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How to Edit and Download Thank You For Your Support! Sponsor & Vendor Information on Windows

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A Guide of Editing Thank You For Your Support! Sponsor & Vendor Information on Mac

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A Guide of Editing Thank You For Your Support! Sponsor & Vendor Information on G Suite

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What do you think about Brexiteers promoting Brexit without a plan?

Inevitable.The more vague the Brexit offering, the more likely it was going to attract voters during the referendum campaign.'If we Vote Leave we will be able to stop handing over so much money to the EU and we would be able to spend our money on priorities here in the UK like abolishing prescription charges”.Gisela Stuart, Chair, Vote Leave, April 2016The eurosceptic movement held together on vague policy of rejecting the European project, as they see it. The trouble is Eurosceptics didn't have a well-formed idea of how to leave the EU. Nor did they have any idea or detailed alternative that was acceptable.From about 2011 onwards, some Brexit supporters explored various Brexit methods. These included membership of EFTA or EEA. Recall Nigel Farage’s references to Norway as a Brexit solution. Then there was Flexcit - sponsored by Owen Paterson MP - which offered a flexible, gradual approach Brexit method.As the 2016 referendum approached, differences emerged among the eurosceptics. Arron Bank and Mr Farage initially supported Flexcit, but then fell out. Dominic Cummings then rejected everything and preferred the campaign to focus on no plan at all. Mr Cummings did envisage eurosceptics would fail to back one agreed plan which just encourage more divisions among Brexit supportersThis is why the no-deal Brexit is gaining popularity among Brexit supporters. By re-branding this approach as the WTO Brexit, it gains credibility because it feels suitable global for British exceptionalists. The WTO Brexit dispenses with detail, explanations or subtlety. Perfect for Brexit supporters. And perfect for the prime minister Theresa May in search of a slogan rich, content free Brexit.As soon as a specific, realistic working Brexit plan is offered, it is immediately rejected.Thank you for your requested answer Tim Halloran

What are some of your deepest and most horrifying secrets that only you know about?

I am marrying a rape survivor.She is my school friend (let her be X). She was popular back then, really beautiful. We were not great friends back then but yeah, I had a crush on her for a year (reason I fucked up my competitive exams) though she had boyfriend in school.Then after boards our ways parted and I forgot about her. I was doing well, met a girl in college and fell for her.And in third year she got pregnant and I felt the terror inside me (though it was initial days of pregnancy), with some doctor I knew we aborted the beautiful child.Things came back to normal but I realized what could have been the consequences of fun from the girl's point of view.In our final year we broke up.Now 6 months into my job we had a school reunion, X did not show up. I inquired about it from a distant friend, then came biggest horror of my life, the girl I had a crush on is a mental patient. Reasons -After school she got pregnant with her boyfriend.They were not able to abort the child because of lack of help and panic.Her family disowned her.Her boyfriend was forced (as they say) to leave.She gave birth to malnourished child.She then went on to beg in another city.Her child died due to lack of care.And she was raped 16 times.Had a serious nervous breakdown.All in 2 years of the birth of child.Then she was recognized by one of her friends who got her admitted to a govt hospital as a mental patient (family did not care).She went from a beautiful promising girl to a mental patient. This shocked me to the core.I visualized everything which happened to her and could not sleep.Then one morning I went searched and found her.I was standing in front of her but could not recognize her but she called me by my name expressionless (I cannot forget that ever). Her condition tore my heart apart. And I -Took her with me, rented a flat adjacent to mine.Got a nurse and psychiatrist.Convinced my parents.Spend days with her, telling stories, biography, watching movies, listening to songs and eventually dancing.After 2 years she was mentally stable but sometimes emotionally weak.And then I fell for her.Asked her out but she was afraid.2 months later she asked me out.We cried like babies.Decided to marry her in months.3 people know about this till now. Me and my parents.Her every smile makes me happy and I am planing to remain happy my entire life.She has applied for the UG course in Germany and we are waiting for the letter.Edit 1:- Anonymous because I have a lot of family members and friends on quora, and she does not want them to know about her past.Edit 2:-Suvadra Tripathy thank you for the edit.Edit 3:-Never dreamt of this kind of love, blessings and support, we are filled with joy upto the brim. We have decided to sponsor a child’s education and try to make her/his life little more magical. We’d like to request you to do the same(if possible) and form a small community all together. Please suggest.

Where do people get their inspirations?

This man :)He is Hassan Al Kontar, a man with no “Home”.If you wish to learn about making the most out of hay, he is your man.He is no ordinary man either.Have you seen the movie “The Terminal” starring Tom Hanks?How would someone have imagined it to ever happen in real life? Except that it has.Hassan is living this movie. He is a 37 year old Syrian refugee, who has been stuck at the arrival lounge of Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2 where he has been living now for over 150 days.How did it come about?Al Kontar escaped the civil war in Syria in 2011. He went to the United Arab Emirates for work. But after his work visa expired, he was to be deported back to his country. He pleaded that he would be arrested and possibly killed as soon as he landed in Syria for evading compulsory military service. The Emirati authorities eventually sent him to Malaysia, one of the few countries that issue visa-on-arrival for Syrians.After his three-month Malaysian visa expired, he went to Cambodia, where he was denied entry. He also pooled all his savings to book a flight to Ecuador, one of only three countries in the world that issues visas for Syrians. Sadly, the airlines did not even let him aboard the flight and thus he lost all his savings. Now, he is stuck in the airport alone with no work, no money and nowhere to go.No country wants him.Just a few weeks ago, a major tragedy took place in his Syrian village, Al Sweida. Over 200 members, including his friends and people he knew, were massacred by ISIS terrorists. But while mourning their loss, he has taken it in his stride. He’s going to miss his brother’s wedding which has been postponed because of the massacre. Families are still grieving.Inspite of the tragedies that he has encountered in his life he chooses to stay positive. He's incredibly humorous as well.This is how he keeps himself occupied,He was gifted Miss Crimson, a stuffed dog by some friends who bought it at a festival in Malaysia. He walks her around the terminal jokingly.His mobile phone is the only window to the world which keeps him sane. He still uploads pictures on social media jokingly describing “his plans for the weekend”. He’s posted a picture of himself reading besides a potted plant and Miss Crimson. The status reads, “Taking care of my garden is one of my daily habits, music and coffee too. Both of us can use a little sunshine to our life. (sic)”He has even done currently trending Kiki challenge with airport luggage trolleys instead of cars.He occasionally talks with his mother and braves up trying not to bother her with his situation.Meanwhile he has applied for asylum on Mars stating that no country on earth wants him.He also reads interviews, articles and educates himself on laws regarding refugees and asylum-seekers.How he sustains himself,Hassan currently lives on airline meals offered by AirAsia. With no food outlets in the transit lounge, he depends on the charity of airport workers for even a cup of coffee.He sleeps under an escalator, away from the bustle of the passengers. Someone offered him a foldable thin mattress.With no shower, he uses the bathroom at midnight to give himself a bath.He is not allowed to wash clothes. but he says a few kind airport workers take his clothes home and bring them back washed.He's surviving on the kindness of strangers.The most astonishing fact is that while he's trying to deal with this unimaginable situation with optimism, resourcefulness, wit and courage that nobody should ever have to endure; he does so with so much apparent effortlessness.While he doesn't try to act heroic in merely trying to sustain himself, he is in fact so heroic that he doesn't even realize.Edit 1: earlier I forgot to mention the source, here it is.Life in the terminalEdit 2: for all those wondering if it is legal to stay at an airport, Airport transit zones technically fall under no specific jurisdiction, a legal convention evolved to make travel and passport control more convenient. So sometimes asylum seekers, protesters stay at the airport to either make a point or in absence of any other refuge. Follow link below for more info. 3: here is a list of all people who have stayed at airports. Also, movie the terminal is also based on real life story of a man.List of people who have lived at airports - WikipediaEdit 4: this is the first time my answer has crossed 1 k upvotes. Thank you all for your love, support and comments. :DEdit 5: here is the link to the petition requesting Canadian government to grant him asylum in Canada. Sign up and help him..!!Sign the PetitionEdit 6:3k upvotes :oThank you guys for your love and support.. !!Edit 7: Thank you guys for taking the pains in signing the petition for this wonderful man…47 K signs gained till now out of 50 K required, 3 K more to go !!Kindly also motivate your known ones to sign this petition tooEdit 8: GOOD NEWS GUYS!! This story has the happiest ending that I could ever imagine.His shadow days are over after spending 7 months at the airport. :DLaurie Cooper from Whistler, British Columbia, who, along with a group of friends, petitioned Canada's immigration minister to admit Kontar as a refugee. Through a crowdfunding campaign, they raised the $13,600 required for citizens to privately sponsor a refugee for resettlement. Then they waited to see if his application would be aprrovedBut at the beginning of October, Kontar's updates abruptly stopped. Malaysian officials said that he had been arrested for being in a restricted area of the airport without a boarding pass. Panic set in among Kontar's sponsors, who urged Canadian officials to speed up the resettlement process, fearing that he would be deported to Syria.Finally, on Sunday, Cooper got a text message from Kontar: He was on his way. The next morning, a new video appeared at the top of his Twitter feed for the first time in months. Once again, Kontar was at the airport. This time, though, he had a destination. He reached Canada on 27th November, 2018.It's MERRY CHRISTMAS for Hassan :’)Source: Stranded In Airport For 7 Months, Syrian Man Is Granted Asylum In Canada

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