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What are the key takeaways from the new Elon Musk book?

The biography is a must buy for anyone that looks up to Musk. I've watched most of his interviews and a lot of things were new to me. Below are some takeaways and highlights I took in my Kindle.The trait that consistently comes up in Elon’s biography is perseverance.Suffering, though, has always been Musk’s thing. The kids at school tortured him. His father played brutal mind games. Musk then abused himself by working inhumane hours and forever pushing his businesses to the edge. The idea of work-life balance seems meaningless in this context.“He would call very insistently,” she (Justine Musk) said. “You always knew it was Elon because the phone would never stop ringing. The man does not take no for an answer. You can’t blow him off. I do think of him as the Terminator. He locks his gaze on to something and says, ‘It shall be mine.’ Bit by bit, he won me over.”For Gracias, the Tesla and SpaceX investor and Musk’s friend, the 2008 period told him everything he would ever need to know about Musk’s character. He saw a man who arrived in the United States with nothing, who had lost a child, who was being pilloried in the press by reporters and his ex-wife and who verged on having his life’s work destroyed. “He has the ability to work harder and endure more stress than anyone I’ve ever met,” Gracias said. “What he went through in 2008 would have broken anyone else. He didn’t just survive. He kept working and stayed focused.” That ability to stay focused in the midst of a crisis stands as one of Musk’s main advantages over other executives and competitors. “Most people who are under that sort of pressure fray,” Gracias said. “Their decisions go bad. Elon gets hyperrational. He’s still able to make very clear, long-term decisions. The harder it gets, the better he gets. Anyone who saw what he went through firsthand came away with more respect for the guy. I’ve just never seen anything like his ability to take pain.”“He looked like death itself,” Riley said. “I remember thinking this guy would have a heart attack and die. He seemed like a man on the brink.” In the middle of the night, Musk would have nightmares and yell out. “He was in physical pain,” Riley said. “He would climb on me and start screaming while still asleep.” The couple had to start borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Musk’s friend Skoll, and Riley’s parents offered to remortgage their house. Musk no longer flew his jet back and forth between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. He took Southwest.One thing that Musk holds in the highest regard is resolve, and he respects people who continue on after being told no. Dozens of other journalists had asked him to help with a book before, but I’d been the only annoying asshole who continued on after Musk’s initial rejection, and he seemed to like that.He’s a product expert, and unlike most CEOs, wants to understand the engineering and design intricacies of everything.Tesla employees soon got to witness the same Musk that SpaceX employees had seen for years. When an issue like the Roadster’s faulty carbon-fiber body panels cropped up, Musk dealt with it directly. He flew to England in his jet to pick up some new manufacturing tools for the body panels and personally delivered them to a factory in France to ensure that the Roadster stayed on its production schedule. The days of people being ambiguous about the Roadster’s manufacturing costs were gone as well.Musk’s growth as a CEO and rocket expert occurred alongside SpaceX’s maturation as a company. At the start of the Falcon 1 journey, Musk was a forceful software executive trying to learn some basic things about a very different world. At Zip2 and PayPal, he felt comfortable standing up for his positions and directing teams of coders. At SpaceX, he had to pick things up on the job. Musk initially relied on textbooks to form the bulk of his rocketry knowledge. But as SpaceX hired one brilliant person after another, Musk realized he could tap into their stores of knowledge. He would trap an engineer in the SpaceX factory and set to work grilling him about a type of valve or specialized material. “I thought at first that he was challenging me to see if I knew my stuff,” said Kevin Brogan, one of the early engineers. “Then I realized he was trying to learn things. He would quiz you until he learned ninety percent of what you know.”People who have spent significant time with Musk will attest to his abilities to absorb incredible quantities of information with near-flawless recall. It’s one of his most impressive and intimidating skills and seems to work just as well in the present day as it did when he was a child vacuuming books into his brain. After a couple of years running SpaceX, Musk had turned into an aerospace expert on a level that few technology CEOs ever approach in their respective fields. “He was teaching us about the value of time, and we were teaching him about rocketry,” Brogan said.Public image is very important to him. He likes to take credit for things and wants the world to know about it. If the media is wrong about something, he has no shame and corrects them.The engineering corps flew into a collective rage every time they caught Musk in the press claiming to have designed the Falcon rocket more or less by himself. Musk also hired a documentary crew to follow him around for a while. This audacious gesture really grated on the people toiling away in the SpaceX factory. They felt like Musk’s ego had gotten the best of him and that he was presenting SpaceX as the conqueror of the aerospace industry when the company had yet to launch successfully.Musk’s biggest detractors have made all of these arguments either in public or private and a half dozen or so of them said far worse things to me about his character and actions, describing Musk as unethical in business and vicious with his personal attacks. Almost universally, these people were unwilling to go on the record with their comments, claiming to be afraid Musk would pursue litigation against them or ruin their ability to do business.On the marketing front, Musk would run daily Google searches for news stories about Tesla. If he saw a bad story, he ordered someone to “fix it” even though the Tesla public relations people could do little to sway the reporters.Expectations at Tesla SpaceX are incredibly high and new employees are told that from the start.When Musk sets unrealistic goals, verbally abuses employees, and works them to the bone, it’s understood to be—on some level—part of the Mars agenda. Some employees love him for this. Others loathe him but remain oddly loyal out of respect for his drive and mission. What Musk has developed that so many of the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley lack is a meaningful worldview.When Musk came into the meeting room where I’d been waiting, I noted how impressive it was for so many people to turn up on a Saturday. Musk saw the situation in a different light, complaining that fewer and fewer people had been working weekends of late. “We’ve grown fucking soft,” Musk replied. “I was just going to send out an e-mail. We’re fucking soft.”Another salesman flew down to SpaceX to sell the company on some technology infrastructure equipment. He was doing the standard relationship-building exercise practiced by salespeople for centuries. Show up. Speak for a while. Feel each other out. Then, start doing business down the road. Musk was having none of it. “The guy comes in, and Elon asks him why they’re meeting,” Spikes said. “He said, ‘To develop a relationship.’ Elon replied, ‘Okay. Nice to meet you,’ which basically meant, ‘Get the fuck out of my office.’ This guy had spent four hours traveling for what ended up as a two-minute meeting. Elon just has no tolerance for that kind of stuff.” Musk could be equally brisk with employees who were not hitting his standards. “He would often say, ‘The longer you wait to fire someone the longer it has been since you should have fired them,’” Spikes said.“We’d have these meetings and take bets on who was going to get bloodied and bruised. If you told him (Elon) that you made a particular choice because ‘it was the standard way things had always been done,’ he’d kick you out of a meeting fast. He’d say, ‘I never want to hear that phrase again. What we have to do is fucking hard and half-assing things won’t be tolerated.’ He just destroys you and, if you survive, he determines if he can trust you. He has to understand that you’re as crazy as he is.” This ethos filtered through the entire company, and everyone quickly understood that Musk meant business.Davis, like Brogan and plenty of other SpaceX engineers, has had Musk ask for the seemingly impossible. His favorite request dates back to 2004. SpaceX needed an actuator that would trigger the gimbal action used to steer the upper stage of Falcon 1. Davis had never built a piece of hardware before in his life and naturally went out to find some suppliers who could make an electromechanical actuator for him. He got a quote back for $120,000. “Elon laughed,” Davis said. “He said, ‘That part is no more complicated than a garage door opener. Your budget is five thousand dollars. Go make it work.’” Davis spent nine months building the actuator. At the end of the process, he toiled for three hours writing an e-mail to Musk covering the pros and cons of the device. The e-mail went into gory detail about how Davis had designed the part, why he had made various choices, and what its cost would be. As he pressed send, Davis felt anxiety surge through his body knowing that he’d given his all for almost a year to do something an engineer at another aerospace company would not even attempt. Musk rewarded all of this toil and angst with one of his standard responses. He wrote back, “Ok.”An employee could be telling Musk that there’s no way to get the cost on something like that actuator down to where he wants it or that there is simply not enough time to build a part by Musk’s deadline. “Elon will say, ‘Fine. You’re off the project, and I am now the CEO of the project. I will do your job and be CEO of two companies at the same time. I will deliver it,’” Brogan said. “What’s crazy is that Elon actually does it. Every time he’s fired someone and taken their job, he’s delivered on whatever the project was.”You did what Musk asked or were prepared to burrow down into the properties of materials to explain why something could not be done. “He always said, ‘Take it down to the physics,’” Javidan said.It’s almost a binary experience for him. Either you’re trying to make something spectacular with no compromises or you’re not. And if you’re not, Musk considers you a failure. This position can look unreasonable or foolish to outsiders, but the philosophy works for Musk and constantly pushes him and those around him to their limits.Elon believes in-house work and vertical integration. He doesn't like to rely on suppliers and wants to control supply chains. By doing that, he can cut costs and make better products.A large car company might spend $ 1 billion and need thousands of people to design a new vehicle and bring it to market. Tesla had nothing close to these resources as it gave birth to the Model S. According to Lloyd, Tesla initially aimed to make about ten thousand Model S sedans per year and had budgeted around $ 130 million to achieve this goal, including engineering the car and acquiring the manufacturing machines needed to stamp out the body parts. “One of the things Elon pushed hard with everyone was to do as much as possible in-house,” Lloyd said.“If Daimler wants to change the way a gauge looks, it has to contact a supplier half a world away and then wait for a series of approvals,” Javidan said. “It would take them a year to change the way the ‘P’ on the instrument panel looks. At Tesla, if Elon decides he wants a picture of a bunny rabbit on every gauge for Easter, he can have that done in a couple of hours.”And lastly, here are some other quotes I liked.I think there are probably too many smart people pursuing Internet stuff, finance, and law,” Musk said on the way. “That is part of the reason why we haven’t seen as much innovation.While Musk had excelled as a self-taught coder, his skills weren’t nearly as polished as those of the new hires. They took one look at Zip2’s code and began rewriting the vast majority of the software.There can be no question that Musk has mastered the art of getting the most out of his employees. Interview three dozen SpaceX engineers and each one of them will have picked up on a managerial nuance that Musk has used to get people to meet his deadlines. One example from Brogan: Where a typical manager may set the deadline for the employee, Musk guides his engineers into taking ownership of their own delivery dates. “He doesn’t say, ‘You have to do this by Friday at two P.M.,’” Brogan said. “He says, ‘I need the impossible done by Friday at two P.M. Can you do it?’ Then, when you say yes, you are not working hard because he told you to. You’re working hard for yourself. It’s a distinction you can feel. You have signed up to do your own work.”To find Davis, Musk called a teaching assistant* in Stanford’s aeronautics department and asked him if there were any hardworking, bright master’s and doctoral candidates who didn’t have families.“There is a fundamental problem with regulators. If a regulator agrees to change a rule and something bad happens, they could easily lose their career. Whereas if they change a rule and something good happens, they don’t even get a reward. So, it’s very asymmetric. It’s then very easy to understand why regulators resist changing the rules. It’s because there’s a big punishment on one side and no reward on the other. How would any rational person behave in such a scenario?”SpaceX is also busy building a spaceport from the ground up. The goal is to be able to launch many rockets an hour from this facility located in Brownsville, Texas, by automating the processes needed to stand a rocket up on the pad, fuel it, and send it off.What Musk had done that the rival automakers missed or didn’t have the means to combat was turn Tesla into a lifestyle. It did not just sell someone a car. It sold them an image, a feeling they were tapping into the future, a relationship. Apple did the same thing decades ago with the Mac and then again with the iPod and iPhone. Even those who were not religious about their affiliation to Apple were sucked into its universe once they bought the hardware and downloaded software like iTunes.The rank-and-file engineers at SpaceX tended to be young, male overachievers. Musk would personally reach out to the aerospace departments of top colleges and inquire about the students who had finished with the best marks on their exams. It was not unusual for him to call the students in their dorm rooms and recruit them over the phone. “I thought it was a prank call,” said Michael Colonno, who heard from Musk while attending Stanford. “I did not believe for a minute that he had a rocket company.” Once the students looked Musk up on the Internet, selling them on SpaceX was easy.I would argue, however, that his brand of empathy is unique. He seems to feel for the human species as a whole without always wanting to consider the wants and needs of individuals. And it may well be the case that this is exactly the type of person it takes to make a freaking space Internet real.Source: Ashlee Vance - Elon Musk

Which are the worst engineering colleges in India? Explain. Personal experiences are welcome.

Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, CoimbatoreThis college can be regarded as the worst college not only in India but also in the entire Universe.Fake Marketing : This year the college authorities claim that a guy had got an offer from Amazon for 27 Lakhs per Annum CTC. The truth is that he didn’t get job. He is currently undergoing “internship” at Amazon. At the end of internship, based on his performance he might be given a Pre-Placement Offer or a Pre-Placement Interview. By the way, even for IIT Delhi Undergraduates, the package given by Amazon was 16 Lakhs per Annum CTC only not 27 Lakhs. (Source : Uber, Amazon, Flipkart rush to IIT Delhi for placements; offer as much as Rs 36.6 lakh annually). Same thing for students placed in Tivo. They aren’t Employees. They are Interns.Collecting extra Fees : Even, if we never broke anything in lab, we have to pay “Lab Breakage” amount for each lab every semester. If you don’t pay, you won’t get hall ticket for the theory exam. Anna University Photocopy fees is 300 Rupees and Revaluation fees is 400 Rupees but they collect extra 100 Rupees(50 for photocopy + 50 for Revaluation) from students who are presently studying here and 200 Rupees(100 for photocopy + 100 for Revaluation) from students who have already completed their 4 years but still having backlogs, in the name of Demand Draft. Anyway they are going to pay on behalf of all students. So, collecting 50/100 Rupees from students would give them a huge profit every semester.Collecting Unnecessary Fines : A lot of parent’s hard earned money is wasted by paying unnecessary fines for silly reasons. If the classroom is little dirty due to papers/chocolate wrappers, the whole class has to pay a fine of 10 rupees each. If there is any ink mark on the table/desk, a huge fine will be imposed on the students who had been sitting there. If any male student is found with his shirt untucked, his ID Card would be seized and to get back his ID Card, he has to pay 50 rupees. If you are wearing sandals instead of shoes, you have to pay huge penalty. Some of the other silly reasons for which ID Card might be seized include the following:Coming late to class by few minutes(even for genuine reasons and unavoidable circumstances)For failing an Internal test.Talking with opposite gender.Under-qualified Faculties : Most of the faculties who join this Institution are themselves from yet another Tier-3 College. Some of them join after completing their Post-Graduation here. Majority of them had never qualified UGC-NET nor GATE. Sometimes, they teach wrong concepts in class. Once in 1st semester, my Physics Teacher told “log(A)*log(B) = log(A+B)”. He holds a PhD Degree in Physics.Bizzare Dress Code for Lab : Students are forced to wear Blue Coloured Lab Dress thrice a week. Sometimes, you have to wear it on Saturday also if a teacher announces that there will be a lab session that day. I don’t understand why all branch students have to wear it. The management just wants to gain money by selling the cloth to it’s students. Remember the cloak which Harry Potter uses to make himself invisible. Similarly, the management thinks that by wearing their Lab Dress, we double our IQ and perform groundbreaking experiments successfully in the Laboratory. But instead it makes the students look completely insane and ridiculous to such an extent that when I was wearing it one day, a guy mistook me for a Security Guard.Improper Teaching Methodology : As, I previously stated, the teachers are under-qualified. Most of them never teach anything in class. They simply dictate notes in class. They also correct the notes of students to check if they are noting down everything what they are dictating. If a topic is difficult, they give it as a seminar to students. There are teachers who give entire chapter as seminar to students. The assignments are usually copy+paste from some book/webpage. There is zero learning from the assignments and Homework. We have to completely rely on NPTEL Videos for studying during Semester exams.Unprofessional Paper Evaluation : If a teacher develops a hatred for a student, then that student gets low internal marks regardless of whether he/she is studious or not. If you are a teacher’s pet and if your handwriting is good, you will be blessed with high internal marks. Once, me and a classmate of mine had got same mark in an Internal test(32/50 or 64%). Here comes the twist, since that classmate was a teacher’s pet, a mark higher than 64% was uploaded in the Anna University Portal but for me the same 64% was uploaded in spite of the fact that I have a better CGPA than that classmate. Also, I have zero history of backlogs but that classmate has history of backlog in one subject. When I confronted this injustice to the teacher, the teacher told me that she had scored more than me in the re-test. I know very well that I had done my re-test pretty good. I’m definitely sure that she had never corrected the re-test papers.Unhygienic Mess food : It is not uncommon to find bugs in your plate when you are eating in the mess. Those insects are more tastier than the crap food they provide.Supplying low quality books : In 1st year, the management collected 10,000 Rupees for books. The books they provided were all written by some local authors. Especially, the mathematics textbook was pretty much non-standard. I don’t know whether the maths professors in my college have read “Introduction to Linear Algebra” by “Gilbert Strang”. It is one of the best books for studying Linear Algebra. Instead, they provided a book from a local publisher.Useless Value Added Courses : Despite the hectic curriculum, students are forced to study completely irrelevant extra courses in addition to Anna University syllabus, named as “Value Added Courses”. In the 1st semester all the branch students are forced to study “Hardware and Networking” course. For Computer Science Students, it is okay to study that but for Mechanical Engineering Students, it is totally irrelevant and useless. Also, when there are so much beautiful courses like “Machine Learning”, “Human Computer Interaction”, “Data Science”, “Natural Language Processing”, “Pattern Recognition”, etc… the 2nd year Computer Science Students are taught “Web Designing”. They even collected 1800 Rupees for that course. They called few people from a local coaching institute and asked them to teach. It was a complete waste of time and money for the students. They just taught some basic HTML and CSS, which was already learnt in highschool.Rude Teachers : Many teachers especially the former Director “Manian” used to treat students like slaves. Sometimes, Manian even hit and slap the students even for some small mistake. He pulls the student by his ear, shouts and slaps his cheek violently. If you are found talking while walking to the exam hall, he tears the hall ticket into pieces and breaks your ID Card. You have to pay a huge fine for getting a new hall ticket and temporary ID Card. As per Anna University rules, a student should enter the exam hall at-least 10 minutes before the commencement of exam, but they ring the bell 30 minutes before the commencement of exam. If you didn’t go inside the Academic Building 10 minutes after the bell has rung (that is 20 minutes before the commencement of Exam) , the building will be locked and you will not be allowed to enter the academic building till 15 minutes has passed by after the exam has started. After opening the door, Manian shouts and lectures how irresponsible we are, by not being punctual on the exam day. This increases the stress levels before the exam. No extra time will be given. Thus, you may end up not being able to complete the paper on time. Once in 2nd semester, a chemistry teacher seized the phones of those students who were unprepared for a test.No choice for Electives : Unlike IITs and IISC where you are free to choose the subjects for a semester, here even there is no choice for electives. The whole class has to study the same elective subject, which the teachers will decide.Forcing the students to fill positive review in any feedback/survey : The management never collects feedback anonymously. We have to enter our name and Register number in the feedback form. So, they know who has filled what review. Often, all students fill positive review about a faculty, as we fear that they could award low Internal marks in the upcoming semesters. Recently, we were asked to fill NAAC Student Survey form. We were asked(Read forced) not to give any low points/Rating about the Institute in the survey.Outmoded Software in Lab : Some of the systems in the labs still use Windows XP. Please, don’t insert your USB onto any system. All sorts of malware and virus would enter in case you did.Bulky Record Notes : Have you ever found any IIT student writing pages and pages of observation note and copy the same in Record note as a part of any laboratory course. Here you are forced to do that. If you submit only your Record note instead of submitting both your observation and record note, your internal marks will be reduced. We never do most of the experiments in lab due to lack of equipment. During the practical exam if you are a teacher’s pet and even if you never performed the experiment you will still get S grade. One of my record note has around 400 pages in it.Torturing students before signing in the No dues form : Regardless of whether you are a topper or a student with many history of backlogs, the teachers are so sadistic that they make you write many tests and assignments before signing in the no dues form. Some teachers might even seize your Hall ticket before their respective exam if he/she thinks that you aren’t prepared. As a result your exam fees of 150 Rupees gets wasted and you end up getting a backlog.Lack of Holidays : At most you get 2 weeks of holidays as a Semester Vacation. The college reopens before the prescribed date of Anna University. If you are absent during this time, you will be punished severely. Once a group of 2nd year Computer Science students were absent for 2 days during this time. When they came back to college, they were made to stand outside the class for one whole day(from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). They even conduct class on public holidays and Sundays in the name of completing the syllabus. If you are absent,you have to face huge consequences. Also, most of the Saturdays will be working days although they claim that only odd Saturdays of a month are working days.Treating students as Elementary School kids : Almost all students except few 1st year students are adults(age>=18). But the teachers treat students like 10 year old kids. For any small mistake you commit, your class advisor calls your parents and informs them. If you get a backlog in a subject, you have to bring your parents to meet the respective teacher.Poor Quality of Students : Some students are highly unmotivated. They are forced by their parents to study Engineering despite them having zero interest in it. They end up getting huge history of backlogs thus making them ineligible for Campus placements. They eventually end up without a job at the end of 4 years. Some students are Bullies. They shout at the top of their lungs. Every time they speak, they use the words which are tamil equivalent of madarc**d, behenc**d, chut**a, etc… People of different departments never forget to involve in fight whenever they get the chance. Also, it is easy for your valuable things like mobile, wallet, Record note, etc… to get stolen.No freedom to park vehicles outside the campus : The college authorities collect a huge parking fee from students for parking the vehicles inside the campus. In-order to avoid this, few students park the vehicles outside the campus in a nearby area. Once in August 2016, there was a protest because the management had punctured the wheels of few vehicles which were parked in front of a bakery adjacent to the campus.No freedom to go outside the campus between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm : If you want to take any print out or photocopy or if you want to eat in a hotel outside the campus, you have to either give your ID Card or provide an out pass. Once, I had to attend an interview, so I had to go outside the campus. The security didn’t let me out. Even I showed him the Interview Call Letter. Still he didn’t let me go out. I had to waste 30 minutes of my time in getting an out pass.Lack of Sports facilities : There was just one sports period in 1st year alone that too on a Saturday. Most of the time, some teacher will borrow that period. If you are a day scholar and interested in some sport, then you have to stay back and then practice it. For day scholar sportsmen coming far away it’s very difficult for them. By the time they reach home, they would have no time to study.Prolonged working hours : Day scholars are forced to stay till 5:30 pm in the name of ward counselling although the working hours get over by 4:30 pm . Most of the days, teachers conduct test during this time. They simply ask us to sign some form in the name of ward counselling attendance. This happens on Tuesday and Thursday. As a result, it takes upto 6:30 pm for the day scholars to reach home.Selling Student database : The college sells the student data to project centres and Coaching Centres. I was getting repeated Phone calls, SMSes and E-Mails from a Project Centre. That Project Centre has recruited 3 students from our college last year.Poor Wifi : The wifi speed is so slow that by the time it takes even a google homepage to load, you would have graduated.If you are a 12th Standard Student and if you are reading this, please don’t take admission in this college. Please do NOT use the counselling code 2727 during TNEA Counselling. My request to all those reading this: “Please share this answer so that no one opts for this college during admission.”UPDATE:-Replying to someone who asked “Why do you bother to apply there when you know it is bad?”. When I was about to join, I never knew about these things. I made a mistake before I took admission by not asking many people how the Institute is.UPDATE-2:-Replying to someone who says, “comparing a private college with an iit is crime, how can u do that? expecting a environment like iit in a pvt engg college is a foolish thing…”First, I definitely wouldn’t have compared had they not mentioned in my college Brochure that they have the best Graphical System Design Lab and CADD Lab in Asia-Pacific Region. Secondly, get your facts straight. Have you heard of BITS, Pilani and IIIT, Hyderabad? They are at par and even better than many new IITs.

How much glorifying the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was there in Soviet education?

I was born in Germany and raised in the USSR. I found the time of Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev and I can answer.In the USSR after 1956, or rather after 1956, changes occurred that affected economics, politics and education.In the photo is a Soviet schoolboy Vladimir Putin. Future President of the Russian FederationI watched the textbooks of the time 1939-1953 and they are completely different than the ones we studied. I would say they were more perfect. Also at that time was a very interesting item "Logic". Khrushchev removed this item.So how was the education in the Soviet school and how the ideology of the CPSU was visible in it. In principle, the CPSU is a party that created the system and economy of the USSR and there is nothing strange in the study of the subject, which, for example, was called History of the CPSU in higher education.In the photo, first-grade children get acquainted with the initial reading book. Book - Primer (Bukvar').I do not remember that in elementary grades there was ideology in textbooks. You came to school from 7 years old. Or like for example if I knew the shool item well. That is, at 6 years old, I and with my parents. There was a small exam on what I can do. I already read and wrote and knew the initial arithmetic that was taught in preschool education. After I entered school there was very good and interesting. Education was free. Also for elementary school students were free breakfast. For very little money there was lunch. I did not pay money for school books. School books were given out for free. But it was necessary to buy a school uniform. It was a jacket, pants and a shirt. It was at a special price and a special ticket for a elementary school student. Education in the Soviet school begins on September 1 and lasts until the end of May. There are vacations in winter and spring. In the summer, all the children and teachers are resting. That is, rest June, July and August.In the photo, a lesson in a Soviet elementary school. In the photo you can see a bouquet of flowers, this little girl brought them to her beloved teacher. September 1 is a holiday - Knowledge DayThe entire school course was divided into three stages:- elementary school, grades 1 - 3- secondary shool classes, grades 4-8- high school classes, from 9 to 10.In the photo, Soviet schoolchildren made wood houses for wild birds in a labor lesson. These are birdhouses. They went outside and will now make new houses for birds. I do not see in this the hand of the CPSUThe training was called - secondary public school. Schools were also divided by in-depth study of any subjects or, for example, on a national basis. I studied at a Jewish school, but officially it was not tied to nationality.In the photo are the badges of Soviet children's organizations. From left to right: Octyabryenok, pioneer, KomsomoletsIn elementary school, you could enter - Octyabryata. Oktyabryonok wore a star icon with a picture of Lenin. Sometimes you could read the book of Krupskaya's wife of Lenin - Memoirs of Lenin. And for example, my school friend did not want to be Oktyabryonok. It was a personal choice.In secondary school, starting in grades 3-4, you could join the pioneers. This is also a children's organization, but there were already pioneer meetings. Pioneers tried to help teach younger students. Helped large families and very old people in retirement. Help consisted for example - to buy and bring food or medicine, read a book. Pioneers could discuss the behavior of their school mates in a meeting. Make decisions about helping someone from the people themselves. We studied the history of the country and the war of 1941-1945In the photo Soviet children pioneers read a newspaper for children.In the 5th grade, a textbook appeared on the history of the USSR and it told how the USSR was formed. What before was the Empire and was the emperor. After the 1917 revolution, there was a civil war. But I would not even call this subject very ideologically guiding from the CPSU. It’s just that the CPSU after Khrushchev became different and the training was different. officials from the Communist Party after Khrushchev began to build a bureaucracy. Rather, they continued the construction of Khrushchev. This led to many oddities in the CPSU.But back to the discussion of the school and its textbooks.In the photo soviet textbooks. Chemistry, Physics, History, Algebra, Geometry, Drawing, Literature, RussianIn 8th grade, it was necessary to pass an exam. It was not at all like it is now. These were not tests - a choice of three right questions. It was necessary to do a lot of written work in the Russian language and answer many problems in mathematics. It was also necessary to go out and answer a few questions orally. The exam did not contain any subjects about the CPSU. After you passed the exam, you could continue to study in high school or you could go to study at a vocational technical school.A class of soviet secondary school students. In the front row, closer to the center, Vladimir Putin (President of the Russian Federation). Volodya Putin studied at the eight-grade school No. 193 (secondary school No. 193 of the Central District of Leningrad (St. Petersburg), then he went to a special school with in-depth study of chemistry No. 281 of the Admiralteysky District of St. Petersburg.In high school, you could become a Komsomol member. It was believed that becoming a Komsomol member was a step towards becoming a member of the CPSU. In fact, it was much easier than a pioneer organization. The Komsomol organization in the school could also arrange a meeting, but these were high school and a lot of study. If in a western school there were 12 classes, then in the USSR everyone studied for 10 years. And some of the items were even from a university program. At the end of grade 10, you also took exams. Then you could go or work or continue your studies at the university.Students of the Soviet University in the classroom.The university really had a subject like the history of the CPSU and diamat (Dialectical materialism). In these subjects there were materials of articles of Marx and Engels. This was required of all students. That was not very good. But in general, the time of the university can also be remembered well. Training was free. For those who were from another city, a room was provided for free. Lunches were very inexpensive. Textbooks were not expensive. You might not go to university. Several times this was possible even without a reason. The most important thing was to pass the exam well. The professor asked you personally. It was more difficult than now.In the photo, Komsomolets Boris Yeltsin. You can see the Komsomol badge pinned on his chest. The future president of Russia. The man who destroyed the USSR together with Gorbachev and one of the leaders of the CPSUThe university had a Komsomol organization and Komsomol members participated in various events. For example, I helped build a theater building. It was like that. I led the group of Komsomol. There were 20 of us. Komsomol members removed construction waste and performed small, not heavy work on the territory. Everything was quickly done. The theater director for technical work approached me and asked for help with the interior of the theater. I said that we will do this work, but let us do it for counter-locks - these are free theater tickets for two people. That is, each of my group of Komsomol members was supposed to get two free tickets for a prestigious performance. All work has been done. I got free tickets and gave them to all my Komsomol members. Myself, I did not take anything. My parents held a good position and could also get contramarka (free tickets). So all of my Komsomol employees were happy. Theater leaders even gave me a personal Thanks letter of the theater and there they wrote thanks. Very famous directors.In the photo, a free ticket (kontramarka) to the Taganka Theater (Moscow) for the play "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" 1983I go university the next day, I was invited to a Komsomol organization. My personal file was considered. They could have expelled me from the Komsomol members.It turns out I took the free tickets for a whole month and as a result, the Komsomol Central Committee could not go to the theater. At the meeting, I said that I would make any decision. I knew that it was not necessary to be a member of the CPSU. My dad held a good and prestigious leadership post and was not a member of the CPSU. Mom, unlike the pope, was a member of the CPSU. But back to the meeting to expel me from the Komsomol. About ten university students spoke who said what a good and obligatory student and Komsomol member I am. All the affairs that I directed were rated excellent. But still there were leading Komsomol members and they spoke out very negatively. Then they gave the floor to me. I said that I was much pleased to hear about myself and it’s good that they said negative as I’m not perfect. I put the letter issued to me from the theater and famous people directly on the commission table. Look said I - probably she can decorate your office. Everyone laughed and they left me in the Komsomol. Then, when I went to work, I almost became a candidate member of the CPSU, but then I changed my mind and remained non-partisan.The whole ideology of the CPSU was reduced to many posters and slogans. It was not very overwhelming. It was even interesting to me as a Jew. I studied the history of the Jewish people and on the wall hung CPSU posters.

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