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Which subject is needed for hotel management?

The question is a little vague, but I will pass my thoughts.Hotel management is about stakeholder management. You need to be able to communicate effectively so that the respective stakeholders have their individual quality expectations met. While a hotel is a process, many of the same tools as are used on project management can be adapted and used.As an example, the stakeholder register can be populated with customer groups, that is, the different customer markets, then suppliers, regulatory bodies , of course owners and other managers and also competitors. The register lists the influence each stakeholder has and how they should be communicated with in various instances. The stakeholder management plan gives a defined method if escalating or de-escalating issues. An action plan so to speak.The same applies to the other PM plans. Finance and resources are required to be understood as of course if the quality management plan. If you don't deliver quality, then you can expect to fail, just like a project.So…Human resources, event management, marketing and administration are key elements of running a hotel, and need specific skills and a body of knowledge. But also, the process of running the hotel needs a specific set of skills and body of knowledge.What subjects are needed for a course of study will be determined by the institution. If you want to look at a set of systems that can be adapted to help control the process, then a TPM model could be used. The PMBOK 5th edition is available on the Internet and there is a great deal of project templates available to be reviewed and modified.Hope it helps.

Where can I get a PMP certification in Denver?

Are you looking towards enhancing your project management skills in Denver or its environs? Then the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the ultimate professional course you need to help you redefine your career path.Issued by Project Management Institute (PMI), the PMP credential, equips professionals with diverse industry-standard skills that are very attractive to employers. The PMP certification is also recognized globally, thereby creating unlimited job opportunities for certificate holders.Before going into the details of how to get your PMP Certification in Denver, let's briefly look at why PMP is so beneficial for your career. According to the 9th Global Project Management Survey done by PMI, project managers with PMP Certification are responsible for handling more than 75% of high performing projects in the USA. Moreover, organizations with more than one-third PMP certified project managers achieve greater project success than organizations that do not. Also, according to the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report, the PMP certification is the second-highest paying IT certification globally in 2019. It is evident from the above statistics, getting a PMP credential is quickly becoming a necessity for project managers.Consequently, if you are planning to work as a project manager, or already working as a project manager, at PMTI, we strongly recommend you to receive a PMP certificate. In this post, we have reviewed the institutes offering PMP certification in Denver, Colorado. We hope you will discover the best PMP certification training provider to suit your needs.The PMP certification process can be overwhelming. After helping over 100,000 professionals in more than 200 countries with a 99.9% pass rate, we have prepared a PMP Success roadmap designed to assist you with time management, planning your training, and to ensure that you are confident in your path to PMP certification.What are the PMP Certification Requirements in Denver?The first step of your journey to being a PMP certified manager is ensuring you meet the set requirements. To be eligible, you must satisfy three conditions: education, experience, and professional training. Once you meet these three criteria, you are suitable to become a certified PMP.The prerequisites you should meet for PMP certification are.Category I1. At the time of application, you should have a secondary degree, high school diploma, associate's degree, or a global equivalent.2. Have completed at least 7,500 hours of supervising and handling projects over a minimum of 5 years.3. Complete 35 hours of training in project management.Category II1. At the time of application, you should have a bachelor’s degree.2. Have completed up to 4,500 hours of supervising and handling projects over a minimum of 3 years.3. Complete 35 hours of training in project management.The next section reviews training providers for PMP Certification in Denver.The Top 6 PMP Training Centers in DenverOnce you have created a PMP study plan, you will need to take 35 hours of project management training. Before taking the exam, these 35 hours of project management training should be successfully achieved. In this post, we have listed the six most popular PMP training providers in Denver, and also included our reviews and comparisons for each provider.1. Project Management Training Institute (PMTI)If you search online for institutions providing PMP certification in Denver, PMTI will come up among the top search results. This signifies years of company growth and customer appreciation. Our founders have spent quality time in evaluating the best tutoring process for professionals seeking to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt.99% of our students pass the PMP Exam, and we attribute this success to our highly experienced instructors who are PMP certified, and PMI recognized. Since our establishment in 2003, we have retested and optimized our PMP boot camps to ensure that our curriculum is favorable to all our students.You have three options to get 35 hours of PMP training in Denver:1. 4-Day PMP In-Class Boot Camp.2. PMP Live Online Course.3. PMP Online Self Study Course.Yes, PMTI provides all of these options. The different modes of training are intense, goal-oriented, and are designed to adequately prepare students to pass the PMP examination on the first attempt. You can choose from any of the below modes of training, depending on your schedule or specific needs.4-Day PMP In-Class Boot CampOur 4-day boot camp based in Denver features classroom sessions led by our very own experienced PMP instructors. The classes are conducted four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 a.m-6:30 pm and provide intense PMP certification training designed to prepare you for the PMP examinations adequately.PMP Live Online CourseOur PMP Live Online Course is conducted in an online 4-day format. The instructor-led classes are held live in real-time enabling you to obtain the course content regardless of where you may be: whether in your office or the comfort of your home. Live online classes are resourceful and represent a gateway to attaining PMP certification conveniently within a short time.PMP Online Self Study CourseIf you prefer studying at your own pace and time, our online self-study program is an ideal mode of training. Similar to instructor led classes, this program provides students with full-time access to PMP study resources, including video-on-demand setup, allowing them to study at their own pace, time, and place. The self-study course is designed for busy project managers who can still find time to study on their own.What our Denver PMP Training Course EntailsDuring this course, you will earn and learn everything needed to apply, take, and pass the PMP exam. This includes an extensive review of each of the five (5) process groups while straightforwardly weaving each of the ten (10) knowledge areas over the four (4) day coursePersonalized Training - Throughout the course, our experienced instructors will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and will personalize the course to your individual needs.Hard & Digital Copies our Four PPMTI PMP Classroom Training Books (Blue,Brown, Grey and Orange books)The Blue Book explains and provides useful examples of each of the five process groups and the ten knowledge areas that will be covered in the PMP exam. The brown book includes nearly 1,000 PMP test type questions with answers, full explanation & reasoning. The grey book contains inputs, tools, and techniques, & outputs (ITTOs) and the orange book includes the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide methodology templates.PMBOK® Guide (exam edition)The PMBOK® Guide includes a set of guidelines outlined in 47 processes and describes them in detail, elucidating the inputs, tools, and techniques, and outputs associated with each of the processes.Supplementary Video lessonsWe provide over 15 hours of supplemental video training on key topics.PMP Certification Exam Diagnostic TestThis 200-question diagnostic test measures your readiness to take the PMP certification exam and enables our instructors to personalize your individual training experience to fit your needs.PMP Application Preparation ToolThis tool will help simplify the PMP application process for you to ensure accuracy & completeness of your application.A PMP Success RoadmapOur PMP Success roadmap is designed to assist you with time management, planning your training, and to ensure that you are confident in your path to PMP certification.Free 53 PDU's to Extend Your PMP Certification to 6 YearsAfter completing your PMP certification process, we provide you with access to an additional two online courses that give you an extra 53 PDU credits to allow you to maintain your PMP credentials for a supplemental 3 years after your first 3 years.2. Project Management AcademyEstablished in 2008, Project Management Academy provides PMP training using the 4-day PMP boot camp format to prepare students to sit for the PMP certification exams. The institution also provides study resources, including the PMBoK® guide book and other PMP study resources upon registration.Established in 2003 PMTI has more experience in PMP training than PMA and we boast a higher alumni base with over 100,000 successful project managers all over the globe. Concerning the quality of training, they have indicated neither the qualification of the course instructor nor their experience; thus, the quality of training cannot be ascertained. Also unlike PMTI, PMA does not provide its students with PDUs.3. Project Management Excellence Center (PMEC)Students attending the PMP certification training program offered by the Project Management Excellence Center (PMEC) are provided with a pre-training study guide and numerous PMP exam sample questions to assist them in preparing for the PMP exam. In addition to the study materials, students are also offered snacks and lunch after training segments.Nonetheless, the PMP training offered at PMTI is far much better than the one provided at PMEC attributed to several reasons. First and foremost, PMEC training program is not as vigorous and diversified as the one supplied by PMTI. Students are not provided with essential study materials such as the PMBoK® guide book. Their website is also outdated and there is no information regarding the qualifications of their instructors. PMEC also offers a 100% money-back guarantee and has a success rate of 98%, which is quite good but lower compared to PMTI's success rate of 99% involving numerous students.4. SimplilearnSimplilearn offers PMP certification training encompassing 35 sessional hours as well as real-life project management situations and case studies to assist students in learning. While they boast of a robust online course, they don't offer in- class training sessions, which may not be ideal for students who must attend an actual classroom to understand crucial PMP course contents. This is the real reason why we at PMTI utilize the 4-day boot camp format to cater to students that must establish real-time contact with the instructor to understand course concepts.The training program offered at PMTI not only involves instructor-led live sessions but also includes an on-demand video to assist you in preparing for the exams based on your schedule. Additionally, we offer a 99% success rate not provided by this institution.5. GreyCampusGreyCampus is another PMP training provider based in Denver. The institution's training program involves an instructor-led classroom session spanning four days. GreyCampus is renowned for offering training on professional courses that require certification. Similar to PMTI their PMP program is based on the 6th edition of the PMBOK® guide and offers several incentives, including free 12 months login to their online course platform to allow you to review the content you have gathered at your convenient time. Additionally, students are offered a free 30 days instructor help via email as well as PMP practice exam. However, these practice exams constitute of only 200 responses compared to PMTI's 1000+ exam questions.In terms of graduates, GreyCampus has over 30,000 graduates compared to PMTI's over 100,000 alumni putting us at an advanced position to offer much better training due to increased contact hours with students.6. EdwelEstablished in 1992 and with over 25,000 alumni, Edwel is one of the oldest institutions offering PMP training. Nonetheless, basing on the years present as well as the number of graduates, PMTI has indeed contributed significantly to project management training compared to Edwel, attributing to over 100,000 graduates in 16 years only. Their website also lacks crucial information regarding the institute, for example, there is no info regarding Edwel’s cancellation and rescheduling policy, their REP status, and customer service hours.Preparing for PMP Certification ExamsIn your journey to be PMP certified, preparing for the exams is the most critical step you ought to take. Achieving success on your first attempt sitting for PMP examination requires a high level of preparation that can only be achieved through an effective preparation strategy. As you get ready for your PMP exams, you may go through our PMP Success guide to unearth a practical approach to pass your PMP exams on the first attempt.The Bottom LineThere are various factors you ought to consider before settling on a PMP training provider. It's crucial to note that various PMP training providers based in Denver offer various levels of training, and some trainers might not provide the best training to get you ready to undertake your PMP exams. Looking at all the available options, Project Management Training Institute (PMTI) has indeed stood out well above the rest; thus, we highly recommend that you choose this option, especially if you're in Denver.

I am planning to do PRINCE2/PMP. Which is a better course and what are the job prospects after completing the same?

Which one should I opt for PRINCE or PRINCE2? | PRINCE2 vs PMPPRINCE2 and PMP are most renowned project management certifications. What is PRINCE2 and PMP? How to opt for PRINCE2 vs PMP? What are the advantages of PRINCE2 vs PMP? We will go through detailed analysis of PRINCE2 vs PMP.Which one should I opt for PRINCE or PRINCE2? | PRINCE2 vs PMPIt was in December 2015, when I decided to earn a certification in Project Management. I needed a project management certification to iterate my current project management knowledge, and off-course, to build a skill set. For the next few days, I was grappled with the confusion to choose between the two most prestigious project management certifications, PRINCE2 and PMP. PRINCE2 stands forProjects IN Controlled Environments and PMP stands for Project Management Professional.Two weeks ago, one of my colleagues asked my recommendation whether he should opt for PRINCE2 or PMP.. That’s when I decided to articulate my findings and help other aspirants looking for PRINCE2 vs PMP.BASICS of PRINCE2 and PMPLet’s first see the prerequisites of PRINCE2 vs PMP, exam cost of PRINCE2 vs PMP, exam format of PRINCE2 vs PMP, and how to maintain certification on PRINCE2 and PMP.Prerequisites of PRINCE2 vs PMPPMP elibibility requirements, as set by Project Management Institute, for taking the PMP certification exam are as follow:Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate's degree or the global equivalent)7,500 hours leading and directing projects35 hours of project management educationORA four-year degree4,500 hours leading and directing projects35 hours of project management educationPRINCE2 certification requirement: There is no prerequisites for taking PRINCE2-Foundation certification. The only recommendation is to possess project management experience and certain training.The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam requires you to pass the Foundation exam.Briefly, when we compare the eligibilty requirements of PRINCE2 vs PMP, PMP requires more prerequisites while PRINCE2 only expects you to sit and pass the exam.Exam Cost of PRINCE2 vs PMPExam cost of PMP certification: The exam cost for the PMP certification is 555USD (for Non PMI Members) and 405USD (For PMI Members). The PMI membership costs 129+10USD. Therefore, the aspirants may give the thought to join PMI before applying for the PMP certification. The exam cost may appear to be expensive, but believe me it’s worth it.Exam cost of PRINCE2 certification: The cost of the PRINCE2 exam varies across the globe. PRINCE2 aspirants are advised to check the price as per the country they are residing. Exam format of PRINCE2 vs PMPExam Format of PRINCE2 vs PMPExam format of PMP Certification: The PMP certification exam contains 200 questions and lasts for four hours. Out of 200, 25 questions are not marked, but one may never which are these 25 questions. The areas in which are tested are Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, and Project Closing. A multitude of project management verticals are tested, such as Quality, Scope, Cost, Risk, and many more.Exam format of PRINCE2 Certification:The PRINCE2-Foundation certification exam lasts for 60 minutes and requires the PRINCE2 aspirant to battle 75 multiple choice questions. Out of these questions, 5 questions are for experiments and are not counted during the final assessment.The Prince2 Practitioner certification exam is a scenario based exam. The PRINCE2 aspirant is tested for 9 questions with a time limit of 2.5 hours.Maintaining your Credential PRINCE2 vs PMPMaintaining PMP Certification:A PMP certified requires to renew his/her PMP certification in a cycle of 3 years. One needs to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDU) for the upkeep of the PMP certification.Maintaining PRINCE2 Certification:The PRINCE2 Foundation certification never expires.However, the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification has to be revalidated after 5 years.. For revalidation of the PRINCE2 credential, the professionals will have to complete and pass the PRINCE2 re-registration examination within 3-5 years, after the successful completion of the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification exam.Frameworks of PRINCE2 vs PMPThe management framework for both of the certifications, PRINCE2 and PMP, are different. The approach used by these certifications are well proven as per the industry norms. The selection of one of the PRINCE2 vs PMP certification depends on the industry in which the aspirant is working. Also, the selection depends on the industry where you want to build up your career.Both PRINCE2 and PMPcertification are equally good in value addition, although the aspects of project management followed are different.Framework of PMP Certification:PMP Certification, said to be the gold standard of PMI, is one of the most reputed certification in the world. Various industries uses PMP certification as a mandatory requirement for their project managers. PMI claims that becoming a PMP enables you to work in any field, and in any industry. The syllabus of the PMP certification exam covers a wide range of project management concepts, ranging from HR practices to the closure activities of the project. The competencies developed while proving your worth in the PMP certification exam will enhance one’s management skill and potential. Lately, this certification has gained popularity in Asia and Europe.Some notable features of the PMP certification are:The PMP certification tests your proficiency as per the PMBOK, the Project Management Book of Knowledge.Validates your knowledge of "generally-accepted" best practices and principles of project management.Framework of PRINCE2 Certification: PRINCE2, managed by APMG, is based on the processes which drives the project management methods. The methodology adopted by PRINCE2 is a systematic approach towards the delivery of the project. The PRINCE2 certification focuses on both process and project. Further, the course content for PRINCE2 elaborates clearly on project templates, processes and steps. Some notable features of the PRINCE2 certification are:The project management framework of PRINCE2 is based on a well-laid out and standardized approach of principles. This framework could be employed on any type of project, undertaken in any industry.The approach makes the project execution easier by subdividing the execution plan into main project plan, stage plan, and team plan.The PRINCE2 certification framework is clear on the roles and responsibility of the project team members.Read the rest of the PRINCE2 vs PMP article.

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