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PDF Editor FAQ

What did you do today?

I advertised my startup in 400 cabs in Bangalore today. One of the biggest marketing campaigns of my life.Our day started at 10 am on the 5th of August. We visited the printing shop to collect the 800 pieces of design. Now we had to punch holes in all the 800 prints and attach an elastic band to it so that it can be placed behind the headrest of the cabs.It took us almost 10 hours of continuous work to complete binding the 800 designs. Here’s a picture of my messed up bed.By 9 pm we were ready with all the designs packed in our bags. Ready for the biggest 24 hours of our lives. The big question - Where do we find so many cabs?The Airport! We booked an Uber Share and set off to execute the biggest marketing campaign of my life. Within minutes of getting into the cab we pitched our idea to the cab driver and he agreed to let us put an advertisement in his car.The best part? When we got down, he gave me a Friendship Band, hugged me and said “Bhaiya bahut acha kaam kar rhe ho aaplog, hum cab drivers ka support hai aapke sath”(You guys are doing a great job, you have complete support of the cab drivers.)August 6, 12:30amWe finally reached the airport. This time it wasn’t to catch a flight or drop someone off. Among 1000s of passengers my eyes were scanning for opportunities and cab drivers.It’s 4am and among 1000+ cabs around us, we were able to convince just 50 people to put our advertisements up. While we were planning this, we never thought it’d be so difficult. But was giving up an option? Hell no! 350 more to go.We decided to rest for an hour because most of the drivers too were sleeping and we did not want to disturb them. It’s 5 am and now the parking lot is full of cabbies moving around brushing their teeth, bathing in the washrooms, drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, washing their cars and yes of-course, talking to us.We bought tea and cigarettes for them while conversing with them. This trick worked like charm and we were soon flocked by them. Everybody wanted to help us and they happily placed our advertisements in their cabs.By 4pm we were done with all 400 cabs. Some beautiful things happened during our time working on this campaign and speaking with the drivers.How much money did we offer them? We did not offer them money instead we focused on offering them Value. This not only helped us build trust and a relationship with them, but we made friends with most of them.It was a very humbling experience working on this campaign. Let’s see how the campaign goes.PS : I shall be sharing a detailed case study of this campaign in 30 days. If you’re interested, please comment below.Shashank ShekharStoned SantaEdit 1: Overwhelmed by the response. Thank you so much for the love and appreciation for our efforts. This answer has given us 3000 website hits and over 50 happy customers and 7 new artists in the past 12 days.Edit 2:The case study is finally LIVE. I have tried my best to narrate the story in the best manner possible where I have talked about:How we planned and executed the campaign.My learnings from this campaign.Our revenues, number of customers, website hits etc.Read it here : How I got an ROI of 322% for my startup — Stoned Santa by spending a night with 400 Uber driversI hope you’d enjoy reading this. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response.Edit 3: The cab campaign case study has been picked up by a major online media house - Yourstory. Overwhelmed with the response.Thank you for all the love, upvotes and shares.

What life event made you take a drastic measure?

Gee, having unprotected sex with the wrong guy led to me contracting HIV and being stuck with the consequence of taking a pill my whole life for almost 5 years now. Meanwhile, I had bad vibes about the guy. I knew he was messing around. I had 3 nightmares which were vivid about him - there was a young girl always crying in the dream telling me not to sleep with the guy.Guess what? I figured: argh it is just a dream. Then I finally left him. After about 4 or 5 months of leaving him, I did my Annual Tests which included HIV and found out I have HIV. Look, much as I am managing fine with the virus and God used it for me to save lives - I became an HIV Advocate, I could have avoided it.Morale of the story: #Remain Celibate #Condomise and #Follow your gut 😂Today I have to go to the Dr. twice a year for my bi-annual tests to ensure all my organs are in order and to get a script for my ART. Look, I am living a normal healthy life since HIV is manageable and to my surprise, I needed to get HIV to really start valuing myself and taking better care of myself. Prior to contracting HIV I had a very low self esteem and after contracting the virus, instead of crying over it, I chose to use it to better the lives of others 😊 and am humbled to say God has used me as a vessel to give hope. What the enemy meant for bad (due to my own negligence as well) is now used for the good of others.That's me. I am healthy and no one can even tell I have HIV: when I contracted the virus I remember saying this prayer “God, if You help me through this I will save lives, please save me!” That was when I knew about HIV but I was so so terrified of living with it. Little did I know that everything would stay the same, except that I have to take my pill daily.Thank you oh so much for the positive feedback. Gosh, had I known so many people would be inspired by my story, I would have opened up on Quora about this issue earlier.Here is a picture of me prior to the Covid-19 Lockdown. This was taken in February 2020. I am not doing this for the fame, but for awareness purposes and to share that we can overcome anything. We are stronger than we always think and feel we are. Mind you: this picture was taken after I went through a year of bullying at a job where I worked. Would you believe I walked away from the job and that in spite of the Chronic illness (#HIV) - I would go to bed hungry due to the fact that I was jobless. I was so terrified of people I felt there was nowhere for me to turn to seek help. I was a total mess. But again, God's grace 😥😥😥 it saved me. I always say to my Dr. “like a cat, I have 9 lives!” The moral of the story: please can we be kinder. We don't know what people are going through. I am honestly still recovering from the bullying that took place in 2018 mentally but I am stronger than I have ever been in the past year and a half. Let us be and spread love ❤️Gosh! I forgot to say just how humbled and grateful I am for the Loving/positive comments. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone 🙏🙏🙏This is my biggest and best smile since 2018 💞💞💞 I call it #GodsGrace + this was just a month when I felt I could smile and look forward to life again after the corporate bullying that robbed me of my esteem. The bullying came when I was emotionally bruised because I was already going through something very personal and healing from it. So it was more like salt to my gaping wound. The ordeal almost paralysed me. I hated life after that experience. The only thing that gave me hope was going to church and knowing that there is a God who loves me. Even though at the time I was in so much pain.Let's open up so that the world can become a better place 💞🌟💦Last Edit 💕💕💕 Hey guys. I want to comment and show love to each and every one of you here who really has given me support but the comments are flowing and flowing 😂😂😂 and due to time constraints. Allow me to extend my heartfelt love and gratitude to each and every one of you. I will read every comment. I appreciate you and the love you have given me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ever so much from the bottom of my 💓💓💓God bless you all 💕💕💕🥰Courtesy Edit: I acknowledge all comments and upvotes. I am eternally Grateful to God that Quora has allowed me to touch the world with and at just a click of a finger. It is all very humbling and absolutely amazing at the same time.Stay Safe ❤️ Stay strong ❣️We are Hard Pressed during this season of the Pandemic but Not Crushed.Sending You Guys all sorts of Love and Hugs 🤗My hair has grown immensely since March 2020 when we were hit by this pandemic. I am spotting some corn rows — on the right 💕One Love 🌹🌹🌹✨

Can we survive without a life partner?

I am married for good 13 years . Long time … yeahhhh!I was naive, immature and too young (22 years old) at the time of my marriage. He was 26 then and yes we both struggled for quite some time because this is how it is in arrange marriage set up for Indian weddings .My husband decided to move to Dubai just after 6 months of our wedding. I cried , tried to stop him , I was just not ready to stay back at my in-laws place without him.Here I would like to add , I have already denied 2 lucrative job offers just before the wedding as job locations were different from his work place. But he moved ( he had his own reasons and now I understand he was RIGHT ).I stayed without him for 3 months but he couldn’t . He left his job and returned back to me in 3 months ( company was not giving family status to him ) and that was first time I realized I got the RIGHT PARTNER. Then I decided to support him and just not to be a barrier in his career ever .It was HIM who stayed alone to earn , saved and secured our future. I stayed alone many times as NRIs from gulf countries do not get a permanent Residency and thus as per changes in his job locations I stayed in India . He stayed in Saudi Arabia for an year and I decided not to join him there ,as I was not convinced by the idea of rules to be followed there ( including wearing abaya and not going out without male companion . Obviously, their country their rule …stayed back as I didn’t want to follow ).At present he is working in Mauritius and I am at home in India , I have joined a job here , staying with kids and in-laws. We may join him if we want to and we actually are looking forward to that. We waited for this academic session to end.So Yes , I can stay without my spouse , I did it in past and at present he is 5000 kms (or 3000 miles )away.Companionship doesn’t means sharing the bed every night but it means sharing the emotions .Marriage not only means producing babies but also bringing them up well and taking care of them as priority, he couldn’t find job of his match in India so he moved . I stayed back with kids .Togetherness is just not about staying under one roof but it means to stand with each other under any happy or sad situation.Partnership is not only about sharing financial responsibilities but also working as an UNIT when it comes to each other’s family.Coupling is not about knowing each other completely but it is also about trusting and giving enough space to each other .I have many friends and a family here with me and it is him who is alone . We do talk on video calls multiple times . We share our routine , problems at work and gossips too .I know the name of the hottest girl in his office ( lol) and the stories behind his supervisors and managers . People ask me ,” How you are so chilled when your husband is staying in the HONEYMOON’s LAND , everywhere alcohol , beautiful beaches and hot babes ?”So damn true, what else a man wants , Heaven , right ???Wrong !!!If my man can ditch me just to sleep with some hot girl then HE WAS NEVER MINE .Bond should be LOOSE not WEAK .WE at recent wedding in our family .Thanks for reading .EDIT : I recieved a surprising response over this answer , thank you for reading Quorans. I would like to add few points in my answer on the basis of comments .Original question was about “ LIVING WITHOUT SPOUSE “ and not “ SURVIVING WITHOUT LIFE PARTNER “ Quora merged my answer . I answered that question as per my understanding about the question. May be I misunderstood in someone's opinion but let's AGREE TO DISAGREE .Thank you so much for wishes and appreciation those who gave that.Few asked about update , …we planned to join my husband in May but thanks to pandemic me and my kids are still waiting ,now most likely he will be back in November and we have few plans to work upon to be together again , rest depends on the deadly virus and the market then after.Few wrote , I am showing off ,my concepts are flawed and he left me and kids and ran away from responsibilities… lol,I would like to say ..judging is good but don't do it too much. I know that man for last 14 years and trust me I can judge him better.Those who stay under same roof are not happy all the time. Marriage needs Money , savings and physical and emotional work . We planned and took this decision together.Thank you for reading .This response was overwhelming.

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