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If you are curious about Edit and create a Apollo Hospital Form, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

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How to Easily Edit Apollo Hospital Form Online

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How to Edit and Download Apollo Hospital Form on Windows

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A Guide of Editing Apollo Hospital Form on Mac

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A Guide of Editing Apollo Hospital Form on G Suite

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follow the steps to eidt Apollo Hospital Form on G Suite

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PDF Editor FAQ

Is Ram Charan’s wife rich?

She’s entrepreneur and granddaughter of Apollo Hospitals Chairman.Her father is founder of some infrastructure business and her mom is Executive Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals.And she promotes Healthy lifestyle.As she isn’t recognized by Google or verified star, her exact net worth isn’t there.Her net worth may be 100s of crores and she the wife of Tollywood star Ram charan who has big background. She has great educational qualifications too.

What's the story of your premature baby?

Well, it is a story of Premature babies, but not mine. it is about my sister.After two miscarriages and long time treatment, my sister conceived in May 2016. She was expecting twins this time. Her pregnancy was a high risk pregnancy, hence we were taking extra care of her. She was also on complete bed rest for most of the time during her first trimester. We were relieved to have her first trimester got safely completed as earlier two miscarriages were during the first trimester itself. She was happy as well, as all her patience and long time tiring treatment finally paid off and the happiness could be seen on her face.However, she started experiencing problems like chest pain, abdominal discomfort during 6th month of pregnancy. She used to say that something is wrong. The doctor stated that this is due to gastric problem, which is not a very serious issue. She was only 27 weeks into pregnancy when she again started feeling the same problem. We immediately took her to the doctor, who said that she cannot handle the case and the condition may worsen and thus referred her to another hospital (Apollo Hospital in New Delhi).My sister got admitted in the Apollo Hospital on 2nd Dec, 2016. The tests were conducted. We were hoping to delay delivery at least for another month. However, our efforts failed. Due to placental abruption, the babies (a boy and a girl) were delivered by emergency c-section at 27 weeks.The baby boy stayed in the Apollo Hospital NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for 108 days. He weighed 1000 grams at the time of birth. He experienced many of the common complications associated with extreme prematurity including respiratory distress syndrome, Lungs prematurity, apnea, anemia, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Intraventricular hemorrhage, patent ductus arteriosis, and infections. The most life threatening was he was not able to breathe without mechanical ventilator along with pneumonia, and bacterial meningitis as well as pulmonary hemorrhage. It was hard to look at him then. The struggle, the little one was going through could be seen clearly.The baby boy, after, some days of stay at hospital.The baby girl stayed in Apollo Hospital NICU for 20 days and then shifted to Yashoda Speciality Hospital for 45 days. She weighed 1100 grams at the time of birth. She experienced many of the common complications associated with extreme prematurity including respiratory distress syndrome, apnea etc, need oxygen support sometimes. The little one although a little better than her brother, was still in a pitiful condition. This is when she was born.Our little princess finally came to our home on 29th Jan, 2017. This is how she looked then.Among both the babies, the baby boy was weaker and had more complications. It was feared that once he was off the ventilator, he might not be able to survive. We prayed and prayed for our little champ. We could do what we could, the doctors were trying their best, and our little champ, he fought bravely too.Finally, our prayers were heard. He came to our home on 21st Mar, 2017. My sister was finally happy to have her both kids in her arms together. Both the kids together at our homeThe kids are now 1.5 yrs old and are healthy now.(Touchwood). See… the smile…isn’t this adorable.

What is the most expensive Indian dish?

Idli at Apollo Group of Hospitals.Yes, You read it right. One plate of Idli at Apollo hospitls they charged around 1.1 Crores.The Late Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha was admitted in apollo Hospitals Greems road chennai for 75 Days and she was kept in a ICU . Outside one of her supporters said she ate 2 Idli with Chutney, after 75 days the Hospital announced Jayalalitha’s Death. Once they sent their hospital bills to Government of Tamilnadu they charged around 7 Crores bill for 75 Days which is approximately 10 lakh a day. In that bill They charged 1.1 cr rupees for Food and Beverages.

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