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I will be starting medical school in 2021 in India. Will the ECFMG 2023 guideline affect me in any way? Will I still be able to take the USMLE?

Guideline??ECFMG 2023 is an accreditation requirement.Calling this a “guideline” is an example of how medical students in India are being misled.If you are starting medical school in India in 2021, your first priority should be how you plan to complete your medical school education and all of your post-graduate education in India, and then plan to work in India for your entire medical career. There is a high probability that students who start medical school in India in 2021 and plan to graduate in 2027 will not be eligible for USMLE exams or ECFMG certification, because the Indian medical schools they attended were not accredited while they were students, or at the time they graduated.I work in the US with a few former IMGs from India. They are good doctors and wonderful people. Each of them still has connections to their former medical schools in India and each of them offers guidance to Indian medical students who are interested in US residency programs. The Indian IMGs I work with are acquainted with other Indian IMGs in other departments. I joined a group of IMG friends and colleagues for lunch a few weeks ago specifically so I could ask what they thought about ECFMG 2023.Every one said that Indian medical students are being given false information about ECFMG 2023.The ECFMG accreditation requirement will deeply affect medical students in India from 2023 until at least 2030, maybe longer. It is going to take much longer than three years for India to be ready for the ECFMG 2023 accreditation requirements.Medical students in India are not being told that India needs to completely rebuild a WFME-eligible medical school accreditation organization. The MCI scandal about ten years ago completely destroyed India’s medical accreditation systems. It was corrupt, and needed serious changes. Now the country has to implement the National Medical Commission, and then begin to find honest people who are qualified to begin to build a medical school accreditation agency that will eventually meet WFME standards.Also, medical education in India needs a lot of reform for medical schools to meet the current global standards for accreditation. There are problems with the outdated curriculum and the lack of research experience and exposure to evidence-based medicine in Indian medical schools. Faculty selection needs to change to a merit-based system with formal qualifications that include research experience and publications in medical journals. Clinical experience for medical students needs to increase. Medical students in accredited medical schools have experience doing procedures, not just observing them. Medical school libraries and technology in India are inadequate and under-resourced. There need to be big changes in access to post-graduate medical positions in India for Indian medical graduates. Other major cultural changes will be expected for accreditation.My IMG-colleagues talked for nearly an hour about how ECFMG 2023 will affect Indian medical students. This answer is a very short summary of a long and detailed discussion.There are three fundamental issues:India does not have a medical school accreditation agency at this time. It will take three or more years to organize one.Indian medical schools need reform to meet current global standards. This will take years.Once India has a recognized medical school accreditation agency, it will take many years to evaluate nearly 400 medical schools.Another answer to a similar question listed the countries that have WFME-recognized accreditation agencies. Enroll in a medical school that is already accredited by a recognized agency. This will give you a chance of being eligible for ECFMG certification when you graduate from medical school.I hope you understand.

Can someone do a sub-internship in the USA, being a medical graduate?

Q. Can someone do a sub-internship in the USA, being a medical graduate?A. My standard answer would have been sub-internships are reserved for medical students who have not graduated. Until I saw this listing:Postgraduate Sub-Internship ProgramOtherwise, graduated physicians can apply for observerships which may or may not allow much direct patient care. Below are programs for IMG listed with the AMA.Observership Programs for International Medical GraduatesObserverships are designed to help international medical graduates (IMGs) adapt to the practice of medicine in the United States. Review the list of observerships that have registered with the AMA.American International Integrated Observership Program (MedicalObs)New applications are being accepted for 2018 positions at this time. Scholarships now available for highly competitive candidates.At MedicalObs, our focus is on the applicant’s experience. While there are many programs to choose from to help better prepare for entry into U.S. medical residency programs, what distinguishes us is our customized, integrated and individualized program curriculum designed to formulate an action plan to set applicants apart from the competition. Our values and philosophies are centered around the importance of personal growth, innovation, communication, commitment, teamwork and reliability.Length of Program4-12 weeksPreceptorsMedical Director for Hospitalist Program, Internal Medicine Physicians, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Psychiatry, SubspecialistsProgram OverviewObserving with U.S. licensed physicians in a hospital-based settingPerformance and evaluation review with chairman/program director*Letter of recommendation from chairman/program director*Certificate of completion with honors from AIIOP-MedicalObs*Review and edit of personal statement for residency applicationLive mock interview seminarsComplex clinical case reviews and live didactic sessionsAccent reduction and dialect coaching coursesAttending colloquium guest speaker series run by U.S. physician leaders and coachesExclusive alumni membership network with U.S. physicians via MedicalObsIntegrated cultural experiences with local community groups and social events*Based on a successful performance/evaluationEligibility CriteriaForeign medical graduates (FMG) from medical school and ECFMG certifiedU.S. senior graduatesU.S. FMGsNonmatched residency graduatesRecommend completion of USMLE Step 1 and Step 2Applications for Observers/PreceptorsGo to, click on the “apply now” section to fill out formsFor questions and enrollment, email us at [email protected] us via phone at 1 (833) 876-3627 or 1 (833) USMDOBSApplication DeadlinesWe screen applications year round.We accept and screen applications from all countries.Tuition and fees to be paid in full prior to start.AmeriClerkships Postgraduate Subinternships With Residency ProgramsLength of ProgramMinimum 4 weeks; maximum 48 weeks. Start in as little as 2 weeks.​PreceptorsProgram Directors (PDs), Associate PDs, Residency Program Faculty, Teaching Attending Physicians and ResidentsProgram OverviewAmeriClerkships Medical Society (AMS), in partnerships with Graduate Medical Education (GME) departments offers a rare opportunity for medical graduate members of AMS to enroll in Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSIs) in over 30 specialties.PGSIs are designated as AMS-PGY1CONNECT sites, meaning that AMS members have secured residency interviews and even “matched” into such hospital(s).A typical “matched” AMS member who has matched into a PGSI residency program has:Completed 12-28 weeks of PGSISecured 2-4 letters of reference directly from PGSI supervising attendingsIs a U.S. citizen or permanent residentPassed USMLE Step 3By enrolling as an AMS PGSI, medical graduates may expect to gain first-hand exposure to the inner workings of U.S. GME and medical residencies (even in 100% inpatient settings), and develop into an effective PGY1 by learning how to:Become an integral member of U.S. medical residency teams who manage acute and chronic medical problemsRotate and collaborate with top residency program faculties, teaching attending physicians, chief residents and even program directorsParticipate in teaching rounds, and possibly present in journal clubs and residency conferencesRefine history taking and physical examination skillsFormulate problem lists, prioritize medical problems, select laboratory and ancillary tests, as well as institute drug and supportive therapiesUtilize subspecialty consultative servicesDevelop definitive plans for ongoing care and follow-up of dismissed patientsUpon satisfactory completion of each PGSI clinical block, AMS PGSI will be evaluated based on the 6 ACGME Core Competencies, and may request a performance-based letter of recommendation on official GME/teaching hospital letterhead.For questions and enrollment, please contact AmeriClerkships Medical Society directly at +1 (949) 417-8980, or visit the website.Bridgeport Family Medicine Externship/Preceptorship ProgramBridgeport Family Medicine offers real hands-on experience in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and urgent care medicine. The program is structured as a "mini residency program" to prepare IMGs for the U.S. medical system by using state of the art EMR/HER systems.Length of the Program:4-12 weeks, extern may start any Monday of the weekProgram OverviewThe extern interviews the patient, performs the physical exam along with attending physician and discusses differential diagnoses, management options, labs, imaging and forms a management plan. In addition, the extern will:See and manage patients with their preceptorLearn on a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical RecordImprove physical examination skillsImprove patient note taking skillsImprove history taking skillsLearn to perform EKG, Phlebotomy, PFTs and UADiscuss family medicine topics and the latest guidelines on a daily basisFor more details, visit or email: [email protected] Medicine® Physician Refresher/Re-entry PreceptorshipDrexel University College of Medicine has a tuition-based structured preceptorship/observership for IMGs preparing for a U.S. residency. Preceptorships are offered in internal medicine, pediatrics, OB-GYN, surgery and anesthesia. Rotations are all on the main university campus in Philadelphia.Length of Program6-week rotations; repeatable once. The course starts on the 1st Monday of every month and is first come, first serve. The application process takes 4–6 weeks.Program OverviewAttend inpatient and outpatient rounds, core conferences, lecture and learn about medical care in the United StatesAttend didactics: morning reports, noon reports, grand rounds and clinical case discussionsHomework will be assigned to hone in on medical knowledge, clinical reasoning and communication skillsMeet weekly with preceptor to review the exercises and receive feedbackFind more details on the program or call (215) 762-2580.Griffin Medical Clinical Observership ProgramThe application process for 2017-2018 runs through Sept. 30, 2017. New applications are accepted during this time only.The program is no longer accepting applications for October 2017 - January 2018. All positions for time have been filled. Only applications for the months of February 2018 - June 2018 are being accepted.Length of Program4 weeksProgram OverviewTo familiarize yourself with the U.S. medical systemTo become proficient in presentation of history and physical examinations on daily roundsTo become proficient in ascertaining patients' acute symptoms and making a therapeutic planTo learn to write daily progress notesTo learn how to interpret basic lab tests and radiology data such as blood, urine serum, X-rays, etc.Eligibility CriteriaForeign medical student graduates must be:Graduates of a medical schoolMust be ECFMG certifiedApplicationsThe following are required to be submitted to the Committee for consideration of participation in the program:A completed application or ERAS application (for ERAS, months for which the candidate is applying should be indicated in the email. In the event that ERAS application is not available, a common application form can be substituted)A cover letter detailing desired rotationA curriculum vitaeAt least 1 letter of reference from a clinical supervisor or advisor, or an attending physicianUSMLE score reportsMedical school diplomaECFMG certificateTOEFL score report ( if available)Documentation of up-to-date immunization record (including flu shot during flu season (Oct-March)Proof of health insurance coverageA recent photograph for identificationCopy of passport and valid visaApplication DeadlineA completed application must be received no later than Oct. 1Formal start date is usually the first working day of a calendar monthTiming is at the discretion of the program coordinator and teaching service schedulesVisit Griffin Medical’s website for more details and to apply.International Observership ProgramAllegheny General and West Penn hospitals host observers from around the world. This program was designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, physiotherapists, technologists, technicians and health administrators.Length of Program4 weeksThe observership is a specific exchange program in which the observer accompanies the medical staff through their daily hospital routine, sharing experiences with doctors, residents, staff and students. This program is not for academic credit.Program OverviewObservation of the clinical care of patientsParticipation in lectures, grand round and other related eventsNo privileges are granted to participate in the clinical treatment of patients to assist in any medical procedures, test or surgeriesFor inquiries about international educational opportunities available through Allegheny General, call International Services (412) 359-5269 or email [email protected] Memorial HospitalIt is the policy of the Public Health Trust to accept physicians or resident physicians desiring to participate as an observer/rotator at Jackson Health System facilities. All requests for observer/rotators must be reviewed and approved by Risk Management.Length of ProgramObserverships may last up to 4 weeks (1 month), longer if written approval by the department is obtained.Program OverviewThe individual desiring to participate must provide the Office of Physician Services all required documentation as set forth in this policy in order to be considered for a rotation or observership. Jackson Health System will not provide professional liability coverage for any resident for an outside institution. If the home institution will not provide the coverage, then they will be classified as observer status only. An observer is a health care professional or student who will not provide patient care or have direct patient contact. Observers differ from students in an academic program in that the observership is not an educational requirement of any academic program (see administrative policy 389 for students).Observer may be one of the following:Physicians (foreign or domestic)Registered nurses (foreign or domestic)Other health professionals (e.g. radiology, respiratory therapy, psychology, pharmacy technicians, etc.)Students not covered under an existing affiliation agreementObserverships may be in an inpatient or outpatient setting and must be approved by the Jackson Health System facility’s department(s) director(s) of the area being observed. For physicians, approval is needed from the associate/chief medical officer. For residents, approval is needed from the GME office. For nurses, approval is needed from the director of patient care services and/or the chief nursing officer. For all other students, approval is needed from the associate/chief medical officer.For more information, view the Policy & Procedure Manual.Contact InformationGraduate Medical Education OfficeJackson Memorial HospitalInstitute 118B1611 NW 12th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136Phone: 305-585-4310Fax: 305-585-4309For more information on visiting medical students, please visit the information page.Somerset Family MedicineHands-on externship/observership in outpatient family medicine in Michigan for FMG, international medical graduates, Caribbean medical students and Caribbean graduates. Outpatient family medicine office in Troy and Sterling Heights, Michigan.Length of ProgramMinimum 4 weeks; maximum 12 weeksPreceptorNeil Jaddou, M.D., M.S. board-certified family medicine, clinical assistant professor of family medicine and community health, Wayne State School of Medicine and Oakland Beaumont Medical School. Staff at 4 hospitals and affiliated with St. John Oakland-Macomb medical students teaching program.Program OverviewBecome efficient in electronic medical or health records.Get familiar with the health system in the United States.Practice on presenting a patient and doing history and physical examinations.Learn how to interpret basic lab tests and radiology data such as blood, urine, X-rays, EKG and PFT.Expand your medical knowledge and build on your differential diagnosis.Improve your scores on CK, CS and USMLE Step 3.Tour the hospitals and attend conferences when available.Online lectures given by Dr. Jaddou on common problems in family medicine, taken from future textbook by professor Jaddou.Opportunity to publish patient education article in the community newspaper.Receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the rotation that has a university and hospital logo.Receive a certificate of completion at the end of externship. There is also a possibility of finishing with honors and student of the month award.Opportunity to be chief extern and teach others.Volunteer in the church clinic once a week.Eligibility CriteriaUSMLE not required.Immediate availability. Start any day that is convenient for you.Must be living in U.S. to apply. We do not sponsor visas.All visas are accepted as long as you are physically present in U.S.ApplicationVisit for details on price and submitting an application. For additional information or questions email us at [email protected].

What are the belongings one needs to take for an SSB interview?

Hi there. When you have an upcoming SSB, you get a call letter from the concerned Selection Board inviting you for your SSB interview along with a set of instructions on arrival/reporting, transportation and reimbursement, things to be brought for your stay, scheme of examination and general guidelines. For your easier understanding, I have presented the information from my previous SSB call up letter. You can create your own check list before you start packing for a life time experience.Documents.Applicable to All Entries.(i) Candidates to take along one of the Identity Proof affixed with Photograph i.e., Voter ID/PAN Card/DrivingLicence/Passport/UPSC Admit Card while coming for the SSB Interview.(ii) Candidates to take all educational certificates and mark sheets commencing from Class 10th to till date in original including Provisional and degree certificate for graduate entry candidates. Two Photostat copies of all mark-sheets, duly attested, should also be brought.2. Candidates who are studying in Final Year of their Academics.If the Candidate is studying in final year of their respective academics and yet to appear in the final year examination and unable to bring the final year mark sheet and certificate then he should bring a bonafide certificate from the Principal of the School or College or from the Registrar of the University from where he is studying as follows :-It is certified that________________________ S/o Sh______________________ is a bonafide student of________________________________ (herein name of school to be mentioned) and presently studying in Class XII. His final board/semester examination will be conducted during ______________________ (herein month and year of exam to be mentioned) and the results are expected to be declared by ____________ (herein month and year of expected date of declaration of exam results to be mentioned).3. Candidates who have submitted their certificates and mark sheets in colleges or Institutions for pursuing their further studies.If the Candidate shave submitted their certificates and mark sheets in Colleges or institutions for pursuing their further studies and unable to bring the same while attending SSB interview then he should bring a bonafide certificate from the Principal or Registrar of the College or University to whom he had submitted the certificates and mark-sheets as follows :-It is certified that____________________ S/o Sh______________________ is a bonafide student of______________________________ (herein name of College/University/Institution school to be mentioned) and presently studying ___________________________ (here in name of course pursuing to be mentioned). The following certificates and mark-sheets in respect of the above named individual have been deposited with this College/University/Institution in Original for verification purposes:-(i)(ii)(iii)……………………………..and so onIt is further certified that Photostat copies of above documents have been verified by the undersigned and attested.4. Candidates whose final year/semester result awaited.If the Candidate had given his final year/semester examinations and result of said examination is awaited then he should bring a bonafide certificate from the Principal of the School or College or from the Registrar of the University from where he is studying as follows :-It is certified that________________________ S/o Sh_______________________ is a bonafide student of_________________________________ (herein name of School to be mentioned) and presently studying in Class XII. His final year/semester examination were conducted during ___________________ (herein month and year of exam to be mentioned) and the results will be declared by ______________ (herein month and year of expected date of declaration of the exam results to be mentioned).5. For Pre Final year students of UES (PFY) Course only.If you are studying in Pre – Final year of degree course, then bring a certificate from the principal of your College/Institution stating that you are in Pre - Final year of degree course and going to appear the Final Year/Semester Examination during _____and the Final Year results will be declared by _________ (herein month and year of expected date of declaration of the exam results to be mentioned), failing which you will not be interviewed by SSB. Mark-sheets of all the semesters (upto IV semester for Pre Final year candidates) are also to be brought along with two attested photocopies.Other Curricular Certificates.Candidates to take certificates in original, achieved in extra curricular activities.(NOTE) :The candidate will not be admitted int he absence of mark-sheets, certificates in original or any of the certificates as applicable to his course.Please note that lunch will NOT be provided by the Selection Centre on the day of your reporting.Free boarding and lodging will be provided to you during your stay at the Selection Center from the day of reporting till the day of departure.Travelling Allowance .Where as authorized Second Class/mail express fare including reservation cum-sleeper charges by shortest route from home station to Selection Centre will only be paid, bus fare from home to the nearest railway station if not connected by rail will be paid as per Government rates. To claim this amount the candidate should deposit the railway ticket/Bus Ticket/Railway Cash Receipt at this centre. Please note that No re-reimbursement rail/bus fares/reservation-cum-sleeper charges will be permitted in case you are not in possession of documents as mentioned above.BaggageCandidates are advised to take the following items :-(a) One pair White PT shoes or sports shoes and two pairs of white socks. Two pairs of shoes during monsoons.(b) One pair of tracksuit (during winter).(c) Two pairs of white shorts and T - Shirts.(d) Woolen sweater and balaclava during winter season.(e) Writing material to include two Nos each of blue/black ball-point/ink/Gel pens, pencils,rubbers, one clip board and 05to 10 white foolscap sheets. These items are also available at Selection Centre on payment.(f) Lock and Key for locker provided by the Selection Centre for the duration of stay.(g) Min one pair of dark colored trousers and light coloured full/half sleeved shirt.For Women Candidates Only.(h) Two pairs of tracksuits or trousers/slacks (with appropriate tops/salwar kameez,since these will be required for outdoor tasks, these should be loose enough to allow free movements,yet should not hamper movement through excessive looseness). A woolen sweater and balclava during winter season.(j) Bedding, mosquito nets and quilts will be provided free of cost at this Centre, for the duration of stay.Cash and Valuables.Candidates are advised to keep minimum cash (i.e., upto Rs. 1,000/-) as per need for their travelling/any other expenses. No valuables should be carried. Safe custody of cash and valuables will be the sole responsibility of the candidate.Photographs.Please take twenty copies of latest passport size photographs, unattested. Background of the photograph should be white.For Candidates presently Serving in Army/Air Force/Navy.(a) Personnel serving in Army/Air Force/Navy to take one set of uniform (according to season) and combat dress.(b) The service candidates should be on valid temporary duty to get attached to the Selection centre while reporting for SSB interview.(c) Service candidates will put up this letter to their Officer Commanding and their move in connection with this interview will be treated as temporary duty under the provision of TR 192(f) (ii). As such they will take necessary movement order and return journey railway warrant for their journey.(NOTE)In their own interest candidates are advised to undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax in ears, refractory error of eyes, fungal infections of skins, Eosinophilia before reporting for SSB interview.Hope the above answer is helpful. I wish you all the luck in world.Jai Hind!

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I have a decent PDF editor that I use most of the time (PDF-XChange), but occasionally I need some higher-powered tools, usually once a month or so. The tools I use on CocoDoc are usually Compress PDF and Unlock PDF. It does these tasks very well. I sometimes also use it for PDF to Word or PDF to Excel; these are more hit or miss, depending on the complexity of the document.

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