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PDF Editor FAQ

What are some examples of doctors or nurses mocking patients, and were they called out?

I used to run a concrete plant and small trucking/hauling operation as part of a larger general construction company. Commercial drivers (i.e., those who hold commercial driver’s licenses [CDLs]) periodically must update their medical examiner’s certificates (more often called “health cards”). — It’s basically just a physical exam and then the issuance of a paper card, by the doctor, to the driver so that he can renew his CDL and show any inquisitive traffic authorities, should they ask for it.The physical exam part of it, of course, is filled out by the doctor, and I usually don’t care to look over that. It’s personal information; I don’t need to know if the driver has erectile dysfunction. I do need to get a copy of the health card to keep as part of his Driver Qualification (DQ) file. If anyone’s interested, this is part of the requirements of a motor carrier, at the federal level; specifically, Dept. of Transportation (DOT) / Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).The health card probably, as a matter of form, should just be filled out by the medical examiner and signed by the driver, but often, they rush the process by having the driver fill in their name and other personal information.One choice of boxes to check — a very important choice — is whether the driver is authorized to drive interstate or intrastate.I employed drivers who could drive concrete mixer trucks and tractor-trailer combinations (haul trucks), because we hauled in as much rock and sand as we could, on our own, and then subcontracted out the rest. In general, this reduced our costs of production; but, also, in general, you can’t pour concrete in the rain, so it gave me an alternative task for these drivers to do when the weather caused the cancelation of all of our orders for the day. — They could make runs to quarries to pick up materials.As not all quarries (or other construction-oriented destinations) were in-state, that meant the drivers needed to be fit to drive interstate. — A CDL does not, in and of itself, say if a driver can cross the state lines. The health card says which is true.Look at your Class C DL (regular ol’ DL); unless you’re awaiting trial or on probation or parole, typically, you can drive to any state you want. We’re not Soviet Russia; we don’t need papers or passports to leave our state and enter into one or more (or all) of the other various states.Also, you don’t need a medical examination to be determined to be fit to drive a sedan or pickup truck, or something like those. — For some people, perhaps, that’s a flawed process!In my part of Texas, it is common, in a clinic full of doctors, for the CDL medical examinations to be done by the token nurse practitioner (NP) or physician’s assistant (PA). — There’s no money in doing them. They are full medical exams, so they take a bunch of time. Nobody likes doing them, and drivers don’t like taking them.It’s just an all-around disliked thing. Nonetheless, they need to be done right.My story is of one that was done incorrectly, and the NP was snitty and evasive about it; and, what I did about it.I sent one of my drivers to a local clinic to get his health card renewed. The NP there did it and renewed his card for the maximum number of years she could. — If someone has health problems, they can be renewed for one year. I think the maximum term is two years. He was renewed for two years. He came back and gave me the card, as one copy of it was mine, and upon examining it (something I’d learned to do), I saw where, very clearly, it looked like he had marked the box for intrastate only travel.I asked him why he did that, but it’s just really not uncommon for drivers, especially when they’re nervous, to fail to be able to distinguish the difference between intra- and inter-.I called the clinic and told the receptionist that a mistake had been made and that the NP would need to correct and reissue the health card. The receptionist put me on hold; I was expecting to get the NP at the end of my hold. Instead, the receptionist told me that the NP said he would have to come back in and have it all done over again, because he had made the mistake.These examinations cost about $110. — That’s part of the reason NPs and doctors don’t like doing them, because instead of being able to charge $225 or more for 15 minutes, they have to spend much more time on the exam and can only charge a lesser amount; in part, because you can’t charge this against your health insurance (if you even carry health insurance, which is not guaranteed in this line of work [for drivers]); also, there may be some statutory maximum amount that can be charged.This made no sense to me. Also, I didn’t want to have to pay another $110. — In my mind, the medical examiner performs the exam and, then, decides, based on the health of the driver, if he’s safe and sound enough to drive only within the state or also between and among the various states.If it wasn’t that way, then why would the choice of boxes even be on the health card? It would seem like the driver could just make his own decision about all other aspects of the medical exam. — He could renew his own health card if he felt well, etc.Of course, the driver said he couldn’t remember who checked the box. The NP said he had done it. So, I got on the FMCSA’s website and found the email address for their headquarters in Washington, DC. Apparently, you could email them with questions. — I had no real expectation that I would get a response, but I emailed them, simply: “Who should fill out the box regarding intrastate or interstate travel on a Medical Examiner’s Certificate? The examiner or the driver?”After that, I went home for the day.The next morning, I had a very short email reply, from somebody at the FMCSA in Washington, DC, which said: “The medical professional performing the examination must make that choice and mark the appropriate box.”OK! So, we’re getting somewhere. — The NP claimed the driver had checked the box; this was improper procedure. I shouldn’t have to pay again. She should correct her mistake.Knowing this, I drove over to the plant and got the driver, and we both drove up to the clinic. I introduced myself to the receptionist as the person who had been bugging her about this issue and said that I had contacted the motor carrier safety people and they confirmed what I’d thought. The NP had made a mistake, and she needed to fix it. I’d brought the driver up there with me to facilitate the process.Wouldn’t you know? — She never came out to see us. She told the receptionist that she’d asked the driver which type of driver he was — intrastate or interstate — and, she’d checked the box according to what he told her.So, now, she had checked the box. However, it was still the driver’s fault because he told her the wrong thing, and I still would have to pay to redo the exam.I asked to speak with her. I’d driven up there and had the driver, still on the clock, being paid, and it seemed only fair that we talk about this. But, the receptionist came back, after speaking with her, with some sort of story about her being with a patient and the day being a busy one, so no go on that. — We left.First, the driver had checked the wrong box. After being told this was improper procedure, now, she had checked the correct box, because the box she checked was what the driver told her. Even though, for me, it was the incorrect box.Great. I figured I was screwed and took the driver back to the plant. I went back over to our main office and took one last look at his health card before I went home.That’s when I saw the most obvious thing. It was obvious; so obvious that it’s easy to miss.The next morning, after I got done, for the moment, at the plant I went back over to the main office and grabbed a couple of things, and then called the clinic back. Once again, I got the same receptionist, so I greeted her by name. — By now, I knew it.Few times do we ever want anyone to know what our full titles are at a business. I was, in fact, the concrete plant manager. The plant was a subsidiary of a mother corporation, of which I was its CFO. — Customers and suppliers hear CFO and all they see and hear is $$$$$$$. But, sometimes it helps.This time, I told her that I was the Chief Financial Officer of XYZ Corp. and the plant manager of XYZ Concrete; I’d been having trouble with their NP, and I new information that I thought would solve the problem.I would like to speak to the physician who oversaw the practice of the nurse practitioner — in person.I got put on hold, again, but this time — I got somewhere.The office manager of the clinic invited me to come in to speak with her.When I got there, I let some other receptionist know that I was not there for a checkup (you know — open the sliding glass window, please), and that I was there to see the office manager. She asked my name, and soon after, a well-appointed, business-looking lady came out to guide me back to her office.She said that she knew I’d been having some problems and that she’d do anything she could to help me. She’d talked to the nurse practitioner about the situation and understood how she felt about it.I passed her a copy of my email reply from the FMCSA (saying the medical examiner must check the box). She then pulled up, on her computer, their scanned copy of the health card they issued to the driver. She printed out a copy of it, and I saw immediately that it was in black and white.She read the email and agreed that it appeared the NP should have checked the box. The next part was just pure luck on my part.See, all she had was a scanned B&W copy of the health card. I had the original. And, on the original card, the NP had written everything out that she did in black ink.The driver had written on the card in blue ink, and the box referring to intra-/interstate was marked in blue.I handed her the original and said that, while it was possible that the NP and the driver had switched pens at the exact moment that box was checked, I thought that was very unlikely.She had been very welcoming and very business-like the entire time, and when she saw that, she said that she agreed with me.She excused herself for a moment, to go speak to the NP, and when she came back, she told me that they would redo the health card, free of charge, but that the driver would have to come back up there to sign it.I thanked her for resolving the matter and reminded her that I’d already brought him up there again, once, but the NP hadn’t even taken the time to speak with us. — I was now going to have to pay the guy, again, to come up there to fix the NP’s mistake.If the NP had just made herself more accessible to the idea that she was not a perfect person, this would have not caused all of us so much trouble. — The office manager apologized, and we were done.When I was walking out, back into the waiting room, the NP passed me and didn’t even say a word.

What is the enrollment process in healthcare?

The enrollment process for health care is to fill in a one page form at any time of the year and submit it to receive a provincial health card which is valid across Canada which is renewed every 5 years and its renewal cannot be denied unless you remain outside of Canada for over 184 days.After you receive your health card, you pay no premiums, you pay no deductibles, you pay no copays, you have no networks, and you never even SEE a doctor bill or hospital bill let alone never PAYING even one cent to see a doctor or to have anything done in a hospital, no matter how long the hospitalization lasts, and no matter how much rehab is needed after, the cost for any and all, of it is ZERO.

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn't already?

Schools taught as things that make as good in academics but at sometime in life there are too many things that must be known for a person.These are the things that every school must teach to their studentsBanking and insurance.How to open an account.How to apply for credit or debit card.Loan approval.Renewal of insurance.How to fill consumer grievance. How to complaint when someone do fraud with them.How to pay taxes and billsIn fact, how to even sign up to pay our taxes and bills. How do taxes and bills even work? Most of us doesn’t understand.How to write a CV or cover letter.Seriously, I don’t know which corner my name and address should be typed into.How to buy a car or a houseOur parents made it look so easy. We just sort of assumed things appeared out of nowhere when we were ready for them. We call our parents when we have to buy these things.We should’ve been taught about mental healthWe were taught about physical health, so how was it not just as important to discuss things like stress, anxiety and depression – things that many of us deal with at one point or anotherMannersManners are indispensable in civilized society, and using them properly will make good impressions with family, our significant others, in-laws, friends, teachers, bosses, acquaintances, etc. As etiquette classes are a thing of the past, likewise manners have steadily been on the decline. However, an etiquette class shouldn’t be required to know to say please and thank you, sir and ma’am.The GovernmentSchools only teach what is authority and power of PM and all big position in democracy.Everyone should know what are the work of municipality, police and atleast MLA of constituency. Infact they are the person who affect our dailylife.Career optionsThis a necessary thing that must be adopted by rural schools.Most of the students don't know what are the options after completion of school. May be there is some potential scientist of IRSO ;)Every student after school is joining either engineering of medical study. Many students after joining realise that this is not what they dreamed of.

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