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CocoDoc has made it easier for people to Customize their important documents on the online platform. They can easily Tailorize according to their ideas. To know the process of editing PDF document or application across the online platform, you need to follow this stey-by-step guide:

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Windows users are very common throughout the world. They have met a lot of applications that have offered them services in modifying PDF documents. However, they have always missed an important feature within these applications. CocoDoc aims at provide Windows users the ultimate experience of editing their documents across their online interface.

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CocoDoc has brought an impressive solution for people who own a Mac. It has allowed them to have their documents edited quickly. Mac users can fill PDF form with the help of the online platform provided by CocoDoc.

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Mac users can export their resulting files in various ways. Downloading across devices and adding to cloud storage are all allowed, and they can even share with others through email. They are provided with the opportunity of editting file through multiple ways without downloading any tool within their device.

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Google Workplace is a powerful platform that has connected officials of a single workplace in a unique manner. If users want to share file across the platform, they are interconnected in covering all major tasks that can be carried out within a physical workplace.

follow the steps to eidt Schedule P 540 on G Suite

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PDF Editor FAQ

What World War II myths are still believed today?

There are a good number of them. Let’s start with:Myth Number One: The Sherman tank was badly outclassed by its opponents—especially German panzers—and was a death trap for its crews.Context was never as important as it is when discussing the merits and the shortcomings of the M-4. There are all kinds of down in the weeds details that tank historians and armored warfare specialists can get into, but no matter how you slice it, the Sherman’s bad reputation in some histories (particularly the earlier postwar works) was mostly undeserved and inaccurate.In the first place the M-4 was a medium tank. It was not conceived as, nor was it meant to fight as, a heavy or main battle tank. It was primarily intended first for infantry support—a role in which it excelled—and then, if necessary, to fight comparable or lighter enemy armor, at which it was also very effective. For taking on the big enemy tanks, the US Army of that era had what it called “tank destroyers”, which were a sort of fast, self-propelled, heavy antitank weapon mounted on a tank chassis.M4 Sherman Tank FactsM36 tank destroyer - WikipediaA Recent Photo of a Standard Configuration M-4 Sherman Tank. The Radio Antenna, Tank Commander’s 50-Caliber Machine Gun, and Other Equipment Have Been Removed But This Machine Is Otherwise Typical of the Most Numerous Basic Variant of the Sherman.The M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer Featured an Open Top 90mm Gun Turret Mounted on an M4 Chassis and Drive Train. The Main Gun Was Also Used in the M26 Pershing Heavy Tank.Although American tank destroyers were generally successful, it gradually became clear that in most cases, tanks themselves were the best weapon to use against other tanks.Which brings us back to the Sherman. Was it outclassed against the biggest and best German machines? Well, yes. But again we are talking apples-to-oranges. How well do most middleweight boxers or MMA fighters do against heavyweight opponents? Some will win, some of the time, but more often the bigger, stronger, heavier fighter prevails. It was the same in WWII with the Sherman.However, heavier and better armed variants, such as the M4A3E8 aka “the Easy Eight”, the M4A3E2 “Jumbo”, and the British-modified “Firefly” were competitive even against the best German armor. It was a Firefly that destroyed the Tiger tank commanded by the greatest Wehrmacht tanker ace, Michael Wittmann.Sherman Firefly v Tiger - Joe Ekins v Michael WittmanMichael Wittmann Stands in the Commander’s Coupola of His Tiger Tank While Heading for Combat in France Following the Allied Landings in 1944.“Michael Wittmann - The Death of Germany's Tiger Tank Ace”, a Historical Documentary Video From the Mark Felton Productions YouTube Channel.This M4A3E2 Heavy Armor Sherman Tank Was Refitted With a 76mm High Velocity Main Gun. Machines of This Type Were Often Able to Defeat The Best German Tanks.Even standard Shermans could sometimes prevail if they were able to position themselves for a kill shot at closer ranges against the thinner side plating on most panzers, particularly if they were using relatively rare tungsten-reinforced armor piercing shells.The M-4 also proved to be effective against Russian-built North Korean T-34s during the Korean War, and upgunned Israeli “Super Shermans” were still blasting more modern Egyptian and Syrian machines from the battlefield during the 6 Day War in 1967.Now: were uncomfortably large numbers of Shermans, particularly the earlier models, destroyed by more powerful German opponents? Yes. Was the M4 helpless against them and a death trap for its crews? No, especially when later versions appeared in 1944–45. So, let’s move on from this myth.Myth Number Two: the Me-262 Was Invincible and Germany Would Have Won the War If More Had Been Produced Sooner.The Messerschmidt 262 “Schwalbe” (Swallow) Was the World’s First Effective Jet Fighter.The Me-262 was certainly impressive, and when flown by the Luftwaffe’s best pilots, it tore numerous American bombers to pieces. Yes, it was too little, too late, but if only Hitler hadn’t meddled in its production, the Germans would have had thousands of them a year or two earlier and that would have been that for the Allied strategic bombing campaign. Right?Wrong.Although definitely an improvement over propeller driven aircraft, the 262 was not quite the quantum leap forward that many believe today. Its maximum speed of about 540 mph was not dramatically better than the mid-to-high 400s achieved by late war Allied types, and the first generation turbojets that powered the German machine were a maintenance nightmare. I read somewhere a number of years ago that some P-51 Mustangs were field modified to make them lighter, and that these could reach 500 MPH in level flight. I don’t know if that is true, but it would not surprise me. P-51s used in non-military configurations in post-WWII air races reached 520MPH-plus, though again this was with the benefit of modern technology and at a far lower weight than when fully loaded in wartime.P-51 Mustang PerformanceThe point being that the German jet was not night and day faster than existing Allied piston engine fighters, which could be altered to close the gap somewhat. But even stock fighters were far from helpless against the 262, which was vulnerable when taking off and landing at far lower speeds than when it was attacking Allied bombers. Large numbers of 262’s were either shot down during takeoff and landing or destroyed on the ground by bombing and strafing attacks.In addition, both the RAF and the USAAF developed their own jet fighters during WWII. Although the British Gloster Meteor did not fully mature until several years later, had the war continued we can safely assume that the bugs would have been worked out sooner. Meanwhile the excellent American Lockheed P-80 would have given the 262 all it wanted, and then some. It was also a beautiful aircraft in my opinion.The Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, Shown Here With Wingtip Extra Fuel Tanks, Entered Service at the Tail End of WWII.In short, the Me-262 definitely rode the wave of the future, and it was a nasty surprise for the Allies when it first appeared and for some time afterwards. It was good, to be sure. But it wasn’t great.This leads us to our third and final myth: the US Bluffed Japan Into Surrender Because it Didn’t Have Any More Atomic Bombs in the Wake of the Nagasaki Mission.Actually, the bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the first ones produced by the Manhattan Project. They were the second and third, respectively. The first was expended in a test detonation code named “Trinity” near Alamagordo, New Mexico, in July 1945. The fourth was already complete even as the second combat mission was hitting Nagasaki on August 9th. All of these devices except the second were Fat Man plutonium implosion bombs.The Trinity Test — link goes to video footage of the Trinity atomic bomb testAccording to several primary source documents, the third atomic bomb used in combat would have been dropped on the Kokura Arsenal in Japan on or about 19 August, 1945. Again, this bomb had already been manufactured (though not yet fully assembled until it would have reached the B-29 base at Tinian Island in the Marianas chain) and was already making its way through the logistics pipeline on its way to the Pacific.William Pellas's answer to Where did they first try to drop the atom bomb but couldn't drop due to bad weather?The following transcript of a telephone conversation between Colonel L. E. Seeman and General John Hull indicates that at least seven (7) more atomic bombs would have been manufactured by 1 November, 1945—the date on which the invasion of Japan itself was scheduled to begin. It is not clear from the conversation whether Seeman was talking strictly about the Fat Man type and not whether any additional Little Boy bombs might also be ready, but I think this is likely given two memos from General Groves that mention one or two of the latter type also being completed ahead of Operation OLYMPIC. Lyle Seeman, US Army Corps of Engineers, Served as a Special Assistant to General Leslie Groves, the Top Man in the Manhattan Project in WWII.Note that Groves had previously sent a memo to Joint Chiefs Chairman General George Marshall concerning the faster than expected completion of the third Fat Man bomb: gave consideration to the then-new atomic bombs as tactical weapons in support of OLYMPIC, and had in mind to use 9 of them for that purpose. This presumably meant that he had added Seeman’s estimate of 7 Fat Man bombs to Groves’ mention of 2 Little Boy types. Keep in mind that these are estimates, and under wartime conditions it is entirely possible that even more would have emerged prior to the invasion. I have seen figures as high as 14.Early Thinking about Tactical Nuclear Weapons on JSTORIn any case, the United States had more nukes coming. A lot more. So there was no bluff whatsoever.

What is the difference between IIT and BITS Pilani?

Thanks for the A2A. I partial dropped from BITS Pilani to IIT Bombay. So I guess I'm eligible to answer this question. I have used IIT Bombay as reference for comparison, but almost all these facts hold good for the other 4 top IITs (i.e. IIT D,K,M,Kgp) as well.Competition & intelligence: Both colleges attract top minds of the country. However, I found competition in IIT Bombay >>> BITS Pilani.Club activities: Cultural, Sports and Tech clubs are equally active and dynamic in both institutions. One thing unique to BITS Goa is the club outings (going to beaches/treks during the weekend to have fun and interact with other club members).Academics: 1st year schedule at BITS is much more hectic than that at IIT Bombay. There are more no. of courses and 6 day week in BITS. (IITB has 5 day week). Semesters are also roughly 20 days longer in BITS than IITB. IITB has tougher academics only because of the excessive competition (relative grading is bad xD), else the system here isn't that hectic.General rules: BITS has a strict campus in-time policy. Students must be inside the campus before 10.30pm, except if you have an outstation slip issued by the warden (I never liked this rule :D). Whereas, you can go out and come back at any time in IITB. Girls and boys can enter each others hostels before 10pm at IITB, but such a thing is not allowed in BITS.Location: Depends from person to person. I personally love being in a big city. Hence I'd say location wise, IITB (even IITD, IITM)>>>>>>>> BITS Pilani/goa/hyd (also IITK, IITKgp). Right outside IITB is the posh Powai area in which you can literally get everything!!!! Furthermore, nearest local train station is just 2.5km away, from which you can go anywhere in Mumbai easily. There’s also metro work going on right in front of IITB. BITS is in the middle of nowhere, which didn't really suit me (Lot of people like it that way though, as it has its own perks).Placements: IIT Bombay has a slight edge in this. Nevertheless, BITS has amazing placements too! Finally depends on the individual rather than the college, in my opinion.Infrastructure & Facilities:. Hostels: BITS >>>> Old IITS. Mess food : BITS ~= IITB …… Sports complex: IITB > BITS. Academic block: IITB ~ BITS. I’m a swimmer. Hence, I always dreamt of a swimming pool being there in my college. The top 5 IITs have large and well-equipped pools. Coming to BITS, Pilani campus has one I guess. Goa and Hyd are still yet to get swimming pools. Furthermore, both institutions have markets and stationery shops to cater to the daily needs of its students. Coming to electricity supply, BITS (Goa) used to face quite a lot of power cuts (especially during exam time :P). On the other hand, IITB (or for that matter, even Mumbai as a city) very rarely faces power cuts.Laundry facility: Almost every hostel in IITB has laundry facility (incl. ironing) at very reasonable rates (~₹15 per bucket) in addition to a washing machine and dryer being there for almost every floor of the hostel. BITS also has a common laundry store, although the prices are a bit high (~₹10 per shirt).Gender ratio: Female to male ratio is 1:5 in IITB and roughly 1:11 in BITS (Goa). I believe BITS Hyd has a 1:4 ratio, but I’m not sure.Coding culture: BITS has an excellent coding culture. Huge no. of GSoC selections as well. You’ll find here that almost everyone takes coding very seriously. IITB has a fair coding culture too, but not that much into competitive coding.Weather: Comfort depends from person to person. IITB, IITM and BITS Goa have a warm and humid climate throughout the year, whereas BITS Pilani, BITS Hyd, IITK have extremes and are very dry. I generally prefer the former because in case of the latter, it becomes quite difficult to wake up in winter mornings and attend lectures (or do any activity, for that matter).Attendance: BITS has a complete 0% attendance rule. However, labs and some tutorials have some marks allotted for attendance. Few courses keep surprise quizzes as well. IITB has a 75–80% attendance rule in a few courses (that too only from 2nd year).Fees: BITS >>> IITB. The fees is roughly 4.4 lakhs per year at BITS as of now (increases by 15% every year). It is about 2.7 lakhs at IITB. However, both institutes award scholarships for those who seek for financial aid.Senior - Junior interactions: Great at both places. Freshies are literally pampered at IIT Bombay. Also in BITS, since there’s nothing much outside the campuses, a very unique bond forms between seniors and juniors within the campus. BITS and IIT both have a mentorship programme in which a group of freshies are assigned to a senior mentor. The mentor provides guidance to the freshies and handles their issues. Note: You are expected to call you seniors by NAME at IIT Bombay, whereas it is preferred to call them as “bhaiya/didi” in BITS.Campus size: (IIT Bombay - 540 acres), (IIT Delhi - 320 acres), (IIT Madras - 630 acres), (IIT Kanpur - 990 acres), (IIT Kharagpur - 2200 acres), (BITS Pilani - 980 acres), (BITS Goa - 188 acres), (BITS Hyd - 250 acres).Internet Facilities: Both institutions have good wireless internet access in addition to LAN facilities in every room. However, there is a daily limit in BITS (which is about 5gb currently) whereas there is UNLIMITED internet available at IITB.Reservation: Literally the main topic in every BITS vs IIT discussion! So let me add my views… BITS boasts of having 0% reservation. Hence, the intelligence is somewhat more uniformly spread over the crowd. Coming to IIT, yes… there is reservation. While some might feel that they’re not deserving, I have seen 3 categories of such people. (a) One category who work very hard once they come into IIT to prove themselves (and get a good CGPA). (b) 2nd category consists of those who can’t cope up and end up dropping out after the 1st year, leaving seats vacant for branch change. (c) The 3rd category is what is an issue. It consists of those who poorly perform but still stay in IIT wasting time (Although there are only very very few people like this). Furthermore, I’d say that roughly 85% of the people can speak fluent English in IIT Bombay (compared to nearly ~99% in BITS).Research: Based on my experience, I felt that research culture is very good in IITB (and excellent in IITK). Quite a lot of people (inc. me) are inclined towards research here. BITS has an okayish research culture. I've seen that most (not all) of the crowd here mainly aim for coding/CS related jobs.So that's what I've observed. Feel free to add more points or ask anything else in the comments section. Thank you for reading!EDIT 1: I’ve tried to be as objective as possible. Anything that doesn’t seem right to you is purely based on my personal experience and opinions, which need not be the ultimate fact.EDIT 2 (addition to point no 17): A word of advice for those readers who couldn’t get their dream college/branch in IIT. Please stop the blame game. Reservation was not responsible for your failure. You were. Make peace with it and move ahead.

How is your NEET-2020 preparation going with a 4 month delay in exam?

Heyyaa!!I am Sarabjeet Singh, and I am answering this question via my elder brother's quora account. (As you know, He is 2nd-year MBBS student - Dr. BSA medical college). This is my first answer on quora, so let's dig in.So, I just completed my +2 ,and expecting my boards result very soon. So this year will be my first NEET attempt and hopefully the last attempt. Fingers crossed.From the beginning of the 11th, I started my preparation. I didn't join any institute, rather I joined the Allen dlp course and Aakash itutor because I hate spending time on traveling, following their schedule and I prefer self-studyingEverything was going well. I was giving my dlp tests weekly (Allen + Aakash), gave my boards, were attempting some other mock papers and this pandemic happened. Finally i got to know wtf is pandemic :pInitially there was lot of chaos. I was like what will happen now, how am I going to do everything, what about my one board exam left .. blah blah. Eventually I released, this is the ideal situation for me to rub my ass off. This lockdown is actually working in favour of my preparation.But Issue was what about the dlp exams ? I contacted them regarding this that how they are going to deal with this. Soon, Allen released its free Drill test series and soon Aakash also shifted to online test series. My elder brother told me that this is not going to end soon as we all were wishing (still wishing) but this was bitter truth and he asked me to focus on my studies because this pandemic is going to bang us.So yeah, I continued studying as earlier. I finally prepared a schedule somewhat of around 8-12 hours a day, keeping multiple breaks within, alotted time to each subject as they needed. I am very good at time management and following it too. I also do some exercises in morning.My main source of study currently is my notes I made throughout my +2, and thanks to my brother actually because He made into the Med school after studying hard and his experience, knowledge and his some special notes and mnemonics actually helped me alot. Now even if I have any doubt, he is just sitting in front of me :p, not going to college because of this pandemic. I, the whole day be like - Veerji, yeh samjha do. Veerji, yeah kaise krenge (Bro, please explain this na. Bro, how to solve this question)Etc etc . Btw I call him Veer Ji, which means elder brother (Veer means brave).Other than Allen and aakash online tests, i have previous year papers from these institutes itself and other too. I use Gradeup App and Doubtnut App too. Also attempting the mock tests released by NTA.My most well prepared subject is actually Physics and the subject with which I am struggling the most is biology because obviously NCERT is not enough and sometimes it's so boring. I am scoring around 280/360 on average in biology.I daily attempt atleast one paper and rest of the time revision and checking up on my mistakes. Most of the time, my score is above 570-600 but somedays my score are like You can't do anything, you dumbass (530-540). But I don't feel dishearten by these scores and always just try to perform better next time.I have some friends of Aakash institute, I talk to them on regular basis, asking about their preparation, scores they are getting, solving each others doubt. And I think NEET is like a journey and going alone is difficult. So just talk to your friends!So, studies are must but we just can't keep on studying all day. Atleast i can't. So I started watching my first series - The Big Bang Theory and I am loving it.I don't what going to happen next but I believe that currently, I am on right track. On the way to slam the NEET.As I said this pandemic is working in favor of my NEET preparation but the thing is, not only in my favor. Especially for those students who actually weren't that much serious about giving NEET, some students with a huge amount of syllabus left and those who are actually prepared and just doing revisions and tests, at the same time irritating for most especially Repeaters. IDK what will be the difficulty level of this year's NEET paper but competition is going to be Cut-throat!!Let's keep these thoughts aside and focus on our preparation. May the deserving kids win.Happy preparations. Best of luck.

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