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follow the steps to eidt Hospital Discharge Papers Form on G Suite

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PDF Editor FAQ

If a child is unexpectedly discharged from the hospital while the parent has gone home to shower and change, will CPS become involved and can they take the child from the parent for abandonment?

If a child is unexpectedly dishcharged from the hospital while the parent has gone home to shower and change, will CPS become involved and can they take the child from the parent for abandonment?No child is “unexpectedly discharged” from ANY hospital. The parents MUST sign the child out, get the discharge papers, and provide the child with a ride home or the hospital will not release him/her.

Have you ever seen someone park in a handicap spot who wasn’t disabled and get ticketed by the cops?

Yes, me, sort of. In 2000, I broke my leg snowboarding Thursday night in Utah. Travelled back home to Florida, limping. Tried to see an orthopedist on Friday but they were all busy so had to go ER where they put a splint on my leg and told me to see an orthopedist. On Sunday I had to fly to Detroit and drive to Ann Arbor (fortunately broke left leg so I could drive an automatic). I parked at the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor to buy something I needed. There were no nearby parking spots and I was not yet proficient with crutches do I parked in a handicapped spot. I left a note and my hospital discharge papers plainly visible on the dash explaining my broken leg. Sure enough, when I return I got a ticket for $75 for parking in a handicapped spot. No problem, I say to myself. The parking police will dismiss this once I talk to someone in charge.I didn’t have time to resolve this while i was there, so I called them when I returned and bow had a temporary handicapped hang tag. The representative acknowledged that I was indeed handicapped but because I didn’t have a hang tag at that time, he would only reduce my fine from $75 to $50. I immediately planned to appeal in person and was in the process of booking a flight when my wife asked me if this was prudent.How much would you save, she asked.$25 I replied.And how much would that cost you to save $25?Airline ticket, hotel, rental car, about $600 I replied.This is why I always run ideas by her before I act.

What's the lowest speed over the speed limit for which you've been given a speeding ticket? Where?

85mph in 65mph zone. It was the only time I ever received a speeding ticket. My wife’s water broke, and I was taking her to the hospital in a hurry. I was driving on i95 North towards Baltimore when a state police cruiser stopped me. Expecting it to be like the movies, I told the police office that my wife is close to labor. Instead of “let me escort you to the hospital”, he asked if I needed him to call the ambulance. I said, “No officer, the hospital is only 15 minutes away from here, I just need to get on my way to the hospital.”He collected my license and registration and said “hold on” before going back to his cruiser. After about 10 minutes or so, the man came back with a speeding ticket. He explained briefly that I still need to obey the traffic laws unless it’s an emergency, in which case he’d call the ambulance. Since I refused the ambulance service, he needs to issue me a ticket. It didn’t make sense, the hospital was only 15 minutes away from where I was - calling ambulance would not only waste tax payers money, but it’d actually take longer. But, I kept my mouth shut, after all he didn’t write the law, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated.Thankfully my wife didn’t go into active labor in the car, and our baby was delivered safe and sound in a hospital delivery room.About a month later, court date was set, and I went to the courthouse to challenge the ticket. When I entered the courtroom after couple hours of wait, I saw a stern-faced female judge sitting on the bench. I swear she looked just like judge Judy.When she read the charge and asked how I plead, I went with guilty with an explanation. Once I explained the situation, she asked for hospital discharge paper.I rummaged through my folder, and presented the paper to her. After barely looking at it, the judge looked in the direction of the police officer, rolled her eyes slowly and deliberately and announced out loud, still looking in the direction of the officer, “case dismissed”. It was brief, but I picked up the officer looking away in embarrassment.I felt vindicated and found new love for my country. I thanked the court and walked out of the court all the while chanting in my head “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.” I then mumbled “Democracy 1, Tyranny 0”.Never mind the fact that I still had to pay the court fee of $50 and parking was another $7, I was a very happy man.I called my wife to relay the happy news, her reply was “that’s nice, now hurry back and help me with the baby…”“yes, ma’am”

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