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How does the supply chain of marijuana (ganja) work in India?

India has an age old alliance with marijuana or ganja, however, the usage of ganja is strictly restricted under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 in India barring few allowances for traditional usage (read the holy-men of the Himalayas).To understand the supply chain of ganja, we will need to know some of the legal implications of using the drug-Usage and distribution of all products from the Cannabis plant except bhang are banned by the law in India. This includes the much loved ganja.Currently few Members of Parliament like Mr. Dharamveer Gandhi are trying to have a bill to legalize usage of marijuana, passed in India.Punishment for usage of marijuana can amount to 6 months of imprisonment or/and Rs. 10,000 in fine. So, good luck dealing with the Indian Police or/and courts, if you are a ganja dealer or user !Now that you know the legal ramifications of using and distributing, you will agree that it is definitely a difficult product to push into the market unlike Pilsbury Wheat. Hence, the supply chain is shady and supported by entities with shadier credentials.The Skeleton of Ganja Supply Chain in IndiaLike any other product, the supply chain for ganja follows the same basic structure.But the largest determinant in this entire happy flow, is not the climatic factor or fuel or packaging or even the demand; instead it is the fact that the product is banned by law.You might be thinking why state the obvious ?Good question ! Let me explain the specifics of the supply chain and then maybe you and I will be on the same page.A. Cultivation of Cannabis sativaKey participants : Cultivators, traders and financiers/investors.Most of the commercial cultivators are south Indians- primarily hailing from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh and Odisha are also lucrative places for growing Cannabis.First, the cultivator (mostly tribals in India)- chooses a certain strain of the Cannabis- Purple haze, OG Kush and Afghan Kush being some the common ones. The traders and financiers (mostly the kingpins) from the cervices of darkness, then help them purchase feminized seeds, fertilizers, drip irrigation and diesel-powered generator sets for the entrepreneurial venture.Ganja cultivation has very few requirements namely uninterrupted sunlight, constant supply of water and a humid climate ranging between 24–30 degrees Centigrade. Hence, with an initial investment of approximately 15,000 Rs per acre one could easily get a yield of 100–400 gms of the drug per plant.The dark side at this stage: In some areas, the financiers set aside certain hectares of land for the anti-narcotics cell and police officers to raid. This portrays an image that the law enforcers are acting against cultivators and hence, keeps the productive lands away from raids.B. Harvesting and cultivationGanja is the dried flower of Cannabis plant. Hence harvesting means plucking and de-seeding the flowers. Refinement refers to drying the flowers and grinding them to powder.However, most of the ganja comes into the market in a dried de-seeded version without being ground. The job of grinding into fine powder is left to the consumer. This is helpful since packing compressed flowers is easier than trying to compress a fine powdery version of the same into packets.There has to be a dark side to this stage too: During the refining and packaging process, invariably the traders and cultivators add other dried material such as leaves and grass (not the one that is a synonym for weed!) to increase the total weight of the final pack.C. TransportationD. Distribution( Modus operandi of transportation and distribution )Ganja is the most smuggled drug in India. The Delhi Police claims to have seized 5,000 kg of ganja in the last two years while the amount of smack seized was 143 kg, charas was 254 kg and opium 109 kg.The dark, dark side of distribution: Are we seriously going to discuss it ? This is smuggling !E. ConsumerDelivered home. Rolled. Lit.Dark side: Stoned ! Maybe Bob Marley is your god now.As a supply chain management enthusiast, something that must be feeling amiss to you, is the fact that the cost sheet has not yet been presented. Allow me to do that in an over-simplified excel sheet.If it’s too tedious to process, let me tell you the gist of the sheet- an investment of Rs 2,75,15,500/- per investor on a ten acre land yields a return of Rs 28,12,50,000/- from sales making the investor a whooping profit of non-taxable Rs 25,37,35,00/-Lucrative ?Thinking of quitting that engineering degree to start a ganja farm ?Go to the top and read the legal ramifications and the dark side of each step again. Also keep in mind that India is well equipped with an Income Tax Department and Narcotics cell, that have unprecedented power.If the answer is too long to read just go through the images. They will tell you the entire story.P.S: I don’t endorse marijuana/ganja usage. However, this man might.

How can you learn faster?

“Because Experience is the hard teacher that gives the test before the study guide, the student learns fastest by learning from the GENIUSES who’ve already taken her course,” whispered the wind thru the trees. …1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9IT’S THE TEN COMMANDMENTS TO LEARNING AT “GENIUS” SPEEDI. “EVERY CHILD is in a WAY a GENIUS; and EVERY GENIUS is in a WAY a CHILD”For almost a century now, people have marveled at Einstein’s intellectual feats. In fact, if not in name, if you look up the word genius, notice that listed among its synonyms is one rather “peculiar” addition.Think about that for a second. …Listed along with the usual suspects—brilliance, mastermind, etc—all of which are abstract nouns, there is the last name of an actual flesh and blood person.Think about it. …To put it plainly, so far as intelligence goes, Einstein was the Paul Bunyan of intellects.Ahhh, but just as even the luminous Moon has a dark side, the same holds for genius. After all, saints are born from the womb of sinners.Comedians learn to tell jokes from sorrow.When one foot steps forward, the other foot trails behind.The yin puked out the yang.In other words, the law of compensation, which is universal, not man-made, decrees that every asset must be pregnant with its own liability. For this reason, the world found itself stunned when Einstein divorced his wife and then—chew on this—married his own cousin, Elsa.Yet while the world cast judgements from the outside looking in, Einstein simply closed the blinds. And behind the scenes, as Einstein’s biographer noted, Elsa had become the de facto mother to genius personified.In the classic biography Einstein, Isaacson writes:Einstein was as pleased to be looked after as Elsa was to look after him. She told him WHEN to eat and WHERE to go. She PACKED his suitcases and DOLED out his pocket money. In public, she was PROTECTIVE of the man she called “the Professor.” That allowed him to spend hours in a rather dreamy state, focusing more on the cosmos than on the world around him.Isaacson even notes that Einstein and Elsa didn’t have much of an “intimate” relationship. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a mother/son relationship, I don’t know what does!Of course, if every picture tells a story, then every story paints a picture. Hence had I refrained from adding more “layers” to this word-picture, the painting would be a shoddy one indeed!To put it simply: one doesn’t reach the heights of genius à la an Einstein apart from embracing monomania. For this reason, Elsa justified their peculiar relationship on the grounds that she “recognized the need for keeping all disturbing elements away from him,” a relative noted.After all, what play is to the child, work is to the genius. Both rely heavily on isolation, imagination and purity of heart.Einstein best summed up this first commandment:II. ACCELERATE the LEARNING CURVE BY CONNECTING THE NEW to the KNEWThe philosophers of the world have already said everything really important that needs to be said! After all, there is nothing new either under or over the sun. For this reason, Emerson once griped that “all my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.”Long before Darwin unveiled the theory of evolution by natural selection, Empedocles had already laid the groundwork.Over a century before Copernicus almost got burned at the stake for his blasphemous sun-centered model, Aristarchus of Samos had already unveiled heliocentrism.Even Einstein’s revolution in physics, such as the overthrow of the Newtonian notion of absolute space and time, had long before been articulated by the likes of Immanuel Kant.In short, the second rule decrees: whenever you find something difficult to understand, it simply means you’ve yet to connect the new with the letter “k,” i.e., the linking of the new with what someone already knew.“There is a single thread,” said Confucius, “running through all my doctrines.” And the world’s doctrines too, for that matter.In short, enhance your g factor (general intelligence) by using the following hacks:Get ahold of a quality reference book, such as The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge. Though its roughly a thousand pages, if you read just three pages a day, in a year’s time you’ll have metabolized all its vitamins for thought. And, in so doing, you’ll in effect have secured a firm knowledge base. After all, you can’t possibly hope to connect the new to the knew apart from having secured a reference point.Secure a basic knowledge of philosophy. Keep in mind that science started out as natural philosophy and the first mathematician was also the first philosopher. Heck, even when the student is awarded a PhD, the acronym stands for “Doctor of Philosophy.” In other words, philosophy is the most general discipline of all. Here’s an excellent primer to get ya started: put it best:III. ATTENTION IS THE MOTHER OF LEARNINGOn a sunny day, if you were to dangle a magnifying glass over an ant for a second or two, only to move the glass to some other object the next moment, you’d squander the magnifying power.Ahhh, but if you were to hold steadily that magnifying glass over the ant—allowing the light beam to concentrate on one point—let’s just say in less than a minute you’ll have barbecued ant for a snack!And it is this rarefied capacity to focus with extreme intensity that ramps up learning from normal speeds to that of genius-level—pedal to the metal learning.IV. MEDITATION = MENTAL BENCHPRESSThe fourth commandment supplements the third.Because the brain is nothing but a muscle, that 3 pound organ of ours, which consumes 20 percent of all the body’s energy, must be exercised if in fact your aim is to accelerate learning. After all, the sole function of the body is to carry the brain around.Whether it be mindfulness, single-pointed meditation or merely following the flow of one’s breath, any exercise that strengthens the ability to focus will suffice. Besides, meditation is a form of asceticism (Greek: áskesis, "exercise, training").In short, so far as accelerated learning goes, meditation is to that dreaded Monkey Mind—aka the enemy of the state of mind optimal for accelerated learning—what running is to body fat.How can anyone expect to learn when that monkey is swinging from vine to vine . . . thought to thought?V. EXERCISEThe fifth commandment supplements the fourth.Mens sana in corpore sano . . . this old Latin phrase simply means "a healthy mind in a healthy body."If the sole function of the body is to carry the brain around, well, the brain can be likened to the piano from which the mental music is emitted. If, say, a Mozart were to sit down at the instrument, you might just get a sublime sonata. Yet let a chimp exchange places with the maestro, and the mindless pounding of the keyboard results in racket.In other words, just as the piano to an amateur looks like a big ol’ box of wood, the out of shape body appears similarly when tasked to learn at an accelerated rate.Exercise literally increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain. The result is a marked improvement of the learned “currency” dumped into one’s memory bank. In short, because laziness is to prosperity what salt is to snail—mens sana in corpore sano.VI. BUILD THE GREATEST BRIDGE OF ALLThe sixth command supplements the fifth.Though the dreamer stands on one side and the dream on the other, there’s always the option to crossover on the bridge called WORK.“Opportunity is missed by most people,” noted Edison, “because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”To put it simply, because E = mc2, i.e., energy equals mass, light and everything observable, if your aim is to accelerate learning, the burning of bodily fuel equally has to be accelerated.Ever noticed those NASCAR drivers routinely pull over for pitstops to refuel?From aardvark to zucchini, everything in the world runs on energy. And given the Work-Energy theorem in physics (W = △ K E) simply defines energy as “the ability to do work,” it follows that every such attempt to accelerate learning amounts to treating your body as would Dale Earnhardt the stock-car.VII. BRAIN FUEL aka BRAIN SUPPLEMENTSThe seventh commandment supplements the sixth.In this glorious Information Age of ours, even a dumb person can operate a smart phone. All jokes aside, we have the good fortune of living in an unprecedented age.Maybe most beneficial of all is supplementation.Just as athletes run at speeds and jump at heights that even make basketball legends such as Michael Jordan—yes, the GOAT himself—complain, “If I had all these supplements and stuff, man, I’d average 50 points a game,” it’s apparent we’re all sitting on an untapped goldmine.Indeed, what holds in the athletic realm holds true for the brain.Feeling a bit down today?No problemo!Take some L-Tyrosine or L-DOPA. Both supplements literally increase dopamine concentration.Feeling a bit brain foggy?Hakuna Matata!Pop a Ginkgo Biloba or Vinpocetine. Both increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain.In other words, if the first six rules are followed, this seventh one literally supplements them, i.e., “potentiates” as they like to say in the world of nootropics.Here’s a few recommendations of top brain boosters:Modafinil (the “Limitless Pill”)L Tyrosine & L Dopa (increases dopamine; best taken sublingually)Ginkgo Biloba Energy Now (healthy, sustainable energy)Acetyl-L-CarnitineVinpocetineNoopept + Alpha-GPC (choline source a prerequisite for noopept)CreatineHuperzine AIn short, get up to speed on the almighty “stacking” system in the world of nootropics.VIII. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT . . . LITERALLYThe eight commandment supplements the seventh.As noted above, accelerated learning entails an accelerated burning of fuel. For this reason, it’s imperative you fuel your bodily vehicle with diesel, not unleaded.Ever notice your broccoli or apples gradually decay and wither away?That’s a good thing!What more is life than a slow death, after all?And insofar as the goal is to eat to live, not to live to eat, if indeed the aim is to accelerate learning, it’s imperative you incorporate a diet rich in veggies, fruits and nuts.In addition to becoming a veggie lover, I’d strongly recommend starting each day with a fresh apple cider vinegar detox. Nothing reinvigorates the body after a night’s rest like this “elixir.”Here’s the recipe: Secret Detox Drink RecipeIn addition, gulp down a few cups of green tea throughout the day (loaded with antioxidants), a quality multivitamin + a few other supplements that optimize immunity (i.e., selenium, zinc, echinacea, etc.) and you’re all set.IX. “NOTHING STARTS UNTIL SOMETHING MOVES”The ninth commandment supplements the eighth.Or as Mark Twain put it:There’s a reason Nike’s slogan “Just Do IT” has become a staple in pop culture.The “IT” in the slogan alludes to the ideal pictured in your mind, which in this case is accelerated learning. The “Just Do,” then, is merely the action required to render the vision a reality. And as you’ve already learned in the sixth rule: the only thing that separates the dreamer from the dream is the bridge called WORK.Therefore: DON’T think about accelerated learning—Just Do IT!X. MASTER THE ART OF SPEED READINGThe tenth and final commandment supplements the ninth.Speed reading boils down to plain ol’ tenacity. Of course, it helps to learn a few tricks of the trade.Speed reading, you see, is a bit of juggling act. If you’re reading a dense book, such as Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, well, it would probably be best to pump your breaks a bit. But in most cases, you can learn the art of “chunking.”Also, keep in mind, most written material is structured according to a standard format.The first sentence is generally the topic sentence. Hence this “pyramid writing style” boils down to this: the first sentence has to reach out from the page and snatch your third eye. The following sentences attempt to expand on the attention kidnapper. The final sentence, generally, ties a nice ribbon around the wordy package.In short, in most cases, you can skim over a large portion of the text by taking a bird’s-eye view of the material. This buffet approach calls for picking and choosing from among the sections, topic sentences, and so forth, while discarding all the remaining “filler.”Here’s a classic on speed reading: these 10 rules and you’ll be learning at the speed of light, pardon, of genius at no time!DOG fo DNIM ehT

Quora: What are some of the best answers you read in January, 2016?

Here are some of the best answers of January 2016 . One answer per user have been chosen. Feel free to suggest edits or leave a comment; answers are sorted in alphabetical order of the OPs first name.Finally, I admit that there will be significant personal bias from my side. There would be contents which I'm not exposed to. So, I missed out many good contents.Aaron Ellis ' answer to Who are some people of color that should have been nominated for a 2016 Academy Award but were not?User-9549929568925340180 's answer to What do you do when people look down on you?Akshay Saswadkar 's answer to What would Chandler Bing say if he watched Game of Thrones?Akanksha Gupta 's answer to What life lessons did you learn during your engineering?User-10594249366384837274 's answer to How do sportscasters find and choose the obscure statistics they say?Abhijeet Borkar 's answer to How did the dark matter ring in the CL0024+17 cluster come into existence? 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Mitchell 's answer to Can a pet substitute for a child? Why don't people adopt a child but instead have a pet at home?Ishita Roy 's answer to What, if anything, do ancient Indian epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata have in common with modern blockbusters like Harry Potter?Jason M. Lemkin 's answer to What technological changes will create the most opportunities for new startups over the next 2-3 years?Jay Wacker 's answer to What are some of the best books to learn about Time and Space?Jessica Su 's answer to How easy is it for people in Silicon Valley to form romantic relationships? Are they healthy? With what type of people do founders there fall in love?Jeff Hammerbacher 's answer to Reproduction: How safe is it to freeze fertilized human eggs?Jimmy Wales ' answer to Does Jimmy Wales sometimes give out scholarships? Can he make an exception for me if not?Joel V Benjamin 's answer to Is it possible to be honest but insincere?Joel V Benjamin's answer to What do you think Israel should do facing terror? And do you think the same should be applied to France?Jonathan Brill 's answer to Whom do you support for President in 2016, according to the "I Side With..." online poll?Joshua Engel 's answer to Is there a language that allows new words to be invented on-the-spot? If so, could a writer create a dictionary of these made up words?User 's answer to Why is cutting in line bad and uncivilized?Julie Prentice's answer to What would life be like if we all learnt to love the sound of our own speech and took the same care to make it sound and feel as beautiful as music?Justine Musk 's answer to How can I tell my 15-year-old daughter she is awful at writing?Katarina Janoskova 's answer to How do I determine if a person is virgin through physical actions and the way he/she replies on texts?Katie Nguyen 's answer to What are the perks of dating a musician?Katie Hoban 's answer to How is radiation shielding achieved in a nuclear powered aircraft carrier?Kathleen Grace 's answer to How depressing is it to get zero upvotes to your well-written answer on Quora?Kelsey L. Hayes ' answer to Did the Faceless Men cause the Doom of Valyria?Kevin Carothers ' answer to What is the craziest thing you have ever said (or done) at an interview and still got the job?Kelley Spartiatis ' answer to What is the wrong way to discipline a child?Kritika Gupta 's answer to What did Top Writers do to become Top Writers?Koyel Ranu | কোয়েল রানু 's answer to Have you ever written an anonymous letter and what was the outcome?User-10765974569827547511 's answer to Despite its huge popularity in the US, American football has never become a big deal in other countries. Why not?Leonid S. Knyshov 's answer to As someone with thousands of Quora followers, and many hundreds or thousands of relatively popular answers, do you still appreciate or even notice upvotes?Lev Grossman 's answer to What's your best advice for aspiring writers, both journalists and novelists?Lorenzo Peroni 's answer to What is the worst film ever to be nominated for 'Best Picture' at the Oscars?Malini Rajendra 's answer to When we don't write the feelings which we don't express it to anyone then its better to write it in our diaries and feel relaxed that's true?Marc Bodnick 's answer to What are some takeaways from the Fox Business News January 2016 Republican Presidential debate?Malvika Shanker 's answer to Why does Stephen Hawking say that black holes are not real?Marcus Geduld 's answer to Is Marcus Geduld related to Harry M. Geduld?Margaret Weiss ' answer to Is it advisable to marry a woman with higher education than yourself?Marie Stein 's answer to If you have $600k in cash is it worth buying $500k home?Mark Hughes ' answer to Will Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice flop?Melissa Hoy 's answer to Do you ever feel guilty for hanging up on a telemarketer?Melissa Hoy's answer to How can a young female professional excel in construction company?Michelle Young 's answer to What are some must-visit places or must-have experiences in India that will change my life forever?Michelle Paul ' answer to What's the quickest way to end a child's pop-star obsession?Michael Vogel 's answer to Why is the iPad dying?Mira Zaslove 's answer to What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?Nan Waldman 's answer to Was I wrong in asking my older sister why she couldn't pump the gas?Natalia Nezvanova 's answer to Can you explain eigenvectors in 30 seconds to a layperson?Natalie Smolenski 's answer to Why do people have such negative opinions of self harm?Natalie Worlow 's answer to What is it like to adopt a 3+ year old child?Nate Waddoups ' answer to Do men who believe women on Quora have a high number of followers based on their looks also believe those women are less intelligent?Navneeta Pathak (नवनीता पाठक) 's answer to Is it true that some women do not dare to answer some questions on Quora, because they are afraid of getting ridiculed?Necia Dallas ' answer to What is one of the weirdest things you find attractive about your significant other?Nicolas Cole 's answer to How do I create a good mood for studying?Nick Moyne 's answer to Which movies have plotlines that are notoriously difficult to follow?Nicole Gravagna 's answer to Emotional Betrayal: How do I make my girlfriend feel my pain when she is talking to her ex?Nidhi Singh 's answer to What are some of the biggest lies ever told?User 's answer to What are some lifestyle changes that save money?Noam Kaiser 's answer to Startups: Can I start a fund / holding company using $100k of personal capital and invest it in my own 4 tech startups?Noam Kaiser's answer to Atheists: What surprises you about theists?Mechelle Bennett 's answer to What is it like to have someone die in your arms?User-10800894061083432778 's answer to Why did you choose to be an engineer?Olivia Newan 's answer to Fatherhood: What controversial advice have people given to their children?Pamela Li 's answer to Fatherhood: What controversial advice have people given to their children?Parke Muth 's answer to Why would Sabrina Pasterski have been waitlisted at MIT?Paul Stockley 's answer to How would you describe the smell of flax plant's flower?Paula Griffin 's answer to Will a large size Fitbit charge HR fit a 10 year old boy?Peter Flom 's answer to Is a chef the easiest go to job?Peter Flom's answer to Why is the Quora community so anti-Donald Trump?Peter Baskerville 's answer to Why does Tony Abbott want to remain in parliament?User 's answer to I am a 14 y/o girl who has helplessly fallen for a 38 y/o maths teacher. What should I do? I feel like I'm in deep love with him.Pradeeta Mishra 's answer to India: What is the one thing you will remove from India if you ever get a chance?Pradeepta Yadu 's answer to What would be the best story starting with "If she were mine "?Preethi Sridhara 's answer to How do I get 90+ marks in Computer Networks-1 in VTU?Ramaninder Singh 's answer to Do I need to choose an answer as the best answer each time after I question in quora?Rashmi Rao 's answer to What has your life taught you so far?Ramya Jagannathan 's answer to What do Chennai people think about North Indians?Rakshita Nagayach 's answer to How is rebar calculated for footing construction?Rass Bariaw 's answer to What do Republicans mean when they say, "I want my country back"? Who stole it and when?Rhonda Mitchell 's answer to Why doesn't the US or UN do anything for the racist things Trump has said? Does that mean there is no law against racism?Rick Bruno 's answer to Why do families of law enforcement officers not get traffic violation tickets very often?Rick Bruno's answer to Would an attack by the hostage towards the hostage-taker, after the police have arrived, be considered self-defence or act of violence?Rick Bruno's answer to What useful skills can I train as a high schooler that will be useful when I want to join the police after graduating?Richard Muller 's answer to Does light wavelength have anything to do with photon size or a similar concept?Richard Muller's answer to Has Richard Muller dealt with any kind of mental illness due to the stress and sensitivity of his fame and position?Robert Frost 's answer to What three alarms would cause the most concern on the International Space Station?Robert Frost's answer to If we spin a space station like in "The Martian", will it create gravity?Rohit Kapoor 's answer to I want to publish a book.How do I trust someone with my story given there is no binding contract? What if they steal my story?Rupert Baines ' answer to Is America's infrastructure really so bad?Sabrina Deep 's answer to What are some of the craziest break-up stories you have heard or experienced?Sama K 's answer to What is the most gentlemanly thing a guy did for you?Sheri Fresonke Harper 's answer to When was the first time you realized that a teacher cannot always be right?Sandhya Ramesh 's answer to What do you think of Quora's Knowledge Prizes feature?Sarah Smith 's answer to Is Instagram a separate company from Facebook?Scott Danzig 's answer to What would happen if there were no cleaning after a major snow storm in a major city like New York?Sed Chapman 's answer to What type of futons (shikibuton) do Japanese people sleep on?Seema Shah 's answer to How do I stop missing someone, I am missing badly?Shefaly Yogendra 's answer to What are some of the hardest concepts about life and human behavior to explain to children?Sonali Ila Ekka 's answer to What does it feel like to have never left your country?Sophia Yen 's answer to What things about Planned Parenthood should people know about that they probably don't?User-10068254089916009946 's answer to What are some dishes that contain all five food groups?Stan Hanks ' answer to As a internet start up should I pay for a dedicated server or go for the cloud?Stan Hayward 's answer to How do I become a bestselling writer?Stephanie Vardavas ' answer to Why do feminists still fight for women's rights in the United States?Stephen Tempest 's answer to History: History textbooks show Napoleon as great. But why do they not talk much about the Battle of Waterloo?User-13033886711793742561 's answer to Why do people cross-country ski?Steven Haddock 's answer to Why is Russia trying to conquer new territories if it's the biggest country in the world and it's never reached even 10% of its potential?Tapasweni Pathak 's answer to How GitHub help in improving programming?Tatiana Estévez 's answer to How can better understand why all my friends, or many college graduates want to be consultants?Tejasvita Apte 's answer to I have learned that attachment leads to unhappiness. How can someone in their 20s stay in society and remain detached?Terrence Yang 's answer to If you could choose either to receive a lump sum at 18 or attend any college you want, what is the minimum value you would accept to forgo college?Terrence Yang's answer to Is it good or bad for SF that Yellow Cab is being bankrupted due to competition with Uber and Lyft?Thomas Cormen 's answer to How do you get over the fact that you made a bug in your code?User-10110405394241899072 's answer to How does the theory of evolution explain the existence of animals that have remained the same for millions of years?Tom Byron's answer to How do you know if you've discovered your passion? 's answer to How do you know if you've discovered your passion?Tracey Bryan 's answer to What is your favorite "don't tell mom / dad" story?Valerie Cooper 's answer to What do you think of Quora's Knowledge Prizes feature?User 's answer to What is the best advice your father ever gave you?Veni Johanna 's answer to Why do the terrorists fail to spread fear and chaos in Indonesia?Viola Yee 's answer to How do technologies like cars, phones, and water overhead tanks work in freezing temperatures?Virali Modi 's answer to Life: What was one experience in your life that hardened you as a person?Vinita Punjabi (विनीता पंजाबी) 's answer to What's some of the best love advice you can give?Vladimir Novakovski 's answer to How did Bill Gates' name become synonymous with success?Vladimir Novakovski's answer to How did Ken Griffin build a quantitative hedge fund while he is an economics graduate and not a math, phys or CS MS/PhD? Is this still possible today?William Chen 's answer to What data structures are most important for data scientists?Will Wister 's answer to GOP Presidential Nomination Race (2015-16): Why has John Kasich surged in NH polls?Yishan Wong 's answer to Why would a civilian living peacefully need a semi-automatic gun?Yishan Wong's answer to What does Twitter need to do to restart growth and reactivate its massive dormant user base?Thank you!

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