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If you need to sign a document, you may need to add text, Add the date, and do other editing. CocoDoc makes it very easy to edit your form in a few steps. Let's see how to finish your work quickly.

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Adobe DC on Windows is a useful tool to edit your file on a PC. This is especially useful when you like doing work about file edit on a computer. So, let'get started.

  • Click the Adobe DC app on Windows.
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  • Click the Fill & Sign tool and select the Sign icon in the top toolbar to customize your signature in different ways.
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Like using G Suite for your work to complete a form? You can edit your form in Google Drive with CocoDoc, so you can fill out your PDF in your familiar work platform.

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  • Select the CocoDoc PDF option, and allow your Google account to integrate into CocoDoc in the popup windows.
  • Choose the PDF Editor option to open the CocoDoc PDF editor.
  • Click the tool in the top toolbar to edit your Project Bada on the field to be filled, like signing and adding text.
  • Click the Download button to save your form.

PDF Editor FAQ

If you were to make a K-pop group with just main vocalists in it, who would they be and what would their positions be?

Hello!Let’s get the basics down!🌹 Group Name: 🌹 Fallen Rose🌹 Concept: 🌹 Ballads, Hope🌹 Debut Song: 🌹 Someday (IZ*ONE)🌹 Fandom:🌹 Petals🌹 Members: 🌹I actually spent way too much time thinking of this lineup-Hyolyn (Former SISTAR)- Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Main RapperHyolyn is the definition of an all-rounder. This girl ranks high in each of these. She is easily one of the best vocalists in KPOP with her stability and her amazing range. She is easily one of the best dancers in KPOP, with her amazing flexibility and body control. AND she is a pretty amazing rapper, participating in THE Unpretty Rapstar. She holds so much emotion behind her voice and it really impacts the songs super well. She knows how to use her voice in a good way, and knows how to project very well.Bada (Former S.E.S)- Leader, Main Vocalist(Please this is the only “red” picture Bada has-)I see NO Bada appreciation. This girl “AVE MARIIAAA” ’d her way into the top singers in KPOP. She is honestly in the top 3 vocalists in KPOP. Bada knows how to control her voice and how to not strain her notes in her high, and I mean REALLY high, register. She knows how to control her voice superbly and is just amazing at what she does. Bada, to me, shows great discipline and care towards others. She’s kind of strict, but caring at the same time. She knows how to lead well, for sure.Hyojung (Oh My Girl)- Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer(Hyojung and Bada need red IMMEDIATELY)Hyojung is such a great vocalist. She is amazing at adding emotion and making her songs sound so much more raw and full of emotion. She is definitely up there with some of the best 3rd generation vocalists. She never really gets her time to show her complete skills, other than her emotions in Queendom with Bom. I wanted her to sing this song to show her true vocal capability and to show her own skills, separate from Oh My Girl.🌹 Line Distribution 🌹[Hyojung, Hyolyn]Gipeun kkumsok geu eodinga kkeuchiEomneun eodum sogeuroJitge kkallyeojin angaeeJamshi gireul ireo jeomjeom meoreojigo[Hyolyn]Soneul ppeodeo dakil barabojimanNan dolgo doljyo tto hemaeilkkayo[Bada]Eonjenga uriye bamdo modu jinagagetjyoKkeuteomneun eodumi millyeowado nan dashinDuryeoweohajineun anchyo uri du son kkok jabgoseoEodum kkeutjarak hamkke georeogalgeyo[Hyolyn]Gireotteon bameul bichweotteonBamhaneul byeolbicheul barabwaUri hamkke barawatteon kkumdeuriJeo haneureul balkhyeojuneyo[Bada]Sunoeun byeol geu bit uril bichumyeonTto han georeumsshik deo naagalgeyo[Hyojung]Eonjenga uriye bamdo modu jinagagetjyoKkeuteomneun eodumi millyeowado nan dashinDuryeoweohajineun anchyo uri du son kkok jabgoseoEodum kkeutjarak hamkke georeogalgeyo[Bada]Meon girirado uri kkeutkkajiMajjabeun du son kkok japgoKkeuchi eomneun gireul hamkke[Hyolyn, Bada, Hyojung]]Eonjenga maju bol geuttae urin miso jitgetjyo [Ahh~]Kkeutkkaji hamkke hal uriigie dashinDuryeoweohajineun anchyoUri du son kkok japgoseoBalgeun bicheuro hamkke georeogalgeyoHyojung- 48.38 secondsHyolyn- 49.24 secondsBada- 53.68 seconds🌹 Graphs!! 🌹(Credit to bestie for the headers!! ly <3)Thank you!!-𝒮𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓉 𝒯𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒶 𝒫𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓇𝒶𝓂𝒶

Do you support the idea of the USA having an annual military parade like they do in Russia and China?

Whether an annual gala parade of the kind we in Russia have on the Victory Day on 9 May, is a good idea, depends on what Americans want to achieve with it.If they want to do it in order to build up the national identity, overcome the sense of inherent weakness and vulnerability, like we do, it’s certainly a good idea. Impressive shows of military might, with all the nation putting on wartime uniforms, from toddlers to centenarians, makes us look big and dangerous. As the Russian meme goes, “Fear equals respect” (boyátsya, znáchit uvazháyut).But is seems Americans do not need that as much as we do. They formed a nation-state well before almost everyone else. And they beat everyone to the top spot of “most feared bada$$es” even before Trump came to power.Do they need it for projecting global power? For that, military shows are not necessary.China has become the superpower it is now without conquering or defeating anyone in a war. As for America, the biggest victory they have achieved in history—defeating us in a Cold War—happened without a single shot fired. The point is also proven by President Putin’s greatest achievement so far, the annexation of Crimea: no shots, no blood, just a lot of strategic patience, careful planning, and flawless execution.If I were an American, I wouldn’t support the gala parade idea. I believe in Sun Tzu:

Why is rapper Joey Bada$$ not a superstar?

Joey Bada$$’s career was not facilitated by a cultural force. If we minus rap-stars who rocketed into superstardom by way of their striking looks, social media shenanigans, or comedically entertaining music, you will notice that the remaining gargantuan rappers were previously handpicked to be the sort of protege to an individual with vast influence. To give an example: J. Cole’s talents had an awful lot to do with his rise but to say Jay Z’s presence alone did not ensure the mainstream success of Cole World: The Sideline Story, and his ongoing lasting power, is silly. We can apply similar scenarios to Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. They all had the unique opportunity to be thrust outward by a powerful hand. The rappers who are never offered that co-sign, even if their music is exciting and original, never commercially transcend their genre. This is Logic, Tyler The Creator, ASAP Rocky, Denzel Curry, Vince Staples, and Joey Badass himself. His music is great but perhaps because of timing, and his refusal to sign to a major label, he never retrieved that megastar title.Joey Bada$$ is not signed to a major label. Your talent plays a significant role but the power of a record label is stupendous. This corporatized network opens a conglomerate of highly subsidized divisions—whether that be through production and engineer squadrons, visual artist teams, astute A&Rs, radio DJs, and others who intentionally or not play a role to ensure an enduring commercial performance of one’s music. As solid as Joey’s music has been, you can only expect the machine behind him to push his name so far.Joey Bada$$ does not craft music contending for the charts. I do not know of a Joey Badass song that has obvious pop music sensibilities. His recent effort: ALL-AMERIKKKAN-BADA$$ and even B4.Da.$$ released two years before then include no real popular instrumental choices. Besides “Devastated” and “Temptation” I have never heard really a song that has a shot of being on the radio or even trending on YouTube. His music does not travel in bigger circles because of this.Joey Bada$$ never really ‘blew up’. Similar to my previous point, he never seemed to seek that one commercial or jarring hit record or diss track that would send him over the edge. Nor did he present himself as a bombastic controversial artist with headlines in public rap forums. There was never a moment in time where a song or music video of his was a meme (Denzel Curry), bizarre (Tyler the Creator), or really idiosyncratic (Chance The Rapper) or anything that would really draw a large neutral viewership. You only really learned of him by finding him personally. His rise to relevance, despite his elite talents, was relatively pedestrian.Joey Bada$$ makes socially conscious music. Though we are not in an era in which gangster rap dominates the market, we are certainly not in an era in which heady rap music does either. Joey’s music leans to the latter. I do not think of him as ‘conscious’ more than just being a topical artist, but characteristic to his lyrical style are sentiments of social indignation. As popular music generally concerns itself more with appeal to vogue sonic textures and themes, Joey further limits his chances of superstardom by musing upon more complex subject matter.Joey Bada$$ continues to remain relatively quiet. Unless he is releasing music, he seems mostly removed from the public consciousness. Though I can imagine him contributing heavily to a film soundtrack like Tyler the Creator or Kendrick Lamar, releasing yearly projects like Logic and Future, or maintaining his presence in rap music with a few singles or features like Drake or J. Cole, is not up his alley. Since his release of his “Temptation” music video in August of last year, his appearances—whether that be features, solo tracks, or even interviews are scant. 2018 is about over and he has done very little.Those are all the reasons I could think of.

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