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How to Edit Your Powder Burn Rate Chart Online

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PDF Editor FAQ

Would anyone reload with red dot for .357 to use in a carbine rifle?

It is easy to find reloading manuals, and they give charts of how fast powders burn. Get 2 or more manuals, or use the manufacturers online recipes and compare them to a published recipe from a bullet manufacturer. Many manuals give thorough directions on how to choose a bullet and powder to get what you want. Due to its fast burn rate, if a manual does list Red Dot for a .357 load, it will be for a short barrel pistol. Carbine loads will be shown with powders with slower burn rates. Burn rates must be given consideration if you wish to stay safe. Call the manufacturer if you have questions which the manual does not seem to cover.

Why do firearm cartridges use low explosives (smokeless powder) instead of high explosives?

Because modern ammunition has different specifications for each cartridge fast to slower burning. Generally SAAMI specifications dictate.Just like different engines are designed to accept different fuels.But for safety and optimum performance, more varied burn rates are needed to match a particular caliber. See chart. (Note that a particular caliber will have multiple choices of powder, but will be within a burn rate range)Also they are classified as propellants and not explosives such as C4.Hope this helps.

Are there any gun powders for 9mm-.45ACP cartridges that can burn up entirely for smaller, compact barrels?

Sure there are! Although whether you can reload with it is another story… some people stick to only published sources whereas others are a bit more adventurous and able to develop their own load data (that doesn’t mean it’s reckless or unsafe when done with the greatest level of caution and precision!).Fast powders that are likely to work (I can’t confirm as I don’t own an autoloading 45 caliber) that comes to mind are: Titegroup, Bullseye, Clays, Win 231 and Red Dot. Some of those do have published load data for 9mm and 45 acp, others may not. And while some loads will cycle autoloaders, it is not a guarantee that it will cycle in your specific handgun.I am a handloader, which means in addition to using published data (reloading) I can also develop my own data, sometimes from scratch. This is not something everyone is capable of or is comfortable doing- getting it wrong, as in too much powder or pressure, is potentially catastrophic! Likewise, while lesser charges will shoot the bullet out of the barrel, there may not be sufficient power left over from shooting the bullet to cycle your specific handgun. For example, a 9mm load mating a 100 grain flat nose with 3.1 grains Titegroup will cycle my Hi Point and Tokarev 9mm’s, but not my Glock 19 9mm. Finally, sorting out 95% and all-burnt, where it occurs in the barrel if at all, will probably require some sort of reloading or load development software that can calculate all that, because you’re unlikely to determine that yourself by shooting (testing) the load.I use QuickLoad in addition to reloading manuals and data provided by manufacturers to develop my own custom recipes. In my opinion, without some kind of software to guide you in develop your own loads (in addition to baseline data provided by reliable sources) it’s far too dangerous to attempt making your own custom recipes! QuickLoad does that for me, it is able to calculate potential outcome of a load given a specific case, powder and charge, bullet mass and hardness, seat depth (or OAL). It will make estimates on projectile velocity/energy, powder burn in barrel, pressure in barrel as well as muzzle pressure. The software warns that the calculations are not guaranteed to be accurate- please take extreme caution using any load data generated. It is safer to use less powder to start than it is to use more! Seriously, I’d rather have a bullet stuck in the barrel due to too little powder than my gun exploding from too much powder. One is fixable and doesn’t endanger my life, the other… well I’d rather not have it ever happen!What is common though is that fast powders will do all burnt within a short barrel, increasing the charge will make it burn even faster (as well as increase pressure, so be very careful!), and as bullet mass increases so will powder burn rate!So if you have a 9mm load that already does all-burnt prior to bullet leaving barrel, chances are making it in 45 acp with a heavier bullet it will do the same. Once again, my combination I noted above, the 9mm with 100 gr bullet and 3.1 grains Titegroup does all-burnt in a short 3 or 3.5 inch barrel, making a suitable load using a 45 acp case and heavier bullet you can reasonably expect the same.Getting all-burnt is great for powder efficiency, meaning all the powder charged is combusted to generate pressure to propel the bullet- any powder that isn’t combusted by the time the bullet leaves barrel essentially wastes the powder- it’s not necessarily the best for every purpose or need. It may not make a reduction in noise or muzzle flash, it may not be as powerful as a load that is less efficient, and generally, don’t expect to meet the power factor requirements in competitive shooting.When selecting a faster powder I do find the powder burn rate chart useful… although it only compares relative burn speeds, not actual burn speed when loaded into a case! A working link (PDF): https://www.hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/burn-rate-color.pdf

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