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PDF Editor FAQ

Should Bill Clinton apologize to Monica Lewinsky for using and then shaming her?

Here’s a letter I sent to CNN yesterday, June 4th, at [email protected] when they were focusing on this question:Dear CNN,I feel very strongly about the nonsense issue of whether Bill Clinton should "apologize" to Monica Lewinsky, on both your website and on the air -- that's why I'm writing to you.Monica Lewinsky was a college graduate who went to work as an intern at the White House. She was exultant when she got the job; she told friends she was going to "earn my presidential knee pads." (Translation: she hoped to be in a situation when she would kneel in front of a married president and give him a blow job.) She did what she could to get to see the president more often than her job demanded, and made multiple passes at him -- exposing her thong underwear, etc. (If a man behaved in a work environment in an analogous way toward a woman, he would quickly be accused of sexual harassment.) The president eventually responded to her passes, and I think less of him for doing so. Both of their accounts of what happened, and the account that emerges from her phone calls to Linda Tripp which Tripp taped, make it clear how the relationship progressed. He was fairly passive every step of the way, and she demanded more and more sexual involvement from him. Both felt they had never had sex -- by which they meant they had never had intercourse -- and she was very upset about this. He yielded to her demands in everything but this. I don't admire him for any of it, but his documented behavior is in sharp contrast to what people like Juanita Broaddrick claim about him being a sexual predator.While their relationship was still private, he broke things off. She asked him to get her a good new job. She did not say directly that there was blackmail/quid pro quo involved. He set up a job interview for her, but she did not get the job, and he did not do anything more for her. Several years after the relationship that they both preferred to keep quiet had ended, Ken Starr and Linda Tripp made it a public issue, Lewinsky was forced to talk about it, with the threat that she or her mother could go to jail if she did not, and all hell broke loose. One reason all hell broke loose was CNN: your constant, feverish coverage, your constant playing of the footage of him giving her a hug. You were a crucial part of the ridiculous feeding frenzy of coverage. I don't know much about sexual addiction; I think it's a real thing. I believe Bill Clinton was someone who had this problem, and had it under control -- and my feeling about Monica Lewinsky is that she did the equivalent of waving a bottle of scotch under the nose of an alcoholic who is on the wagon; it's not a nice thing to do, and in this context, it was not a nice thing to do to our country. There were important things Clinton was trying to accomplish that got swept away by hysteria over this non-issue. It's Hillary Clinton's business, certainly, that her husband had an affair, but how is it anyone else's? He was afraid he'd lose his marriage, he was deeply humiliated, and he answered some questions in a misleading, lawyerly way. If CNN cares about people who break the law, how about Republicans who forced President Clinton to answer "blow by blow" questions about the affair before a grand jury (Did you touch this person in their genital area? Did this person then touch you in your genital area?) and taped it, and then illegally put it on national television in the middle of the afternoon? Why aren't those law-breaking Republicans in jail? Why are you still allowed to call yourselves journalists when you did not ask that question when it happened?When Monica Lewinsky gave her TED talk, she did not say oh, look at the terrible things the Clintons did to me. She said she was young and inexperienced when she fell in love with her boss, and then she was publicly slut-shamed, and it ruined her life. She compared herself to the Rutgers student who was having his first gay encounter, and his roommate videotaped it and made it public, and the gay student jumped off of the George Washington Bridge. President Clinton did not do the equivalent of that to her life. You did. Monica Lewinsky was publicly slut-shamed by her false friend Linda Tripp, and by the law-breaking, contemptible Ken Starr (condemned for his despicable behavior by other special prosecutors, both Democrats and Republicans) and by media like CNN that went along with their project to smear and destroy the President. You pursued every garbage story about the Clintons before that (Travelgate! Haircutgate! Whitewater! The "murder" of Vince Foster!) and Starr pursued those stories, and when they couldn't make any of them turn out to add up to anything, the Republicans decided to pretend that the President's consensual involvement in a relationship that had already ended was the business of the rest of us -- and, furthermore, that it was an impeachable offense. And you helped them make that lie sound like a "thing," and you ruined Monica Lewinsky's life in the process.Have YOU issued an apology to her for what you did to her life? Have you apologized for your role in being the equivalent of that Rutgers student's roommate, as you publicly slut-shamed her, relentlessly, day after day, month after month, when there were real issues to address ...? You focused on her like she was a plane that had gone missing, with no new news available about it, and so you were making up scenarios of what could have happened to it ...Have you issued an apology to President Bill Clinton for publicly slut-shaming him, as well as her? Isn't it a bad thing to publicly slut-shame anybody who has hurt no one and wants to keep his/her sex life private? Was there any reason for you and the rest of the media to treat him as you did? Is there any excuse for the double standards you use, and how quick you are to smear the Clintons -- and how you give a smirking, bragging, lying sexual predator like Donald Trump very different treatment?Speaking of which, why doesn't CNN apologize to the American people for your role in putting that sexual predator named Donald Trump in the White House? All during the 2016 campaign, lying Trump surrogates like Kellyanne Conway tried to create a false equivalency between what Donald Trump is accused of doing (harassing/assaulting/raping women and children -- the number of accusers is up to nineteen or so) and what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky. Conway would appear on CNN and say: oh, look at how Bill and Hillary went after their "victims" like Lewinsky, and people who are young or who have short memories got the impression that he had harassed or attacked Lewinsky. Conway and other Trump surrogates would go on your shows and say Lewinsky was "under age" when she was involved with Clinton -- and your "journalists" would never correct their lies on air. Why not? The Trump surrogates would mention people like Kathleen Willey, and your "journalists" never said: actually, Willey has been proven to be a liar because she said Bill Clinton made a pass at her and she was furious and wanted to slap his face -- and he released stalkerish letters she sent him after that alleged incident in which she said things like "I'm your number one fan ..." You never called the Trump surrogates on these lies. You never talked about the thousands of dollars that the professional Clinton accusers like Broaddrick (the two people most vociferously backing her story happen to be sisters who hate Bill Clinton because he pardoned a man who shot their father) and Paula Jones (a woman who had Republican operatives arrange for her plastic surgery and Penthouse spread) and Willey were paid to be part of the Trump circus on the day and evening of the second 2016 presidential debate. (They took part in that circus along with a woman who hates Hillary because when she was a little girl she was molested by an indigent man, and a judge told Hillary, when she was a young lawyer representing people who could not afford counsel, to represent that indigent man, though Hillary did not want to. All of them in that circus said it doesn't matter about Trump's accusers, let's just talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton. I don't recall any of Trump's accusers taking part in a similar circus, and no Democrat or left-leaning media asked them to do so, or paid them, or bought them plastic surgery.)Because you obediently do what Republican operatives like Roger Stone (who paid those women) want, and you do what Assange and Putin and Trump want, in your coverage -- you are so utterly easy to manipulate -- we now have a genuine sexual predator in the White House. Michael Cohen in 2015, when asked about what Trump did to Ivana, said "you can't rape your spouse." Then he apologized -- he said oh, I misspoke, I was so traumatized by the question. Now we have the recording of him threatening a reporter over the phone, and yelling "You can't rape your spouse!" from that same time period. But Michael Cohen is not the first dirt-bag Trump lawyer to say "you can't rape your spouse." Back when Trump was getting divorced from Ivana, she described how, after months of them not having sex, when he was sleeping with Marla Maples, he was angry because Ivana had referred him to a doctor who did scalp reduction surgery and Trump didn't like what the guy had done, so he violently raped Ivana, shouting at her and ripping tufts of hair out of her head as he did so. And he told her "I hope it hurts." She described all of this in court documents, and Trump and his legal team, remarkably, did not argue that it never happened. Instead, his lawyers said it wasn't technically rape because "you can't rape your spouse."Now, it's true that, in the past, women were chattels, legally, and a man could have sex with his wife at any time if he wanted to. This was no longer the case legally in New York in the 1990s when the rape and the divorce happened. But regardless -- most Americans don't know that story. Why? Because "journalists" like yourselves did not tell them about it during the campaign. You did not discuss the nuances of that phrase "you can't rape your spouse" the way you breathlessly discussed, for months and years, Bill Clinton saying "I did not have sex with that woman," and so on ...Why is that?You could have looked at Trump's whole history, when he was running for president: beyond running the pussy-grabbing Billy Bush tape a few times. You could have aired Trump on Howard Stern talking about how he had a right to "inspect" the women and girls in beauty contests he owned, when he walked into their changing rooms and they were undressed. You could have played that radio clip and then interviewed the women who say he did exactly that -- to them. You could have talked about Trump Model Management, and the teenage girls from other countries who were warehoused and exploited by that bogus company; they were coached to lie to Immigration about why they were coming to the US, to say they would not be working as models -- and then Trump took most of their earnings and gouged them for rent. You could have talked to the many people he lied to and bullied who did work for him and then he reneged on his contracts with them or paid them thirty cents on the dollar, and you could have interviewed those who ran the Trump University scam for him who have said (in newspaper interviews) that the whole point of it was to cheat elderly and uneducated people out of their life savings. You could have made connections between these different ways of being a predator -- they all add up to an unpleasant picture.These are all things you could have done, if you were real journalists. Beyond that, if you had taken seriously the role of the Fourth Estate during a presidential campaign to inform the public, you could have spent some time, every week, looking at policy goals: what does Hillary say she'll do about green technology and energy? What does Trump say he'll do? What will she do about the college debt crisis? How about him? Anything? Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Trump says wages are too high. Or, is he saying something different this week? Does he have a coherent plan? On any issue? Hillary says she wants universal pre-K education for four-year-olds. Trump wants to give rich people a tax break on their nannies. Which approach will better solve the childcare crisis for working-class families in this country?Those are things you could have done during the campaign. Instead, day after day and night after night, you'd serve up the content-free "news" morsels that Julian Assange and others farmed to you that day: "Five years ago, someone in the Clinton campaign had a snarky private email exchange with someone else on John Podesta's server. Should Hillary apologize?" or: "Bono asked Secretary of State Clinton if he could get invited to a luncheon after he gave a big donation to the Clinton Foundation. He didn't get to go to the luncheon, but doesn't the fact that he asked show there wasn't enough of a firewall between the Foundation and Hillary's role at State?" That was the drivel that you obediently followed Russia's lead in "reporting" on -- instead of covering real news.You could still cover real news stories. And you could assess your role in what happened in 2016. And you could apologize to Bill Clinton, and to Hillary Clinton, and to Monica Lewinsky, and to the American people. But you won't, because you are not real journalists. You are CNN. This is CNN -- and it's sad to see.Sincerely,Judy Klass

What do you think about the disharmony between China's Sun Yang and Australian Mack Horton in the swimming pool?

I think it was very irreponsible of what Horton just did. He even admitted to the press later that he did it intentionally to mess up with the game. I don’t belive it is what an Olympics game athlete should behave in public. Furthermore, SunYang used the drug for valid reasons. He was prescribed this drug because of his heart conditions. Yes, we have to admit that he made a mistake, but he is definitely not a “drug cheat”, like any other athletes who are using drugs to improve their performances. SunYang does not need drugs to present great accomplishmens before us.For reference, I want to attach part of the translation of a Chinese article posted about this issue.“The drug that Sun was accused of using is named Trimetazidine. It is not a common drug to people because it is used mainly for people with heart disease. According to Wikipedia, “trimetazidine is usually prescribed as a long-term treatment of angina pectoris, and in some countries (including France) for tinnitus and dizziness. And angina pectoris, as many of you may know, “is the medical term for chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease”, as defined by American Heart Association. Some may question now, Sun is a swimming athlete, how can a swimming athlete have heart problems?As a matter of fact, Sun did have a history of heart problems, which could be traced back to 2008. Dr. Qu, the physician-in-charge for Sun from the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, was interviewed to talk about Sun’s problems. Part of his words were this“in the last half of 2008, right after the summer, Sun showed signs of suppression in the chest and palpitation due to a cold. After we tested him with electrocardiogram, we found that he had symptoms of premature beat and myocardial injury, which indicates that his heart muscles were damaged. Back then, Sun had not accomplished greatly yet, but his coach believed that he had tremendous potentials. His mother was obviously very worried that she thought it matters more for her son to be healthy. But I also remembered how Sun Yang reacted to this, he said that he loved swimming and he told us he wanted to continue his career in swimming. For safety issues, we recommend him to rest for at least half a year before continuing in swimming competitions.”There is no direct cure for heart problems like this, but rather, they can only be controlled using the right medication and allowing the patient to take a lot of rest.Obviously, Sun’s heart problems were not completely cured, but they were not bad enough to influence him to quit swimming However, in 2014, the symptoms appeared to be quite serious which is when the team doctor prescribed him the drug named Vasorel, the drug that contains contents of trimetazidine. Even recently in 2015, during the World Swimming Championship, right before the men’s 1500m freestyle final, he faced the same symptoms that were so fatal that he even had to quit from the final. Many of us recalled the sadness we felt when we were looking for Sun Yang on TV, but only received the news that he quit the game. In a interview afterwards, Sun explained his heart problems, and mentioned that he had to carry a Pericardium during previous practices because of his premature beat problems.Although with a heart like that, Sun did not want to quit from swimming, quit from any of the games he was attending. He strived to the very moment of each game, because of his dream in swimming, because of the determination he had, and because of all the expectation from his family, coaches and fans. Indeed, Sun made history for us. He had won men’s 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle champion in the Swimming Championship. He also had won men’s 400m and 1500m freestyle champion in the Olympic games, creating a new world record for men’s 1500m freestyle. In the men’s 4*200m freestyle relay, he brought the Chinese team up to the 3rd place from the 6th before his turn, creating history for Chinese men’s swimming. SunYang is indeed a great swimmerAlthough trimetazidine was intended to be a drug to help with heart problems, it was first listed in the Prohibited List by WADA in 2014, in the category under S6 Stimulants. In 2015, it was moved to the category of S5, metabolic modulators. Yes, we have to admit that Sun was against the law of WADA, and he did got punished for it——3 months of suspension. As a matter of fact, Sun had started to use the drug in 2008, and it was never considered prohibited until Jan 1st of 2014. There comes the problem of the 2014 booklet of Medication Treatment Guide for Athletes. In that booklet, trimetazidine was still listed as allowed to use. The officials responsible for creating this booklet for Chinese athletes was being so careless that they failed to update it with the new prohibited list from WADA in 2014. For the same reasons, we could not excuse the team doctors from the responsibility of checking the drug carefully before giving it to Sun for use.Facing the court of WADA, Sun provided his medical records and his consistent drug of the drug. As a result, he was suspended for three months, and his championship results were cancelled. However, due to the fact that the Chinese Anti Doping Agency released the news after nearly half of a year, it lead to the speculation and suspicion from the media and audiences, especially the press abroad. A point worth mentioning is that, the WADA did not raise any other punishments regarding to Sun’s drug issue, which indicates that Sun can recover from his mistake.Gathering all the facts and information, I do not agree it is Sun Yang that we need to scold. He did suffered from heart diseases, so he had valid reason for using the drug. Though we have to admit that the team doctors and the official publisher of the booklet had inevitable responsibility for causing this problem, what is more important is the fact that Sun Yang did not use the drug to improve his swimming skills. He had already proved to us what he can accomplish without using the drug at all. In the game that just happened, he made it to the second place, only 0.13 seconds behind Horton.”

Why does it seem like people who are poor have more kids?

This is my point of view coming from the amount of time i have spent talking, to taxi cab drivers, here in my latin american country (im not english native speaker so sorry in advance for some grammar mistakes), youngster raised in societies where having a lot of children is very common, and some research with friends who are doctors.The males don't think having children's means "Spend Money", they see it more as have power over the girls, they talked "I've made a son to the hottest girl in the neighbor, and then another son to a new very well shaped girl that move in after"and "Oh that girl wanted a boy from me, she was with other guys in town, but she chose me"But weren't you worried about money you know, maintain the kids? - "You know, child have to come in some point on life, i wasnt asking here to have a baby, but sure that i enjoy it, and she was the hottest"...and so oneAsking them about money and baby , is as irrelevant as we were asking about "what would be the name on the baby".And the females see it as "Money", they said things like "I wasn't thinking about baby, i wanted to be with him, the baby came after, but none of my friends had a boy from him, I gave him his first son"If a boy in neighbor is making "some" money, not even a well payed, stable job, just "a taxi" or a "bus" or a "food station" the girls see the boy as MONEY crossing around town, the only way they can suck some money up is by having a children together. (please dont take it as criticism of machism I'm trying to keep it simple to illustrate)Even if the boy is married or something, the girls want to have a child with him, because they wanted to prove everybody, that "they have been together".And the male pride himself "I have 5 children, 2 with one, 1 with a lady, then 1 with my wife, and i have an older one with my highschool girlfriend, but I fed them all, none of that girls can say anything bad about me"Ive hear a saying here "the baby come with an bread under the arm".None of that people worry about what happen next, what would they? they've been raised by grandma's, neighbors, sisters, aunties, they life together they eat together, ¿what is the difference?They are in their 20's their mother in 40's granny in 60's, generation after generation, having children at young age, they know and relate with 2 step brothers, 1 step father, 2 stepmothers, why all you past must be wrong?why you and your whole family must be wrong?They don't see or even feel like child means loosing too much, they know that children are a "hole in a pocket" and a buck of "riceeaters" but as a male said one "Im making money here, Juan who lives 3 blocks away, have like 4 childs that can barely eat"all of that plus the non existent knowledge of how "babies are made""Im not that boring girl who uses condom, he was the hottest, im a tough girl you know"and all the excuses about not caring/knowing about unprotected sex, that i wont post, because i don't know if quora blocks explicit content, but I've hear quite aberrant statements.In general, they see having baby's like "catching a cold", you know like "I have had sex many times before unprotected, but then the baby, it was mean to be ¿how would i know, that this time it will happen?"I'm pretty passionate about the topic because someday somehow, i want to make an ONG to help low the rate of young mothers, here in panama 30% of births in 2015 were from girls under 19 years.I didn't mean to offense anybody just to write it as clearly as possible, you really need to think like them to understand the real problem.didn't mean to generalize either.

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It offers an executable software and a very good web interface to handle PDF files. It is a very reliable solution that also allows you to convert to a wide range of file types, edit the content of PDF documents, add digital signatures, add security to documents and even recognize text thanks to its integrated OCR functionality.

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