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PDF Editor FAQ

Is the United States in decline?

I don't think the U.S. is in decline. I'll show you the answers from a netizen on ChinaZhihu's website.Here is the original answer.If there is any problem in translation, please forgive me.美国是否在衰退? - 知乎When everyone sings down the United States, I am not the same. If I disagree with inclusion, I just sing down a few different answers, representing only my personal views. This article may be a lot of charts or analysis data and conclusions. If I don't bother to look at it, I will come to the conclusion that I personally feel that the United States has not declined but is still widening the gap with other countries. If you read this answer carefully, you may take a breath of cool air. However, before answering the question, it needs to be explained that the widening gap in the United States mainly erodes the advantages that developed countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Japan once contended with, even monopoly industries, and also relies on the collapse of the Soviet Union. For the time being, there is no contradiction between the development of the United States and that of China.Here I would like to summarize my own thoughts in advance. I have always thought about why the United States is strong: I once thought that the strength of the United States was based on its financial/dollar hegemony, also thought that the strength of the United States was based on its military hegemony, and also thought that the strength of the United States was based on its military hegemony. Based on his superior geographical position and the view of fire across the shore of World War II, but after thinking about it, I found that the United States had become the world's first industrial country around 1900. Without the large-scale construction of higher education talents, the United States would not be able to absorb and transform the achievements of the European Industrial Revolution.In other words, my core argument is that the logical order of thinking between higher education and talent, combined with my previous thinking, has accumulated the following: Does the United States have financial hegemony - > is it that the United States has a large number of talents in finance, economics, international trade and other fields?The United States has military hegemony to escort financial hegemony - > Is it the United States with military strategy, military command, military equipment manufacturing and other fields of talent?Is the US military equipment leading the escort for US military hegemony - > an enterprise with a large number of military science and technology industries?The United States has a large number of military science and technology industry enterprises escorting military equipment - > Is it the United States military industry enterprises to provide a large number of IC, communications, radio frequency, digital images, materials, physics, chemistry, automation, machinery and other fields of advanced education personnel?American military enterprises provide a large number of higher education talents to escort military equipment R&D - > Whether need to meet two points at the same time: sub-node 1: Is the United States adequate financial allocation in the field of defense? Sub-node 2: Are there enough technological enterprises in the United States to accumulate technology in light and heavy industries?Extension of Sub-Node 1: The U.S. defense sector has adequate financial allocation to escort U.S. military enterprises - > There are enough excellent enterprises in the U.S. to provide huge tax revenue for the U.S. government?Extension of sub-node 1: There are enough excellent enterprises in the United States to provide huge tax revenue for the U.S. government to escort the U.S. financial allocation - > Is it that the United States has Pfizer, Intel, AMD, GE, Disney, Google, Microsoft and other top enterprises to achieve huge revenue in the world market?Extension of sub-node 1: There are enough top-level enterprises in the United States with huge revenue to escort U.S. tax revenue - > Is it possible for top-level enterprises in the United States to recruit top-level higher education talents in pharmacy, chemistry, IC semiconductor, materials, stereo imaging, 3D design, system research and development, drive design and other fields?Extension of sub-node 2: Are there enough technological enterprises in the United States to accumulate technology in light, medium and heavy industries - > Are they top enterprises in the United States able to recruit top-level higher education talents in pharmacy, chemistry, IC semiconductor, materials, stereo imaging, 3D design, system research and development, drive design and other fields?At this point, sub-node 1 and sub-node 2 complete the convergence. Let's continue.The United States has many fields of higher education talent for the United States top enterprises to recruit talent Escort - > Is it to meet the following two points at the same time: Branch 1: the United States has a better educational strength and system? Branch 2: The majority of all higher education graduates in the United States, including local graduates, are willing to stay in the United States for development?Branch 1: The United States has a better educational strength and system to escort higher education talents with many fields in the United States - > Is it the United States has higher education (education ontology research) talents with a sound educational system?Branch 2: Most of the graduates of higher education in the United States, including native ones, are willing to stay in the United States and develop into the escort of higher education talents with many fields in the United States - > Is it the social system in which the United States has higher education talents in social sciences, humanities, law and other fields, including equality between the United States and foreign countries, social welfare and racial differences? If the field of vision can not be perfected absolutely, how can we narrow the gap between foreign students and their home countries as far as possible?Sub-node 1 and sub-node 2 completed a convergence at this time, and I will not continue to enumerate later, starting my arguments and arguments.1. The strength of the United States is fundamental. As one of the most important educational talents in the world, the United States may not have one. It has been building higher education crazily since its founding members. Before the founding of the United States of America, there were only nine institutions of higher learning in the United States. On the 100th National Day, the total number of institutions of higher learning in the United States reached more than 700 (an average of 7 in a year). When the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States was celebrated, the total number of institutions of higher learning exceeded 2800. Today, there are more than 4810 institutions of higher learning in the United States. In 1862, the United States Federal Government passed the Morrill Land Grant Act, which pushed American higher education into a new dimension of educational support. Soon, the United States absorbed, transformed and re-innovated science and technology from Europe by virtue of the talents of higher education, and rapidly developed to the top. It is these higher education talents who have laid the cornerstone of many American enterprises, such as machinery, electricity, medicine, aviation, aerospace, military industry, automobile, medical equipment, integrated circuits and chips. On the macro level, the economic talents of the United States have established the Bretton Woods monetary system, and the military talents of the United States have established a rapid response. Pan-layout of the global military strategic base and so on.At the end of the last century, Harvard, Yale, Stanford in the United States, Dongda in Japan, Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Moscow in the Soviet Union, Paris in France, Munich in Germany, Zurich University in Switzerland, etc. were among the top universities in the world. But now? The United States is almost monopolistic in higher education. Take the ranking of higher education scientific research output that does not include other indicators such as international students as an example:The most frightening is also the extremely high retention rate of talents, that is, a large number of talents who go to the United States for higher education remain in the development of American technology enterprises. In 2015, the United States awarded 55,000 doctorates, 75% in science and engineering, of which 14,000 were foreign nationals, and half were Chinese, Indian and Korean nationals. Statistics on the Intention of Foreign Doctors to Stay in the United States - The number of people who want to stay in the United States is more than three times that of people who want to leave the United States. In 2015, the overall proportion of foreign Doctors in the United States exceeded 70%. The proportion of students who continue to study or work in the United States after graduation is as follows:On the other hand, a data is provided. The source of Undergraduates in seven top science and engineering universities in China (Qingbei + East China Five) is also the reference for the selection of the best group of students in China's higher education.Tsinghua University:Peking University:Zhejiang university:A total of 1 416 undergraduate graduates in 2016 went abroad to study, accounting for 25.21% of the total number of graduates.Shanghai Jiaotong University:Nanjing University :I won't list the remaining two schools. It's a bit painful to translate pictures into words.Reading the first point above,Many of China's top talents have been attracted. What about your country?, you may already have a preliminary understanding of talent cultivation and attraction in the United States. The following is part of the acceleration of industry in the United States due to better higher education talent.2. Pharmaceutical, Medical and Medical IndustriesFirst of all, the top-notch pharmaceutical industry. Among the 24 top pharmaceutical companies in the world, the United States is far ahead with 12. There are 16 top 50 pharmaceutical companies selected by the United States, which can be said to be basically at the top. American pharmaceutical companies are well-known for their high investment in R&D, with an average R&D/income of about 15-25%, compared with Chinese pharmaceutical companies, which generally do not exceed 3% and modern pharmaceuticals do not exceed 10%. In the last century, the Anglo-French Druid Troika could compete with the United States in medicine, especially GlaxoSmithKline, which was once the world's strongest pharmaceutical company. But now:Then the medical equipment industry, the United States in the world's top 10 manufacturers of medical equipment, 7, GE, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and other enterprises are very strong, such as Johnson & Johnson disposable ultrasound knife in many developing countries hospitals will be used 5-10 times.Medical industry, needless to say, almost all of the top students in the United States have chosen to study medicine, ranking the world's top medical institutions.At the same time, the United States, with the FDA as its core, has achieved both large-scale double-blind clinical testing and some speed-up for high-quality and cutting-edge drugs. The global proportion of innovative drugs on the market is as follows, which is only 35% in the last century in the United States, of course, the first one at that time. The fundamental reason for this change is that the speed and ability of R&D of U.S. drug companies have widened the gap with other countries. Some people in the industry once joked that the next generation of targeted drugs in the United States has not yet been resistant to drugs. Come out. Here's the world share of innovative drugs in the United StatesOnly six years after the advent of the first generation of ALK drugs, Pfizer has successfully developed the third generation of ALK.By the way, I won't mention the latter. Many countries in Europe, Japan and other countries have realized that the gap between their talents and the United States is widening. Because Europe, Japan and the United States are still in the same camp for the time being, they are also desperately trying to enjoy the dividend of the elite talents in the United States. There are too many reasons. There is a region in the United States called Cambridge, not the British one. The United States has the richest medical resources, because there are Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical College under the three general hospitals and other top hospitals. In other words, there are the top medical talents here, especially the newly graduated students who have the lowest cost to recruit. As a result, Switzerland's Roche Heavy Gold ($46.8 billion) acquisition of the former American cancer giant Genentech Company, with its cancer research, has tasted tremendous sweetness. It rushed to Top3, the world pharmaceutical company, and continued to set up a pharmaceutical R&D center in Marlborough, Boston, to recruit students. Novartis Switzerland, GSK UK and other companies have also established R&D centers in Waltham, Boston. Safino, France, succeeded in becoming the top 10 in the world by acquiring the former American medical giant Jianzan, and continues to expand its R&D centers here just like Roche. Japan's second tier pharmaceutical companies, such as Takeda, have also taken root here to ensure that they can use American talent to keep up with the first tier of the United States.3. Semiconductor IndustryThe United States has six top 10 companies in the world. In 2017, American semiconductor companies accounted for 46% of global sales. In 2018, U.S. wafer-free chip companies accounted for 68% of the global market share.Without comparison, there is no conclusion about the trend. Here are the changes of semiconductor enterprises in recent decades.4. IT IndustryOperating system aspectDesktop PC Operating System: The only competitor of WIN7 (65%) is WIN10 (17%), the rest are WINXP (12%) and MAC (6%). All of the above are products of American companies.Mobile Operating System: Android and iOS accounted for 98.2%, Windows Phone was the third most expensive but only 0.73%. All of the above are products of American companies. Software servicesA lot of people may not contact, feel that the software does not matter ah, not the system and APP, China also has IQY APP and Fighting Fish ah. How to say, this software is not the other software. A large number of software are used in computing, modeling, industrial design, signal processing, etc. It plays an extremely important role in scientific research and engineering. Take engineering design as an example, everyone knows what civil engineering is, but design can not be separated from ANSYS (USA, FEA) software, ABAQUS (USA, non-linear finite element analysis software), which are the most famous industrial design software. ANSYS software pays attention to the expansion of application fields, covering fluid and electromagnetic fields. There are a wide range of research fields such as multi-physical field coupling. ABAQUS focuses on structural mechanics and related fields. In addition to the non-linear solution software, there are Marc (USA, MSC) and so on.In addition to the above, you may have heard of CAD, MATLAB, Photoshop, PR and other software, all of which are products of American companies. China's chip design includes several large chip factories, which are inseparable from American Cadence and Synopsys. These two relationships are somewhat similar to Intel and AMD. Domestic chip companies buy Cadence and Synopsys. Usage rights are purchased for the longest period of time, that is, fear of being sanctioned by the United States or how.Now you probably understand that software refers to those critical software services that are used in a lot of scientific research and engineering, without which a lot of work can not be carried out.5. Aerospace IndustryAerospace has always been the integration of a country's most sophisticated technology, many years ago, American space is not lonely, Maozi and ESA play with the United States. Now the United States is so bored that it can only play with itself.NASA is undoubtedly the strongest Space Research Institute in the United States. What about engineering?ULA, a joint venture company of Boeing, USA, mainly produces Delta IV rocket, Delta IV heavy rocket and Cosmos 5 rocket. ULA has the strongest hydrogen-oxygen rocket engine RS series (invisible afterwards). The overall success rate of ULA is more than 95%, and that of Delta IV rocket is 100%. Now ULA in the United States is fully developing the next generation of Fire Rocket.Below is the Delta 4 Heavy RocketSpaceX, one of the many companies in the United States, is a technology madman named Musk (the owner of Tesla, if you don't know him). Having Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Rocket, Falcon Heavy Rocket is the most powerful heavy rocket in the world, but also the cheapest heavy rocket. SpaceX is the only company in the world with large rocket recovery technology.Here's the Heavy FalconULA has the world's best hydrogen and oxygen engine RS series, SpaceX has the world's best methane engine Raptor series, is the world's only full flow staged combustion cycle liquid oxygen engine, SpaceX also has the world's most reliable and inexpensive liquid oxygen kerosene engine Merlin series, SpaceX has been completed in more than two years. It has become a remarkable success in 49 successive launches.The Raptor engine is as followsU.S. Boeing, ULA is a joint venture between Loma and Boeing, and Boeing itself has an aerospace subsidiary. The company is working hard to develop a super rocket, SLS, that surpasses Saturn V. Once the rocket is flying, it will be a milestone for the United States to surpass itself. Here are the SLS under constructionBut it is interesting to note that competition within the United States has become intense. SpaceX is developing a BFR rocket, whose performance parameters surpass SLS in an all-round way. If SLS is 30 years ahead of other countries, the gap between success of BFR is amazing. The thrust of SLS is 4000 tons, but the BFR design target is 8000 tons. BFR:Apart from ULA, Boeing and SpaceX, the blue origin of the United States also has space ambitions.Blue origin in the United States, the current progress of blue origin is slower than the above three, but there are also excellent progress. The new Glen rocket engine BE-4, designed by Blue Origin, has completed full-power test run.Engines are the most difficult part of a large rocket to conquer. Maybe the first flight of the New Glenn rocket will take place in the next two years.In addition, the United States has American Orbital Science Corporation (40% of the interceptor missile market, 55% of the small communications satellite market and 60% of the small launch vehicle market), Sierra Nevada Mountain Company (small space shuttle), Bigelow Space Company (the main product space station, the largest six times the international space station), XCOR Astronautics Corporation. Division (Suborbital Spacecraft), Virgin Galaxy, Rocketlab and so on.知乎视频6. Aviation IndustryTen of the world's top civil aircraft companies, the United States occupies five. Boeing, as the world's number one airline, occupies more than 50% of the market share, followed by 30% of French Airbus, in addition to the United States there are Gulf Stream, Senas and other small and medium-sized aircraft well-known companies.The United States is the second largest aeronautical giant, and General Motors is in the absolute dominant position in the market. GE9X engine, the landmark product, is the top aeronautical engine at present. General Motors has 40% market share, followed by Ronald Ronald, the United Kingdom, with 22% market share. Pratt & Whitney has a 9% market share, and its F135 engine developed for the F35 in 2005 is probably the strongest engine in fighter aircraft.At the same time, with its terrible industrial manufacturing capability, F135 engines can produce 130 units a year. F135 engines:In the early years, V2500/RB211/D-30KP-2 and other engines in other countries were not significantly weaker than those in the United States at the same time, but now this has fallen into a situation where the gap is widening.Boeing Aircraft with GE9X:F35 vertical takeoff and landing:7. Biological IndustryThe United States continues the momentum of widening disparities in other areas.In the United States, Amgen Enjin, Gilead Sciences Geely, Biogen Idec Biogene, Celgene Sell Gene, Allergan and Regeneron rank in the world TOP10.In addition to bio-research companies, the United States has further expanded its monopoly position in bio-related agents, materials, instruments and other related enterprises, such as Invitrogen, Amresco, Gibco, MP, BD, Pierce, Sigma and so on. Biological equipment: Kodak, Thermo Fisher, Gilson, Bio-rad and so on. Thermo, in particular, has great advantages in centrifuges, quantitative analysis sensors and other fields.Thermo centrifuge:8. Economic aspectsThe United States is the only country with a population of over 100 million in the top 23 GDP per capita, 24th EditionIn finance textbooks, it has been mentioned that the stock market can be used as a barometer of a country's economic strength.9. Military aspectsLet's not go into details in this regard. Two examples are given: years ago, the small partners of F16/F15 included JAS-39, Gripen NG, Rafale, Typhoon, Mirage 2000, MiG-35, Su 30SM, Su 33, Su 34, Su 35, Fighter-10B, Fighter-11B and so on. Now F22 (1997)/F35 (2006) has been produced on a large scale (F22 184 + 8 test machines / F35 totals 380 in the world) for more than 20 years and more than 10 years, which can not be compared with F22 (1997)/F35 in terms of technology and scale.F22:The aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, serving in 1961:The Kitty Hawk is accompanied by the Kuznetsov at the same level, but over the past 60 years, the United States has developed the first generation of enterprise-class aircraft carriers (94,000 tons full nuclear power in 1961), the second generation of Nimitz-class aircraft carriers (104,200 tons full nuclear power in 1975), and the third generation of Ford-class aircraft carriers (1120 in 2017). There is also no follower, and no other country has the industrial capability to manufacture the 1961 US corporate aircraft carrier.Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Construction in 2017:An aircraft carrier battle group consists of one aircraft carrier, two to three air defense cruisers or destroyers, two to three anti-submarine drive frigates, one to two attack nuclear submarines, and one to two logistical support ships, totaling 7 to 11 ships. There are 11 such aircraft carrier formations in the United States. The military side does not need to elaborate on this area which may be the greatest advantage of the United States. Some countries in the military field have reached the world-class level in some areas, but overall, the gap between China and the United States has narrowed in a small range, such as China's 055 missile destroyer/cruiser, Russia's S series air defense missiles, nuclear submarines, etc. The macro-wide gap is widening.10. Energy industryThe United States accounts for 90% of the world's shale oil production. Thanks to the technology of energy development, the dependence of the United States on overseas crude oil has declined dramatically. In contrast, developed countries and many developing countries are increasingly dependent on overseas crude oil.U.S. Energy External Dependence Curve:The United States has the largest number of nuclear power plants.11. Interesting aspects to noteWhen science and technology develop to a certain extent, it is possible to promote the emergence of new industries. Because manufacturing, integrated circuits, materials, solar energy and so on have been greatly improved. Many technology companies in the United States are beginning to create new industries. For example, when the once-popular VR is temporarily in silence and money in many countries, the U.S. Army intends to cooperate with technology companies to build a simulated battlefield. In the United States, the popularization of VR game equipment in Internet cafes and game halls is widespread. American companies even launch many small VRs. Movies... Of course, following the style of this reply, let's not talk about these "low-end".For a long time, developed countries have been living in a sparsely populated mode. It is very difficult for developed countries to enter their homes with optical fibers. Therefore, the network has become a problem for non-urban residents in developed countries. Later, many American companies have studied satellite interaction on the basis of substantial improvements in manufacturing, integrated circuits, materials and solar energy in recent years. Networking, if it can be achieved through technology, will not only be the domestic satellite user market of the United States, but also include 4.1 billion global air passengers and employees, 300 million seafarers and employees, about 5% - 10% (150 million - 300 million) of the 3 billion people in remote areas, the quality network demanders of the affluent classes, and 300 million times. About outdoor travel explorers and so on, how large can this market industry scale? Conservative estimates are more than $10 billion.The main companies developing this technology tree in the United States are OneWeb, SpaceX, Amazon and so on. They basically use Ka Ku band. OneWeb took the lead in launching several satellites for networking testing early this year, and SpaceX launched 60 technology verification satellites, and Amazon submitted its application to the FCC in time.OneWeb received financial and technical support from Airbus, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, Soft Court of Japan, Ministry of Defense and other companies. In mid-year, OneWeb succeeded in Satellite Internet in Korea, with a delay of about 30-40MS and 400 Mbps per capita to watch 4K network videos of oil pipelines. This delay and speed is their goal. There are more than enough users.After the successful completion of the perfect test, OneWeb and ESA quickly reached 27 orders for mass launches in an attempt to seize the market. The cheapest large rocket launcher described here is SpaceX, but the two companies are direct competitors on the satellite Internet, so they choose to cooperate with ESA commercial launchers. OneWeb's Florida plant can produce two Internet communications satellites a day.At the same time, SpaceX is unwilling to show its weakness and wants to play a large, direct laser communication between satellites on the basis of OneWeb technology. SpaceX's first 60 verification satellites were launched into orbit in the first half of 2019.According to the news, the production capacity of SpaceX's satellite production line can reach 8 per day. SpaceX has scheduled to launch at least 120 more satellites into orbit twice in the second half of the year. This competition of Satellite Internet lets us wait and see. Of course, there are many technology companies in the United States, especially start-ups. Their daily task is to integrate the current rapid development of basic disciplines and technological innovation, and combine these scientific and technological theories and engineering capabilities to create a new product in a small way and create a new one in a big way. New industries, many familiar NBA stars invest in such enterprises. Summary of the dividing line ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Physics knows that there is a term called acceleration. The greatest premise of the decline of the United States is that the acceleration of acceleration has disappeared. If the United States has acceleration all the time, even if the acceleration of the United States is decreasing, the speed of development is still increasing from the physical point of view. The acceleration of 10 and 1 is accelerating. As long as there is acceleration, the United States will have a steady stream of nutrients from home and abroad to grow into the next Boeing, Pfizer, SpaceX and other enterprises. SpaceX successfully launched the heavy Falcon in a week, received 10W resumes at home and abroad, a large number of graduates such as Stanford, MIT, this is a good thing. A model of mutual promotion. In the US recession, let's wait until the acceleration of the US is negative before we discuss it.It's all tool translation. I just want you to have a look at different opinions.

What are the documents needed for NASBA CPA evaluation? Are there 2 types of transcripts- one for degree and other for Marks sheet?

Though a few requirements are general, there are a few documents that are country-specific. So I will be answering your question in context to India.The general requirement is-Application feeCopy of passport or government-issued identification.NIES will not accept transfer study on another transcript.NIES requires documentation for each year of international post-secondary education.Please note that the completion of a higher degree is not acceptable as proof of prior study.If your school requires a request from our office to issue the necessary documentation, please fill out and submit the Transcript Request Form.Complete set of official English translations for non-English documentsPlease Note: all mail must be addressed to NASBA International Evaluation Services. Failure to add International Evaluation Services to the address will result in the delay of your application being processed.Transcripts and degree certificates (diplomas) may be submitted electronically provided they are official. Some schools do not offer this service. Contact your Registrar or academic record’s office for additional information. If an email address is required for electronic delivery, use [email protected]. Electronically delivered transcripts must be submitted directly from the institution(s).The India-specific documents are-Annual University Mark Sheets (consolidated mark sheets are acceptable from these institutions)Provisional Certificate/Bachelor DegreeMaster Degree with annual mark sheets (if applicable)We only accept attested/notarized copies that are signed and stamped by the university registrar or controller of examinations. We do not accept annual mark sheets that are attested by a representative of the school/college under the university. Please contact our office for more information.If you want to know about your country-specific documents, visit NASBA.

How can I become an international student in Norway?

METHOD OF APPLICATIONApplication forms, if necessary, should be requested from individual institutions. All application should then be sent directly to the specific institution. For institutions with an online application portal, carefully fill in the requested details and submit. Visit institutions via links above.FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS) coordinates the admission to regular undergraduate study programmes at all universities, university colleges, and some private university colleges in Norway. Applicants with a foreign secondary education, holding a permanent or renewable residence permit for Norway, must apply for admission through NUCAS. Online application deadline is 1st March for such foreign applicants, and all requirements must be met by 1st July. For complete details, see Universities and Colleges Admission Service. For Bachelors programmes taught in English, see this page and visit individual school websites (via links above).FOR MASTERS STUDENTS: If you are seeking Masters programmes where the language of instruction is English, you should visit the official Online Masters programmes catalogue and browse by subject area. Admission requirements are decided by each university and university college based on an academic evaluation of the applicants. See individual schools via links above.FOR PHD PROGRAMS: For Ph.D. programmes in English you will have to check with each institution individually (see official websites above). Norway is an extremely popular study destination for international students because of high quality education. Generally, Norwegian public universities and state university colleges do not charge tuition fees for both native and foreign students because government finances education with taxpayers' money. However, certain programmes/courses may have fees. And private institutions normally do charge tuition fees. Looking for current update? This article has updated information on Tuition free Universities in Norway?According to the official Norwegian web site, Home - Study in Norway: “Living expenses in Norway are considered to be higher than in many other countries. Living in Norway has a reputation for being expensive, but studying in Norway may not be as expensive as you think! Universities in Norway and state university colleges as a rule do not charge tuition fees for international students.”True, amongst countries of equal status, living expenses in Norway is more expensive, and you need to pay for your own study materials (books/teaching). NOK 300-600 ($50-100) fees per semester, varies on school, may be required. Although official average student expenditure of about NOK 9000 (approx. EURO 1 000) per month for subsistence refers to board and lodgings, clothing, transport, medical and dental care and other necessities; living expenses vary from person to person depending on personal habits. However, on the whole, study in Norway may be cheaper.Study & Scholarships has compiled as comprehensive a list as it could come across of tuition-free Norwegian state/public schools. Private schools have also been added to the list. The Norwegian higher education sector consists of eight universities, nine specialised university institutions, 20 state university colleges, two national academies of the arts and 16 private colleges. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs cut across numerous disciplines. For institution-specific information and equiries, visit the relevant schools from the list below:List of Tuition Free Schools in NorwayA. Universities:Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)University of Agder (UiA)University of Bergen (UiB)University of Nordland (UiN) (formerly Bodø University College)University of Oslo (UiO)University of Stavanger (UiS)University of Tromsø (UiT)B. Specialised university institutions:BI - Norwegian Business School (formerly Norwegian School of Management)Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde)NHH - Norwegian School of EconomicsNorwegian Academy of Music (NMH)Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH)Norwegian School of Veterinary ScienceMF - Norwegian School of TheologyOslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)School of Mission and TheologyIn addition to the specialised university institutions Norway has two university centres:University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)University Graduate Center at Kjeller (UNIK)C. National institutes of the artsBergen Academy of Art and design (KHiB)Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO)D. State university collegesBergen University CollegeBuskerud University CollegeFinnmark University CollegeGjøvik University CollegeHarstad University CollegeHedmark University CollegeLillehammer University CollegeNarvik University CollegeNesna University CollegeNord-Trøndelag University CollegeOslo and Akershus University College of Applied SciencesSaami University CollegeSogn og Fjordane University CollegeStord/Haugesund University CollegeSør-Trøndelag University CollegeTelemark University CollegeVestfold University CollegeVolda University CollegeØstfold University CollegeAalesund University CollegeE. Private colleges with institutional accreditationAnsgar School of Theology and MissionDiakonhjemmet University College (campus Oslo & Sandnes)Haraldsplass Deaconess University College (HDUC)Lovisenberg Diaconal University CollegeNorwegian School of Information Technology (NITH)Norwegian Teacher Academy (NLA)Oslo School of Management, Campus ChristianiaQueen Maud University CollegeF. Private colleges with accredited programmes and coursesBarratt Due Institute of MusicBergen School of ArchitectureBetanien Deaconal University CollegeBjørknes CollegeNorwegian University College for (HLB)Norwegian College of Dance (DNBH)Norwegian Eurythmy CollegeRudolf Steiner College of EducationIn addition, there are a number of institutions with education and/or websites only in Norwegian.NKI Nettstudier is Scandinavia's largest provider of online education. It offers flexible online education within a wide range of disciplines in partnership with recognized colleges and universities. To visit the official web site, click here.DEADLINES:In order to obtain the necessary application forms and information about the application deadlines you will have to contact each university or university college. In general the application deadline for foreign students is between December 1 to March 15 for courses starting the following autumn (August). Please note that some institutions have separate "pre-qualification" deadlines that are earlier than this.PLEASE NOTE:All students who plan to stay in Norway for more than three months will need a Student Residence Permit. Requirements and procedures depend on your current country of residency. Visas are only issued for stays up to 90 days (e.g. for certain Summer School programmes). Please, carefully read the regulations as to avoid problems during the application process. For complete information, click here.Students may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Certain restrictions do apply.Several scholarships and financial schemes are available for foreign students. Eligibility depends on your current country of residency and level of completed education. Certain restrictions and prerequisites apply for all these programmes. For current detailed informationOK My Friend Good Luck!!!

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