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SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique that helps a particular organization or a company to better plan their further steps. It helps them to understand all the important factors that might affect their growth or result in a loss for the company and enables them to act accordingly. Planning as you already know is a very important tool for the success of any business and it can be enhanced if you are already familiar with your strengths and weaknesses.SWOT is a combination of 4 factors named Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and threats. While creating a working plan or strategy for the upcoming endeavors of a company, people from the management team of the company have the task of analyzing these four factors on the basis of which a company decides its next move. When we talk about these factors, what we actually mean is -1. Strengths - Strengths of any company refers to the section of their organization in which they are already excelling. For instance, take the example of the smartphone giant Samsung. In Samsung’s case, the strengths will be its high awareness, good range of products, great hold on foreign markets, etc. If you talk in general, strengths are those areas of a company on which they do not have to work a lot as they are already doing well in them.2.Weaknesses - Weaknesses on the other hand are the weak points of the company on which they have to work on and develop a plan which will help them. In Samsung’s case, the unavailability of products in some regions of the world or lack of quality products in a particular sector ( other than electronics ), etc. These are the points on which the company would like to work as these factors are stopping the growth. The general definition of weaknesses can be written as the areas in which a company is not performing well and needs to improve.3.Opportunities - These are external factors of a company that depends on the overall market as well as other competitors. The rise in new fields and sectors of the market in which a company can move ahead or some openings in the market to gain access to new assets can be considered as an opportunity for the company. Talking about our example of Samsung, the opportunities for Samsung will be the opening of the electric cars sector in the market in which they can innovate.4.Threats - threats, in general, are just the opposite of opportunities, where an opportunity presents itself for the benefit of the organization, threats are more of the areas from which the existing growth of the company can be affected, For Samsung, threats are a little less but there are some. The rise of similar companies in the market is one of the biggest threats for them and they have to plan something in order to resolve it.This is what a SWOT analysis is all about. It helps a company to understand what are the areas they are good in and which require more effort. For any company, SWOT analysis is an important practice. Not only organizations, if you are a student who is pursuing a career degree in management then one day or another your professor might ask you to complete the task of SWOT analysis assignment writing. To carry out a perfect SWOT analysis you need to have a lot of knowledge about the ongoings of the market. SWOT analysis also comes in handy when you are working on a case study.Hope this answer helps you understand what a SWOT analysis is. Good Luck!

What are the best methods for competitive analysis?

I'm not sure if you are looking for competitive analysis tips or just a list or just a list of techniques like SWOT vs ADL Matrix. I hope these tips are useful.1. Determine Competitive Intelligence ObjectivesWhat questions are you trying to answer? Are they price related? Or do they relate to market entry? Pick one topic per research plan so you do not become bogged down in the analysis phase. The question, or the problem you are trying to solve, should not be too broad. If it is, you will end up with volumes of data too large to analyze effectively. Let’s say that you are a mobile app company looking for expand abroad. A good competitive intelligence question might be: How is my competitor’s new app performing a specific region?2. Define a Research MethodObviously, this depends on the question that your are trying to answer. First you need to choose between quantitative or qualitative research. If we stick with our question above, we would use quantitative research to track things like number of app downloads, app price, rankings, and customer reviews.3. Define your Data Collection MethodWill you use primary sources or secondary sources? For apps downloads, price, and ranking, you can track this by trolling through Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s App Store, Blackberry’s App World, Google Play, Nokia’s Store, Samsung’s Apps, and Microsoft’s Phone Store, and tediously adding all information into different Excel sheets.Or, you can signup for Rivalfox and receive all of the data you need on a tidy, user-friendly, easy to digest dashboard, so you can devote all your time to entering your new market.To track custom satisfaction, Twitter is a great place to glean information about customers’ reviews of complaints on an app and how the competition responds to them.4. AnalyzeNow comes the tricky part: What do you do with all of this information? The data will need to be indexed and catalogued, either in a database or excel, so that you can continue to update the information as time goes on. As we’ve discussed before, numbers alone are not interesting. Numbers over time are very interesting. Using the data, you can do a traditional SWOT analysis – do you have what it takes to make a strong entry into this new market? Or perhaps you’ll do a customer feedback analysis to determine what app features are wanted by your competitor’s customers.5. BenchmarkOnce you have this data and your incredible analysis use it! Did you notice that there was one app feature that all of your competitor’s customers complained about not having? Add the feature before you launch. Use the data you collected, whether it was downloads or positive customer feedback, as a benchmark for success when you enter the new market. If your numbers don’t beat those of your competitors, take action based on the results.

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