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PDF Editor FAQ

Why did you join the US Army and do you regret it?

Oh man, where do I start?I graduated high school 8 years ago. When I was in high school, my brother was an active duty Marine. My sophomore year of high school, he deployed to Iraq and, knowing as much as a tenth grader would about politics and the combat situation in Iraq, I figured when I hugged my brother goodbye at the airport before he left that there was a 90% chance that would be the very last time I saw him alive.Anxious thoughts which I can chuckle at now, were very real for me then. If my brother was joining the fight, then god damn it I was, too. So I hyped myself up for the Marine Corps. I started preparing myself for the Marine Corps PFT and talking to recruiters. They couldn’t legally ‘talk’ to me, but I always kept in touch and they appreciated my desire and assured me when I turned 17, they could talk business. In the meanwhile, I could study for the ASVAB and keep exercising. So I did.In early 2010, my brother returned from Iraq. Figuring he saw some stuff, I asked a lot of questions and was met with details that described a very benign deployment. 2009 was a drawdown year for OIF anyhow, and my brother was not in a combat arms MOS so it made sense. Nothing happened. The only ‘action’ he saw was a rocket attack thwarted by a Phalanx, and the perpetrator was killed by responding BLUFOR IDF. That was one day out of almost a year. He was well behind the ‘wire’ and worked in an office.He was honorably discharged in 2012, after I had graduated high school.At that time, since the wars were drawing down and my odds of catching a real deployment were narrowing, I shifted my interest into the paramilitary realm - law enforcement. And I chased that dream up until I joined the Army.I had no connections in the LE community and that was my biggest mistake.Employment where I come from was spotty, and still is. I’d catch shit warehouse jobs here and there, temp jobs here and there, and the occasional pieced-together-part-time-full-time job gig. I couldn’t afford to move out, and struggled to make my car payments, insurance payments, and was subsidized by my parents.My first law enforcement application was to the Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Department. I had done a ride along with them in March 2012, and the deputy I rode with was very informative and supportive of my decision, although understandably quizzical as to why I’d want to do his job.I was hooked after that first ride along. I thought everything about the job was cool, from the mobile data computer, to the Remington 870 on the rack, to how patrol operations were structured, to how the jail process worked. I fell in love right then, and wanted the career so badly.(I took this picture on March 25, 2012 around 1:30 AM. We were on a car theft paper call.)Anyways, if I rode with them, it would make sense I’d have a desire to work for them. I put in an application and was invited to take the pre-test. Basically a character/personality exam before the written test. They don’t tell you why you fail or do not proceed in the selection process, but I was rejected. My theory was I was too early at 20 years of age, and if I breezed through the process, I still would not be 21 at the time of academy graduation - and that was the department policy. That’s my theory on why I was rejected.It crushed me, honestly. But in 2014, I got back up on my feet after an opportunity arose to volunteer at my own county’s Sheriff’s Department. In San Bernardino County. I liked my county Sheriff, anyhow. John McMahon was a constitutional Sheriff, and I still think very highly of him.(This is me, April 23, 2014, with then CPT Dorsey, who is now a high profile member of the agency; a department Deputy Chief) This man moved some mountains for me within the department when I applied, which is why my application, I believe, moved more efficiently than some others.) Law enforcement is all about ‘who you know.’Even so, with all the rapport I built with the station staff, and the Sergeants, and even the Sheriff himself….and all of the ride alongs and volunteer hours (over 2,000 to be exact)And giving my time for free when the department needed me the most…(The December 2, 2015 Inland Regional Center terrorist attack. *I am not pictured here, but this is a photo taken during the incident.*) (I personally know the deputy at right. On this day, I for damn sure was ready to hop in my car and drive to the station and ask where I was needed. Even if it just meant standing the fuck by. But, the orders given were for volunteers not already in uniform and ‘signed in’ to stay home. Nonetheless, post incident, I was giving my time to help the survivors.)It simply was not enough, and I believe it was my age, my inexperience, my scant post-secondary education, and maybe my maturity, as well as physical ability. The common thread among each agency applied for was the answer ‘no’. I did make exponential progress with a rural agency in Nevada, the Esmeralda County Sheriff’s Department, but still was not hired. So, maybe the lesson was I needed to work on me for awhile. I’m forcing a square peg into a round hole, and maybe, just maybe, I need to round off the peg first.In 2016, I decided to revert back to an old plan I had in high school. I would enlist in the military. A relatively safe branch…. the Navy. And I would be a Master at Arms (Military Police). At this point, I’d been out of high school for four years, and my math and English skills were rusty, so my ASVAB suffered. I studied the best I knew how, especially with the ASVAB for Dummies book, and while my score was passing, it could’ve been better and the Navy scoffed at it.If they were allowed to tell me I could ‘go fuck myself’, they would’ve. They were passive aggressive about not wanting me, and screwed up my paperwork, screwed up MEPS dates, the works. Typical fucking Navy, so i’ve been told by Sailor friends. So take a wild guess who was next door? The United States ARMY. And they take ANYONE damn near. I knew that.I ran my scores over to the Army recruiter and he asked what I wanted to do, I said ‘MP’ and he said ‘Shit howdy, I’m an MP! You qualify, dude!’“Let’s do it. I’m joining the Army.’And so the process began. I would later change my mind about being an MP. Because I wanted to be a civilian police officer, and knowing what happens to MP vets, my recruiter advised against it. ‘Take an MOS with a marketable skill, so you have SOMETHING to fall back on if law enforcement doesn’t work out for you.’ How right he was.He asked what I was doing for work at the time, and I told him I cooked at BWW. He said, ‘maybe 92G?’ (Cook) and I said, ‘Sure, how bad could it be?’ (I was painfully fucking mistaken, but that’s for another story.)So, with a few hiccups with MEPS, (unfucking what the Navy had done, and then having to fight for me in the medical department) I finally enlisted in the Army.February 8, 2017, I departed San Diego Intl Airport bound for Charlotte, NC, to catch a commuter flight to Columbia, South Carolina, where I’d take a bus to Fort Jackson and begin my process of becoming a Soldier.I graduated basic, sparing you the details of my personal struggles during it all, April 20, 2017 (please, no weed jokes) with E Co, 2d BN / 39 INF.Me standing at parade rest like a boot.(If you look closely, you can see the tan lines my dumbass Sawfly eyepro made on my face. We were forced to wear eyepro EVERY. GOD. DAMN. DAY. UNTIL. WE. GRADUATED. Yes, even during APFTs! You know how fun it is to run and sweat your ass off and be blinded by your fogged eyepro? IT’S NOT. God forbid you took it off, though…. Battalion…. HALF RIGHT…)I graduated AIT in July 2017, and took a picture not dissimilar to the one shown above, (except in full ASU) and then reported to my first duty station…My contract was 3 years, 21 weeks, and by golly gosh if I don’t have just two months left on that commitment before I get my all coveted DD-214 and complimentary DD-214 blanket… Wait, the blanket isn’t free? Oh…. then I’ll just take the DD-214. I don’t need souvenirs anyways.I’m on my way to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business/Marketing at Utah State University this Fall. Thanks to the community college credits I earned pre-military, and my military credits (called JST’s), I was admitted. Otherwise, I likely wouldn’t have been.I have the full blown GI bill at my disposal. I’ve grown up. I’ve matured a lot. I’m in superb physical condition. I am disciplined. I am resilient. All those qualities I didn’t have as a frustrated 23 year of aspiring cop, I have now as a 27 year old.Know what’s funny? I have no real desire to be a cop anymore. But, just for one minute, I’d entertain the fantasy of going back to one of the many agencies I applied to and tell them ‘remember when you said I wasn’t good enough? Am I good enough now?’ and slam down my resume.But I digress. That won’t happen, I don’t care about it like I used to. I’m off to bigger and better things.The Army made me who I am today, a better person for what it’s worth. Yes, it was an absolute fucking shitshow 100% of the time. I’ve met some of the dumbest assholes you could meet. Shitty leaders. Lazy bastards. Incompetent schmucks. Guess what? They exist in the civilian world, yes, but unlike in the military, they get fired. In the military, these people get promoted. The smart ones leave, because they’re smart.At the same time, I’ve met brothers. I don’t use that term lightly. A military brother; it’s a bond, a bond I've formed with Soldiers I know i’ll never form elsewhere, because the conditions necessary to form these tight bonds don’t exist elsewhere. Only in the military. Real friends. Not because you naturally get along, but because sometimes you’re forced to get along and work with each other. That creates a different friendship.If we haven’t sweat together, suffered together, faced adversity together, took on enormous tasks together… are you really a friend? A brother? Or is that a superficial sentiment?I regret all the bullshit. I regret the time I wasted when I could’ve been productive. I regret many things about the Army, but the two things I absolutely do not regret are serving my country and knowing the Soldiers I've been privileged to know.Sometimes i’m not always sure why I joined, I do question my reasons now and again. But one thing’s for sure…I’m glad I did.

Can anyone support or refute the 9/11 Truthers' claims that three successful airplane attacks required accuracy and skills far above those possessed by student pilots and unlikely even for experienced pilots?

This is a list of members of the organisation "pilots for 911 truth". As you can see there are many very experienced and awarded pilots, flight controllers and others who disagree with the NIST report. Check out the site here to see their point of view. = Total [Flight] TimeCA = CaptainFO = First OfficerFE = Flight EngineerCFI = Certified Flight InstructorII = Instrument InstructorMEI = Multiengine InstructorASEL = Airplane Single Engine LandATP = Airline Transport PilotA&P = Aircraft And Powerplant MechanicCORE MEMBERS LISTED IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY JOINED.LIST UPDATED REGULARLY.Robert Balsamo4000TT Commercial, Instrument, Multi, CFI II MEICorporate Chief Pilot135 Capt121 FO Independence Air/Atlantic Coast AirlinesKing Air C-90/200, Dornier 328JETCaptain Russ Wittenberg (ret)30,000+ Total Flight Time707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC-8, L-1049, Learjet 24/25, L-188Ground Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, Instrument Instructor, Flight Engineer TurbojetAircraft DispatcherPan Am, UnitedUnited States Air Force (ret)Over 100 Combat Missions FlownCommand time in:- N591UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 93)- N612UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 175)Captain Ross AimerUnited Airlines, RetiredB-777/767/757/747/737/727/720/707, DC-10/-9/-8 Type ratingsCommand time in:- N591UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 93)- N612UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 175)Commander Ralph “Rotten” Kolstad23,000 hours27 years in the airlinesB757/767 for 13 years mostly international Captain with American Airlines.20 years US Navy flying fighters off aircraft carriers, TopGun twicecivilian pilot flying gliders, light airplanes and warbirdsCommand time in:- N644AA (Aircraft dispatched as American 77)- N334AA (Aircraft dispatched as American 11)John LearSon of Bill Lear(Founder, creator of the Lear Jet Corporation)More than 40 years of Flying19,000+ TT23 Type ratingsFlight experience includes 707, DC-8, 727, L10-11Jeff Latas-Over 20 years in the USAF--USAF Accident investigation Board President--Aeronautical Engineer--Flew the F-111, T38, and F-15E--Combat experience in the F-15E includes Desert Storm and four tours of duty in Northern and Southern Watch--Weapons Requirements Officer, USAF HQ, Pentagon--Standard and Evaluations Flight Examiner, Command level-Currently Captain for JetBlue AirwaysGuy S. Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret)3,500+ Hours Total Flight TimeF-15E/C, F-111A/D/E/F/EF, F-16, F-18, B-1, Mig-29, SU-22, T-37/38, Various Cvilian PropCombat Time: Operation Northern WatchUSAF Fighter Weapons School InstructorNATO Tactical Leadership Program Instructor/Mission CoordinatorUSAF Material Command Weapons Development Test PilotCombat Support Coordination Team 2 Airpower Coordinator, South KoreaAll Service Combat Identification Evaluation Team Operations OfficerBoeing F-22 Pilot InstructorMS Aeronautical Studies, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDwain DeetsMS Physics, MS EngFormer Director, Aerospace Projects, NASA Dryden Flight Research CenterServed as Director, Research Engineering Division at DrydenRecipient of the NASA Exceptional Service AwardPresidential Meritorious Rank Award in the Senior Executive Service (1988)Selected presenter of the Wright Brothers Lectureship in AeronauticsAssociate Fellow - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)Included in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" 1993 - 2000Former Chairman of the Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems- Committee of the Society of Automotive EngineersFormer Member, AIAA Committee on Society and Aerospace Technology37 year NASA careerLt. Colonel Shelton F. LankfordUnited States Marine Corps (ret)A-4 Skyhawk, KC-130 (10,000+ Hours)S-2, T-1, F9F, F-11, OV-10, T-2J303 Combat MissionsCaptain Paul A. TroodB737-800/400 CaptainQantas AirwaysAustraliaExperience: 18,000 flight hoursJim MustanichATP 20,000+ hoursTyped in CE-500, DHC-7, EMB-110, BA-3100Aircraft flown include Boeing 727,737, Douglas DC-9, MD-80United Air Lines, American International Airlines, Air Pacific Airlines, West Air Airlines6-7 years corporate flying in Cessna CitationsFactory demo pilot for Cessna CitationsTed MugaNaval Aviator - Retired Commander, USNRA/C experience - Grumman E-1 and E-2 ( Approx, 3800 hours )Pan American World Airways - Retired Dec. 1991 ( that's when PanAM went bankrupt )Flight Engineer/First Officer -- Boeing 707 & Boeing 727 ( approx. 7500 hours )Col Robert BowmanPresident of the Institute for Space and Security StudiesExecutive Vice President of Millennium III Corporationretired Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church101 combat missions in Vietnamdirected all the “Star Wars” programs under Presidents Ford and Carterrecipient of the Eisenhower MedalGeorge F. Kennan Peace PrizePresident’s Medal of Veterans for PeaceSociety of Military Engineers' ROTC Award of Merit (twice)Six Air MedalsPh.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltechchaired 8 major international conferencesone of the country’s foremost experts on National Securityindependent candidate for President of the US in 2000http://thepatriots.usJohn Panarellifriend and fellow aviator of John Ogonowski - Capt. AA #11ATP: L-300, B-737, DC-10, DC-8, FE, TT=approx. 11,000 hoursUSAF-C141-IP, Eastern Metro, Braniff, Ryan International, EmeryWorldwide, Polar Air Cargo"DG"10,000TTChief Pilot of Casino Express airlinesDirector of Operations Training at Polar AirCargo, and Asst. Chief Pilot for Presidential AirManager of Flying for Eastern AirlinesFalcon 900 and a G-200Check CaptainB737,A300, Da-50, G-200 and C-500FE, A&P.Dennis SpearArmy Aviator20+ years - United States Army7000 TT in a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraftC-23, C-7, U-21,U-8, T-39, EH-60, UH-60, UH-1, OH-58Instrument Flight Examiner, Fixed Wing Instructor Pilot, H-60Maintenance Test PilotOperations Officer, Aviation Safety OfficerFAA Commercial Pilot- ASMEL, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Instrument Airplane/HelicopterScott Burley747-400 First OfficerUnited Airlines22 YearsBill CredleAviation Maintenance TechnicianAmerican Airlines17 YearsTony RyanWarrant Officer RAAF (ret)Former Royal Australian Air ForceServed between 18thFeb1958 and 21March1981Flight Engineer on C130A, C130E, C130H and B707Cathay Pacific AirwaysL1011 Tristar Flight Engineer, B747-200, B747-300 and B747-200F10000+ TT FEAustralian Private Pilot License300 hours on C150, C152, C172, C172RG and Piper Archer aircraftAlfons OlszewskiVeterans For TruthVietnam VeteranAircraft Maintenance Crew ChiefMOS: 67V20qualified on Cobras, Hueys, and Loch HelicoptersGeorge NelsonColonel USAF (Ret.)30 year career managing aircraft maintenance activitiesLicensed commercial pilotLicensed airframe and powerplant mechanicAircraft accident investigatorLarry PatriarcaUSN Aviation Structural MechanicVAQ 135, EA-6B Squadron, 1983-86Coordinator for Central Mass 9/11 Truth AllianceMember of Veterans for 9/11 TruthAssociate Member of Scholars for 9/11 TruthCaptain Steve Nieman30 year Capt with Horizon AirQ400Joel SkousenUSMC Fighter/Attack Pilot (Vietnam Era)1000+ TT, F-4, A-4, F-9, T-2C, various civilian planesCommercial Pilot w/ Instrument, multi-engine ratingsEAA and AOPA memberColonel Michael Harley USAF (ret)Command pilot~ 6000 Total Flight TimeT-38,T-33, T-37,T-39, C-47, U-6, Uh-1, C130A, B, E, &prototype H, Kc-135 and B-52.26 years commissioned. 34 Years total service USAF Accident InvestigatorInstructor Accident Investigation, Embry-Riddle UniversityManagement analyst and IG, simulator instructor,Instructor Pilot, Standardization Evaluation Pilot,Chief of Standardization of a Sac Wing equipped with B-52, RC-135 and Kc-135Flew Cessna 177, Twin Bonanza, Cherokee-6~200 hours as civilian private pilotNewspaper columnist for 10 years, now a freelance writerMathias FreySwitzerlandC340, C402CPL/IRATPL “frozen”500 hrs TT3000+ hrs on ASTRAS, INTRAS and TOSIM, ATC SimulationAssistant JAR OPS Transition Air EngiadinaProject Manager Air Alps AviationJeff DahlstromC-141 pilot in the early 70's during the Vietnam era:2nd AF, 432nd MAWg, 18th Sq, MacGuire AFB, NJ.Pilot training was class 70-06, at Laughlin AFB, TxJoe H. FergusonRetired Capt.30,000TT5,000 FEUSAF Ret.T-6, T -28, B-25, B-29, KC-97Frontier, Continental AirlinesDC - 3, CV 580, B737, MD80, DC10Bill ReyesCaravan Pilot for UPS FeederCommercial, Instrument,Multi Engine, Flight Instructor1500 TTEx Lieutenant USN Horn Of Africa/ Persian Gulf 02-03Aboard USS Nassau (LHA-4)Capt. Omar PradhanU.S. Air Force – AWACS command pilotFlight Instructor U.S. Air Force AcademyPlanes flown: Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS (militarized Boeing 707-320B)1,900+ hours flight time (350+ hours of combat air time over Afghanistan and Iraq)Jared Eastley5000 + TTAirplane, Single & Multi-Engine Land, CFII, MEI, ATPSWIV (Metroliner) - Single PilotBusiness Charter and Air Ambulance PilotMike AybarAircraft Maintenance Technician, Crew ChiefAmerican Airlines"Steven"Canada ATC (in training)James Edward ForstFirst Officer EMB-145 Trans States AirlinesUND summa cum laude December 2006Degree in Commercial Aviation and Aviation ManagementCFI, CFII, and MEI 65% type CRJHammish BrannanFormer United Kingdom air defense ground enviroment (UKADGE) RADAR technicianPrimary and secondary ground radar systemsATC & airborne systems (including radio) as an instructor for the Ministry of Defence (MOD)Didier "Jay" WeenenBAF retiredSIAI SF 260M, Potez Fouga Magister, BA/Do Alpha Jet,F16A, C130H, C153, C172, C182, L45, various gliders"Wes"MD-88 American AirlinesPeter RappAustriaPPL/IFR 950TTPiper Turbo Arrow, PA32T Saratoga,Cessna 172, Cessna 182T Garmin1000Carry out business flights for clients and Co-Pi on Turbine Malibu and Beech90 Kingair.Erin Myers600TTPrivate Pilot (single engine, land, VFR)Cessna, Piper, Waco, Pitts, CitabriaR22s and a JetRanger.Army Aviation 68G (maintenance and repair):Blackhawk, Apache and OH58.FAA A&P MechanicExperimental Aircraft Builder1990 KitFox.Lanceair, Glassair, variety of Micro and Ultra lights.Sean DulacPrivate Pilot500TTChristina Merrick12,000+ TT ATPA&P, CFIAIM, FE TurbojetB-727, DC-9, SNJ-5, (T-6)Navion and Bellanca Viking CurrentAdvanced InstructingConsultant for AOPA Legal AttorneysEastern Airlines, ValuJetFellow Pilot and Friend of Captain Candi Chamberlain KubeckValuJet flight 592, brought down in the Everglades May 1996Dave KisorFormer Aviation ElectricianUSN / USNR Worked on A-4E/F, TA-4F/J& A-7B/E ashore and afloat (CV-19, CV-43)P-3B & C-9B. Back seat TA-4F/J & A-4F NWLFlight & hangar deck fire fighting qualifiedJumped from UH-1NBA & MA in GeographyPresently employed US Forest ServiceTechnician at the Riverside CA Fire LaboratorySlawomir M. KozakAir Traffic ControllerWarsaw International Airport Tower Control SupervisorOn Job Training Unit ChiefFormer President of Polish Air Traffic Controllers AssociationFormer member of Polish Airports State Enterprise Employee’s CouncilMember of National Aviation CouncilMember of International Aviation English AssociationJournalist of aviation magazines"National Geographic" aviation consultantAuthor of Two Books related to 9/11. Currently working on third - Demons Of ExterminationBooks Available hereTimothy YoungComm, Inst, ME, Land & Sea, CFIAirframe & Powerplant Mechanic10,000+ Hrs. PICAircraft Owner & Aviation Business Operator for 27 yearsGreg StoneFlight AttendantAmerican AirlinesLAX-I, 31-yearsMichael HerzogPrivate PilotMulti Engine Rated1500TT150, 152, 172, 210, Cherokee 140, Warrior, Twin AerocommanderProfession : Talk Show HostOraclebroadcasting.comRodger Herbst777 and 787 AeronauticsFlight Controls and Simulation EngineeringJeff BeckCommercial, InstrumentCraig HillPost Solo Student PilotRan as 9/11 Truth candidate for US Senate for Vermont in 2004 and 2006.Producer of "Treason Inc"Founder of the Green Party of VermontHelped organize four 9/11 Truth candidates appearing on statewide ballot in Vermont in 2006Appeared on many televised debates promoting 9/11awarenessPublic Appearances --C-SPAN2, Called for the arrest and removal of Bush, Cheney and much of DC for treason-Spoken on 9/11 panels and podiums in many venues around the country, from NYC on several occasions-9/11 Boston Tea Party at historic Faneuil Hall-The Alex Jones-organized 9/11 event in LA-The 2006 event in ChicagoCurrently organizing impeachment drives in Vt and around the country tobroaden 9/11 awareness and surreptitiously expose the perps in proposedcongressional hearings in 2007.Fredrick W. HarveyPilotSilver StarBronze StarThree Purple HeartsTwo Tours in VietnamJohn W. Travis, MD, MPHPreventive Medicine, (Johns Hopkins)Founder, first wellness center in USRetired PilotLisa LongPrivate Pilot, Single Engine Land1978http://AngelsForTruth.comArt CarranCommercial CertificateInstrument Rating350 Hours TTPiper, Beech, and Cessna single-engine aircraftProfessional Engineer, State of OhioAerospace EngineerHarold SaivePrivate PilotSingle Engine LandCaptain Keith West (ret)Continental Airlines20,000 + Total Flight TimeLear Jet, MD80, 737Daniel G. MartinezBlackhawk and Turbine Engine Mech18 year A&PL-3 Vertex, IraqPieter LathuyCapt A330/A340Emirates AirlineEx Belgian Air Force F-16Adam ShawWingman Aerobatic Airshow teamFormer UPI and Washington Post reporterAuthor SOUND OF IMPACT "The Legacy of TWA # 514", Viking Press , N.Y(1977)4500 hrs TT. Aerobatic, Mountain, Seaplane Instructor-PilotGordon Price36 Yrs AirlineB744 A340, A330, A320, L1011,DC-8, DC-9, Vanguard, Viscount6 Yrs RCAF - CF-104 F-86Jacob MoncriefEMB-145 CaptainExpressJet Airlines3000TTNaomi WatsonFlight Attendant - Delta AirlinesBased AtlantaJames M. CravenCommerical, InstrumentGround Instructor (Advanced and Instrument)Professor of EconomicsChairman Business DivisionClark College in Vancouver, WA.Captain R Bruce SinclairLeduc, Alberta, Canada44 years flying experience19,600+ hoursBoeing 727, Boeing 737-100, 200, 300, 400, 500, Airbus A300-B4, Lear 35,Cessna Citation II, DHC-8, King Air 200, DC-3Trained as a Performance Engineer at Boeing and instructed performanceon Boeing 727, 737 and Airbus A300B4Currently flying a executive/medevac Lear 35ARon LarsenASEL, Commercial, Instrument,900 hrs TTPhD in Applied Physics and Materials Science,Cornell University, 1973.First licensed in 1968 and fairly active through 1992,flying Beechcraft, Mooney, Cessna and Piper A/C.9/11 researcher for several years.Publisher/Editor of ( since 2002.Broadcaster since 1950.Host of the Liberty Calling Beacon live radio programRichard RogersArmy GuardActive duty Air Force in Nov 1982 with a honorable separation in Dec 1992.70250 administration troopRetrained into F-16/A-10 integrated avionics systemsOnly troop to pass the 5 level upgrade testing (45155)Shaw AFB, SC or RAF Bentwaters, EnglandCaptain Donald D. Halpenny RetiredOzark , TWA , and AATed Williams4200TT Commercial, Instrument, Multi, GliderCorporate Pilot121 FO Suburban AirlinesF-27, SD3, PA-31TRichard KleinerATP, 6800 hrsBA-125, L-1329, B707, B717RALPH C. (TED) BOHNE IIICOMMERCIAL PILOT, ASMEL, ASMES RHELINSTRUMENT AIRPLANE2000 HRS TTMarianne MAIRE-SHAWFrench, Commercial PilotAerobatic Flight Instructor4900 Total Flight Time7 Times Aerobatic French Champion15 Years member of the French Aerobatic TeamLeader of CAPTENS, a formation flight team of 2 Cap10www.captens.frShannon SheridanPrivate Pilot SEL (VFR)Cessna 172Former Flight Attendant:Continental Airlines IAH, LAXAmerican Airlines JFK, DFWCorporate Flight Attendant:Fidelity National Title, Lockheed Jetstar - SNAGeneral airport bumTerry E. Phillips18,900 hours flight time,41 years as a professional pilotATPL, CE500, CE560, LrJet, NA265, DA10, B727, A320Charles DillsFormer USAAF WWII27th Fighter Bomber Group94 Combat MissionsEuropean TheaterP-40, P-47, P-51APhD Harvardhttp://www.charlies-web.comA. Erhard, GermanySenior First Officer Boeing 747-400Aerobatic Pilot and Flight Instructor5200 h TTGuido FontanaF.A.A. CommercialInstrument RatingSingle & Multiengine LandSingle SeaGlider 1000 HrsAirplane 2000 HrsC337 P68 P44 PA30Glider aero tow Stinson L5, Robin Dr400, Cessna L19Greg MaddenFormer Marine (non-pilot)Radio TechnicianMartin Co., FloridaDennis CiminoElectrical EngineerCommercial Pilot Rating, since 1981Navy Combat Systems Specialist: RADAR, ECM, cryptographic communicationsFlight Data Recorder Engineer Smiths AerospaceBA-609, IDARS, Military and CommercialMillimeter wave RADAR and countermeasures expert since 1973Two patents held for Doppler RADAR ( Kavouras ):long pulsewidth RADAR droop compensation network,and wave guide arc detection for high powered RADARJames BeardsleyAirline Transport PilotCFI-Instrument and AirplaneSESStarted a flight school in Crystal Lake Illinois circa 1974Opened a couple of FBO’s one in Kenosha, WIFounded Alliance Airlines a Midwest commuterDirector of a non-profit adoption agencyCaptain Scotty Zeches8,000 TTType ratings J3100, D328jet, A320ATP, CFII, Advanced Ground InstructorAir Astana Airlines, IndiGo Airlines, Skybus Airlines,Independence Airlines, Atlantic Coast Airlines, and Florida Air CargoUS Army, Paratrooper - 82d AirborneMik ErikssonDenmark225 tt pplpa28 pa22 pa18 c172 c177.Bellanca tailwheel12tt ulSkyrangerCaptain Timothy Self6500 Hrs total time ATP, CFI, CFII, Flight Engineer, A&P Mechanic135 Capt Lear Jets121 FE/FO Japan Airlines, Omni Air InternationalRetired Air ForceSimulator InstructorC141, DC-10, Lear JetEd PariseCaptain TWA, retired747, 767, 707, 727, DC9, L 1011USNF8, F9, F4, A4, P2, S2TT 10,000+Brent D.Greenwood21,000+ hrs. (retired)Hawaii Air Academy, DHL, United.ATP: DC-3, 6, 7 L-188, B-737 B-757, 767, A&PGerald P. Newcaptain with Grant AviationBethel, AK.2500 tt. ATP, CFII, MEI.Mostly operate PA-31-350'S.Bob PriceCommercial/instrumentAmerican General TigerCessna 172 RGCaptain Hadi RizviFlying 43 yearsCourses on Accident Investgation22 Years with Pakistan Air Force as fighter -Total about 3500 Hrs,Types Flown: T-6G; T-37; T-33; F-86F/E, F-5; MirageIII/V; MIG-15; MIG-19, QFI21 Years with PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) ~13000 HrsTypes Flown: F-27; Boeing 737; Boeing 747; Airbus 310Joseph F. Hamilton, IIIBS: Aviation Technology/Avionics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL.AS: Aviation Maintenance Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL.FAA: Private Pilot: SELFAA: Airframe and Power plant Mechanic / 25 yearsFAA: Inspection Authorization / 12 yearsFCC: General Radio-telephone operatorIPC-A-610 Certified IPC TrainerIPC-JSTD-001 Certified IPC TrainerChristian Österdahl2300 hrs TT F/O737NG, A319/320EasyjetCapt Fred Fox (ret)33 years experience flying for American AirlinesCommercial aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 727, 747, 767,McDonnell Douglas DC-10, MD-80, and MD-11, Douglas DC-6,and General Dynamics/Convair 990 CoronadoFormer U.S. Navy pilot.Aircraft flown: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, 8 years experienceEdward A. MeyerFAA Air Traffic Control SpecialistLa Guardia Air Traffic ControlFAA Certified Airline Transport PilotCertified Flight Engineer/TurbojetCertified Flight Instructor3,000+ total hours flownRobin Cooper1500+ hours HelicopterCommercial Pilot Rotorcraft (Helicopter), CFI Rotorcraft (Helicopter),100 hours Fixed Wing with private pilot add-onInstrument fixed wingHigh performance/complex sign off fixed wing6 years working in the aviation businessCaptain Garry BonnettENGLANDCaptain Airbus A320 series working for a British Airline for the past 20 years.11500 total hrsOver 8000 in command on commercial jetsApproximately 3000 hrs B7375000hrs AirbusDC9 as a co pilot.CAA Licensed Engineer Qualified to certify All piston engine aircraft on the UK Register and Also the DC9Holds an FAA CommercialDavid DeSantis-1,200 hours and building!-Commercial Certificate-ATP Written-Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instrument Instructor-Types Flown: SGS 2-33 Glider, C-150, C-152, C-170, C-172, C-182,J-3, PA-28, PA-44, PA-46, Pitts S2B, Cirrus SR-20, Cirrus SR-22,CE-500 Citation, CRJ training.Darin M. BowersAircraft Mechanic 16+ yearsServed 4 years at Nellis AFB, LV561st Fighter Wild Weasel Squadron between 1993-1996 as a Crew ChiefDeployed to Turkey and Saudi in Operations Provide Comfort and Southern WatchRetired the F-4G Phantoms in 96, some to the bone yard andPhase inspector on the A-10 and F-15E SrikeSeparated with an honorableLine mechanic on the DC-8, DC-9, B727, B757, B767, A300 and MD-11 for the past 12 yearsRalph W. OmholtCommercial airline pilotBoeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and McDonnell Douglas DC-10Captain Dan HanleyTotal flight time: 20,000 hoursLast Seat Position: B-777 CaptainAirline: United AirlinesMilitary Service: Naval Aviator P-3C OrionWebsite: http://www.airline-whistleblowers.orgBlog: - "Thanks for the honor of joining the elite ranks of Pilots for 9/11 Truth!"Max GuileyATP, MBATotal Flight Time: 5,200Former Aviation Underwriter for U.S.A.I.G.Former Jet Naval AviatorF.A.A. Airline Transport Certificate, M.B.A. in International BusinessChris RockholdTotal Flight Time: 6000ERAU Empire AirlinesC206, C207, C208, C402, C404 ATP, CFIGlenn HoeftTotal Flight Time: 18,800NWA(Delta), Eastern A/L, Lockheed MartinU.S. Navy, USNRB-747(400), B-757(200 & 300), B727(100 & 200), LR-24,25 & 35, L-188, P-3models, B-200Jeff DonovanEx ATC in USMCComments: I was an Air Traffic Controller in the Marines for 6 years and never believed any of the government's stories of 9/11Richard (Rick) DaCostaTotal Flight Time: 15,000UALUSN ReserveLockeed Electra co-pilot,B727,engineer co-pilot, B747 co-pilot,Comment: I've been a disbeliever of the 9/11 official government story since 2002 after studying the facts.We must continue striving to protect and keep our Constitution intact from all of the subsequent attacks after 9/11.We know who they(the elite)are now and we know what they are planning. Heads up! Cover our sixes!Chris DrausFlight AttendantHorizon Air (Alaska Air Group)Q200, Q400, CRJ 700Mac Rogers25.000+Delta Air Lines, USAFDelta: Capt. on 727, 737, 757, 767, MD-11F/O on DC-9, 727, L-1011S/O on DC-8, 727, L-1011USAF: T-37 IP (Active Duty)U-3, C-7, A-37 (USAFR)T-41, T-37, T-38 (Trained on)Civil (Low time):Cessna 150, 172, 310Beachcraft BonanzaJacob SuijkTotal Flight Time: 500+Dutch civil ATCComment: Now more then 7 years hoping for change; it's time to join.Jason JacksonTotal Flight Time: 1550Commercial Pilot Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land, Instrument Airplane.Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land, Instrument AirplaneDale NetleyAirframe and Engine TechnicianCoastal Pacific Airlines, Air B.C, Air Canada JazzTwo years served in the Candian Armed ForcesComment: At eighteen years of age I was trained in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Vehicle Tech.I served my country proudly, with First Service Battalion. Throughout my working life I have been employedcontinuously in fields of expertice directly related to mechanical repair;both land based equipment and aeronautical. I have been employed as anAircraft Maintenance Technician for the past twenty two years.Richard CharginTotal Flight Time: 110 hoursSJSU, Atari Games, RJARobert RoweT-43 and various light aircraftDoug JohnsonTotal Flight Time: 18,000American AirlinesUS ArmyComments: Took early retirement after 24 years of airline service. CA:B-737, FK-100, FO:B-727,DC-10.Air Cavalry-AH-1G/S,UH-1,OH-58, did DOD flying experimentation. CAP:T-34, L-4. Numerous types oflight single and multi-engine civilian airplanes since high school. Duane Cole Aerobatic Course Grad.Civilian flight and instrument instructor. Airline academics and simulator instructor, check airman.Paul WeltonAerospace Manufacturing EngineerCompanies Worked: Boeing1981 to 1985 USAFComments: I was a autopilot and instrument mechanic while in the USAF. I worked on the following aircraft;A-10, C-130, and F4's while in the military. After the military I went to college and got my AA in Electronics.I worked for Boeing from 1989 until 1996 both as a flight line electrician in 747 Delivery and as an manufacturing engineer.I have since started my own contract manufacturing engineering firm and have operated it for over 10 years.I've basically worked in on or around airplanes for almost 30 years.Marc WilnauerTotal Flight Time: 1650A320, A340Donald BerkPilot1,500 hrsUSAFCommercial, CFI, SEL, SES, Glider, 35 typesBA, MANothing is more cynical and disdainful of human dignity, the Constitution and the memory of patriotic sacrificethan a false flag operation. The truth of 9/11 must be dug out and publicly displayed.Tamara PearceFlight AttendantPan American, UnitedI am committed to those being held responsible who carried-out these atrocities against our NationMike BanksAerospace Design EngineerAirbus, GKN Aerospace. Smiths Ind, Eurocopter UK, BN Aviation23 Years design experience within the aerospace industryKeenan EvamsMechanicCivil Aviation Academy LtdI want the truth!John DelislePilot100+ hoursRCAC 1985-1994Glider pilot, Royal Canadian Air CadetsPerdrisat MichelPilotCapt. (ret)Total Flight Time: 15000MA (History)Former fighter pilot (Mirage III)27 years commercial pilotDC-9 / MD-80 / DC-10 / A-320 series / MD-11Flight instructorFormer fighter pilot Swiss Air Force (Mirage III)JesseRamp AgentUnited Airlines / Westfield State CollegeStill hoping the truth can get out there.Rick FootePilotTotal Flight Time: 17,000Corporate Pilot, 121Freight, Commuter, Air AmbulanceUS ArmyATP Types in DC-3, Lear Jets 24,25,35, Lockheed Electra L188, Jet Star L1329 6,8,731,IIFalcon 10,20,200,2000,50,900 Gulfstream IV A&P Mechanic Director of Maintiance,135 Check Pilot, Chief Pilot, Director of OperationsFlight Safety, Simuflight TrainedRichard WilkinsonPilotPlane BuilderAA Fire Control Chief707 down to Piper cub.Built or built or re built more planes than I can remember, Two are in the Air and Space museum,Leo Loudenslager and Duane Cole and took care of Charlie Hillard's,I know what a plane and person can and can not do. I shot my T V Sept 20 2001, if need to hear lies I choose a cute girl.Tim ErneyMechanicBeech Aerospace Services, Inc. ; Vincennes University A.S.Combat Engineer-demo Army Reserve 1983 - 1989Thank you for your outstanding work exposing the truth of 9/11.I have a unique perspective being an A&P, knowing how to fly, and being experiencedwith demolitions in the Army Reserves. I have always known the "official" narrative of events on 9/11 is a lie.Ron HaugenhFormer MechanicKollsman Instrument Corp; US Army AviationUS Army [Aviation]AH-1G Attack Helicopter [Cobra] Crew Chief/Troubleshooter plus some stick time. Some stick time on 2 seater Trainer [rotary wing].Vertical Velocity Indicator [early Kollsman "KIFIS" system] technician, calibrator, consultant.Ken ChevisPilot413 hoursRoyal Canadian Air Force 1950-1954Harvard - Pilot TraineeT33 - Pilot TraineeP51D - Pilot TraineeCF100 - Pilot OfficerTimothy WrinklePilotTotal Flight Time: 500Cessna 150 - 172 - U-206Maule/Floats MX-7Piper PA-18 / PA-28 / PA-34 / PA-31J. SagaraPilotTotal Flight Time: 2600CFIO. W. Hungerford Jr.Texas A@MUS Army 5.5 yearsL-19 school San Marcus Texas Korean War. Forward Observer 155 HowitzerTim JonesMechanicUSCG HU-25Dropmaster, Radar OperatorMODPilotTotal Flight Time: 10000British AirwaysMilitary Service: 15yrsHarrier Jump JetEdward RutlandPilotTotal Flight Time: 1000Auburn Univ, Univ South FloridaAlabama Air National GuardSingle engine land airman's certificate. Flown sail planes, twin enginesDavid T. HelmsPilotTotal Flight Time: 5000+Air Transport Training Internetional (Lufthansa), Flight Safety InternationalCFI/I, MEI, ASMELS, Commercial, InstrumentJames SpradlingPilotTotal Flight Time: 550USAF 1971-1999F-4C (backseat); Pipers, Cessnas, GrummansDavePilot/MechanicTotal Flight Time: 1000+Old war planes TBMT28 T26 lost of small stuffAndre-J. HOLBECQPilotTotal Flight Time: 18000Air FranceGliders, Mystere 20, Caravelle, Boeing 707, Boeing 747, Concorde (from 1987 to 1993)Tom SwansonUSN AircrewmanTotal Flight Time: 400 HoursElectronic Warfare Operator in EA-3B and EC-121MRonald WhitcombVietnam Combat Veteran 68-69I am interested because I do not believe the "official account" of this incident.Neil EvangelistaPilotTotal Flight Time: 600California State Univ, NorthridgeAir ForceCommercial, SMEL, Instrument RatedJoe St.ClairPilotTotal Flight Time: 24000WestAir and SkyWestArmy AviationCaptain on BA-3100 and EMB-120Anthony SallieAvionics TechMsgt USAFR(ret)GAC on C141 and KC-10Jerry MayvillePrivate pilot, Airplane ownerJared SebestaPilotTotal Flight Time: 100+C150, Piper Archer II, C172Michael Joseph KearnsPilotTotal Flight Time: 7000+Part 135 Charter CompaniesPIC Lear Jet, HS-125, AC-1121, helicopter, seaplaneMichael CangemiPilotTotal Flight Time: 200TTPrivate Pilot, ArtistCessna 152, 172, 172RG, Piper ArrowPeter MullerPilotTotal Flight Time: 360Personal AC onlyThomas W. Mcguire JrPilotTotal Flight Time: 4000 hours1951-1978Command Pilot largely single seat fighters: F-80, F-84G, F-84F, F-100, F-101, F-105, F-4,and T-39.Flew 100 missions over N. Vietnam in F-4 leading 31 missions over Hanoi area known as Route Pack Six.Retired as Full Colonel in 1978.David StraderElectronic EngineerRob MillerTotal Flight Time: 10,000Military Service: USMCA-4, C-130. Beach 1900, Beach 300, many Cessnas...CFII for longer than I care to rememberHow did a bunch of begining student pilots manage to fly a rather new sophiciated aircraft from the point ofHi-jack to a pre-determined point with as little training as it is reported that they had???...from my experience begining students are not even capable of finding the airport they just took offfrom (usually 10-15 nm from the traing area) not to mention flying several hundred of miles to a pre-determind point...Ray FougnierPilotCessna 150, 172Piper PA28, PA32Private pilot, single engine, VFRMark E ThorleyFlight Simulator TechnicianAmerican Airlines, BoeingUS Air ForceB52, KC135, B1, A300, 727, 737, 757, 767, 777, F100, Saab 340, ATR42, ERJ, 707, MD80Paul MaxwellVintage aircraft restoration. Helicoptor support crew. Part 91 and 135 managment. Airshow ramp crew. Gen. aviation knowlage.I have helped work on mostly warbirds and helicopters (everything from P-51 to B-29, Bell206, Hughes 500, ect.) along with someGA stuff ( cessna, beech, ect. All airworthy.) As a result, I am lucky to have many hours of stick time in many types,including single and multi engine, tailwheel and helicopter. Also about 3 hours of full motion sim time on DC-9 and L-1011.Peter SalingStudentTotal Flight Time: 50+Florida Institute Of Technology, Melbourne, FLPiper, Hughes 300JasonPilotTotal Flight Time: 40Student for Personal LicenseCherokee PA28Robert (Bob) BassPilotEnv. EngineerTotal Flight Time: 300+U of F, Professional GeologistASEL, Aerobatic trainedDoug KnightsPilotTotal Flight Time: 8000 hrsEasyJet, Astraeus AirlinesB737 - Captain, Embraer 145 - CaptainRobert TaylorPilotTotal Flight Time: 320Canstar AviationR22Lionel A SmithAircraft Artificer Engines and AirframesRN and Fleet Air Arm from July 1963 to July 1982Five years of apprenticeship covering- fitting, welding, turning, brazing, sheet-metal work in light alloys,steels, titanium, workshop technologies and engineering drawing, non-destructive testing,thorough study of airframe and aero-engine mechanisms, structures and systems, aircraft finishes.Study to A level standard in Mathematics, Aeronautical Engineering Science, Applied Mechanics (Aircraft),Engineering Drawing (advanced level).Service experience: Sea Vixens FAW 1 and 2 - 766 Squadron and 893 Squadron including HMS Victorious.Hunter GA11, PR10/11, T8 and also Meteor T7 and NF11, Vampire T22, Sea Prince, Swordfish, Tiger Moth.Phantom F4K 892 Squadron and Ark Royal. Trials installation unit (9 years) including designing manufacturingfitting (using most skills learned under training) and documentation of role change modifications toCanberra T22, Hunters T8 and GA11 - PR10/11, Sea King, Sea Devon, Sea Heron, Wasp, Wessex, Lynx.Post RN - 4 year degree course BEd (Hons 2:1) in Maths and Science covering many aspects including calculus (again),Stats, functions and graphs, sets and modular arithmetic, computer architecture and BASIC programming(taken to machine code and assembler on own volition in spare time - skills learned used during a contractprogramming period 89-90, weather and climate, chemistry (varied aspects including crystallography) andquantum mechanics, other earth sciences, magnetism.Eric TraffiePilotTotal Flight Time: 490 hoursCurrently fly a Christen Eagle, have flown 150, 172, 182, DA40, PA16, Decathalon, J3.Richard ConnellyAircraft DispatcherAmerican Eagle AirlinesI've worked as an Aircraft Dispatcher for over 23 years. I worked on the day 9/11 happened,while dispatching my flights in the northeast. When 9/11 happened I was angry at the hijackers,but now that I have examined the evidence and it clearly points towards someone, most likely at thehighest levels of our government, I want a new and HONEST investigation opened to answer questions.And lastly, those found responsible must be punished. There must be justice for the victims.Brett HoffstadtAerospace EngineerPurdue University, Penn State UniversityKen HamiltonPilotTotal Flight Time: 5000+Commercial AviatorA300, DC8's, TurbopropsSean HoltPilotOBA, SCA, AFT,F/ONaveed RiazPilotTotal Flight Time: 3300Pakistan Air Force, Air BluePakistan Air Force 17 yearsMFI-17(prop), T-37, FT-5(Mig-15), Instructor Pilot Combat Commanders SchoolInstructor Pilot F-16 A/B & F-7(Mig-21), FO A319/320/321 (1300 hours)Have always believed its impossible for rookie prop pilots to learn to fly a modern air liner on Flt simulatorand then navigate to crash on twin towers with accuracy.Bernarr C SchaefferPilotTotal Flight Time: 2000 hoursP-47 36 missions EuropeP-47 Fighter Group 367/394 EuropeYour cause is great, don't stop.John CusickPilotTotal Flight Time: 20,300Capital & UnitedUS ArmyB737-F/O,Capt B737/300-Capt B727-S/O,F/O DC8- S/O DC10-F/O B757/767-CaptWilliam A. (Bill) PitskerPilotTotal Flight Time: ~35000World Airways; Pan AmUSAF Aircraft Commander, C-124; FO L-1049/1649; Nav/FEO/FO, B-707/727/747; A-300/310.Type rated, Ce500, A-310Beth GrayFactoryTWA, UNITEDJohnPolice OfficerArmy National Guard Aviation17 yearsHuey, Loach, Black Hawk, Crew ChiefHoward KreissPilotTotal Flight Time: 20000Pan Am, Iran Airlines, Ariana Afgan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines,Air Malta Military Service, US ArmyB707, B747, B737Tyler HofstetterMechanicCWHCessna 172Christian LidénRamp, startleaderHello, worked at landvetter airport in swedenV A WeissPilotTotal Flight Time: 14000American, Midway, Air WisconsinCaptain, FOFK-100 DC-9, BAe-146Lt Col David GappQualified Accident Investigator, Accident Board President from USAF Safety SchoolTotal Flight Time: 3000US Air Force, Continental AirlinesMilitary Service: 31 yearsT-37, T-38, F-4, ATR-42 (one year w/ Continental Express), then went back into the Air ForceBruce C. JenkinsAeronautical EngineerTotal Flight Time: 2000 hrsLockheed (LMSC), AerospaceCorpUnited States NavyPBM and P2V Aircraft/ Korean WarDouglas M. SchererMechanicTotal Flight Time: 1500American AirlinesArmy Aviator, Vietnam VetCessna T-41, O1G Birddog, T210, 206, 207Beech Baron 58, Twin Bonanza, D18Piper Cherokee 6, Cherokee 180, Aztec DeHaviland Beaver"Mel"12 year DispatcherHassan Abbas KhawajaUniversity of Cambridge, UKBachelor in Aerospace Engineering,MPhil in Engineering (Fluid Mechanics)PhD in Engineering (Fluid Mechanics)Experience of flying and glidingPeter RaymondHome~Build Auto~Gyro Gyro~Plane w/ Kawaski 4~Cyl 4~$trokeTotal Flight Time: 37.75Lije BaleyChemist/mathematicianState University of NY"I think 9/11 was covered up, and should be reinvestigated. This guy, Detrich Snell convicts Abdul Hakim Murad, who says he will cooperate,and tells of a plot to hijack a plane and fly it into the CIA headquarters. Same guy tells Philippine investigators that is part of a larger plotto crash a number airplanes into Prominent US buildings including WTC & the Pentagon. This is in 1995. Snell goes onto to become seniorcounsel and a team leader for the 9/11 commission. Why was this guy on the 9/11 commission?"Jonathan ParkhillMechanicBombardier aerospace"I am time served aircraft fitter and have built wings, fuselage and engine nacelles. Damage to the pentagon does not make any sense.Have read people trying to dismiss wings as light honeycomb structures hence lack of damage to the building. I KNOW THIS TO BE UNTRUE."Gordon GilhoolyMechanicOntario Ministry of Natural Resources, Great Lakes Airlines, Air CanadaWeapons Tech Air, Canadian ForcesWorked on aircraft for almost 37 years.Mike BuchananAviation ReporterWUSA-TV Washington,D.C.Aviation reporter doing research on 9/11Abdul KareemFlight AttendantUnited Arab Emirates AirlinesEmbraersMichael SheehanMechanicElectronic Countermeasures, Avionics TechnicianU.S.M.C. 1983-1989Worked on Electronic Countermeasures system on board EA6B Aircraft.Trained in Aviation Fundamentals, Avionics, Electronic Countermeasures, Flight Deck Fire Fighting.Christopher StavrouPrivate PilotTotal Flight Time: 50Florida TechPiper Warrior PA28-161Bob ScaggsMechanicLockheedUS ArmyBlackhawk, Mohawk, Chinook, 58c-d, ApacheRon MarshallPilotTotal Flight Time: 425.0 hrsPrivate, VFR, Pilot in commandJames Sorrentino"... employed by the Airline Industry, I am a long time aircraft enthusiast, and have flown extensively on private and commercial aircraft.Since that fateful day of 9/11, I have been a strong advocate of finding the truth about what actually happened,and will not accept the lies and contradictions. I commend your organization, and, very much support your work here.I respectfully request to become a member of your organization, and, would like to assist in any way possible."Mark LongMechanicTotal Flight Time: 26Boeing, Textron/AAIUSAF"I currently have about 26 hours in a 172.I'm an A+P Mechanic and have worked on C-130, C-17, B787, F-22, and currently on UAVs."Michael SalyersPilotTotal Flight Time: 20000US Airways, Henson Airlines, Embry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDHC-8,SD-3,B-737 Captain On each. Currently Captain and Check Airman on B-737.Have spent hundreds of hours researching the events of 911 and do not believe the published account of the 911 comission.Wayne AndersonAvionics TechBraniff, ContractorGianluca FratiItalian "duhbunker" who likes to play gamesLiarGeorge HylkemaPilotTotal Flight Time: 340Piper PA12, Cessna 150Linda C. Hayes, O.D., Ph.D.PilotTotal Flight Time: 700 hrsBA Physics Rice University, MS Physiology LSU, Ph.D. Pathology KU Med School,O.D. Optometry U of HRatings: Instrument, Commercial Types Flown: Grumman Cheetah, Piper Arrow, Cessna 172, Piper GeronimoWolfgang KöhlerMechanical EngineerChristian SheilsPilotComments: This is the most important subject in history as it shows the lieswe have al been sold thru history and how they are justified.Carlos londonoPilotTotal Flight Time: 3500Ibc airwaysSa227 PIC, Saab 340 SICBrian BellPilotTotal Flight Time: 9000Embry-Riddle BS & MAS, Wien, MarkAir, Alaska. FedEx, DeltaComments: Wrote June 23,2001 AirlineBiz.Com warning of impending US terrorist attack.Tonya MillerFlight AttendantRepublic AirwaysERJ 170Jerome PetersenPilotTotal Flight Time: 150Cessna, Piper, Pitts, Trinidad, Experimental UltralightsGeorge R. AdamMechanicUnited Airlines 31 yearsUSAF 8 yearsEngine Inspector at United AirlinesScott RansmeierPilotTotal Flight Time: 200TaylorCraft, Cessna 150, 152, 172, 182Allan ParkerSoftware EngineerTotal Flight Time: 350 hrsRAF200 hrs Jet Provost T5 90 hrs BAe Hawk T1 60 hrs Jetstream T1Guy JohnstonePilotTotal Flight Time: 11,234East West / Ansett Australia22 piston twin types,Turbo Commander, F/O LR35 DA20 F28 BAe146, Capt LR35 BAe146 A320Nathaniel TMechanic20 Years Navy Aviation. A-7E, EP-3B, EA-3D, US-3, C-130, C-2, EA-6B, A-6D, F/A-189 years Heavy Structures: 737, 757, 767, 747 2 years Boeing Manufacture Engineering: 747-8F/IDONALD CERVANTESPilotTotal Flight Time: 1500B19 B55 B33 C152 C172 C182 C210 B35 all PICJennifer AgeeUS Air Force veteranNSU, Tahlequah, OKSSGT USAF, retired, disabledRoger L. CoitPilotTotal Flight Time: 18,000Private/Personal, prop,and jetPeter RobertsPilotTotal Flight Time: >6000IASCOCE200 F/O, BE300 Captain, BE36 InstructorNeal P LambLead Computer TechnicianRockwell Int/Collins Radio/ACD,United Airlines(outsourced after 911)USAF/ADC Sgt. Ground Radio Repair"911 sure was convenient for the bankruptcy and rip-off of the United Employees ESOP. Saw live? CNN feed from Gate B10 at Terminal 1, O'Hare and then the 2 Towers turned into volcanoes from my shop. Also was support for the Communications emergency team sent out to Shanksville and NYC from O'Hare "Geoff JonesCEOTotal Flight Time: 1000Monach, Cathay pacific, Air Hong Kong8 years crew chiefHolder of HK pilot's license, HK Engineer's license UK engineer's license.Deputy president Air Hong Kong CEO Apollo Overseas Ltd Aerospace consultancyJoe CortinaPilotTotal Flight Time: 400All single engine - Commercial pilot with instrumentsStewartPilotTotal Flight Time: 1900 hrsC172,Pa28, C210, AA1,AA5Brandon WestonPilotTotal Flight Time: 62Western Michigan UniversityCirrus SR20DV ChildsPilotTotal Flight Time: 8,000Army Special ForcesSmall Alaska Bush airplanes, Convair 580's, Herks: C-130's L-100's, and FO on Tristar L-1011 flying international routes. On 9-11 I watched 3+- hours of live footage from the Pentagon until it was stopped a few hours later with little more being said. Saw nothing to suggest a Jet Airliner crashed there and relatively minor building damage. Thus, suspected major subterfuge from the beginning and believe me, it was tough to tell people the truth in the early years and my efforts landed ended me up on the Watch List. I've talked to hundreds of people about this and brought many of them into the light of Truth.Allen J. AerniMechanicTotal Flight Time: 200Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, ASAP Aviation, Delta Air Elite,Pinnacle Air Group, Business Aircraft Group, Executive Jet ManagementCertified FAA A&P and FAA certified pilot (SEL, VFR, tail wheel, complex, high performance)T Mark HightowerPilotTotal Flight Time: 100"I am an engineer and petition signer at Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and have been awakened to 911 truth since January 2004 I recognize that the unveiling of the false flag operation of 911 benefits from analysis of people from all walks of life, including pilots, and I fully support the outreach of Pilots For 9/11 Truth."Kathleen BoydArmy veteran/disabled veteran"Thank you for all you do!"Robert J ZywanA&P MechBeckett AviationUS Airforce ADC elect tech"25 years eng tech defence/aerospace. Ground to air communications tech, Washington air defence sector 18 months,New York air defence sector 22 months.This was back in 62 to 66, if this happened on our watch we would of been shot for treason......"Kenneth McDonaldTotal Flight Time: 3000 hrsC500, DA10, PA31, BE99, various SE and light twinsEricTelecommunications TechnicianTotal Flight Time: ~20Many FBO's, American Airlines, Republic Airlines,USMC".... there have been numerous questions about the cell phone use in aircraft..... e.g. Tower 150 feet tall, coverage 3 miles equals a 0.514 degree down tilt of the antenna, the antenna must be pointed down in order to cover the 3 miles. Cell antennas are not omni-directional, they put \"cages\" on the back of the antenna to make it uni-directional. There is one antenna per cell. On paper it looks like a bee hive. In my humble opinion with the backing of antenna theory and a telecommunications degree, if you make contact with a cell site it is by fluke of nature and there is no way that multiple people made cell phone contacts of any duration if at all on 9/11. The more I read, the less I believe the US government. I'm an American, I lived in the USA on September 11, 2001 but I have since left the country..... I just know that with antenna theory, if the antenna is pointed down, you can't talk above it unless you are very close, and I mean very close. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and have my eyes opened. \"What I have seen, I cannot un-see!!\" I'm scared for my country and the people who live there. I believe our government sold us a bill of goods about 9/11 and I know that if their lips are moving, it must be a lie!! For better or worse, Eric"Dale NetleyMechanicAir B.C. and Air Canada JazzTwo Years in the First Service Battalion"No comment. Other than to say I believe in my heart and soul that the false-flag event of 9/11 is the greatest threat to life,liberty and personal freedom in the world today. This atrocity must be fully investigated and the guilty punished."Rodney M. LandPilotTotal Flight Time: 900Skyliners, Inc., Redwing Aviation, and Piper Aircraft.Cessna 120, 150, 172, 182, 210. Piper - TriPacer, Cherokee 140, Piper Arrow. Acrobatic experience.In the '70s I flew daily as first a parts salesman and later as an airplane salesman for Cessna dealer, and later the Piper distributor in Olathe, Kansas.Joseph BryanPilotTotal Flight Time: 300Texas A&M Flight ClubCessna 172, Cirrus SR20, PA44 Seminole, PA28R Arrow.YusufQualified Pilot, Bussiness Analyst and Mechanical EngineerTotal Flight Time: 236Nestle', Firestone, HSVC, Spoornet, Wits, UNISATecnam, Aztec, C172, C150.David BakerPilotAir Traffic Control (STA) Base OperationsTotal Flight Time: 1463DoD, USAFPA-23-250, T-28, C-310, T-34, WC-135 SimWikus KritzingerPilotDescribe If Other:Total Flight Time: 350HrsC208 c206 BE90 SR22 C182Robert FooteDesign engineer on commercial and military airframe and control systemsJohn PhilipPilotTotal Flight Time: 4300Saab Safir F-16 (co) Cessna 172 Piper cub Piper CherokeeMark AdamsPilot & Mechanic & AttorneyTotal Flight Time: 255Univ. S. Colorado, U. of Houston Law CenterUSN - Nuclear Reactor Operator, SSBN 632Worked as a tool design engineer for Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) on the Space Shuttle external tank project.Stephen ArmstrongPilotTotal Flight Time: 6500Trans states airlinesBE20, JS41, E145. CaptainMike SheaPilotTotal Flight Time: 15,000USAir, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Lockheed,USNR Moffett FieldP 3,(FE) L1011,(FE and FO) Electra,(FE) 727,(FO) 737,(Capt) DC 9,(FO) 757,(Capt) 767, (Capt) Retired from USAirTodd ComberPilotTotal Flight Time: 3500+Katahdin Air Service Inc. (founding)Seaplanes, Pt.135, Light singles, Twins. Bush OperationsLord John Robert Berendt III Von LeviathanPilotHeavy WidebodyTotal Flight Time: 4800Air Atlanta Icelandic, Kalitta Air, Express Net Airlines, Custom Air TransportMarinesB747 FO - 5 years international A300 FO - 1 year US domestic B727 FO - 1 year US domesticAKRAM ABDUL-RAHMANPilotTotal Flight Time: 230USAF 1991-1995 cargo managementCessnas 152 and 172Feras ElayyanPilotCivil EngineerTotal Flight Time: 65Hashemite UniversityC172, PA-28 I am undertaking Modular ATPL, I have JAR PPL(A)Naser MobarghaeiPilotTotal Flight Time: 200CATCTB21/TB200/CESSNA 172 (70 hrs PIC)Robert WerneckePilot/MechanicTotal Flight Time: 6000Part 135 Freight & Air TaxiPrivate Pilot 1968 Flight Instructor CFI CFII in the 70s A&P Mechanic 1980s; A&PIA+MEL 1990s Director of Maint. Part 135 Freight Operator Now going broke in Part135 Air Taxi(single Pilot) Acft:DA-20 Falcon; HFB320 Hansa; SA226 MetroII PA60 Aerostar; C337 Skymaster and othersNoel CondyPilotTotal Flight Time: 21,000 TTWardair, Time Air, Pacific CoastalRetired. Bristol 170, Shorts 330, Beech 99, Twin Otter.A new,comprehensive and public enquiry is needed.Frances GregoriouPilot, Dispatcher, Instructor PilotTotal Flight Time: 5000+American Eagle, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, American Airlines, CAE SimufliteFAA ATP, UK ATPL, FE, CFI, MEI, Dispatchers License. ATR 42/72, B744, B727My last flight as a commercial pilot was for AA on the morning of Sept 11, 2001. A few days later while grounded I had a motorcycle accident to end my flying career. So I feel this one rather personally!Amy JimenezFlight AttendantJetblue AirwaysAirbus 320Kerry MartinFlight AttendantAir Canada Jazz, Thomas Cook757, CRJ705, CRJ100/200, DHC8-100/300"Jennifer"NATOUBCUSMCAndersPilotTotal Flight Time: 12000Malmo Aviation ABBAe146, RJ100, RJ70, RJ85 CommanderTim GalllienPilotTotal Flight Time: 3500Chantilly AirUSMCLR-jet 20,30 series LR-60 CE-525 All as both Capt and FOJim MorganPilotTeacherTotal Flight Time 3000TTCorporate Air Charter PVDRI Army GuardC-310R, light aircraft. ATP, CFIIMark AvellinoPilotTotal Flight Time 6500Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityI have over 6,000 hours of dual flight instruction given and I currently work at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University writing the flight training courses for our Flight Department. More pilots need to stand up and demand 9/11 truth.Sidney Louis BermanPilotATP/CFITotal Flight Time: 16050Aircraft accident adjustor United States Aviation Insurance GroupDOD contract pilotLearjet 25 31 35 36 55, and MU 2 and KingAir PICI have been involved in aviation as a student pilot, CFI,check airman and corporate pilot. Soloed at age 16, 46 years ago. Perfect safety record flying freight,air ambulance and corporate missions. As a student of the 9/11 event I TOTALLY DISCOUNT the govt version of the events of that day. I believe that people well placed in govt planned, conducted and than covered up the truth. The 9/11 event made possible The Patriot Act and the loss of liberty we all now feel.Robert LarsonPilotTotal Flight Time: 4100Penn StateUSAFPrivate Pilot SEL"Clark"US ArmyC130, C141Yann MullerPilotTotal Flight Time: 5000Air transport inc, Cityjet, NetjetsLRJet 25(FO)- BAe 146(FO)- HS-125 800 XPC (FO-Cpt)Never ever believed the thin aluminium skin of a bird could bring down such a mass of steel and concrete, Oh yeah I have to mention that before flying I studied architecture for 5 years almost to the diploma and have quite a deep understanding of skyscrapers structure let alone aircraft structure.Jeff LiotPilot800 hrsMcGillPIC PA-20, PA-22, GlaStarPhilip M GunnellPilotSAAFATC and Mission controller in SAAF. Now avid Paraglider pilotPATRICK M O'SHEAPRIVATE INVESTIGATORCAL STATE LA/ SANTA MONICA COLLEGEFORMER U.S. ARMY MILITARY POLICEComments: EVERYONE ON OUR TEAM BELIEVES '9/11' WAS AN INSIDE JOB! EVENT WAS TOO SOPHISTICATED, AND ABOVE-ALL THE CONSPIRATOR'S HAD TOO HOLD TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCES AT THE MINIMUM ,TO BY-PASS NORAD TRACKING AND ALL TYPES OF SECURITY CODES AND KNOWLEDGE BEYOND \"COMPARMENTATION\" IF AIR FORCE 1 WAS TARGETED AS EXPRESSED BY PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH!!?Peter JoneleitPilotTotal Flight Time 140Columbia and UCLAUSMC - ReservesFrank FazekasAFROTC and Civil Air Patrol, aviation enthusiastNorwich UniversityJay Bland, M.A.Ramp LeadAmerica West, American AirlinesComments I'm very interested in the Psychological aspects of 9/11 including denial and finding PROOF concerning the NTSB AA 77 flight data. Great site!daniel younggroundair canada jazzdc3 dc9 707Hilda Huberaviation student t28 pilotTotal Flight Time 200Comments I no longer just board a flight...nor do I read a book or fall asleep at the gate...I look and watch at every person going on board on that flight....I am ever ready to stop another 911, my friend was the co pilot on the United flight...Hell Has No fury like a Woman Scorn...and I am She!John C. H. RykertPilotTotal Flight Time 2,345Central Airways, Ravenscroft Airservice, Spectra AviationPiper Arrow, Seminole, Aztec, Cessna 172, 180, 185 I have owned and operated a 1970 C-185, C-FZMU Since October 22, 1985. The aircraft is based at Tofino, B.C. (CYAZ) My initial flight training was at the Florida Institute of technology in Melbourne, Fla. and I finished at American Airlines Training Corp, Ft. Worth, Tx. I have an American and Canadian Commercial License with Multi Engine & Instrument rating. I studied Aerospace Enginering at Ryerson Polytech in Toronto, until I bought ZMU, which I have worked on EDO 3430 floats and on wheels. I have maintained a Category 1 Aviation Medical since June 1980Charlie TameComments Cessna 150 / 172 I would just like to add my support to your cause because it is my belief that some of the 9/11 commission findings just don't make sense, and as the people who take responsibility for so many lives every working day I believe if anyone deserves the truth it is you guys (And girls of course).Monsieur MitosisPilotTotal Flight Time 2,500JMC AcademyEmbraer 190Nicholas SchluterRamperAmerican eagle airlinesI look forward to the REAL investigation.kevin tommanMechanicComments: Not an airplane mechanic , but I work as an operations mechanic for a natural gas company and also I am a certified Harley Mechanic and my brother drove an M1A1 tank in Iraq and destroyed many a structure, we know without a doubt that an 757 never hit the Pentagon..... I also have a friend that is in the military and was at the Pentagon 15 min after the explosion and he said there were no airplane parts ever found ! It's a cover up no doubt and the American citizens and Soldiers deserve an answer !Dennis WhipplePilotTotal Flight Time 2,000 hrsBS EE Colorado State UniversityUnited States Air Force Pilot, 7 yearsComments Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, Aircraft Commander, Northrup T-38 Talon, Strategic Air Command's Accelerated Copilot's Enhancement (ACE) Program, Cessna T-37 Dragonfly \"Tweet\", Piper Cherokee PA-140, Cessna 172Kevin MaddenTitle MechanicTotal Flight Time 300+TWA, U.S. ArmyCivil Air Patrol cadet/observer, Cessna 172 as a teen. - 6 yrs. service, CH-47D Crewchief/Flight Engineer. - Operation Desert Storm veteran. - A&P Mechanic, no longer in the field.karl kautzsignal techComments Not pilot , but work with fcc radio communication and repairs.on all types of equipment. I believe in your cause.KendallPilotTotal Flight Time 900Northwest Aviation CollegePiper Warrior Piper Arrow Piper Seminole Cessna 152 Cessna 172 SR20DouglasPilotTotal Flight Time 4500+Delta, USAFT-34, BE-400, T-37IP, B-707/737/757/767, C-130E/H1/2/3FrancesFlight AttendantClennton WhitePilotTotal Flight Time 6000737NG, LR-Jet, Hawker, FalconJosh KempRNMiddle Tennessee State UniversityI support everything you guys are doing 100%. Maybe one day the rest of America will wake up. Thanks for what you're doing, we deserve the truth!Mateusz Kucinskiair-traffic controller-to-beSGH in Warsaw, PolandAymric BoillotWSOTotal Flight Time 400French Air ForceMILITARY AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE 400 Flying Hours – TB30– Alpha jet– Mirage 2000DavidATCMillitary Air Traffic Control ARO OfficerComments: Been working in the army for last 10 years, first 4 in the mechanized infantry, then 2 years in the ASOC Centre as a radar operator ( thus I know exactly the procedures, that involve intercepting hijacked aeroplanes ), and after those 2 years I became an Assistant Air Traffic Controller. I work in the army, and on the civilian airfields having the same duties.Michael RussiPilotTotal Flight Time: 1600Royal Air ForceGrob Tutor, Firefly, King Air B200, at present VC=10 air to air tankers.Terry MelotPilotTotal Flight Time 5000+Corporate, US Army, VietnamCessna O-1 General aviationRudolf FehlhaberPilotTotal Flight Time 16.000Captain/Instructor/Checkpilot SEP/MEP Do228 several Turboprop BAe146 ATP and Commercial Helicopter and Glidered kassirersecurity guardusaf 1963-1967guarded b52s and b47s on the flight lines of minto afb and pease afbRobert RichardsonPilotTotal Flight Time 25,000Northwest Airlines, U.S. Naval AviatorCaptain 727,757,767,747 Classic & Freighter,747-400,DC-10CCFlight AttendantMD 80, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, 757, 767, Embraer 135, 140, 145,CRJ NexGenamy leePilotTotal Flight Time 3,000Owned 7 aircraftBeverly DoddFlight Attendant15 yearsDelta Air Lines767 ER 767 L1011 MD 88 737 757 Air Bus 360Lawrence FineMechanicformer - USAF-SAC-B 52 ground crewUSAF - SAC - 42 nd Bomb Wing, Loring AFBGround crew - B-52 - SAC, Loring AFB ME. 1962 - 1966Mitoa EdjangPilotTotal Flight Time 9000Variety of light piston engine planes, Crj 200Walter DowBell LabsFlight Simulator, PilotClifford Anthony PaivaMissile Defense PhysicistNaval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren LaboratoryUSAF Clifford Anthony Paiva Credentials into Google SearchJeffery FielderPilotTotal Flight Time 5,000 HrsSummit AviationUltralight Pilot ExaminerUltralight Builder and Test PilotSee You Tube video for jwfielder "Golden Icon A5"Facebook friend - Del Icon AirDr. Lonnie RobinsonPilotCriminal Forensic Investigation and Homeland SecurityTotal Flight Time 2,500University of Phoenix Graduate School; Formally: United States Department of Homeland Security; Contractually with the United States Department of JusticeComments: The amount of the overall evidence regarding 911 as a home grown conspiracy and criminal act is staggering. I wish more Americans would educate themselves regarding the conspiracy that occurred before 911 and with the cover-up after 911.Kenneth ChevisPilotHarvard/T-33/P51D/CF100William WilsonPilotTotal Flight Time 10000+Braniff, US AirDC9-B737-MD80Robert FirthPilotTotal Flight Time 22,000Modern Air Air America, Mackey, ONA, Emery, Independent Air, ATAUSN/ Air America Vietnam 66-69BT-18, C-45, DC-3 DHC-6, B-99, DC-3, DC-6/7 L-188, B-707, B-727, IA 1125WIllPilotTotal Flight Time 4500List Airline(s) or Companies Worked Mountain Air CargoC-208, KingAir90, KingAir200--CaptainJohn CromerPilotTotal Flight Time 100Embry Riddle Aeronautical Universityprivate pilot, training for a career in aviation or aviation related fields.David J. GudgerPilotTotal Flight Time 65Strayer UniversityUSMCG KincheloeContractor/JournalistNiece of famous US Air Force test pilotKevin R. HallAttorney - ActivistComments : I was recruited by various branches of the military out of high school but did not join. I have a science and engineering background completing my first year at Virginia Tech but then transferred and practiced law for 10 years including several years of state government service in New York. I have been active politically and have been personally introduced to many US Senators including Intelligence Commitee member Senator Feinstein. Other Senators include Senators Boxer, Levin, Lautenberg, Mikulski, Stabenow, Murray, Cantwell, Blanch Lincoln, Landrieu and House Intel Rep Jane Harman and Rep Pelosi. I helped raise money for Aircraft Owner and Pilot Safety ( AOPA ) while out in California. I have several family members with military service in their backgrounds and others in law enforcement. This work your group is performing is vital to the Nation and to the US Constitution and Democracy. Thank you.Paul ZubrysPilotTotal Flight Time 1400PP-ASELMichael O'ConnorFlight AttendantTotal Flight Time 500Eastern Air Illinois Air New England / Southern Illionois UniversityI am a private pilot with over 500 hours and have acrobatic training. I have been fly private planes since 1969. I have flown Cessna 150, 172, 182, 210 & Citabrias I started learning to fly in 1969 at age 17Melanie MillerFlight AttendantLaker AirwaysValujet (AirTran) AirlinesBrianBPilotTotal Flight Time 8000+Virgin AmericaAirbus 320, Boeing 727, SabreLiner 65, Kingair 350, 90 and 200. Jetstream 3100/3200 as well as numerous multi-engine and single engine piston powered aircraft.T FergusonhomasPilotTotal Flight Time 25000Aer Lingus,Air Siam,Uganda Airlines, Air Rwanda,DHL, Rak AirwaysF/O: F-27, V808-803, ATL-98, BAC-1-11,B707, B720.Capt: B707, B747,B727, B757, B767Jack A. KingstonPilotTotal Flight Time 2400Embry-Riddle Aeonautical University, MBA - Aviantion Management and BS Aeronautical Science; Georgetown University, MA - National Security; US Army War CollegeLt. Colonel Aviation, USAR Retired 1969-1997FAA COMMERCIAL PILOT SEL and Rotorcraft since 1973Senior Aviator US Army 1972-1997Chief of Program US Army Aviation Review 1982Chief, Air Operations, Special Ops Cmd (SOCSOUTH)Asst J-3, Air Operations (SOCEUR and SOCCENT)Flight Operations on continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South AmericaHughes TH-55 Bell OH-13 Bell UH-1D Huey Bell OH-58C Kiowa Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Bell AH-1 TOW COBRA Cessna 152,172, CaravanPiper Cherokee PA-28 Katana DA20, DA40Michael A. PhillipsPilotTotal Flight Time 154US NavyC-150, C-152, C-172, C-Cardinal RG, CP-140, CP-Warrior, Cherokee-6: All Left Seat PiC.Beaver: Right Seat with InstructorJ.R. SanfordPhysicsComments:The Earthly physics we're bound to were warped on that eventful day. Common sense shows that what we've been told could not have happened in the space/time continuum on that 11th day in September, 2001.Eyewitness ExpertsAldo MarquisCraig RankeDomenick DiMaggioThePentaCon - Citizen Investigation Teamhttp://citizeninvestigationteam.comPR ContactsRob [email protected] Researchers"UnderTow"15 year Technology ExpertUS ResearcherSource: NTSB FOIA .csv file & .fdr fileCalum DouglasUK ResearcherSource: NTSB FOIA Animation

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