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How should one prepare for the TIFR entrance examination for biology? What is the general level of questions asked?

There will be four sections: General, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The general questions can vary from very basic to somewhat complex, requiring some innovative thinking. Physics questions are somewhat difficult (at least for students who have not studied physics after the class 12). Chemistry questions again vary from very basic to BSc level. Biology questions can seem the easiest depending upon your level of knowledge and ability to process experimental data. Following are two examples:image source : taken from PDF filesCheck out old question papers of JGEEBILS to get a better idea.All the best :)

What are some must-read books for physics undergrads?

Well, it depends to what level you intend to study. “Undergrad” syllabus varies from between universities. I’m writing this answer in the context of an average Indian university syllabus.If you want to have a good idea of the basic concepts that you’re going to study each year (or semester), I'd say you can go for Principles of Physics by Resnick, Halliday and Walker.If you want to dive in deep into the concepts that you're going to learn, then you may need specific books for each topic, like:An introduction to mechanics by Kleppner and KolenkovThe Physics of Vibrations by H J Pain (for waves and oscillations)Electrodynamics by David GriffithsQuantum Mechanics by David GriffithsOptics by Eugene HechtModern Physics by Arthur BeiserIntegrated Electronics by MillmanMathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L Boas(a must read book, and a good place to start learning undergrad level Physics)Edit: Adding more to the list:Solid State Physics by Charles KittelThe entire Berkeley series on PhysicsQuantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei and Particles by ResnickModern Physics - Raymond A. Serway, Clement J. Moses, Curt A. MoyerModern Physics by KraneNuclear Physics by KranePhysics Laboratory Experiments by Jerry D. Wilson, Cecilia A. Hernández-HallSchaum’s series on individual topics (useful for practising problem-solving)(There are many other books for all the topics mentioned above, these are just a few of the ones I've read.)You can also check out notes on specific topics released by various universities all over the globe. I usually search for pdf files of specific topics, to get information on those topics in detail. For example, if you wish to learn more on, say, cyclotrons, you can just google forcyclotron pdf(The search results may vary according to your location) I personally love this method of reference as most of such notes contains information from various good books. Edit: Be sure to confirm that the websites are authentic.Finally, if you need to learn Physics as a whole, admiring the beauty of it throughout the way, then you should read the classic series Feynman's Lectures on Physics (3 volumes) by Richard Feynman.Although it gives a very beautiful picture of almost all the topics in undergraduate-level Physics, it is definitely not examination-oriented (atleast in the Indian context). If you absolutely love Physics, trust me, you have to have this series on your bookshelf!I’ll try to keep updating the list as I find new good books!

Which questions books are best level for IIT JEE Advanced?

Thought makes action,action makes habits,habits make character and character makes destiny,So try to be motivated as this will need best of you,I try my best to restrict you to JEE domain,And wants you to follow this habit …..Begin with the End in mind !!Do previous years questions as soon as possible in all topic,many suggest you to do them at last but I think you should know level of examination as soon as possibleNCERT Never ignore this in chemistry as most factual questions will going to come directly from them.Review of Kleppner for mechanics: This book rules in world of mechanics for tens of years because it contain best theory(not in order what you learn during JEE) and practical based problems,Only con is it lacks in teaching problem solving as example are not much,So better to get it’s solution.For Electrodynamics Basic principles or electrodynamics by Irodov is best for conceptual clarity .Stuck to syllabus and read it after clearing basics.Fundamental law of mechanics is not suggested by me because will not give you better theory and problems is same as in Problems in general physics.Syntex : Book name:Start level as difficulty:Exam suits for :Personal Experience(PE)University Physics and Physics for scientist and engineers: Similar to irodov :Mains and advanced2 star and 3 star marked problems : Level of problems is advanced level or abovedon’t waste time for 1 star problemsSolution is available as pdf on net,so even good to solve as high level examplesDon’t read unnecessary part from itPE : Theories is completely covered in this books,level of graded problems is similar to tough JEE subjective in many chapters,Must do for practice with solutions but didn’t contain highly mind boosting stuff like books of Mir or CBS publications.200 puzzling problems in physics,200 more puzzling problems in physics,Problems in elementary physics,300 creative problems in physics,Physics by examples,Discussion to Irodov by Arihant publication(in this book after each solution you get one question as your step which is greater than or equal to irodov in level of difficulty),Aptitude test problems in physics by Krotov,Problems in physics by Z.Zubov,Problems in physics by A.A.Pinsky,International Physics Physics Olympiad 1967–2010( you may try early editions :Overall above Irodov: JEE Advanced and OlympiadMost of Problems are irodov or above in all of the above booksDuring solving you will read question and become dumb-struck i.e.,Is such problems possibleContain many question which is not related to JEE,don’t waste time on them,It will of no good other nice challenging problems is already available in marketEach book contains its solutions(expect discussion to Irodov)Don’t go for similar problems again.PE: Solve this material only if you think you are already done thoroughly with JEE level physics.Time consuming but skill making,many new every of questions were given.Pathfinder for Olympiad ad JEE advanced physics:Highly relevant and Top problems for Olympiad and JEE Advanced in every topic even Optics:Advanced and Olympiad.No theoryGrade level of problems,Build your skills,Check your understanding and Challenging problemsOnly this one is sufficient for highly level practice if you don’t have much time.Even your teacher can’t solve few of themCopy of Advanced problems in school physics by Cengage as rights is now on pearsonNot to solve without guidance as you could stuck in many problems and may not solve it completelyBooks to be solved to get deep satisfactionPE: Favourite for problems,I post one of it’’s challenging problem it got about 31 followers and 8500 views but No answer,Hope this is enough to proof its quality.Graded level of difficulty(You must first cover JEE domain then move to books above Irodov) or JEE relevance basicly to improve JEE physics of material I found best for JEE isPriority order for JEE: Cengage_Previous years_New Pattern IIT JEE physics by DC pandey_Problems in physics by Irodov_Resonance rank booster and practice material_FIITJEE GMP_Master problem package by bansal_Discussion to Irodov_Physics for scientist and Engineers and University Physics_300 creative problems in physics_Krotov_200 puzzling problems in Physics_Physics by Examples(Book will teach you as a teacher)_Problems in elementary physics_200 more puzzling problems in physics.Don’t try these books in name of high level booksMechanics -Introduction to Mechanics' by David MorinElectrodynamics - Introduction to Mechanics' by David MorinOptics - 'Optics' by Eugene HechtElectricity and Magnetism - Electricity and Magnetism Third Edition (E.M Purcell and David Morin)Thermodynamics - Thermal Physics (Schroeder)Waves - Physics of Vibration' by H. J. Pain.For Inorganic Chemistry JD Lee adapted version(or cengage if you have enough time) plus problem book such as Vishal Joshi_Vimal Kumar Jaiswal (VKJ) will be more than enough for it.Make sure to revise daily by good notes and stuck to syllabus.For Organic Chemistry Advanced problems in organic chemistry by MS chouhan will be best other than this, you can try problems books by Akshay choudhary,Surendra K mishra and Himanshu Pandey(I don’t solve this book).Solomon(best for theory or reference book) or SN Sanyal describe reaction mechanism wonderfully.For Physical Chemistry Refer for NCERT and Coaching notes( P Bahadur and Cengage is also good),For Problems N Awasthi is best other than this Neeraj Kumar is also good.In Mathematics Educative JEE and Commentary by KD Joshi is worth considering material about 2000 pages long but teach you everything about JEE mathematics,will make you good problem creator.For Coordinate Geometry Cengage is best for theory and variety of problems(as it copy problem from A das,TMH ,FIITJEE modules and etc) in one book Other than this you can try books for practice such as Advance problems in Coordinate Geometry by Vikas gupta is best(must be considered first)Other than this priority order is as New pattern mathematics by SK Goyal(practice book not one with theory),New pattern mathematics by Cengage(practice book if you want collection of all cengage exercise problems),Challenger mathematics,Problem plus,Books by McGraw Hill,Comprehensive mathematics for JEE advanced(formerly known as TMH),Mathematics for JEE Advanced by Manan Khurma(book gives you variety of excellent questions)Refresher course in mathematics for JEE or Advanced problems in mathematics by Vikas Gupta is excellent book in terms of problems but shouldn’t solve alone as solutions is not available.I suggest you to first clear JEE level questions from GMP,Rank boosters and orders and than move to extreme books otherwise you may leave backlogs or start thinking JEE is much difficult.But If you succeed in even reading this material completely you will start seeing difference in you and other students !Sorry for writing long answerFeel free to ping for helpsAll the Best

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