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In 1919, the US prohibited alcohol. How did the rest of the world react? Have any other Western countries banned alcohol for an extended period of time?

Canada introduced prohibition before the United States did, but revoked it long before the United States because it was obviously not working. It was just a statute law rather than a constitutional one, so it could be revoked by simple majority votes in Parliament and provincial legislatures. That resulted in Canadian distillers being in a very favorable position both during and after the time prohibition ended in the US.Following the election of 1917 the Canadian federal government introduced national prohibition in 1918, as a war measure during WWI. It prohibited the importation of alcohol into Canada, the inter-provincial trade of alcohol, and included a ban on production. This had varying degrees of effectiveness in the Protestant English speaking provinces, but in Quebec, which was Catholic and French, it went over like a lead balloon. 80% of Quebecois opposed prohibition, and as a result it was widely ignored in the province. As for the other provinces, B.C. went wet in 1921, and by the end of 1927 the other provinces had done so as well, all but tiny Prince Edward Island which banned liquor until 1948.America’s federal Prohibition law, in effect from 1920 to 1933, was a miraculous economic benefit for Canadian liquor distillers. The federal government tried banning liquor exports but gave up the fight since the rules were so widely ignored. As distilleries in the US shut down, Canada’s alcohol production skyrocketed, as did revenues from the sales export tax. Many large fortunes were made in Canada during that time, building the large Bronfman, Molson, Hiram Walker, and Seagram’s family fortunes, and as a result they ended up owning some of the biggest liquor companies in North America. Canadian whisky became the preferred drink for thirsty Americans.Canadians were free to manufacture and export liquor, but the American customers, such as Al Capone, assumed all the risk. Big-money people weren’t the only Canadians cashing in, for the little guy prospered as well. A case of whisky bought in Quebec for $15 could be sold in New York State for $120.Liquor distilled in British Columbia made it to the Pacific Northwest through Puget Sound. With its rugged coastline and numerous beaches, Puget Sound was the stage of races between coast guards and rum runners. Canadian distillers supplied the American mother ships off the West coast, which in turn supplied Los Angeles and other cities. One clergyman called Vancouver “the city of refuge for all the whisky-soaks and booze artists of the whole hemisphere.”However, most of the liquor exports went through the Windsor/Detroit area and the Great Lakes. A Windsor bootlegger named Vital Benoit made so much money that he personally built a streetcar line linking Windsor and the Detroit ferry to his out-of-the-way roadhouse.On the East Coast, the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon near Newfoundland became hotbeds of liquor smuggling. Fishermen could make more money smuggling one load of liquor to the US than in an entire year of fishing. A stretch of ocean for liquor-selling boats, called “Rum Row,” ran from New York to Atlantic City, 12 miles out in international waters to avoid the U.S. Coast Guard. Ships would sit offshore and wait for customers to come to them. One famous rum runner was William “Bill” McCoy. The quality of the name-brand Scotch and whiskey he sold was so good that bootleggers on Rum Row used his name to describe good liquor. which became the source of the phrase “The real McCoy”.Where I live in the Canadian Rockies, the locals ran pack trains of horses carrying liquor through the remote Rocky Mountain passes into Montana, where the liquor was handed off to American smugglers. At that point in time many of the mountain passes were not on the maps and the authorities didn’t even know where they were. Only the smugglers did.Fun times for the whisky smugglers, and the source of many old Canadian family fortunes. All the crime occurred on the American side of the border.Prohibition in Canada - WikipediaProhibition in U.S. led to exciting times in CanadaRumrunners Delivered the Good Stuff to America’s Speakeasies - Prohibition: An Interactive History

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