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How do I improve my writing skills for the UPSC?

Answer writing is the most important and crucial factor which can make or break your result. The amount of knowledge that you have matters, but what matters more is how well you can Convert that knowledge into good answers. People who are giving 5–6 th attempt have much more knowledge than what I could have, but are unable to properly do answer writing.Writing good answers does not come in a day. Its a long drawn out process, but one that is definitely rewarding in the exams. I was also very bad at answer writing in the beginning. It took a lot of work to improve my answers.Having scored 122 in GS2 and 145 in GS3, I think you could use the general strategy I used to improve your answers as well.I had written answers on Insights Secure Initiative for about 2 months from Dec 2016 around, under my own name Tushar Gupta. The platform is very beneficial as you learn how to write answers very quickly by looking at the good answers, imbibing their good factors and then writing your own answers. Simply reading the answers on the platform does not help. So write.Writing answers yourself before reading anyone else is the right way. Yes you can definitely use internet to supplement your knowledge on the topics that may be new for you.WRITING ANSWERContent Building will happen as you read newspapers and Vision IAS booklets.Remember that you have around 9 mins to write each answer worth 12.5 marks. question papers.1 min should be spent on understanding what the question is demanding out of you. Pay a close attention to the end terms - Analyse, Critically analyse, Discuss etc as these have different demands in terms of answers.In answer, structuring is very important. A good introduction gives a good first impression and a good conclusion ensures that you give a last good impression before the examiner marks you.Answer writing is as much about content as it is about perception creation.IntroductionDo not write more than 2 lines here - 20 -30 words.Here you can put - Data, Definition, or a simple introduction can be made. Eg : If there is a question on Disabilities, you can mention that India has around 2.2% disabled population.Main Body of the answer.It can have Advantages/Disadvantages, Reasons in favour and against, among others.Use simple language. Flowery language is not required and will only consume extra time.You can write in paragraphs or in points. It is completely upto you. It also depends on the question. But wherever possible I used to write in points and make those points short and sweet. This gives a very organised look to your answers which is definitely rewarded.Do underline important and key words in your answers. Practice such that you are trained to underline as you write the word instead of coming back to underline it as your will not have time for reading your answer again.Always keep a balanced answer. Never go to any extremes and in no answer should you go against the government in a very critical way. Always go for constructive criticism. Understand that no govt is perfect and steps are being taken to ameliorate the situationYou can use headings like - Advantages and disadvantages, etc.Make your answers neat and clean and which clearly express demarcation along the lines of various parts of the answer.ConclusionA way forward should be put here which should be a balanced one and which definitely reflects optimism. It should be in the sense that even though there may be problems but by doing this and this it can be solved.- Eg -> India is facing an acute shortage of colleges which can compete at a global scale. Setting up an HEFA is a step in the right direction to make India more vibrant in terms of better research facilities and universities and can help reduce the brain drain.Keep noting down key terms like Minimum Government, Max governance; Vibrancy of the democracy; Plural and secular nature of our constitution among others so that you can fit them into your answers conclusions to make them more colourful and optimistic.Miscellaneous :The most important point which cannot be overstated is that you need to complete all answers in the Mains test. Dont go after those who say that I will write 18 answers but write them good - this would be the single biggest blunder which could cost you your attempt. Your answer writing practice has to be such that u are able to complete all 20 questions in 3 hours.My number of attempts also increased from 14 —> 20 over the course of writing the mocks.Try to draw tables, maps, pie charts - something interesting in the answer which is RELEVANT will fetch u extra marks. It takes up a lot of space and also makes your answer look more interesting. For Eg: In GS1 paper we had this question on JUNO Spacecraft. I knew some content for the answer, and in the rest I drew the diagram of the Spacecraft as I could recall that in the exam.Change the size of your handwriting such that you are able to fill the complete space given for the answer, as it gives a perception that u definitely couldn’t have written less words - and acts s a positive re-enforcement in the mind of the examiner. It is as much a game of presentation of work as much it is of content.Relevant introductions and conclusion (of not more than 2-3 sentences) do get noticed and can be rewarding if done in a correct way.Attaching some of the answers which I had written on Insights when I was still in the process of learning. Will upload the VisionIAS Test series soon.Best of Luck !

Bart Ehrman claims Jesus didn't call himself God because the Gospel of John was written later, and John is the only place we find these claims. Is he right that Jesus didn’t call himself God except in John?

This always frustrates me, because it falls into the fallacy of equivocation. It is true that the early Church did not refer to Jesus as “God” until the end of the first century, but that is because their definition of “God” changed, and not because their views on the Deity of Christ changed.In the Hebrew Bible, God is named Yahweh. However, he is also described by the title Elohim. In Greek translations of the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh is replaced by Kurios, and Elohim is replaced by Theos.In the first few decades following the crucifixion, the early Christian community unequivocally believed that Jesus was Yahweh, the very God of Israel. Everywhere you see the word LORD (all caps) in most English versions of the Old Testament, the early Church believed that it was talking about Jesus of Nazareth. We see this in the letters of Paul, as well as the anonymous book of Hebrews, each of which repeatedly quotes passages about Yahweh from the Old Testament and applies them directly to Jesus Christ. We also see this in the fact that Jesus is constantly called Kurios Christos, or (borrowing the language of the Septuagint) Yahweh the Messiah. The Deity of Christ was already firmly established Christian doctrine in the earliest Christian writings, within twenty years of the crucifixion.However, the Christians also made a distinction between the Father and the Son. Again, following Septuagint usage, Jesus was called Yahweh (Kurios) or Yahweh the Messiah (Kurios Christos), while the Father was called Elohim the Father (Theos Pater), Elohim, or simply The Father.At that time, both Kurios and Theos fit our modern notion of “God.” However, this fact is obscured by the more literal translation of Yahweh/Kurios as “Lord” and Elohim/Theos as “God.”By the end of the first century, Christians started using the word Yahweh/Kurios exclusively in reference to Jesus Christ, but the word Elohim/Theos was more broadly applied to either Jesus or the Father.Technically, we can say that the early Church did not believe that Jesus was Theos, because the word Theos, at the time, meant the Father. However, as the word Theos expanded to include the entire godhead (what we would call “God”), Christians began applying it selectively to Jesus Christ as well.In other words, the first generation of Christians certainly believed that Jesus was God, but they didn’t start calling him Theos until after the Christian community started using the word Theos to mean “God” (as we use the word today).

Why do conservatives view CNN as a very liberal biased news source?

I am going to answer this question, as simply as possible. Then, I’m going to add details, so you can spot the bias for yourself at home!Why do conservatives view CNN as a very liberal biased news source?For the same reason that Liberals view FOXNews as an extremist, right-wing conservative-biased news source?Because they are. Like…. super biased. More biased than most people even realize, and most people "KNOW" they are biased.How do I know they are biased?There are two aspects of journalism: Reporting and Opinion. Once upon a time, these two things never coincided. Reporters reported, and Opinion Editors Wrote op-eds. It was considered anathema for a journalist to add “commentary” on a piece of news reporting. This is, unfortunately for us and our general love of Taxonomy, no longer the case. But I’m going to proceed as if it were for a few moments.In reporting, simply reporting “facts” did not make you “unbiased”. But it ensured, as much as is possible, accuracy. For a reporter, there are only 3 things that matter: Speed, Detail, and Accuracy. S/he who gets the biggest, error-free story first, wins (providing that they don’t miss any details.) It’s a simple game, and a thrill if you’re a journalist. However it requires you to ask some questions: What is a “big” story? If I report that a dog saves a child, that might be a big story. But if that child is the re-incarnate Dalai Lama, that could be considered bigger. But is it bigger than the stock market dropped 400 points in a week because of a diplomatic incident where the ambassador to China released a report on the nation’s intent to withdraw from a trade agreement?The answer is “It depends”. It depends on who your audience is and how important they think the story is. It depends on how expected or unexpected the event is. It depends on who your editors are. It depends on how the information will impact society. It depends.Now every day…. EVERY. GODDAMN. DAY there are events that happen. In the U.S. 6775 people (on average) die every day. There are currently 61 armed conflicts (i.e. military actions happening between 2 or more ORGANIZED governmental or non-governmental groups) happening around the world resulting in 45,000 fatalities this year! In 2003, there were also 175,000 published books (Excluding self-publishing, pay-to-print). More recent estimates put that number closer to 500,000). Hollywood released 125 films to theaters. Over 650 different artists released a Top 200 Song in 2016. Also, George Clooney got into a motorcycle accident. As will over 100,000 other motorcyclists this year.My point is that there is a lot of things happening. Reporting of facts can become overwhelming. There’s no way that you the viewer could drink in all of the facts of all of the events that happen. So Editors have to curate what gets published each day. They do this by determining what stories are “newsworthy”These events are not “news”. These are just events. They matter to someone, but that doesn’t make them newsworthy.Newsworthiness weighs 5 major factors: What Makes a Story Newsworthy?1. TimingA story with only average interest needs to be told quickly if it is to be told at all. If it happened today, it's news. If the same thing happened last week, it's no longer interesting.2. SignificanceThe number of people affected by the story is important.3. ProximityStories which happen near to us.Note that proximity doesn't have to mean geographical distance. (It could indicate national, cultural, or social proximity.)4. ProminenceFamous people get more coverage just because they are famous. (My thoughts go out to you, George.)5. Human InterestHuman interest stories appeal to emotion. They aim to evoke responses such as amusement or sadness.(As I said earlier, these are all dependent on the audience as well, so the Wall Street Journal is going to look a lot different than ESPN, which will vary drastically from TMZ. )This is where BIAS comes into play. As an editor, you get to determine which stories are newsworthy. By default, that means that, since you have a limited amount of space, nothing that doesn’t fit is (newsworthy). whomp whomp.You only had space to publish 3 stories, so you covered immigration politics, the Thai cave rescue, and Elon Musk? Sorry, India, your Supreme Court’s taking a case on the decriminalization of gay sex is not newsworthy.India’s Supreme Court Considers Decriminalizing Gay SexAnd I —because this is what I do— can see your bias in what you choose to display. Let me show you what I mean.A bias is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasonable.”OITE Careers BlogPublishing reports on Sports is not biased if I’m ESPN. That’s a reasonable decision based on the publication mission statement. The same goes with with publishing only stories about women in the Ladies Home Journal. Or about police activity in a crime blotter.(“But Ivan,” I hear someone saying, “the definition says ‘a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling or opinion…’; the “especially” isn’t needed.Thank you for your comment. In the definition, the use of the word ‘especially’ implies that the definition is not quite as precise as some would like it to be.Words are, in themselves, tautologies: they are themselves and can only be themselves. But definitions are approximations of meaning.Brother is “brother”. Not only in what it means in context, but in its function, in its spelling.And necessarily in its connotation. [Try saying, “That’s Jon, the son of my mother and father,” and see if you don’t get an follow up questions.]If I was typing a report and wrote, “Donald Trump was a a political leader who sought support by appealing to popular desires,” I think that it would likely be agreed with. But if I wrote, “Donald Trump was a demagogue.” There would be a lot of reaction. One of those things is not like the other.Why? Because a definition, while it can indicate the meaning of a word, can not encapsulate it entirely.THUS, in the case of “bias,” assuming that the definition is directing the reader to a place of “I wonder what that word means,” to “Ohhh……..”, the definition gives a broad brush stroke indication of the meaning, and then emphasizes one particular element in which the connotation plays a significant role.Otherwise, it would have been more appropriate to use the wordInclination: a person's natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.But we did not use ‘inclination’ because the connotation in the word ‘bias’ is essential.But thank you for allowing me to address this important point.)If I were to publish reports about sports, but ignore women’s sports, even when my audience was saying, “Hey, where are the scores of the WNBA game from last night?” or if I were to publish stories about the Broadway but ignore anything that referenced Lin Maunel Miranda. [seriously, Hamilton came out 3 years ago, and still people can’t stop talking about this show: Lin-Manuel Miranda and William Daniels Talk Hamilton, 1776, Mr. Feeny, and More | Playbill], that would be a bias. One could could make the case that I was not just displaying a tendency, but displaying an irrational one.Not all biases are conscious. Some are. But the irrationality or the prejudicial aspects of bias make it a problem. Not the having of a particular inclination.THAT BEING SAIDCNN and FOXNews are totally biased. Their bias is not a function of their opinion pieces (which are incredibly partisan) or their corporate mission statements. They are the products of their editorial decision making and reporting.I’ll give you one example from each.Firstly, according to CNN, Trump is the MOST IMPORTANT thing happening today.Of the 23 links on the front page, his name is in 8 of them. This is an editorial choice. There were a lot of things that happened today. This is a disproportional representation.Next, let’s look at the three featured stories:The one front and center is Trump = American Idiot. That’s not even news, if we think of news as reporting on events that have happened. Instead, this could be described as preview? “Teen plans to eat record-breaking number of hotdogs” is fundamentally different than “teen eats record-breaking number of hotdogs”. If it not “news” (according to Ivan, which… I’m tired, and this is long… it’s not news. ), what is it? bias conditioning. This is the job of media, it delivers messages. Remember above, when I said that timing plays a role in newsworthiness? and if it isn’t a story today, sorry?Well, that’s not always true. becauseGreen Day fans bid to get American Idiot to UK Number 1 for Donald ...The Sun-Apr 29, 2018The Facebook page, called "Get American Idiot to No.1 for Trump's State Visit", ... Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong hasn't hidden his hatred of Trump and ...…This “story” came out in The SUN over 2 Months Ago.Remember when I said that thing about proximity being important? This is about a song from 20-ish years ago making a resurgence in the UK. It’s been picked up, and released months later, over the thousands of other stories that actually are happening today (and are actual news) to make a point: Donald Trump is a stupid, post-90’s, oh-my-god-why-was-everything-so-emo-then, villain.The center column is filled with words that are aggressively disparaging or weighted: “Reality Show—Criminal Sentencing—Bowed to Elite— Foreign clients….Bad, crazy, POTUS DT.CNN is crafting a story, just through headlines, and every good story needs a villain to loathe. Unlike reports, where individuals are allowed to form their own opinions about the data presented and say, “Wow, this seems terrible!” (or not), good stories lead the audience to feel and think what the author intends.Our story has two parts, both about non-white parents and children and their struggle to be reunited after facing terrifying circumstances. Different factors involved, but essentially the same stakes.On the right, Thailand. Father hugs his rescued son. A bitter-sweet ending to a harrowing experience (my thoughts go out to the family of the diver who perished during the rescue). This is the happy hopeful sides of the story that makes you have faith in miracles and hope in a general goodness.On the left, the US government fails to reunite children they snatched (that’s a loaded word too!) from their parents. They are the facilitators of justified “child abuse”, terrorizing refugee children who, according to the president, deserve it.(NOTE: because we read from left to right, your eyes likely began at the middle story, read the one on the left, then went to the one on the right. In case you didn’t, they made sure to make the font and picture on the left bigger.)The editors are not stupid. The layer emotions of contempt, then outrage, then the warm sympathetic feel-goodness that comes when there’s a happy ending. “Where’s our happy ending?” CNN readers cry out! “REUNITE THE CHILDREN!”Notice how many of the words are chosen because each elicits an emotional response from its readers: Emotional, Child Abuse, Terror, Hugs, hope, whimper. They are evocative. The page is being used to create a tumultuous effect within the emotions of the reader. I would suggest that in the editorial meetings, the goal was to trigger that animalistic/maternal instinct to protect our young from dangerous predators.If that if the case, this is an example of how successful manipulation can be done simply using layout and word choice.(Note: Even the signifiers demonstrate bias:“Opinion: In Trump’s Court Pick, Who Won”, the word opinion is added so the reader knows that the content they are clicking on is not reporting. This is correct.“Santorum: Trump Bowed to Elite With Pick” is equally responsible: They attribute the source of the inflammatory opinion so that the reader will know that the link takes them to reporting. Reporting of an opinion, yes, but they’re just the messenger.“Kavanaugh is a Scripted End to a Reality Show” - CNN has demonstrated elsewhere on this page that they understand the importance of the practice of distinguishing between opinion and reporting. But here they didn’t do it.The implication is that the “reality show” article is factual reporting.)All of this is evidence that CNN is biased. It’s not just left-leaning, like the Washington Post. It’s not just punditry, Like MSNBC. It’s opinion and rhetoric, disguised as news, designed to outrage rather than to inform.CNN’s tone has a hysterical quality that rivals Breitbart, and they strive to be as manipulative as FOX. I find the factual reporting to be accurate, but even that is mixed among the opinions, which are not clearly labeled, so that it becomes difficult for the average reader to easily distinguish between news and editorial.If you want a run down on Fox, I will defer to the funny guy.Everything Wrong with Fox News - Last Week Tonight with John OliverThe other side of Journalism, Op-eds, will require a whole ‘nother post.(Read Lawfare, it you want to read some good, thoughtful (as opposed to reactionary) opinion writing.)The real question I have to ask, however, is, “Are CNN and FOXNews Even News Sources?”I would answer that with a, “No, they are not”. They certainly report some news items, but that is not their primary purpose, anymore than it was the Daily Show’s purpose. (Do you remember the time he attacked Tucker Carlson?! Classic! Le Sigh.)I will also add that each one is something that the other is not. Believing that CNN and FOXNews are news sources is analogous to believing that Instagram photos and The National Enquirer both depict real life.Post-truth politics - WikipediaEDIT: For sources of actual, you know, news, I would recommend: PBS News Hour. HANDS DOWN. THIS WHAT NEWS SHOULD BE.Also, Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, and please, for the love of your civic duty, read your local paper.NPR is nice to listen to, and CSPAN gives you unfiltered, unvarnished politics.For actual news, with partisan opinion writing, NYT, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Nation, The Economist, Foreign Policy.[Edit: Thank you all for your fantastic conversation, shares, and updates. There are so many interesting and respectful points of view. I think it is wonderful to see how many people care about understanding bias, and holding news sources accountable.]

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