anastasia).- Doctor Nefario (Despicable Me 1 and 2)- Trinculo (The Tempest 2010)- Prospera (The Tempest 2010)- E.B (Hop).- Vinnie (Biker Mice From Mars)- Lawrence Limburger (Biker Mice From Mars)- Jerry Dandrige (Fright Night 1985). There is only one Jerry Dandrige and it's this guy...they tried in the remake but the remake made him more of an animalistic killer and that's not what Jerry is like, everyone knows Jerry is seductive and charismatic.- Constance (Taz-Mania)- Demona, David Xanatos, Puck and the Manhattan Clan (Gargoyles)- Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer (Seinfeld)- Waffle, Gordon, and Mr Blik (Catscratch)- Selene (Underworld)- Elvira (Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark)- The Dark (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds music video Aka What A Life)- Regine Dandrige (Fright Night II)- Cassandra (Wayne's World 1 and 2)- Jake and Elwood Blues (The Blues Brothers)- Cheese Sandwich (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)- Hobson (Arthur 2011)- Lillith (Bordello Of Blood)- Scar (The Lion King)- David (The Lost Boys)- Edna Turnblad.- Stirba (Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf).- Maleficent (Maleficent)

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