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PDF Editor FAQ

What is the process to become a US citizen through a STEM degree via an H1B visa?

Get your degree (tough)Find a job with an Employer who sponsor H1B (tougher)Get H1B (toughest)Get your employer to file GC (even more tough)Go thru the whole GC process (more and more tough)Now, if you are from India or China, Wait 10 years or more. If not, go to step 8.If laid off or fired go to step 2Apply for change of status.get you actual cardwait 5 years.Apply for naturalizationGive civil test.Attend oath ceremony.NOW YOU BECOME US CITIZEN……. HELL YEAH! GO DO SOME JURY DUTY AND FIGHT TO BAN IMMIGRATION IN YOUR NEW MOTHERLAND! ;-)Total time for normal people - 4 to 6 yearsTotal time for skilled indians and Chinese - 20 - 25 yearsTotal time for EB-3 Indians and chinese - Probably another birth.Total time for illegal immigrants - 2- 3 years. (Employment Authorization Document aka EAD Card)Total time for Indian IT company managers (because they qualify for People with extraordinary skills ;-) ) - 6 years.Note - First three - four steps are not applicable for fake/paid H1B/GC applicants via road side consulting companies. These are only applicable to skilled, educated and hardworking people who want to take the legal route.

How long do Indians have to wait to see Shri Rahul Gandhi ji as an Indian Prime Minister?

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I have just finished my Oath Ceremony for my US citizenship. I gave up my green card, but my passport won't arrive in time. Can I travel out of the country with my Certificate of Naturalization?

You can probably use a Certificate of Naturalization in lieu of a passport to reenter the United States (assuming you also have some form of ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID to prove that you’re the person named on the certificate), although you will likely earn significant ire from CBP when you return and try to reenter without a US passport. There is a statute that says that a US citizen must present a passport to reenter the US, but the Supreme Court has made it crystal clear that a US citizen cannot be excluded from the United States under any circumstance, and so CBP cannot actually refuse you entry if you claim to be a citizen and they can’t come up with “clear and convincing” evidence that you’re not (which would fairly difficult to do, given that you would have a Certificate of Naturalization in your possession, which is presumptive proof of citizenship). Plan on spending at least an hour in secondary inspection when you return, however.However, no foreign country (other than Canada, and then only at a land border crossing) will allow you to enter using a Certificate of Naturalization as proof of US citizenship, nor will you be allowed to board a plane using only that; you need a passport for that. If you still have citizenship in another country, you may be able to travel using that passport, either to that country (as a returning citizen), to any other country that your passport entitles you to visa-free travel, or to any country for which you have a currently valid visa in your other passport.Once abroad, you can have someone back in the US express or courier your US passport to you wherever you are abroad, when it arrives in the mail back home, or you can go to the Citizen Services Unit of any US consulate and apply for a replacement/emergency passport there (although expect to be given a hard time unless you have a really good reason for not getting an expedited passport before leaving the United States).See Get My Passport Fast for policies and procedures for obtaining an expedited passport; this is what you really should be doing in your circumstance. Expedited processing only costs $60. If you have a truly urgent need to travel, State will generally do a same-day passport issuance.

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