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PDF Editor FAQ

Is Zoom overvalued at its current price?

I will provide you with some critical data sets to study.Technically ZM is rising at an extreme vertical angle of ascent after posting enormous gains in revenues and earnings for its 2nd quarter 2020. This is all due to the surge of demand for its video telecom services which has been fueled by the pandemic restrictions on social activities and corporate employee activity. It reported in early September. Its next report date for 3rd quarter is scheduled at this time for December 3rd 2020.The technicals on a daily chart show that this stock DID have a Platform Position Quiet Accumulation pattern. This is the green rectangle around price that moved sideways rather than upward. The orange rectangle is the probably next sideways level IF the company has continued its exponential growth of both revenues and earnings this 3rd quarter which has just started for ZM. Watching this stock for the next few weeks will provide an enormous amount of information regarding what the 3rd quarter is likely to present: either more strong growth OR a tapering off of growth and a stabilizing of revenues and earnings.3. The Percentage Shares Held by Institutions was around 55% which is lower than usual for a young public company that has had such strong growth. This is the report from last quarter. A new update on the PSHI and other data will be out in early October. Fundamental indicators and data is always at least 3 months or older.4. The price technically is overspeculated. However, if the company has strong growth again for another quarter, then this price is not over valued. For now it is but it all depends on what happens between Sept -November quarter, not what happened last quarter. If the stock shifts sideways again, and there are more institutional investors aka Buy Side Institutions, then the stock can provide a fundamental support level for more upside growth.5. This is a young public company that benefited suddenly and hugely from the pandemic. The very wise Buy Side Giant Mutual and Pension Funds are sitting back now, waiting to see if this is just a blip of sudden growth created by an extremely rare situation globally OR if this company and its young, inexperienced CEO can pull off greatness for many years to come.6. It looks from the chart and from fundamental data that the Venture Capital firms, Preferred Clients and underwriters have sold all of their interest which can often stabilize the stock price and reduce volatility.7. Here are the top Buy Side and Sell Side Institutional Holders. I have NOT included any smaller funds just the giants of their respective industries.Morgan Stanley, typically a financial services firm that blends new technology and older technology in its massive portfolio.Vanguard a Buy Side Giant Mutual Fund company. It creates both mutual funds and ETFs.BlackRock Inc which is one of the largest ETF Derivative Developers. With both BlackRock and Vanguard near the top of the largest holders we can accurately assume that ETFs contain this stock.State Street Corp. The other giant Derivatives Developer of ETFs.Price T Rowe, is an investment management company and also offers services for fortune 500 companies’ for the huge pension plans aka 401ks.These are all very important companies to have in the top list. A few giants are missing from this group, however, which is interesting.Zoom Video Communications needs to:Grow revenues and earnings at a higher rate than 2nd quarter. This is going to be a massive undertaking that will challenge the company.It needs to expand its presence globally.It needs to improve its product to stay ahead of competitors who are rapidly coming to market introduction phase to try at take customers away from Zoom. This is a pivotal phase of Zoom’s establishing itself as the dominant company for its services.The CEO has been doing a pretty good job of managing problems, conflicts, bad press, nasty false press, and in general learning HOW to talk to the retail press but more importantly how to talk to and convince the Giant Buy Side Institutions he is capable of managing a company that could eventually become a very large corporation. It has potential but the CEO must be capable or a competitor will wipe it out so fast it will make heads spin.It must create LOYALTY with is current customer base, provide some bonus services, have exceptional support and I mean exceptional. ADP a payroll company has exceptional support if this CEO wants to learn what exceptional means, as an example. Loyalty is crucial at this time.Create an open communication with its customers to help create a type of “open source” information gathering to help the company keep providing enhancements and improvements that customers WANT AND NEED. Rather than listening to programmers who have these great ideas but the customers don’t like. Listening to your customer base, CEO, is hugely important.Quality, Quality, Quality. The USA is known for quality services worldwide. We sell more services globally than most investors realize. Services are a huge export for the US and that area of our economy needs to develop MORE and be far more ROBUST if the US and Zoom are going to prosper to the extend that is possible. The future is SERVICES.Manage the quarterly reports. If there is a problem, CEO, then let everyone know early on. Don’t wait too long. Otherwise the stock will get hammered on earnings release day. Many CEOs have caught on that after hours reports can avoid HFT spikes if that is a problem with their stock.That’s what I can think of at the moment. I am sure once this is published I will think of other areas that the CEO and company must work very hard to control and manage for next quarter. 3rd quarter is really important for this young company which has potential long term but must not make the mistakes of so many great little companies of the past.Thank you for taking the time to read this very long answer. I hope it helps you.

What are some things I should keep in mind before going to college?

Welcome to MUJSince you have taken IT , build a good command in C and Java and concentrate more on getting the basics correctBank accountMUJ has a Yes bank atm and an SBI atm. I recommend to open your bank account in these banks. Yes bank preferably because there is a branch of Yes bank in the campus. The nearest bank outside MUJ is Vijaya Bank.(Street View - Google Maps)ClothingYou do not need to bring your whole closet. You will be going home in october and until then you can figure out exactly what is needed. But keep in mind that you have dresses for various occasions such as Freshers party, Clubbing in Jaipur, DJ nights, Formals for MUN, etc.RoommateFor your first year of college, odds are you'll have a randomly picked roommate. And while it's completely possible that you will be the best of friends, it's also possible that you might not get along. This can be uncomfortable, but remember that with classes, clubs, and other campus events, you probably won't be in your room very much anyway. By the time the year is over, you'll most likely have found a friend to room with for the next term.ACADEMICSJust because you finished top of the class at your high school in your hometown doesn’t mean that you’ll have an easy ride through MUJ. Remember, almost every other student at Manipal has finished top of the class in their high school in their hometown. It is time for you to re-adjust your outlook, the expectations are much higher in Manipal and studying should be a top priority without which your dreams and ambitions may just remain that!EXAMS Pattern: Open booksBOOKS to buy: Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S.Grewal 43rd Edition only!! Purchase the remaining books only if you require them. Else library!Engineering Physics (based on modern physics and quantum mechanics); Basic Electrical Technology (Based on Electricity chapters in Physics) and Thermodynamics are tough subjects in first year. If you have had a hard time in dealing with these topics in School then it's NOW when you can get your basics correct. It's all that is required.MESS Food (Mess street view - Google Maps)Be prepared! The food will not always be good. But Breakfast is always edible since the taste of bread and butter cannot be changed. Same goes with salad served during Lunch and Dinner. Your first meal in manipal will be good. Later on nah! When they are in the mood they can cook reasonably well. Also, don’t miss Special Dinners. They serve it randomly and unannounced.Apart from that MUJ has the following to satisfy your taste budsYO ZING (Google Maps)- a chinese restro . (Prices- Reasonable, Quality and Taste: 8/10)South Indian Foods (Google Maps) (The name says it all) (best known for chicken biryani)TANDOOR (Google Maps) - A veg and a non veg Restro (Prices: Ok Taste: 7/10)Chatkara (Google Maps) - Fast food (Prices : High , quality 9/10, Taste 8/10)Saras Milk Parlour (Also serves juices)Juice Bar (also serves fruit salads, eggs, maggie)Health Bar (for Gym people)Memo/Bakery (Serves Baskin Robbins icecreams too)TransportationGather as many coupons of Ola, TFS & Meru. A ride from Railway station/ Bus Stand to MUJ (distance : 28 kms) without coupons will cost you RS 600 and above. Auto Rs 300 -500 (depends on how well you can bargain)Low floor bus number 26. It covers major routes to jaipur including Rlwy stn & Bus Stand. And the max fare would be Rs 15 (student concession called ST) and max- Rs 30 (Normal fare on Holidays)Autowalas have formed a union here outside MUJ and will run on fixed and increased fare. So while planning to visit Jaipur prefer to travel in larger number to save on transportation. Else call a cab and apply coupons.ALLMART ; TRENDZ ; Aunty-Uncle Stationary; Mehta Book DEPOTAllmart () is a departmental store and sells Stationary, packed food, cosmetics etcTRENDZ (Google Maps) is a mix of cosmetic and a gift shop.Aunty-Uncle Stationary. Apart from stationary, they have Printing as well as photostat facility.Mehta book Depot: Printing is Cheaper than Aunty’s. Has all the required books and sells at Reasonable prices. Also buys and sells 2nd hand books and expensive stationary (like drafter).You do not need to buy anything before hand. All our requirements are fulfilled here.MEDICAL FACILITY (Medical centre street view - Google Maps)No need to bring a bag full of medicines for various illness. I have been living in a boarding since 2003 and I’ve seen Mummy's sending bag full of meds with their kids. At the end of the year the kid takes back most of them home since he/she ended up taking medicines from the Medical centre anyway.Muj has a medical centre and the doctors are present from 8 am to 8 pm. Medicines can be purchased from medical shops half a km away from campus. Or else ask a day scholar friend to get the required medicines.CLIMATEIt's extremely hot even after rainy season and the winters come in only at the end of November. Decembers are cold similar to Delhi , Agra, Lucknow but during the peak (i.e. during January) the weather is harsh because rajasthan experiences cold and dry winters.CELLULAR NETWORKAIRTEL only. Although BSNL works (surprisingly) but AIRTEL’s network is the best here. Buy a rajasthan sim from the city and not from MUJ. It will take days to get activated if you buy your sim from MUJ.IMPORTANT STUFF:Get an induction plate and its vessels (fayde me rahoge)Get your vehicle if you want. It can be parked in the parking outside the hostels and nobody asks “kiski gaadi hai?”Get a multiplug extension. Else You and your roommate might fight for the plugpoint next to your bed.Bring your Iron if you wantGym: Best in the city : Check it out yourself on Google Maps.Dhobi options (MUJ laundry streetview - Google Maps)One in Manipal campus itself (Charges Rs 10 per cloth wash & iron)WishhWash: A startup from Jaipur (Charges Rs 60 per kilogram wash & iron)Keep a copy of all the documents that you submit to college.Bring at least one govt ID card.Come a day early to college. It will give you time to settle down.ADVICEIf you have a hobby, please continue that during the four years. Hobby is that particular thing which differentiates you from the others. Infact get more professional into it.Try and seek ways to earn money online by working from college. It will keep you busy plus you shall be funding your own pocket money!Try and study daily for 30 minutes by just taking a look at what has been taught. If that is too much then do it on a weekly basis. Studying in the last week or a day or two before the exam only adds to stress and unbalanced learning. I tried all three patterns in first year and stuck to weekly learning for the rest of the semesters.Take part in workshops that are relevent to you. Attend Conferences in the first year and try to present technical papers by the end of third year.Take part in extracurricular activities. It will give you good networking and interaction opportunities with batchmates and seniors. If you perform well you may get talked about.Most impt: Enjoy your years in college. Make friends. Don't judge people (although we indians love it) College has a diverse crowd make friends with them and try to learn their culture (I learned to count from 1 to 10 in Telugu in first year and i guess i still know it)Also go through the following link : The Twenty Mistakes you Don’t want to make during your Manipal DaysFor more information on MUJ, refer to the links below:Janak Mulchandani's answer to How's life at Manipal, in your opinion?Janak Mulchandani's answer to Is there any international collaboration at Manipal Jaipur?Janak Mulchandani's answer to How are the placements at Manipal University Jaipur?Hope that helped. Thanks for A2AFeel free to contact me if you need if you need any sort of help!

What was it like to attend the Quora Top Writers NY Fall Meetup (November 2014)?

Before I go into any of this, I'll mention that it was a highly positive experience, and I'm grateful to Quora for providing the opportunity to meet everyone I did.Anyway, on Thursday, November 6th, I first met up with Janet Go for an interview at Nanoosh near where the movie "Interstellar" was being shown. She ordered an interesting tea, so I requested she pose for a picture with it.Then I saw the movie Interstellar at nearby Lincoln Center. In addition to Jonathan Brill, Domhnall O'Huigin greeted me at the theater. Domhnall seemed exceptionally approachable and nice. Leonid S. Knyshov (Leo for short) was there, and I found him hilarious. He pointed me to his audition for "So You Think You Can Dance?" (search on Youtube for "Sex with Leo") and also showed me all the crazy swag he had on him. He's a character. I was also hoping to hook up with Dan Holliday before the movie. We were supposed to sit together you see, but he wasn't there. So then I went to the restroom and lost track of all the Quorans. I ended up sitting in a very nice seat, which I found out was among the reserved seating. Dan showed up later, and I heard his Thor-like laugh, but it was too late to change seats.As for the movie, I liked the visuals, and some of the creative aspects to it. I even thought the acting was good. The big problem I had was a weak script. I could tell at various points of the film what was going to happen, a little too much. Dan tried to get people to just say they hated it and it was the worst movie ever, but as a filmmaker, it takes a lot for me to throw a monumental, inspired effort from so many in the trash like that. But he paid to see the movie so... oh wait... nevermind.I did meet up with Dan afterward, along with Ariel Williams and I forget who. All good people though. Dan had a lot of cookies with him, so we were considering an armored car, but I convinced them we should take the express subway down, but my directions were 1-2 minutes longer than they should have been. I'm a 95% optimal kinda guy!We made it to the Standard Hotel where we met up with Andrew Stein and Emily Anderson. There were a couple +1's that were admitted to the event, and Emily was one of them. I wanted to meet her, after having missed her birthday, so I was happy about that. What was a little disappointing... as nice as Dan, Andrew, and Emily were, and how much we all loved posting cat pictures, we really didn't have much else to talk about. I did enjoy a great conversation with Ian Morgan. I find his experience with depression fascinating, and although I could never really relate to what he's going through, he seemed to agree I had a good understanding of it. He's very approachable, and later I was watching him read palms.Chloe Shani Malveaux, who is getting her palm read, at first I had very little to say to, because she spoke way too quietly for me to hear. I learned the next day that she works in defense as a software engineer, like I used to, and suddenly we had a lot more to chat about. Ultra cool stuff that she's probably only allowed to say so much about. Nick Moyne in the back I also had a pleasant chat with, and was interested in his passion for music, and experience with law. It was interesting to hear him voice his concern about getting typecast into "writing about politics", and wanted to be known for other topics as well.Marc Bodnick gave a customary "thanks for coming" speech.While I'm still suspicious, Marc asserted he spent most of his credits on the 100,000 credit A2A he sent me recently. He made a similar complaint to Joshua Engel. What saddened me a little is, despite all the A2A's from him and Jay Wacker, and the upvotes I got from them, and of course the overall contributions I have made to Quora, I could tell they, along with the rest of the Quora staff were not particularly motivated to socially interact with me. I made the mistake of bringing up some basic issues, like the lack of a question draft, and blog promotion, to Marc. After that, I got the quick-handshake-"good to meet you"-sendoff from him repeatedly until I got the idea and went elsewhere.The main problem I was having that night was... the room was loud. It got louder and louder, and I constantly felt like leaving. I held myself back because I realized I wouldn't have a chance to meet some of the people later. At some point I was just exhausted and just felt like going to sleep.However, that was when I met Ben Fraser and Karen Opas. Karen said she was a "fan", and I smiled and returned the compliment. It's a really nice thing to know that someone who's read the writing you poured your heart and soul into volunteers a compliment like that. Ben said he outright "wants me to succeed", after having read my answers about my efforts, probably including filmmaking. I'm not sure I'm going to succeed, but knowing some some intelligent, honest-to-goodness supporters have my back definitely will help drive me forward. I talked to Karen's husband as well, who runs a media company, and it became apparent that if I want my short to get made into a feature, I had better get cracking on the full-length screenplay. I plan to do that now.I was finally going to sleep. I asked Dan Holliday if he was doing any of the "Friday activities", and he said no. This saddened me, but everyone was buzzing around Dan, and I just did not have the energy to vie for his attention. Maybe next time...On Friday, I fortunately saw a note from Ariel letting me know her planned breakfast at Junior's Cheesecake was moved an hour earlier, but I was awake early enough to make that anyway. Here's who I met:From the names I remember, there's Mike Leary and his wife and daughter, Ariel Williams, Carla Attenborough, Barry Hampe, and Christopher VanLang. Lots of good conversation.Carla, at the far end of the table, to the left, I remembered for a specific reason. I had intended to go through the list of Top Writers attending, beforehand, and write a small note about each, as a little reminder/talking point of what I know of them. I had a crappy wifi connection though, but Carla was one of the four I got to check out. I wrote "Colorful artist, Buddhist". We had a very superficial conversation about it, but after we were done, and I had finished my french toast...... followed by cheesecake, Carla and I decided to hang out together. I suggested we walk over to the UN. We tried to get in, but they have some weird system that fights spontaneity. We went to the east river and ... that's when I realized we were kindred spirits. We got excited about clouds and their reflection on the water.She also has pictures at least this good. We took pictures of stairs and a bridge too.Then it was time to see David S. Rose's complimentary-for-Top-Writer pitch coaching session in the fancy New York Times building.What he had to say was very honest and everything unfailingly made sense. I figured, not only did I have a feature film to pitch, but also an internet startup as well, so I was paying close attention. I thanked David afterward and got the sense that he's a very pleasant man to interact with, and I'll be reading more of his stuff down the road for sure. I felt a bit spoiled that such advice for 15 minutes that can change my future was just shoveled onto me for free.It was time for User-13784707767018997561's lower Manhattan walking tour. Ben Fraser, Leo, and I think one other got onto a subway. I realized the N and R would take us right to Astor Place. I checked the station one station too late, and it wasn't until 3 stations later that I realized we had to make a U-turn. We still made it on time. I got to meet Jill Uchiyama, who is a fellow filmmaker. I found out everything she's doing, and we're going to show each other our films later. Adam did a great job with it, getting a couple of Top Writers to translate some of the German and Ukrainian for him. It was really cool when I got to point out the building my upcoming film screening will be at as we passed. I also raved about "The Sock Man" shop on St. Marks Place. We also saw this weird "art" near a basketball court which I think was supposed to stop basketballs from rolling into the street.When Adam mentioned some gory details about former mob wars, I could see his eyes light up.We ended up in Chinatown for the dinner Adam organized, at Joe's Shanghai. We realized because of their rules, we had to split into two separate groups, having 15-20 people, but we got over that. You can see what the other table looked like here. Jenny Wang stole the show at our table though, ordering a bunch of appetizers for everyone, and explaining "how things work". We mostly ate "family style".All the food was good. I wondered how sea cucumber tasted, and it had an interesting texture. People seemed less interested in the eggplant, and I was full, but I decided I wanted some vegetables. Oh my god, the eggplant was so tasty. Melted in my mouth. I learned I like Chinese eggplant, and sea cucumber. Others learned they liked jellyfish. Maybe I didn't like the jellyfish as much.People gathered outside, a little chilly, but still wanted to do stuff after dinner. Going to a bar was mentioned, but another loud place was the last thing I wanted. I remembered a place in Little Italy I went to just a week ago, Sambuca's Cafe. I ordered a panini and cannolis. The panini was a bit off, so they gave me the cannolis for free. Either way, the service was great, and I knew they were open very late, had coffee and drinks, and good desserts.And they usually had space. I suggested it, and it sounded like a winner.I led what seemed like a couple dozen people in there. Ara had two of her sisters in tow.The waitress remembered me and I was surprised with... another three cannolis, on the house. The bill ended up being close to $500, so I was being shown appreciation. I got more quality time with Jill, and I now think Charles Faraone is awesome.I also got to know Amanda Tendler a bit, also sitting nearby. Lots of very easy to talk to people.Unfortunately, it all came to an end, and people had to pack up and go. Leo apparently was intending to stay up till 6pm the next day, and I still felt plenty alive. Amanda suggested that Dan Holliday and some others were at a night club lounge and she was planning to join them, and we could come along if we wanted. I still did not want anymore loudness and shook my head. Amanda then suggested, "Fuck 'em!" and instead we hooked up with her friend on St. Mark's Place to go to Spot, a place with spectacular desserts:Then, as we waited for a seat, Leo explained a ton about business strategy, answering my question about why a business plan is unnecessary, and what to do instead. Amanda seemed intensely curious too.Finally, we got in, and then, we indulged......and indulged......and indulged......and indulged......and indulged...And finally, we parted ways. Except for Leo. I decided I didn't mind the 30 minute walk back to my friend's place in Soho. Leo, still not intending to sleep, walked with me. We talked up a storm about all sorts of things during our final moments together, about marketing, Kickstarter strategies, and some Quora issues we've both been having. And Leo talked about his cool gadgetry some more. And then I reached my friend's place. Leo and I shook hands, following each other on Quora later.Then all that was left was an early breakfast, a drive back to Binghamton, and I was elated to be back with my wife and... this...

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It was very easy to upload documents and send them to clients for signatures. I found it to not be too robust with features, which was ideal.

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